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Hi everyone....

I'm long overdue in making some sort of statement about the changes you've been seeing on these pages over the past couple of weeks. So let me give you a bit of history....

One day, about a year ago, I noticed that one of my favorite sites, Dani Osborne's BBWQT was no longer online. I sent Dani an email and asked what happened. She told me that her site had been shut down by her Internet service provider and since this was not the first time that she'd been burned by a fly-by-night outfit, she was too discouraged to try again. I offered her free "sanctuary" on the Dimensions server. Dani accepted and BBWQT bloomed once again. I learned to appreciate Dani's talent, enthusiasm, and resourcefulness even more and marveled at how she managed to do so much with her site.

As both Dimensions Online and Dani's site continued to grow, both of us realized how much work was involved in maintaining and enhancing such large sites, and we also saw that there was a certain duplication of effort. In addition, Dani didn't get compensated at all for all those hours she spent on running her terrific site that served so many people, and I sensed that she was getting a bit burned out. She eventually offered to let us have the best parts of her site and she'd shut down BBWQT, but I knew how much Dani enjoys her webwork and I also felt it'd be a shame to lose her.

I asked Dani what she thought about creating a size acceptance "supersite" by merging Dimensions Online and BBWQT, with her as the new site's editor and webmistress. To my delight, Dani accepted right away. Actually, there was no stopping her. Even before we went public with the news, every morning I found that Dani had furiously worked during the night, adding this, improving that, and doing all the magic she does so well.

So this is our plan: we want Dimensions Online to be the biggest and best website for BBWs and their admirers, period. No matter what aspect of size acceptance appeals to you, we'll offer it. We'll continue to offer news, articles, hot stories and fiction, pictures, special features, morphs, fashion, bulletin boards, chat rooms, and lots more. And we have experts such as fashion editor Sandie Sabo, master story teller Wilson Barbers, and size acceptance researchers/experts such as Karl Niedershuh. One thing you won't find here is whining and backstabbing, and we'll never (ab)use this site to launch yet another new splinter group.... ;-)

We'll try to keep the site fast, friendly, and free of the tons of commercial banners and unwanted pop-ups peddling services. This doesn't mean, of course, that we won't have to try to make the site financially feasible. But we'll do it in a way that let's our visitors decide how they want to support us, rather than imposing an inflexible membership structure or something like that.

Dani and I are very excited about working together. So watch out for more features, a new look, all sorts of surprises, and all the good stuff you've come to expect from Dimensions, where Big is Beautiful!

Conrad H. Blickenstorfer - 6/16/97