Britney's Big Day

by Stauber

"Great show!" Britney's publicist said when she had finished her last concert of her year-long tour.

"Thanks", said Britney. "I'm looking forward to all the time off, I can do whatever I want now for a year without having to worry about a concert. First, I'm starving!"

She practically ran to the refreshment table that they have after every concert. On tour, she couldn't eat like she wanted because she had to fit in those little outfits that were either skintight or already too small. But now with the tour over, she could afford to glut for a while. She downed almost half the doughnuts there, three finger sandwiches, and two thirds of the platter of little hot dogs wrapped in bacon. She hadn't changed out of her concert outfit, which was a pair of very short, very shiny green, skintight shorts, and a matching shirt, covering only her large breasts and exposing her more or less flat stomach. By the time she had finished eating almost all the food at the refreshment table, she felt that her shorts had become tighter on her. Oh well, I'm not on tour anymore, I can do this now. She thought to herself She went in her room to change into something a little bigger. As she was changing, her mother walked in. Only clad in her underwear, Britney ran to go hug her mom.

"Mom! I'm so glad to finally see you!" They released each other and her mom looked her over.

"My, you've put on a few haven't you?" She said with amusement, and playfully poking her stomach.

"Yeah, well, I can afford to, I'm off tour, and I just wanna relax, and eat what I want."

"Good for you." Her mom said "You shoudn't be starving yourself anyway. Look what I brought for you, to add a couple more inches to your waistline, your favorite." Britney unwrapped the package her mother gave her.

"Turtles!" She exclaimed! Her mom gave her some after every show, but Britney had not been able to eat them before. She ate a few turtles, smiling, then she hugged her mom.

"I better go now." Said her mom "I'll see you at home later." Britney went to her dressing room, and uncovered the boxes and boxes of turtles that had gone uneaten over the tour. "Can't let these go to waste" She told herself. As much as she liked her job, Britney was glad for the tour to be over. She turned on the TV, and opened the first bag of turtles. She was tired, mesmerized by the TV, she didn't realize she was eating so much. When the candy was gone, she fell asleep.

The next morning, she heard knocking on the door. "Come in." she said. It was her mother.

"Honey, I've booked us tickets for a cruise!" She said.

"Cool! Said Britney, she had never been on one before.

"Pack your things, it leaves this afternoon, I'm gonna go do that now." Said her mother. After she left, Britney rolled over to get out of bed, but she felt something weird when she did. A belly. She got up, and looked in the full length mirror. She had a nightgown on. She ripped off her nightgown, and stood there, in only pannies, in front of the mirror. A generous midsection had formed, and the slightest hint of strechmarks was visible. She turned around, looking at her rear. It looked like her usual bubble-butt, except rounder, and it had jiggled when she had turned around. There was also a faint hint of strechmarks on her upper thighs. "How did this happen?" She said to herself, horrified. The she saw the 31 boxes of turtles she had eaten. "Oh my god! I've gotta go on a major diet!" Then she remembered she wasn't on tour. And, being a passive-aggressive said to herself. "I'll just lose it all before the next tour, and that's a long time from now." She packed all her things for the cruise, and when she got to her bathing suit, she shuddered.

When she and her mom got on the boat, she saw that there was no one there. "I got the whole boat to ourselves" said her mom. Thank god, Britney thought No one will see me and my new belly. They put all their stuff in their room, and her mom and her went to go see the water. The sun was bright, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

"Good day to get a tan" said her mom.

"yeah, let me get my bathing suit on" said Britney. She walked into her room, and stripped down. grabbing the first bathing suit she found, she tried to put it on. The bottom wouldn't fit over her softened hips, no matter how hard she tried. So she grabbed the other one, and after ten minutes of struggling, she got it on. It was so tight, it made her belly hang over the side. The top of the suit was just as hard to get on. Her breasts had gotten larger with her weight gain, and the strings wouldn't fit around her. She put the top on below her breasts, and there it fit around her. She then lifted the top and proceeded to stuff one of her breasts into the top. After a while, she got it in, and started on the other one. After she was done, she surveyed herself in the mirror. Her belly was hanging over her bikini bottom, and her ample breasts were pouring out of her C-cup bikini top She turned around and looked at her rear. It would have jiggled, but the bathing suit was so tight on it, her buns wouldn't move at all. Her thighs did though, and boy, could those things jiggle! She thought about taking the bathing suit off, but, then she thought, It's only my mom, and proceeded to walk out the door, Her mom, heard her come, but didn't look up.

