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September 15, 2001

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The editor looks back on the year that was

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The Editor on the Year That Was

A Celebration Of Self Acceptance Or Vanity?
[Dani Osborne, 09/29/97]

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Dimensions Online and bbwqt.com merge
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Miss Universe controversy

Editor's Corner
About Dimensions

In this section you'll find my commentaries on things. They may pertain to Dimensions itself, to the size acceptance movement that I have been part of for the past 20+ years, to world events, or just things that go through my head. (If you're interested, most of my editorials are also on this website.)

Dimensions has been around for almost 20 years as a print publication, and the Dimensions Online website goes all the way back to 1995, an eternity in cyberspace. For many people, the concept of Dimensions remains as hard to define and understand as it ever was, and I must admit I can't blame them.

When we started out as a Special Interest Group (SIG) of NAAFA back in 1983, I simply wanted to create a place for men who preferred fat women. Why would they need such a place? Because just as fat people are ostracized and discriminated against in our thin-oriented society, having a definite preference for a fat partner is considered suspect as well. No one knows what sexual preferences are all about and why we have them. But they are real and they are a major force in our lives. As a result, young men are often troubled and confused when they find that they fantasize about fat girls and women. Some go into the closet and never admit to their preference, not even to themselves. Others eventually realize that the need for a fat partner is an important part of their lives, one that they need to make part of their reality.

What complicates matters is that fat women often grow up under so much pressure that they end up hating themselves and their bodies. It is not easy for them to see themselves as desirable and they may not understand or accept that men exist who prefer fatness in a partner. The major reason for Dimensions' existence is that I want to provide a forum where FAs (fat admirers) and fat women can get to know each other and learn about one another.

Initially, there was much debate on whether Dimensions should be men-only, a place where FAs can explore their sexuality and talk to other FAs about their feelings and experiences. We decided early on to open Dimensions to both genders, and that I do not view the term "FA" as one exclusive to men. There are women who prefer fat men or other fat women. While women are generally thought to be much more subdued when it comes to fantasies and attention to physical aspects, I found that the longing and desire a female FA experiences for a fat partner is really no different from that of males. We also found that sexuality is unbelievably multi-faceted. While many fat women hate being fat, some proudly accept themselves, and some experience a desire to become fatter.

The development of Dimensions over the years has been an interesting one. We started out as a small, photo-copied newsletter and eventually bloomed into a glossy, bi-monthly colorful national (and international magazine). At some point we had hundreds of personal ads in the magazine (lots of people met through Dimensions and many married). We had numerous appearances on almost all the major talk shows back when talk shows had not descended yet into the gutter. Those appearances certainly were a experience!

When newcomers browse through the pages of the magazine or peruse the Dimensions website, they are often perplexed that we are as likely to tackle political topics as we are to explore interpersonal relationships and fantasies. To me, that doesn't seem unusual at all. For those of us who are devoting our lives to the cause of size acceptance, this is much more than just a sexual preference. It's a conscious decision we made to not only go with our feelings and desires, but also to fight the appalling discrimination our fat partners, girlfriends, wives, and sgnificant others face on a daily basis.

Dimensions is a community, one that I think fills an important role. It's certainly made a difference in my life. I am in the fortunate position to have been able to combine my personal and my professional interests. Dimensions eventually grew into a publishing business that now includes several national magazines in the technical sectors. We also publish BBW Magazine which we rescued from extinction back in 1998.

A mentor of mine once said that I am a man who has infinite patience but no tolerance. I guess I agree. I do have lot of patience for those who try to understand, those who really seek answers. But I have almost zero tolerance for bullshit and insincerity and, especially, political correctness. As a result, I value longevity, continuity, and openness towards all sides of an argument.

All that said, doing Dimensions has changed considerably over the years. The incredible growth of the Web has made available so many resources that people never had in the past. What that means is that much of Dimensions offered almost exclusively is now available in many places. While the website keeps growing and has become a vibrant community with lively bulletin boards, the publication frequency of the print magazine has been going down. While Dimensions once was financially feasible, it is now entirely subsidized by my other ventures, as is BBW. As you can imagine, after the kind of year we've just had, that raises some serious questions.

Conrad H. Blickenstorfer