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No sense beating around the bush. What we have here are, for the most part, heavy duty weight gain stories. They are not very politically correct and you either love this sort of fiction or you don't. All the stories were found on the web, on bulletin boards or emailed to us. Authors' names were included whenever we could find them (if you know of a story credit that we've missed, please let us know). We'll keep posting new stories as we find/receive them. Make sure to also check out the stories section in our forums. Please note: we will not be accepting stories featuring under-aged protagonists.

Wanna Write A Story?

BBW = Woman as main focus of story attention
BHM = Man as main focus of story attention
Both = Boys and Girls Together
Sex = Focus of the story is (probably explicit) sex
Dining = Food, food and more food
General = A more generalized fat piece that somehow found its way into The Weight Room
WG = Weight gain ranging from plump to mid-sized
SWG = Slight weight gain
XWG = Weight gain ranging from super-sized to beyond
Bath = Story contains explicit scatology or other body functions
Dom = Story contains domination elements

Last Additions (100s of additional new stories are posted in the forums - click to view)
09/24/05 - Size matters [BBW, WG]
08/27/05 - Mrs. Chin [BHM, XWG]
07/31/05 - Act of Attrition [BBW, XWG]
02/04/05 - Bellysex - Part Two [BBW, Sex]
02/04/05 - Converted [BBW, Sex]
02/04/05 - Mirror Wills - Part One [BBW, WG]
02/04/05 - Pudding [BBElf, XWG, Sex]
02/04/05 - My Summer Girl - Part Two [BBW, Dining, Sex]
07/31/05 - Attitude Adjustment [Both, WG]
02/04/05 - Coming Out [BHM, WG]
02/04/05 - Happily Ever After [BHM, XWG]
02/04/05 - Long Journey Home [BHM]
02/04/05 - Mirror Wills - Part Two [BBW, WG]
02/04/05 - The New Job [Both, WG]
02/04/05 - Richness [BBW, SWG]
02/04/05 - Vacations Can Be Fattening [BHM, SWG, True]
Weight Gain Stories Sorted by Author
Hypnoplumper [BBW, WG]

The Report [BHM, XWG]
Shawn's Experiment [BHM, XWG]

The Bakery Girls [BBW, WG]
The Devil and Little Suzie [BBW, XWG]
Net Love: A Story of Feeding [BBW, XWG]
Rebecca's Grandmother [BBW, WG]
Sarah Makes a Choice [BBW, XWG]
A Simple Act of Kindness [BBW, WG]

Captive Hearts [BBW, XWG]

Be Careful What You Wish For [BBW, XWG]
Clothes Make the Woman [BBW, XWG]

Alison "Balloonwoman" Gray:
Mariah's Morph [BBW, XWG]

Amanda's Diary [BHM]
Roll Reversal [Both, WG]

Justin's Revenge [BBW, WG]

Arbitrary Point:
Devotion (BBW, WG)
Fashionably Fat [BBW, WG]
How To Be A Hooter's Girl [BBW, WG]
Louder Than Bombs (BBW, WG)
Taking after Grandma [BBW, WG]

The Arch [BHM, Sex]
The Big Tease [BHM, WG]
Coy and Corpulence [BHM]
Dr. Edwards, FFA [BHM, WG]
Evan's Voyeur [BHM]
It's in Her Eyes [BHM]
Rochelle & Brad [Both, WG]
She Said He Said [BHM, WG]
Steve & Ashley [BHM, Sex]
Wish - Part One [BHMs]
Wish - Part Two [BHM]

Ass Attacker:
Getting Together With Maxi [BBW, True]

The Munchies [BBW, XWG]

What You Can Learn in College [BBW, XWG]

Kim's Dream - Part One [BBW, XWG]

Abundant Aunt Carmela - Part One [BBW]

Love As She Gains [BBW, WG]
Mona Clairee's Dream Night [BBW, Dining]
Snacks to Stuffing [BBW, WG]

The Party [BBW, Sex]
A Trip To Walmart [BBW, Sex]

Beastie Boy:
Jenny's European Tour [BBW, WG]

Braces [BBW, SWG]


How A Beer Belly Starts [BBW, SWG]
Richness [BBW, SWG]
Sailing Toward Curves [BBW, SWG]

Heaven [BBW, XWG]
BBW Bordello [BBW, XWG]
Satisfaction [BBW, XWG]

Big Beautiful Dreamer:
A Thanksgiving to Remember [Both, Dining]

Big Belly Lover:
Laura [BBW, XWG]

Big Ben:
Kathern and Lisa [BBW, WG]
Kathern and Lisa - Part Two [BBW, WG]

Big Chris:
Drew & Nikki's Food Fun [Both]
More 2 Love, More 2 Gain [Both, WG]

Big Dave Hill:
Big Developments [BBW, WG]
Camp Cedarwood [BBW, WG]
Got Milk? [BHM, XWG]
Not On the Team [BBW, WG]
Secret Fatteners [Both, WG and XWG]
A Sizeable Mariage [BBW, XWG]

Growing Andrew [BHM, XWG]

The Big Life [BBW, XWG]
The Champ [BBW, XWG]
Gretel: The Real Story [BBW, XWG]
Sisters [BBW, XWG]

