Nedís done some great graphics for a lot of my stories. Below are a few choice examples.

Wilson Barbers

Adipost Zone

A three-part serial done for Dimensions, "Adipost Zone" deals with a future where biomedical advances have given people the opportunity to have any body they want. This includes the Adipost form, a biomedically enhanced form of healthy mega-fatness. The story's hero, Page Briant, is a regular-size free-lance detective investigating the kidnapping of Taylor Delta, a media star who has been enhanced by person or persons unknown. As Page investigates the slippery world of the late twenty-first century entertainment biz, Taylor begins grow to Adipost size, a process achieved through a series of progressive binges.

Image One - Page Briant, hero of "Adipost Zone" (and its follow-up story, "The Diminishing Adipost"), alongside citgov robot Glover.

Image Two (left) - Taylor Delta's enhancement begins (from "Adipost Zone, Chapter One," Dimensions, October/November, 1992).

Image Three (right) - Taylor Delta in mid-enhancement ("Chapter Two," Dimensions, January, 1993).

Image Four - "Seated behind a dining table in ascending order were five tangibly similar blondes ranging in weight from reg to 700 plus kgs." ("Chapter Two.")

Image Five - Detective hero Briant, and his ex-wife Ginny, a ton-plus beauty who runs a food bar in Adipost Zone. I particularly like this image for the way Ned imagines Gin's maximized Adipost figure. You can just barely see her platform, a de rigeur accessory for all full-figured Adiposts. (Also from "Chapter Two.")

Avoirdupois Illustrated

In "Avoirdupois Illustrated" (Dimensions, November, 1991), fanta-sizer Sherman Billingsley's wife undergoes a transformation when one of his tales is printed in a mysterious new periodical. The story title on the bottom of the graphic, incidentally, is the name of the story written by our hero.

The Haunting of Trisha

"The Haunting of Trisha" (Dimensions, November, 1989) concerns a young woman who is possessed by the spirit of a binge-eating actress (loosely patterned after Anita Ekberg and Mamie Van Doren). That's her in the painting on the wall.

Scott's Revenge

"Scott's Revenge" was the first tale of mine to be graced by a Sonntag illo. It appeared in men's mag Juggs (September, 1989), and is one of my attempts at a more "realistic" story. I love the sleepy-eyed expression on the heroine's face (among other things).


In "Cookies" (Dimensions, July, 1990), a batch of supernaturally fattening baked goods is distributed throughout a health club - with the inevitable results. (The cat at the top of the page is also from this story.)


This Dimensions one-panel is not connected to any particular tales, but it's very much how I've imagined my recurrent characters, Bob and Ann.

[All images Copyright (c) Ned Sonntag]

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