by fa12345

Eve hadn't been to a family reunion in years. But she remembered them so fondly from childhood. Truth be told, it actually wasn't seeing her family that Eve liked best about family reunions. Oh, sure, it was lovely to reconnect with people you hadn't seen in years, and catch up. But what Eve remembered most wasn't the chat, the family game of softball, or the mosquitoes.

What Eve most remembered was the food.

Even now, having missed the reunion for years, she could still taste fried chicken, seven-layer dip, jello salad, cream-cheese rolls, or pecan pie. And so many more. It was all a delicious, fattening collage of dishes centered around mushroom soup, Cheez Whiz, Miracle Whip, and creamy topping.

She remembered being 12 years old and sitting in front of her third piled-high plate of goodies, the way her waistband cut into her young tummy. Across the table, Eve's mother watched her fold a slice of ham twice, and push it whole into her mouth. Next, Eve shoveled down an enormous helping of pudding. Finally, she tried to see how many little butter cookies she could fit into her mouth. As she shoved in her sixth and began to chew, she looked up, grinning, at her mother.

Mother looked at Eve's cheeks, puffed out with cookies. She looked at Eve's belly, hanging over the waistband of her shorts, making her t-shirt ride up. Mother was disgusted. "Still hungry, Eve?" she said icily.

Eve remembered how her mother had leaned across the table and pinched the fat at Eve's waist, hard. "Look at this. I've watched you stuff yourself for an hour now. It's embarrassing for me that you're making such a pig of yourself. None of your cousins are doing that--look how thin they are! You're going to weigh 300 pounds instead of 100 if you keep eating like this!"

An older, wiser Eve shook her head of the unpleasant memory. Ten years later, she looked down at the same belly and ran her hand over it. Mom, you were wrong, she thought. She didn't weigh three hundred pounds, that was for sure. Eve smiled and stepped on the scale. She slid the weights over..100 ..200 ..300 ..400 ..and then…oh, darn. 491. Her feeder boyfriend Giles was so hoping she'd break 500 after last night's funnel feeding, but no such luck. Still, 491 was no small potatoes.

Eve looked at herself in the mirror and wondered what Mom would think of her when she showed up at the reunion today with Giles. She was 341 pounds bigger than the last time her mother had seen her. She wondered if Mom would even recognize her, could see past the quadruple chin, G-cup breasts, rolls of belly, queen-sized ass, and legs thick as sequoias to her "little girl."

Eve sat on the bed and pulled her jeans over her legs, then stood to pull them over her rear. She stuffed her belly apron into the front, and tried to button them. Oof, the waist on these things was really tight after she'd sucked down all that weight-gain shake last night. Eve lay down on the bed and struggled, finally getting the jeans to button. Then, she tugged and pulled at the zipper, which didn't want to close over her ballooning stomach. She shoved the fat to and fro, and at last the zipper got to the top.

Eve lay on the bed, breathing hard. These jeans had been huge on her at one time, and she'd gotten so fat that they fit like sausage skin. Her stomach hung over the waistband like dough. She tried to get up, but the jeans were too tight.

"Giles!" she called, and heard the pounding of her studly boyfriend coming up the stairs. When he got to the doorway and saw her on the bed, her blubber stuffed into those tight jeans, he felt a tingle in his crotch.

"Oh, baby, you look so good like that," he murmured, coming to the bed and kneading her love handles.

Eve laughed, "No, help me up, you horndog," she said, loving the way his big hands felt between her rolls. Giles grabbed her plump wrists and pulled, hard. Even though he lifted weights regularly, he still grunted and strained to move Eve's 491 pounds even an inch. Finally, she was on her feet. They both stood, panting and sweating. "I think I need a snack," said Eve, even though she'd just finished a big enough breakfast for two grown men.

Giles put his arms around her and kissed her full lips. "Finish getting dressed, dumpling, and you can snack in the car on the way to the reunion." Eve put on her bra, and slid into a shirt that showed her wealth of cleavage. She checked her makeup and long, curly hair in the mirror, and smiled. She was one hot fat chick, especially with those jeans straining at her plentiful hips.

When Eve and Giles got to the reunion, Eve had nervously eaten a whole bag of chocolate candies. She turned to Giles. "Honey, how can I go in there? My mother thought I was fat at 150 pounds! What will she think? What will they say? I wish my dad were still alive."

Giles patted one round shoulder. "Sweetie, you are a vibrant, successful, sexy, wonderful woman. They all adored you when you were a kid, and they still will. And if you want to leave, we'll leave! But just think, wouldn't you like to taste your Aunt Sissy's fried chicken again?"

Eve smiled. Giles was right, she'd just have to show her mother how happy she was now, fat or not. She got out of the car, and walked to the picnic area, holding Giles' hand. She bravely smiled as they drew closer, and her relatives' mouths dropped open in shock.

"Oh my God, Eve, is that you?" said cousin Ida, as she threw her arms around Eve's bulk. "How are you, girl? We'd given you up for gone!" She backed up and looked Eve up and down. "You sure have changed!" she laughed nervously. And then, looking at handsome Giles, "Who's this?"

Oh, thank you, Ida thought Eve. If she had one friend here, she'd get through the afternoon. "This is my boyfriend, Giles. Giles, this is my cousin Ida." They shook hands, and Eve knew things would be fine. Her family would welcome her back. "Is Mom here?" she asked Ida.

"Oh, your mama couldn't make it today, honey, she's visiting your brother in Phoenix this weekend," said Aunt Sissy, who'd just walked up. "I hope you're hungry for fried chicken!"

