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You're in the Dimensions Weight Room

Welcome to the fabled Dimensions Weight Room. This is the place to hang out for those who enjoy weight gain fiction and fantasies. In the Weight Room, wanting, desiring, seeking, being, and getting fat is good. The Weight Room is a place full of hidden treasures and mysteries, so be sure to look around. Our library does not only provide access to Dimensions' vast stores of articles and features, but you'll also find over a thousand fantasy stories for all tastes. Thanks to Weight Room Librarian Barbers, all stories are now category-coded, plus we have a search engine so that you can quickly find what you are looking for.

The Weight Room is also where you'll find new experiments like the Warp Room and the Magnifying Room, (a couple of neat tricks you'll soon see more of), back doors to treasures not found anywhere else, and access to timeless collections from some of the great ones, like some of Melanie Bell's incredible collection, Wilson Barbers' awesome Fat Magic chambers, The Studio's illustrations and stories of extreme fatness, and so on. If you're wrestling with (or just contemplating) more practical matters, read up on Fat Sex and Positions. If it's morphs and images you're after, check out the Weight Pics section. It's ancient but there are hundreds of images there, including some collections not often seen on the web. Like a shrine to the incomparable Kelligrl and a celebration of fat bellies. Or read about the 900 Club, a listing of the world's fattest people.

The existence of the Weight Room should not give you the impression that Dimensions is all about fantasies. Dimensions is about making fantasies real, helping big people and their admirers find each, get over hang-ups, and realize that they are sexual beings just like everyone else.

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