Big Guy:
The Second Date [BHM, WG]

Maribeth - Part One [BBW, WG]

The Market Was Fat [BBW]
Treating Myself [BBW]
You're Never Too Old to Learn [BBW, WG]

Bill Jacobs:
The Maid's Revenge [BBW, XWG]

Billy McFred:
Lipo-Injection [BBW,XWG]

Common Ground [BBW, Sex]
Only the Lonely [BBW, Sex]

The Waitress [BBW, XWG]

Madeline's Man [BHM, XWG]
350 Pound Deal [BHM, WG]
Sauce for the Gander [Both, XWG]

B J Morris:
Before and After [BBW, WG]
Dream Girl [BBW, XWG]
Duel [BBW, XWG]
The Girl Next Door [BBW, XWG]
Gobble Goals [BBW, XWG]
His Big Favorite [BBW, XWG]
Mismatched Goals [BBW, XWG]
The Promise [BBW, XWG]
Tracking the Mountain Girl [BBW]

Black Fyre:
Slave to Hunger - Part One [BBW, XWG, Sex]
Slave to Hunger - Part Two [BBW, XXWG, Sex]

Blimpbelly's Story [BBW, XWG]

Tara Comes Back Different [BBW, XWG]

Coming Out Party [BBW, XWG]

Ellen's Metamorphosis [BBW, XWG]

Bob Harris:
Business Trip [BHM, XWG]
Eaters Anonymous [BHM, XWG]

Katie [BBW, WG]

"Why Not?" [BBW, XWG]

Brain Dead Head:
A Look In the Mirror Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Epiloque [BBW, XWG, Sex]

Kerri's Metamorphosis [BBW, XWG]

The Way Love Handles You [Both, WG]

Bruce Powell:
Angel [BBW]
The Ceres Lady [BBW, XWG]
Christmas Wish [BBW, XWG]
Dinner Date [BBW]
Happy Halloween [BBW, XWG]
Tammi [BBW, XWG]

Fatter [BBW, WG]

Bubbski 98:
The Smokayehouse Sundae [BBW]

The Bakery [BBW, XWG]

Bill's New Look - Part One [BHM, WG]
Bill's New Look - Part Two [BHM, WG]
Bill's New Look - Part Three [BHM, WG]
Bill's New Look - Part Four [BHM, WG]
An Evening Shared [BBW, Dining, Sex]

Built4Com4t & Mink:
Denise and William - Part One [Both, WG, Sex]
Finding Yourself Can Mean Getting Lost - Part One [BHM]

The Slip [BBW, XWG]
Where Are They Now? [BBW, WG]

Fat Jack's - Part One [BBW, SWG]
The Omega Moos [BBW, WG]
Space Oddity [BBW, XWG]
Learning New Things [BHM, WG]

Cal Stephens:
Millie's Revenge [BBW, XWG]

Battery Farm [BBW, XWG]
Black Magic - Part One [BBW, XWG]

Carolyn Owens:
A Night To Remember [BBW]
Not so Tiny Bubbles [BBW]

Cat Tac:
Fully Processed Pudding: Parts I - IV [BBW, XWG] Unexplained Changes - Part One [BBW, Dining, WG]
Unexplained Changes - Part Two [BBW, Dining, WG]
Unexplained Changes - Part Three [BBW, WG]

Piece of Cake [BBW, Sex]

Gaining Confidence - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, [BBW, WG]
The Metamorphosis [BBW, XWG]

Charon's Aide:
Lunch Break [BBW]

A Trip to the Mini-Mart [BBW, Dom, Sex]

Fat Analysis [BHM, WG]
Ivy League Blubba [BHM, Sex]

Jamie Was the Best Dancer [BBW, WG]
Origins of Lust [BBW]
Sarah, the Best Nude Model [BBW, WG]

Dinner with Andrea [BBW, XWG]
Fattest Girl in the World [BBW, WG]

Curve Watcher:
The Foreplay - Part One [BHM, Sex]

D. Cigny:
Trick Or Treat [BBW]

D. Koraljev:
Balloon Up [BBW, XWG]

The Dancer:
The Storm [BBW]

The Au Pair [BBW, WG]
Cruise Ship Contest - Part One [BHM]
The Ice-Parlour [BBW, WG]

David Sladky:
The Last Meal [BBW, XWG]
Water Balloon [BBW, XWG]

Dawn Hunter:
Dawn Hunter's Manifesto [General]

Dee Jortiz:
Encounter [BBW, Sex]
Encounter - Part Two [BBW, Sex]

Deryk Shane:
A Lab Experiment gone Right [BBW, WG]
Tiffany's Expansion [BBW,XWG]

Butterball [BBW, Sex]

Dirty Dawg:
Bertha [BBW]

TransFat [BBW, WG]

Doctor X:
Amber's Milk - Part One [BHM, XWG]

All Of Me: A Life Story [BBW, XWG]
Airport Fantasy [BBW, XWG]
The E-Mail [BBW, XWG]
Fat Enchanted Evening [BBW]
Supermodel [BBW, XWG]

The Fattening Quest [BBW, WG]

the dreamer421:
The Dreamer [BHM]

Dr. Fred:
Preggy Peggy - Part One [All Chapters: BBW, WG]
Preggy Peggy - Part Two
Preggy Peggy - Part Three
Preggy Peggy - Part Four
Preggy Peggy - Part Five

