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Incomplete image download problem

Apparently some of you have had a problem downloading images from our site. What appears to happen is that the download cuts off after 64KB or so, or that the last part of the image seems corrupted. The problem doesn't seem to affect everyone and I haven't been able to find a pattern.

I discussed this with our System Administrator. He says the only change is that he upgraded to the Apache 1.2 web server. It is conceivable that the new version handles image downloads differently and that some browsers (or browser settings) may then cut off after 64KB or so.

If you experience this problem, send me an email including what exactly happened, and what browser and version you're using.

If you're having this problem with images that you're paying for via First Virtual, the best thing is to approve the charge (if you don't, the FV system may suspend your account and since it's all run by robot response programs, it's difficult to get reinstated) and let me know that the problem happened. I will then send the pics to you via email.

Sorry for this vexing problem...

Conrad H. Blickenstorfer