Relief flooded through Eve. If her mother wouldn't be here to watch her every mouthful, Eve could do exactly as she pleased. She moved through the crowd of aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, and nieces. She could feel their stares, but didn't mind much. She talked to everyone, thrilled to hear how things had changed in her absence. As Eve and Giles talked to Eve's cousin Rudy, a shout pierced the air.

"Supper's on!" yelled Aunt Sissy.

Eve's enormous stomach growled loudly at the smells of food. Giles and Rudy laughed. "Sounds like someone's hungry!" said Rudy, but in a nice way.

"Always," said Eve, as she and Giles made their way to a table. Eve was glad to see that the picnic benches at each table were not attached, and could be pushed back to accommodate her bulk. She sent Giles to the potluck table with orders to bring back lots of food, and he did.

Eve ate and ate. Everything was just as good as she remembered. She had salads heavy with fatty mayonnaise and cheese. She ate fried chicken, burgers, hot dogs, and slices of ham. She tucked into countless casseroles. She began to feel full, but Giles knew she was just getting started. He brought back a plate of creamy pastas, and she finished them handily. She belched, and Giles appeared again with immense third helpings of her favorites from the potluck.

Her jeans were so tight she could hardly breathe, but Eve just kept on feasting. And her family loved it. Everyone encouraged her to try more of this casserole, some of that dish. They saw her true appreciation for the food. Giles returned yet again with jello salads and pudding. He fed them to his corpulent Eve—perhaps today she would get to 500 pounds! He went back for dessert, and brought back slices of cakes and pies.

Eve's stomach was beginning to push against the table, and Giles pushed the bench back farther, to give her more room. She ate the first round of dessert slowly. "Giles, sweetie, I think I'm full."

Giles raised an eyebrow and gave her a challenging look. "You sure, Eve?" He sighed. "Well, I guess…"

But then Eve's Aunt Flora spoke up, "Eve, darlin'! You haven't even tasted my fudge!" The relatives nodded, and her nephew Dean said, "Yeah! And you haven't had any ice cream!"

Ice cream. Eve's biggest weakness. Giles looked at Eve, her sweaty face a mask of determination. Her mammoth stomach was separated in two by her tight jeans. "Bring it on, baby!" she said, feeling her second wind. Everyone cheered.

Eve's huge, fleshy arms were getting tired, so Giles fed her again. She finished off Aunt Flora's excellent fudge, a batch of peanut brittle, and some cannolis. The elephantine roll above Eve's waistband pushed her shirt up under her breasts. Eve was almost in pain, but it was time for homemade ice cream. It was all melty, so instead of using a flimsy spoon, Eve brought the bowl to her mouth, tilted it back, and sort of "drank" the ice cream. Some spilled out, running down her chins and into the creases of her neck. One bowl was gone before she knew it. "That's good stuff," said Eve through creamy lips. She wished she weren't so uncomfortably stuffed. She tilted back another bowl, and felt the jeans' zipper bite cruelly into her lower belly. She couldn't go on. "I think that's it," she panted.

Giles couldn't believe she'd gotten this far. He decided to press his luck. "How about just one more bowl?" he asked. "I'll feed it to you." Eve closed her eyes, thought, and nodded weakly. Everyone cheered again. Giles slowly, slowly maneuvered each spoonful to Eve's lips, and slowly, slowly she finished the bowl. Her relatives roared their approval.

Giles beamed. "Eve, you are amazing," he said. "I bet you just want to sit back and take a deep breath!"

Eve realized this was exactly what she wanted to do. But as she inhaled, she heard a great pop, as the button flew off her jeans and hit the table. Then the low growl of her zipper, as Eve's blubbery belly poured out of her jeans and onto her lap. Everyone stared at Eve's pale, dimpled rolls, striped with stretch marks. Then they began to clap and holler—what a show!

Giles was in heaven. He had an unbelievable erection, and couldn't believe the situation was for real. All these people, just watching Eve gorge herself until her fat poured out. He couldn't wait to get her home and get those jeans off.

Eve's uncle Stan stood up. "Eve, I hereby award you champion of the eating contest!" He affixed a blue ribbon to her shirt. She felt so loved as her family congratulated her. Some of her nieces and nephews wanted to rub her belly, and she was glad to let them. Finally, she struggled to her feet, and said goodbye to everyone. They told her not to be a stranger, and to come back and defend her title next year. Eve took Giles' hand (he looked so proud!), and waddled off to the car.

Once they got home, Giles began to kiss Eve's cheeks and chins, still sticky with ice cream and sweat. He had just one thing on his mind. "Oooh, my sweet piggy, I can't wait to get those jeans all the way off."

Eve was in the mood too, but wanted to do one thing first. "Hold on, babe," she said, and stepped onto the scale. She slid the weights over ..100, 200, 300, 400 ..491 ..492 ..her excitement mounted with every pound…495, 499 ..500! She shrieked, "I did it!"

"More than that, hon," said Giles. He kept sliding. 501, 502, 503! She'd overshot the mark by 3 pounds! They looked at each other and screamed. Eve got off the scale and did a little dance, jiggling all over and laughing.

Giles grabbed her and kissed her. "I love you, Eve." They kissed madly, insatiably, and Giles pulled off Eve's shirt. Then he unclasped her bra. Last, he pulled down her jeans—she wasn't wearing underwear—removed his own clothes, and stood pressed against the vast, rippling expanse of her naked flesh.