Dr. X:
Plumping Chrissy [BBW, XWG, Sex]

Amazons [BBW, XWG]
Symbiotic - Part One [BBW, WG]
Weightwatchers - Part One [BBW, XWG]

A Journey To Asia - Part One [BBW, XWG]

Ebony Feedee:
Ally's Audition [BBW]
Brynn's Belly [BBW]
Ken and Katrina [BBW]
Kevin and His Kept Piggies [BBW, XWG]
Magical Chocolates [BBW, XWG]
Sexy Piggy [BBW, XWG]
Sexy Piggy's First Impression [BBW]

Eddie Owen:
Take A Tip from Us - Part One [BBW]
Take A Tip from Us - Part Two [BBW, WG]

Hike [Both]
Learning My Lesson [Both, WG]

Elena Silverlink:
My Bodysuit [BBW, Sex]

The Nurse [BBW, WG]

El Gordito:
Dave [BHM, XWG]

Secret Admirer [BBW, WG]

Linda's Luxury [BBW, XWG]

Empress Yellow Plug:
Uterus for Daddy [BBW, XWG, Feeding]

Daughter of the Earth [BBW, XWG]
Pregnant Paws [BHM]

The Snow Storm [BHM, XWG]

Princess Adrian Diana [BBW, XWG]

The Good Boyfriend [BHM, WG]
The Reunion [BBW]
Six Months [BBW, XWG]

Talk Show Fat Camp [BBW, XWG, Bath]

Fatboy Brian:
Rachel's Gain [BBW, XWG]

Plumping Pauline [BBW, XWG, Sex]

Cassandra's Confections [BBW, XWG]
Cosmic Gain [BBW, XWG]

The Fattener:
The Roundest Knight At the Table [Both, XWG]

Fatter Iz Better:
Celebrity Ransom: Pamela Anderson [BBW, XWG]
Wrestling Diva Transformation [BBW, XWG]

Fatty Cathy:
The Chosen [BBW, XWG]
Fatty Cathy [BBW, WG]
Fatty Cathy - The Beginning [BBW, XWG]
Fatty Cathy Grows Huge [BBW, Sex]
Lunch Break [Both, Dining, Sex]

Feed E. Frenzy:
Fat Chance [BBW, Sex]

Little Katie (An FA Song) [BBW, XWG]

Fun Size - Part One [BBW, XWG]

The Hypnotist [BBW, XWG]

Fly Guy 263:
Jamie's Favorite Week [BBW, XWG]
Jamie's Favorite Week - Part Two [BBW, XWG]
Lisa's Phat Experiment [BBW, WG]
Urge to Grow [BBW, WG]

Forever Hungry:
Comfort's World - Part One [BBW]

A friend:
Kim Gets Fatter [BBW, XWG]

An Evening Alone [BBW]
Fantasy Lover [BBW]
Friday Night [BBW]

Growing Into Manhood [BHM, WG]
The Sub Chubb Club - Part One [BHM]
Sub Chubb Club - Part Two [BHM, Sex]

George Barr McCutcheo:
Her Weight in Gold (A WG Classic) [BBW, XWG]

A Souvenir for Cornelia [BBW, XWG]
A True Story (for the most part) [BBW]

"All For You" [BBW, XWG]

Ghostly Spectre:
Lauren's Magic [BBW, WG]
Love Can Be Perfect [BBW, WG, Sex]

The Lifeguard (currently incomplete) [BBW]

Like Satin Over Steel [BBW, Sex]

The Heiress [BBW, XWG]

Green Onions:
Georgia [BBW, WG]

Giant Mountain of Fat [BBW, XWG, Bath]

The Bellymaster - Part One [BHM, WG]

Heidi [BBW, XWG]
A High Note [BBW, WG]
A New Dawn [BBW, WG]

H. Runkle:
Tammy Got Fat [BBW, XWG]

Charlotte Blows Up, Part I [BBW, XWG]
Charlotte Blows Up, Part II [BBW, XWG]

A Dream Come True [BBW, XWG]

Henry Newten:
Megaton Bomb - Part One [BBW, WG]
Yoko Vs. Jennifer [BBW, Dining, XWG]

The Hero:
The Sponge: Parts One - Five [BBW, XWG]
The Sponge: Parts Six - Ten [BBW, XWG]
The Sponge: Parts Eleven - Fifteen [BBW, XWG]
The Sponge: Parts Sixteen - Twenty [BBW, XWG]

Hiker Chick:
Dance by the Moon [BBW]

The Humanist:
A Swedish Young Woman [BBW, XWG]

Iam Unknown:
Airplane Dream [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Amazing Weights [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Big Girl: A Super Heroine Tale [BBW, XWG]
Birthday Party [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Celuzilla [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Celuzilla Meets Thunder Thighs [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Debrah's Morph [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Debrah's Morph II: The Inflation [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Debrah's Morph III: Lucy [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Dreamstate [BBW, XWG]
The Fat Bug [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Giganta [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Jasmine Syndrome [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Like Mother, Like Daughter [BBW, XWG]
The Night After Christmas [BBW, XWG, Bath]

Ian Harvie:
The Couple [BBW]