"Where were you? You've been gone an hour."

"Well," Britney hesitated. "I gained a little weight, and I had to get into this thing. Actually, I'm about to burst out of it." She whined. Her mother looked over at her. As her mother, she was happy for Britney, and hated seeing her daughter going on diets all the time.

"It's not that bad, dear. It's all in your head. You were so skinny before, that anything looks fat to you. ButÉ maybe you should go to the ship's gym later." These words reassured Britney.

"Yeah, you're right, I'm not that fat, as a matter of fact, I'm gonna have fun on this cruise, I'm not gonna work out, or diet or anything!" Her stomach and breasts jiggled madly as she talked. She sat up to take a sip of her drink, and she saw two fatty rolls form as she did so. But she didn't mind, who was gonna see? A deckhand came to them and asked then if they wanted anything.

"Yes, Britney said, a slice of cheesecake, no, two slices!" The deckhand's eye's widened, but he obeyed. Britney scarfed them down and then she fell asleep.

When she woke up, she was a little sunburned, so she went inside. As she passed the mirror, she noticed her tiny two-piece was even tighter than before. She felt pretty uncomfortable in it too. She went to take it off, but found that it wouldn't budge. She didn't know what to do. Cut it? No, there were no scissors around, and it would be too embarrassing to ask for them. There was nothing she could do, so she just decided to keep it on under her regular clothes. But there was another problem. None of her clothes would fit. She started to get worried. How much weight had she gained? She went to the gym and stood on the scale. It was a manual one, and she slid it to her usual 115. "Yeah, right" She muttered. She winced as she kept sliding it down. 120.. 125.. 130.. 140.. 147! Wow, she had put on 32 pounds. In two days! "Oh no!" She started sobbing, and her whole body jiggled with the effort. She was so depressed, and this bikini was really digging into her. She sat down, putting strain on the bathing suit bottom. She ordered a pizza.

"Are you sure?" Asked the deckhand, eyeing her girth.

"Yes! Go get it!" It was brought to her and she started wolfing it down. About 3 quarters of the way through, her bikini bottom burst open. She got an idea. She ordered another pizza and halfway through that one her top burst too. Her skin was purple where the suit had been. At least she was free of the suit. She then went to the scale and found she had gained another eight pounds. She wrapped herself in a huge beach towel and walked to her room. She went into her mom's suitcase and put on a pair of panties. Her mom weighed 140, so they were still a little tight, though not as much. The bra was hopeless. Britney looked disgustedly into the mirror. Her mom walked in the room. She tried to hide her shock.

"Uhh.. Um.. Ready for dinner?" She asked. Britney started crying, and her whole body started to jiggle again.

"Mom, look at me, I'm so fat!" I can't eat dinner!."

"But dear, you have to eat-"

"No!" Britney said, stamping her foot down, sending a shock wave through her entire body. Her rear jiggled for an exceptionally long time. As her mom watched her daughter's butt stop shaking, she said

"How much did you gain?"

It was a long time before Britney answered. "40 pounds" Her mother didn't know what to say.

"I'm gonna go for a jog around the boat." Said Britney. She didn't fit into anything but her mother's spandex leotard. And it exposed the midriff. After 20 minutes of pulling, tugging, forcing, and plenty of jiggling thighs, butt, stomach and breasts, Her and her mother got Britney into that outfit. As she started to jog, she got weird stares from the crew. Her whole body was jiggling, you could actually hear it jiggle. She didn't even get halfway to the end of the boat before she got tired. She sat down, her ample belly folding into two very large rolls, and her extra baggage on her butt was hanging over the edge of the chair. RRIIPPPP. Her breasts erupted out of the leotard.

She didn't care. She was determined to look like the old Britney Spears. She got up, tore off the leotard, and started jogging again, this time, her breasts were flailing all over the place. It was a beautiful sight. Her thighs definitely put the thunder in thunder thighs. Her plump rear bounced every which way, and her stomach looked like a big blob of jello, and her now DD size breasts kept on bouncing and landing on her chest with a large "Smack!"

But she was never seen after that cruise.