This page is devoted to some of the images that the artist has produced for the print version of Dimensions.


In R.B. Lawrence's "The Bottle," (Dimensions, May, 1988), a mysterious potion transforms Harry's wife Allison to sideshow-sized proportions.

Lawrence's "Work of Art" (Dimensions, September, 1990) is a fanta-sizer fake-out about an artist who believes that his painting is responsible for his new girlfriend's weight gain. (Note the art books on the shelves a Who's Who of fat positive painters.) This tale hasn't been posted on the web, but I've always enjoyed it (Bob even makes a joking ref to yours truly in it).

Rebecca Fox's "Sweet Fantasy" (Dimensions, May, 1990) is about a "semi-autobiographical" erotic encounter between a BBW and a burgeoning young FA. What makes the graphic for me is the blend of medieval and contemporary imagery, a neat visual joke that is consistent with the motifs in Fox's story.

Ned's graphic for Parker Stanyon's "Facets" (Dimensions, May, 1991) follows up on the Olde English theme with a look at a Renaissance faire.

"Angelic Attraction" by Bernice Snider (Dimensions, September, 1991) gives us romance between a lonely frontiersman and an angelic BBW. I particularly like the penwork on this one.

Astronaut Scott Forrest travels through time and space to a world where standards of feminine beauty have significantly evolved in John Paschetto's "Future Shock" (Dimensions, May, 1992).

In Vincent Lambert's Dorian Gray variation, "The Photograph" (Dimensions, 1993), a model transfers all the weight she might've otherwise gained onto a photo of herself. When her photo comes to life, she finds herself envying her larger doppelganger.

"Sheila and I" by Patrick Devine (Dimensions, March, 1991) charts the course of a budding romance through its heroine's yo-yo diet. (That's her mother seated at the restaurant table to the left of her.)

Michelle McDermott's "Pen Pals" (Dimensions, November, 1993) describes the first time meeting of two long-distance lovers. (Note the way the hero's shirt and curtain patterns mirror each other.) It's the kind of story that everyone who's ever answered a personal ad wishes were theirs. . .

[All images Copyright (c) Ned Sonntag]

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