Igor Yakovlev:
The 18 - 30 Holiday [BBW, WG]

Binge Queens - Part One [BBW, WG]
Binge Queens - Part Two [BBW, WG]
Binge Queens - Part Three [BBW, WG]
Binge Queens - Part Four [BBW, WG]
The God of Feeding [BBW, XWG]
The Monument to Confection [BBW, WG]
My Job at Subway [BBW]
Reverse Anorexia [BBW, XWG]
Zel Vs. Rose [BBW, XWG] The House on Kendall Hill [BBW, XWG]

The Lady and the Octopus [BBW, WG]
The Watcher [BBW, WG]

Jenny [BBW, XWG]
The Stadium Girl [BBW, XWG]

Culture Shock - Part One [BBW, XWG]

In My Dreams [BBW]

Jack Knowles:
The Doughboy [Both, WG]
The Final Mission [Both, WG]

Jay Tee:
Enhancer [BBW, XWG]
Jasmine's Secret: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Epilogue [BBW, XWG]
X Element - Part One [BBW, XWG]
X-Element - Part Two [BBW, XWG]
X-Element - Part Three [BBW, XWG]
X-Element - Part Four [BBW, XWG]
Zora, The Princess of Sleemany [BBW, XWG]

As Time Goes By [BBW, WG]
The Chef [BBW, WG]

Joyous At Last - Part One [BBW, XWG, Sex]

The Dietician - Part One [BBW, WG]

The Big Movie [BBW, XWG]
The Clinic [BBW, WG]

Brittany Spears [BBW, WG]
Jessica Fills Out [BBW, WG]

The Babysitter II [BBW, XWG]
Jim and Cathy [Both, XWG]
Madeline and Aggie [BBW, XWG]
One Phat Picnic [Both, XWG]
Our Fattening Love Affair [Both, XWG]
Susan's Christmas Wish [BBW, XWG]

Jim Fields:
MegaCal [BBW, XWG]
MegaCal II [BBW, XWG]
My Kind of Wife [BBW, XWG]

Fitting Into It [BBW, XWG]
Wifey Takes A Cruise [BBW, XWG]

The Big Easy [BBW, WG]

Joe T.:
The Incredible Growing Woman - Part One [BBW, XWG]

Joe Z.:
The Nutritionist [BBW, XWG]
Teacher's Pet [BBW]

Joey Ramone:
01/07/01 - Alissa [BBW, XWG]

John Cookaye:
Character [General]

John Doe:
Trade In [BHM, XWG]

John N.:
Jenny's Webpage [BBW, WG]

a jolly old elf:
Like a Bowl Full of Jelly [BHM, WG]

Caroline Gets a Thanksgiving Surprise (And Lots Of It!) [BBW]
Those Aren't Candies! [BBW, XWG]

Alien Ambassador [BHM, XWG]
The Auction [BBW, XWG]
The Baron's Memoirs [BBW, XWG]
The Baron's Memoirs: Lisa's Slip Up [BBW, XWG]
The Baron's Memoirs: The Picky Eater [BBW, XWG]
The Baron's Memoirs: The Unwelcome Visitor [BBW, XWG]
The Eating Machine [Both, XWG]
High Stakes [BBW, XWG]
NG7 - Part Two [BBW, XWG]
R.A.F.: Random Acts of Fattening [Both, XWG]
The Ray [BHM, XWG]
Station Beta Z1 [BBW, XWG]
Tanya Vs. Tiny [BBW, XWG]

Me and My Chunky Man [BHM, XWG]

Julie Wong:
Battle of the Heavyweights [BBW]
The Huge Woman and Bet [BBW]
Kim's Challenge [BBW]
Kim's Dream Continues [BBW, XWG]

Ashley [BBW, WG]
My Fattening Story [BHM, XWG]

Katrina Wolffe:
Keiko Part 1 [M to BBW, XWG]

Kazan Kazani:
Ayeka's Gluttony - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six [BBW, WG]

Knights of the Round Table - Part One [BHM, WG]
Knights of the Round Table - Part Two [BHM, XWG]
Knights of the Round Table - Part Three [BHM, XWG]
Side Effects - Part One [BHM, WG]
Side Effects - Part Two [BHM, WG]
Side Effects - Part Three [BHM, WG]

Country Living [BBW, XWG]
Das suesse Landleben (untranslated)
House Project [BBW, WG]
The Model [BBW, WG]

Growing for Gram [Both, XWG]

Mall [BBW, Dom, Sex]

Judy's "Heaven of Food" [BBW, XXWG]

Paradise - Part One [BHM, WG]

The Rental Car [BBW, WG]

Clara's Journey BBW, WG]
Maximum Control [BBW, WG]

Lardbutt Lover:
The Conflict [BBW, XWG]

Laura FoxJohn:
The Dream That Became Reality [BBW, XWG]

Lauren Hope:
Lauren Eats Herself Round [BBW, WG]

Modeling Large [BBW, Sex]

Lee Cameron:
Why Opposites Really Do Attract [BBW, WG, Sex]

Lindsey Lamass:
Countersplurge: The Last Assignment of
Aunty Sam, Undercover US Navy Blimp
, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII[BBW, XWG]

