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Why did Dimensions Online and bbwqt.com merge?

I know a lot of people are asking that question in fact, a lot of people have emailed me asking me that same question or saying I've sold out.

Big Beautiful women (bbwqt.com) as you may or may not know, was something I was doing for fun, it grew so large that it even surprised me. I was beginning to spend literally hours a day just trying to keep up with it all.

When Dimensions offered me the position of Online editor I was thrilled. It only made sense to combine the best aspects of both sites into one large site. Running two sites would have been way too much for one person to handle. Instead of doing away with bbwqt.com completely, I would still make some of the fun areas available for everyone to continue to enjoy.

Almost everything is still here, artwork can be found in the "Exhibit Hall" and the stuff from the "Feeder" section is now in the "Weight Room". Under "Just for Fun" you can find "The Gallery", "Chatrooms", "Chatting web board", "Homepages" and "Success Stories" along with Dimensions own "Future Plumpers" page. Stories, poetry, articles and news are located in the "Library". The Personals section from bbwqt.com is one thing that is no longer available, Dimensions already has their own extensive personals listing.

I realize that not everyone is going to be thrilled with this merger but it was the best solution for me. If this means that I sold out, I'm sorry but everyone has to eat! (No pun intended)

Dimensions Online Editor
Dani Osborne
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