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Aeon Publishing Group acquires BBW Magazine, will re-launch

Sacramento, December 18, 1998 -- Aeon Publishing Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of BBW magazine, and that it will re-launch the bimonthly, nationally distributed magazine with the May/June 1999 issue, on sale March 30.

According to Aeon co-owner Conrad Blickenstorfer, who also publishes Dimensions magazine, "When BBW was discontinued this past September, it was a great loss to the size acceptance movement. We are proud to be able to re-launch the magazine so that women all sizes of large will have access to the exciting fashions and resources that have been BBW's trademark for two decades."

BBW magazine will be designed to inspire women all sizes of large to celebrate their beauty, enrich their lives, and embrace the opportunities and challenges unique to large women. The publishers are committed to providing readers with affirming size-related information and resources in the areas of fashion and beauty, health and well-being, entertainment and romance, and work and leisure. For the latest information on the magazine, readers can check out BBW's website, which will be online by January 1, at http://bbwmagazine.com.