Little Guy:
More Than Just Pizza [BBW, Dining]

Love Handles:
A Chance Meeting {Both, XWG]

Lucas Casey and Christopher Ruiz:
Deep Undercover - Prologue [Male to BBW]

Lucky Luke:
4F Francine [BBW, XWG]
The Accounting Ledger of Fat [BBW, XWG]
Ample Angela - Part One [BBW, XWG]
Before the Wedding [BBW, XWG]
Cindy's Weekend at the Beach [BBW]
Fattening of the Bad Daughter-In-Law [BBW, XWG]
Heather the Homecoming Queen's Big Reunion [BBW, XWG]
Revenge of the Office Secretaries [BBW, XWG]
Roxanne: From Plump to Rotund [BBW, XWG]
Trophy Wife Trisha - Part One [BBW, XWG]

Luvin' U Fat:
The Fat Dimension [BBW, XWG]
Fat Dimension - Part Two [BBW, XXWG]
Fat Dimension - Part Three [BBW, XXWG]
Fat Dimension - Part Four [BBW, XXWG]
Fat Dimension - Part Five [BBW, XXWG]
Fat Dimension - Part Six [BBW, Cosmic WG]

The Fake Feedee [BBW, XWG]
Table-Turning [Both, XWG]
Wanted: Female Feeder [BHM, XWG]
Warrior and the Giant's Maidens [BHM, XWG]

A Fat Tuesday [BHM, WG]

Psycho-Morph [BBW, XWG]

The Man:
Alicia Silverstone BBW, WG]
The Girl [BBW, WG]

From Skinny to Voluptuous And Sexy [BBW, WG]
Kelly's Belly [BBW, WG]
Woman Takes on 72-Pound Steak [BBW, WG]

Kristina and Maria [BBW, XWG]

The Job [BBW, WG]
Martina Hingis's Story [BBW, WG]
The Monica Lewinsky Story [BBW, WG]
What If...? Volume 1: Anna Nicole Smith [BBW, WG]
What If... ? Volume 2: Alicia Machado

Martin James:
The Fatted Calves [BBW, XWG]

Mary Alice Bonita:
Literary Feeder [General]

Katie's Dream [BBW, XWG]

Devil And the Deep Blue Sea [BBW, WG]
The Lesson [BBW, WG]

A Fattening Love Story [BBW, XWG]
Heather's Visit to The Doctor [BBW, WG]
Mom's Revenge [BBW, XWG]
Mom's Revenge 2 (with new ending) [BBW, XWG]
Sarah's Betrayal [BBW, WG]

Adam & Eve [Both]
The Addict [BBW, WG]
Buried Treasure 1 [BBW, WG]
Buried Treasure 2 [BBW, WG]
Buried Treasure 3 [BBW, WG]
The Curator [BBW, XWG]
The Dancer [Both, WG]
Lost Summer [BBW, WG]
My Journey to Me [BBW, XWG]
The New Ideal [BBW, WG]
The Power [BBW, WG]
The Prisoner [BHM, XWG]
S.O.F.T. [BBW, WG]
A Tale of Prophecy [BBW]
Under My Thumb [BBW, WG]

A Lucky Meeting [BHM, Dining]

Gaining With Gum [BBW, XWG]

The Contract - Part One [BBW, WG]

Ashly's Growth - Part One [BBW, XWG]
Ashley's Growth - Part Two [BBW, XWG]

Mrs. Chin [BHM, XWG]

Coming to Terms - Part One [BHM, WG]
Coming to Terms - Part Two [BHM, WG]
Ex-Jock - Part One [BHM, WG]
Exercising Doesn't - Part One [BHM, WG]
Gaining For Love - Part One [BBW, WG]
Gaining for Love - Part Two [BBW]
Gaining for Love - Part Three [Both, WG]
Jennifer - Part One [BHM, WG]
Paralyzed With Fat - Part One [BHM, WG]
Summer Holiday Fun [BHM, Sex]

Mink & Built4Com4t:
Denise and William - Part One [Both, WG, Sex]

Mister Bill:
Dinnertime [BBW, WG]

The Arrangement [BBW, XWG]
The Best Secretary in the World [BBW, WG]
Blimping Linda [BBW, WG]
The Castle [BBW, XWG]
Circus Circus [BBW, XWG]
The Donut Shop [BBW, XWG]
Dreamin'? [BBW, Sex, XWG]
Feeder Gal Sal and The Boss Man [BBW, XWG]
The Funnel [BBW, XWG]
The Jogger [BBW]
The Myra Zone (BBW, XWG, Sex)
The Pro [BBW, XWG]
Sis [BBW, WG]
The Stripper [BBW]

Feeding Virgin [BBW, WG]

Alice - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten [BBW, WG]

Mona Clariee:
A Visit to MacDonalds to Remember [BBW, Dining]

More Wider:
The Card [BBW, XWG]
The Diet [BBW, WG]

Moridin 45:
Blooper - Part One [BBW, XWG]

Mr. Happy:
Nanites [BBW, XWG]

Mr. Information Please:
The Growing of Gloria [BBW, WG]
Jeremy Learns to Dance [BBW, WG]

Mr. Jigglesworth:
Alien Abduction or Abdomen - Part One [BHM, WG]
Alien Abduction - Part Two [BHM, XWG]

