by OhScarlett

Kate thought that moving away from her old boyfriend would change things for her, but all it brought was only lonely weekends with nothing to do. She had bought a house in the small mountain town of Chase, Wyoming. She could still do her computer work and keep in contact with family and also start a new life at the same time. Her unhappy relationship with her boyfriend had taken a toll on her. His requirements of working out and keeping in shape had never given her the feeling of love she needed. She was always a big woman, who enjoyed her rounded curves and soft skin. She didn't want tautness and sharp angles to make up her frame. Her weight had gradually gone up to the 220's in her twenties, and her boyfriend would keep at her to bring it down. She woke one morning laying next to him and the decision was made, leave him and be who you will be.

Now on her lonely weekends she would travel to other small towns looking for antiques. On a windy sunny morning in July she found a quaint shop on the edge of a dusty old town. It had a sign above the door, “Scents All That You Can Be”. She smiled reading it as she stepped in the door. The sweet aroma filled her nostrils and almost overcame her as she looked at the cupboards and antiques filled with herbs, dried flowers, and bottles of oils. An old man came around the corner of the counter, glasses sitting on the edge of his nose. “How may I help you ma'am?”, he said. “Well Sir, I thought you might have antiques in here, but I've come to the wrong place, haven't I?”, said Kate. “Old Scott here is the only antique in here honey”, he said with a grin.

Kate started wondering around the store curious about all the aromas filling the air. “Did you make all these yourself”, said Kate. She turned around and the old man was gone. Lifting up each bottle and dry herb at a time she smelled them all. The dried yellow roses brought back memories of her youth, the basil reminded her of her grandmother's Sunday dinners, and the oils filled with vanilla felt smooth to her skin. She took money out of her purse and placed it on the counter, wondering where the man had went.

When she got home, she took the items about of her purse and placed them on the table. All she could think about was dinner and using the basil to add flavor to it. She started the oven and placed the roast in with the leaves around it. Hmmm Kate thought, I've got just enough time for a bath. She picked up the vanilla oil and headed to the bathroom. The water was warm as she placed herself in the huge tub. The old claw foot tub was big and she could stretch out in it. She rubbed the oil on her temple, breasts, and tummy. It felt warm as it touched her skin, and for a second a tingling occurred all over her body. She closed her eyes and relaxed. A strange sensation came over her as she layed there. She opened up her eyes and in front of her, her tummy began to expand. Her breasts grew up and out. She placed her hands over them and felt them enlarge under her fingers. She closed her eyes again, smelling the vanilla and rubbing her hands over her tummy. What can be happening to me, she thought. It felt wonderful. She felt her upper arms grow and expand and her thighs filled out. The water started running over the edge of the tub as she expanded. Eventually the water turned cool and she decided to get out. As she raised her body she felt the weight of her tummy lift with her. She walked over to the steam covered mirror and wiped it off with her towel. Her image stood in front of her. She must have gained over 100 pounds. As she looked from head to toe, she saw that her double chin had expanded, and her breasts now lay on either side of her outstretched tummy. Her thighs now touched each other with her legs far apart. As she raised her head she also saw the smile that appeared across her face.

She looked around in her bedroom to find something to put on and could only find her oldest robe. She tyed it around herself but her breasts still almost came flowing out. She laughed as she felt herself waddle into the kitchen smelling the roast beef and basil. She pulled out the fresh corn, rolls, and honey butter. She covered the table with the food. There was a knock at the door. She thought, now how can I greet anyone at the door looking like this. She waddled up to the door and peaked through the curtain. A man stood at the door holding up a few dollar bills. He smiled and said, “I think this change is yours”. She opened the door and let him come in. He stared at her looking at the robe barely covering the curves she had gain in the bath. “ma'am, my uncle said I should stop by and give this to you”, he said. What's that wonderful smell coming from your kitchen. I'd ask you to stay to repay you for bringing me my change, but as you can see I'm not fully dressed.” said Kate. She looked up and the man had already walked into the kitchen taking plates and silverware over to the table. “ma'am, I think your dress is very becoming, and I would love to have dinner with you”, he said. Kate watched in amazement as he pulled his chair closer to hers and then pulled out hers to sit. Well I would enjoy the company, she thought. She waddled back into the kitchen trying to keep her robe tide shut. “Here ma'am, please sit down”, he said. He took huge slices of beef, a large amount of corn, and rolls filled with huge amounts of butter. Kate started to touch the bowl of corn and he took her hand. It's custom in this part of the country that the women eat first. He lifted a huge chunk of beef to her mouth, and she opened her mouth and placed it around it. It was wonderful, the basil and beef filling her senses as she chewed. He placed fork after fork into her mouth. She didn't even realize he wasn't eating because she wanted him to feed her more and more. The corn was spooned to her and she smiled when kernels would fall off the sides of her mouth. He took his napkin to wipe her chin as she pushed her chair back from table. She looked down and realized it wasn't her feet pushing her back but her tummy as it expanded more from the food she ate. The tie of the robe barely could fit in a not now as it tried to hold the robe together.

Her eyes were closed and she thought how full and wonderful she felt. When she opened her eyes, in front of her all the food was gone. She felt so full that her tummy felt hard to her touch. The man placed the fork down and touched her double chin. He asked, “Do you feel like your sensing everything now”? Slowly it came back to her, the sign, the man, and how familiar this man's voice and face looked. “Scott”, she asked. “Yes ma'am, it's me”, he said. “But you were older in the shop”, Kate said. He looked at her deeply and slowly smiled. He put his fingers in his pocket and pulled out a small bottle. The label had all different Vitamins listed on it, but the handwriting was worn and smeared. “My Grandpa made this along time ago and gave it to me”, he said. He told me, “When you sense you've found the woman for you take this”. Scott said, “I guess he knew it would take sometime for me to meet her”. Scott touched Kate's lips with his.

He pulled back the chair as best he could now, for Kate weighed over 400 pounds. She stood up and took his hands and her robe fell away. The floorboards creaked as she walked with him into the bedroom. She squeezed herself through the doorway, thinking of all the wonderful things they would do tonight. As he went by the bathroom, Scott quickly grabbed the Vanilla oil then placed it on the nightstand. She stood in front of him now. Her second chin now lightly sat on her collar bone. Her huge breasts showed him her excitement by her tits hardening in front of him. Her tummy now stood out before her and her arms could barely touch if she tried to hold her hands as they shook. Her now enlarged hips felt wonderful on her. She touched them with hands and could feel the rolls slide through her fingers. Her tummy now had an apron that laid on her thighs. She could sense everything now, and she also now felt a true sense of herself.