Mr. Kay:
Something Good [BBW]
Her Best Effort [BBW]
Eye Candy [BBW, XWG]

Mr. Monopoly:
The Fair Girl [BBW, Dining]
My Summer Girl - Part One [BBW]

Cade And Maria [Both, XWG]

Myron D. Sanders:
Hansel and Gretel: The True Story [BBW, XWG]

Ned Fox:
The Fat Reunion [Both, WG]
A Fattening Encounter [BBW, XWG, Sex]
Forty Pound Xmas Present [Both, WG]
The Halloween Party [Both, WG]
How Big I Am [BHM, WG]
It Began at Fat Camp [BBW, WG]
Mom Gets Her Wish [Both, WG]
Need to Feed [BHM, XWG]
The New Boss [BHM, WG]
The New Job [Both, WG]
The New Neighbor [BBW, WG]
Perfect Retirement [Both, WG]
Pregnancy In 2050 A.D. [Both, XWG]
The Pre-Nupt [BBW, SWG]
Sympathy Belly [BHM, WG]
Thanksgorging [Both, WG]
Tummy of Love [BBW, WG]
Work At Home Bulge [Both, XWG]

Ask And You Shall Receive [BHM, XWG]
Torture from El [BHM, XWG]

Angela's Beach [BBW]
Kelly's Dreams [BBW, WG]
That Girl [BBW, XWG]

Nomonde Mxhalisa:
Thickness [BBW, Dining, Dom]

The Norseman:
Anita - A Norwegian Girl [BBW, XWG]
The Family [Both, XWG]
The Lovely Teacher [BBW, XWG]
Rebecca: The Younger Sister [BBW, XWG]
The Three Girlfriends [BBW, XWG]

Number 14:
Lazy Lindsay [BBW, WG]

Paula's Donuts - Part One [BBW, WG]

Jim and Kate [BBW, XWG]

The Observer:
Absence Makes the Heart Grow ... [BBW, WG]
Carol, Out Of The Closet [BBW, WG]
The Club [BBW, WG]
Ed's Girl [BBW, WG]
Fat Family [BBW, WG]
Fish Out of Water Learns to Swim [BBW, WG]
Forming A Partnership [BBW, WG]
Gloria and Greg [BBW, WG]
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait [BBW, WG]
Grounded [BBW, WG]
Honeymoon Rolls [BBW, WG]
It Began With A Food Fling [BBW, WG]
Katrina and Ken [BBW, WG]
Like Mother, Like Daughter [BBW, WG]
Love Handles Cafe [BBW, WG]
Lucille's Liberation [BBW, WG]
Lucky Man's Tale [BBW, WG]
The Lunch Bunch [BBW, WG]
Making of A BBW [BBW, WG]
Melanie Makes It In Life [BBW, WG]
The Prettiest Girl in the Office [BBW, WG]
Robert's Report [BBW, WG]
The Three Little Plumpers [BBW, WG]
Trina's Teen Days [BBW, WG]
Trish's Freshman Year [BBW, WG]
The Union of Aimee and Herschal [BBW, WG]
When One's Guard Is Lowered... [BBW, WG]

Lucas [BHM]

Jewel [BBW]
Scents [BBW, XWG]

The Ol' Muse:
An Ad in the Voice [BBW, WG]
Body Goggles [BBW, XWG]
Ladies-in-Weighting [BBW, WG]

Olive More:
Makin' Bacon [BBW, Sex]

Safari [BBW]

One FFA:
A Night Adventure [BHM, XWG]

Orso di Monte Ribelli:
The Blooming of Yasmin [BBW, XWG]

The Owl:
A Young Swedish Woman (Revised and Expanded Version): Part One, Part Two, Part Three [BBW, XWG]

Pam Gordon:
Randy's Story [BBW, XWG]

Pamela B.:
My Fantasy Came True [BBW, XWG]

Paul Gazer:
Penny [BBW, Sex]

Ashley and Devon [Both, XWG]
The Journal and the Sketchbook [Both, WG]
Samantha [BBW, XWG]

It's Time for Your Shake [BHM, XWG]

Perioc & Oji Ryojuji:
Zanarax [BBW, XWG]

Pete Baker:
The Farm [BBW, XWG]

P. Kirk:
The Other Man [BHM, WG]

Plastic Platypus:
Getting Fat With Friends [BBW, XWG]

Potbelly Pimp:
Belly Sex - Part One [BBW, Sex]

Princess Toadstool:
John's Adventures - Part One [BHM, WG]

The Fat Friar [BHM, XWG]
A Fat Man's Life [BHM, XWG]

Expansion of a ranch girl - Part One [BBW, WG]

Q Bomb:
The Big Seat [BBW, WG]
Channel Swimmer [BBW, WG]
A Nice Peace [BBW, WG]
Notorious [BBW, WG]
Ronnie [BBW, True]
Surviving [BBW, WG]

R.B. Lawrence:
The Blimping of Earth [BBW, XWG]
That Bloated Feeling [BHM, XWG]
The Bottle [BBW, XWG]
Eating Beauty [BBW, XWG, Sex]
The FA Fairy [BBW, XWG]
Fat Feast [BBW, XWG, Sex]
Fatasy [BBW, XWG]
The Fat Pump [BBW, XWG]
Feed Me [BBWs, XWG]
Growing Passions [BBW, XWG, Sex]

Raider X:
The Feast Master - Part One [BBW]
Rich and Tina [BBW, WG]

Bad One Night Stand [BBW, XWG]
Genie in A Bottle [BBW, XWG]
Lab Rat [BBW, XWG]
Menace to Society [BBW, XWG]

The Raven:
Revenge of the Fatties [BBW, XWG]
Sandy--The Beached Whale [BBW, XWG]

Raven Dreamstone:
At the Bus Stop [BBW, XWG]

The Chair [BBW, WG]
The Diary of Trina Knife [BBW, WG]
The Ex [BBW]
Hard and Soft [BHM]
His Amazon [BHM, WG]
Honky-Tonk Goddess [BBW]
Impure Thoughts [BBW]
Instant Amazon [BBW, WG]
It All Started... [BBW, WG]
The Match [BBW, WG]
On the Way Home [BBW, WG]
Pizza Parlor Afternoon [BBW]
Treatments [BBW, WG]
Voodoo Wishes [BBW, WG]
What'll It Be, Miss? [BBW, XWG]

The Fat Guy [BHM, WG]

Richard III:
Queens [BBW]

Rick Jordan:
The Plumper Room [BBW]


Her Revenge [Male to BBW, XWG]
My Name Is . . . (BBW, XWG)

The Master and his Slave [BBW, XWG]
The Secret Feedee [BBW, XWG]

Rounder Girl:
Best Gang Bang [BBW]
Sausage [BBW, Dining, Sex]

Rubens Feeder:
Fatpump: The Belly [Both, XWG]

RV Gleason:
The Taste Tester [BHM, XWG]

Sara Gains A Little Weight [BBW, XWG]

Sam Casey:
Growing Into Herself - Part One [BBW, WG, Dining, Sex]

Sarah Barndt:
Ann's World [BBW, WG]
Seasons of A Woman [M to BBW, WG]

Sasha Steele:
The Big O [BHM, WG]
The Big Replacement [BBW, XWG]
Body Snatcher [BBW, XWG]
Crossover Accident [BBW, Eating, Bath]
The Fat Cell [BBW, Sex]
Fat Farm Incident [BBW, XWG]
Fat Farm Incident - Part Two [BBW, XWG]
Fat Foxes of the Future [BBW]
Fat Foxes of the Future: Farming Dell [BBW, XWG]
Fat Foxes of the Future: Rotunda Cop [BBW, XWG]
Fat to the Future [BBW, WG]
Fat Wars - Part One [BBW, XWG]
Fat World: Holly's Honeymoon [BBW]
Fat World: A Hot Night in Vegas - Part One [BBW]
F Files - Part One [BBW]
F Files - Part Two [BBW, XWG]
F Files III: Liposnatcher [BBW]
The Food Challenge Revisited [BBW, XWG]
The Girl Next Door [BBW, XWG]
Guess Who's Coming for Dinner? [BBW, XWG]
Hercules and Volimari [BBW, XWG]
Inflated Assets [BBW, XWG]
The Movie Goddess [BBW, XWG, Sex]
Prisoner of Beauty [BBW, XWG]
Puntite Orbed - Part One [BBW, XWG]
Shroud of Illusion [BBW, XWG]
The Stepford Women [BBW]
Survivor [BBW]
Turning Point [BBW, XWG]

Sassy Huntress:
Next Time [BBW, Sex]

Scott Guthrie:
Dairy Matters [BBW, XWG]
The Golden Goddess [BBW, XWG]

Pam's Biggest Challenge [BBW]

Stuffing Time [BBW, XWG]

Filling the Void [BBW, XWG]

Sean McAron:
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree [BBW, WG]

Sharon Hall:
Links [BBW]

Shazaam 73:
Her Christmas Present for Him [BBW, XWG]
2500: A Fat Odyssey [BBW, Sex]

Sherri Miller (w/ Bruce Powell):
Immobility [BBW, XWG]

Simon 007:
Chef And the Women [BBW, XWG]

A Wrong Idea [BBW, XXXWG]

Skeingirl 70:
Orson Fantasy [BHM]

Skinny Minnie:
The New Woman: Prologue, Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven [Both, M to BBW, XWG]

Fun With Linda [BBW, XWG]

Lexi [BBW, WG]

You Couldn't Have Mentioned This Earlier? [BBW]

Donut Days [BBW, WG]
Jann's Story [BBW, WG]

Special Forces [BHM, XWG]

Happy Holidays [BBW, WG]
Hourglass Success [BBW, WG]
When Love Is Thin - Parts One & Two [BBW, WG, Sex]
When Love Is Thin - Part Three [BBW, WG]

Some Person:
Free At Last [Both, XWG]

Alicia [BBW, XWG]
Big Girls Inflate [BBW, XWG]
Booty Bustin [BBW, XWG]
Hillary [BBW, XWG]
Julie Is Jealous [BBW, XWG]
Megan and Nicole [BBW, XWG]
Shopping One Day [BBW, XWG]
Vera [BBW, XWG]

Spectre Creel:
Fat Bastard's Pretty High and Tempting [BBW, WG]

Speed Racer: Janet's Big Birthday [BBW, XWG]
Through Thick and Thicker [BBW, XWG]

Kingpin: Ambrosia [BBW, WG]

Perfect Life for Anthony [BHM, XWG]

Life in the Fat Lane and Fat Land [Both, XWG]

St. George:
His Masterpiece [BBW, XWG]

Britney's Big Day [BBW, WG]
Exercise Queen [BBW, WG]

The Balloon Behind Her Part 1 [BBW, WG]
The Balloon Behind Her Part 2 [BBW, WG]

Stefany di Wilmette:
"A Stately Pleasure Dome Decreed" [BBW, WG]

Bill and Jill [Both, XWG]
A Night in Paradise [BBW, WG]

steve aka:
Hungry Five Minutes [BBW, XWG]
She [BBW, XWG]

Steve Gorden:
The Emir's Wrath [BBW, XWG]

Stew Borne:
Hannah [Both, WG]

Jenny's Ploy [BBW, XWG]

The Studio:
The Studio Presents . . . [XWG Web Page]

Bull In A China Shop [BHM]
Busman's Holiday [BHM]
No Use Crying Over Spilt Coffee [BHM]
Scott and Jennifer [BHM]
So Very [BHM]

Suda Nym:
Beauty and the Feast [BBW, XWG]
Diet Doctor [BBW, WG]
Shelly [BBW, XWG]

Sweet Fatness:
Day In the Life of A Feedee [BBW]

Abby Pulls Through [BBW, WG]
Callie comes out
Chewing the Fat with Tia Carrere [BBW, WG]
Christie's Weight Gain [BHM, WG, True]
Christina Aguilera [BBW, WG]
Company's Coming [BBW, WG] Jackie a la Mode [BBW, WG]
Liv Tyler Takes A Break [BBW, WG]
Round And Round With Nikki [BBW, WG]
Shannon's Thanksgiving [BBW, WB]
Tania Looks in the Mirror [BBW]
Vickey Weathers the Storm [BBW, WG]
Vivienne's Fight for Life [BBW, WG]

The Compromise [Both, XWG]
Fantasy Diary [BBW, XWG]
Monopoly 2 [BBW]
Room For Growth [BHM, WG]

T.J. MacAllister:
Dr. Fitz's Fabulous Flab Formula [BBW, XWG]

The Taxidermy:
Unleashing Her Inner Desires - Part One [BBW, WG]

Taylor D.:
Mardi Gras [BBW]

The Dreamer [BHM, XWG]

Thomas Richards:
The Party [BBW, WG]

Another Memorable Midnight [BBW, Sex]
The Beginning [BBW]
Better Than Glazed Donuts [BBW, Dining, Sex]
The Goodbye [BBW]
The Gazebo [BHM, Sex]
It [BBW, Eating]
The Matinee [BBW]
Sunday Morning Rapture [Both, Dining, WG]

Pavlov II [BBW, WG]
Robin [BBW, WG]

Tom Boles:
Kathy's Big Adventure [BBW, XWG]

Potential [BBW, XWG]

The Bet [BBW, WG]
Doctor's Orders. [BBW, WG]
Experiments - Part One [BBW, XWG]
The New Job - Part One [BBW, WG]
The Pickup [BBW]
The Restaurant [BBW, WG]
The Sculptor [BBW, WG]
Self-Discovery [BBW, WG]
Thin Discrimination [BBW, WG]
The Videos [BBW, WG]
The Witness [BBW, WG]

Umbro Boy:
Soccer Girl [BBW, WG]

W. C. Files:
Daytime TV Fantasy [BBW, XWG]

Mexican Meal [BBW, Dining, Sex]

Wants U Fatter:
The BIG Bet [BBW]
The Chow Hound [BBW]

Sweet Revenge [BBW, XWG]

Wayne Malmros:
The Devil Dog Queen [BBW]
Future Feeder [BBW, XWG]

Wayne Wright:
What She Did [BBW, WG]

I Turned Into a BBW [M to BBW, WG]
Personal Changes [M to BBW, WG]

Weight Watcher:
My Athletic Friend [BBW, WG]

William Charles:
A Fine Day [BBW, WG]
Susan Hits it Big [BBW, XWG]

Wilson Barbers:
Fat Magic [XWG Web Page]

More [BBW]

How Love Grows [BBW, Dining, SWG]

Jeepers! [BBW, WG]
Jeepers! Part 2 [BBW, XWG]

Chester's Weight [BHM, Dining]

Britney Spears [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Claire - Part One [BBW, XWG]
Claire - Part Two [BBW, XWG]
I Hate My Twin - Part One [BBW, WG]
I Hate My Twin - Part Two [BBW, WG]
I Hate My Twin - Part Three [BBW, WG]
I Hate My Twin - Part Four [BBW, XWG]
I Hate My Twin - Part Five [BBW, XWG]
I Hate My Twin - Part Six [BBW, XWG]
I Hate My Twin - Part Seven [BBW, XWG]
I Hate My Twin - Part Eight [BBW, XWG]
Mutya Buena [BBW, XWG]
Rachel from S Club 7 [BBW, XWG, Bath]
Sarah Molloy [BBW, WG, True]

Becky [BBW, XWG]

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