by Ghostdance

My name is Anne and I have a story to tell which I know will interest you. I have to go back about 2 years to the time when I left college and became a lifeguard off the Florida coast. I was a very young, fit and vibrant girl of 24 with fair hair, a small waist, slim toned legs with an average bosom. Predictably enough I attracted a lot of attention from the men and was constantly having to rebuff their very repetitive advances. Much as I liked men, I seemed to be always attracting the wrong sort, and took to rebuffing them as a matter of course. However I enjoyed my work, there was no stress and I was always active and outdoors working with fit and beautiful people.

There were several hugely rich people on either side of the strip on which I worked who owned stretches of private beach, and one of these was a quite fat middle-aged woman who would often by lying on her bit of the beach in late afternoon sipping cocktails. She often had young women with her on these occasions who lay side by side with her and seemed to be invited for dinner. On nice nights she would have these dinners brought out, and huge creamy feasts these were with everyone eating until they were stuffed. One evening she was dining on her own and she called out to me to ask if I would join her. I thought about it for a minute and then after a little persuasion joined her. She set out a huge dinner for me comprising mounds of roast meat, tureens of creamed potatoes and rich thick gravy. I protested that I was watching my figure but she would have none of it and insisted that I eat every morsel. After the meal I felt very drowsy and she offered to put me up for the night – I felt too tired to protest and just about made it into the house before I passed out.

I woke up with this fat woman bending over me dressed in nothing but a very revealing night dress with her bosoms nearly flopping out. She quickly shouted to the maid to bring breakfast in as it was morning and I still looked a little weak. After eating a huge breakfast I found myself still hungry and asked for seconds, after devouring this I felt a little better and nodded off again. When I came round the bell was ringing for elevenses and I looked round for my clothes thinking that I ought to be going to work. Unfortunately my clothes seemed to have disappeared and all I could find was a very see-through negligee. I slipped this on and made my way downstairs to find my new friend with a huge tray of creamy cakes and desserts laid out. I said that I should go to work, but she told me that she had already rung in sick for me, and that I should eat as much as possible to keep my strength up. She draped her arms around my neck, ruffled my hair and disappeared to get changed. I was somewhat flummoxed by her behaviour. She seemed to be taking an inordinate amount of trouble over my well-being however unknown to me she had drugged my food with a drug which made one exceptionally lazy and sleepy and also very hungry and horny. Thus I was surprised to find myself digging into t he cream cakes as if my life depended on it while feeling my fanny damp and my nipples erect where Fiona’s (for that was her name) sleeve had brushed them. The drug acted as a vicious circle – the more you ate the more you wanted food and sex.

The next day Fiona suggested that I ring in work and tell them that I needed a month off sick – she knew a doctor who would gladly confirm. I resisted till about midday and then with another vast meal on t he table gave in and phoned before digging into the huge repast. Over the next two weeks my eating was steadily increasing until I was eating and drinking virtually all day, while lying on the couch. Fiona became increasingly intimate during this time, often touching me playfully on the bottom, thighs face or tits. Then one night I woke up to find her next to me with one finger nipping and stroking her nipples and the other with a huge 12’’ dildo inserted in her fanny. She was watching a lesbian film featuring two hugely fat women eating and shagging each other with a double ended dildo. As her fat belly started to shudder and the flesh ripple I slipped my finger onto her bulging clitoris and started sucking on her fat tit. After her juices burst all over my hand she kissed me on the lips and said that it was not my turn yet, that I had some serious weight to put on yet. I giggled inanely and fell asleep again. The next six months seemed to pass in a flash, as I became increasingly obsessed with food and gaining weight, and increasingly desperate to join in the lesbian activities that Fiona found such a turn-on.

She increasingly paid me compliments and said that I was the best and most eager pupil she had ever had. All I was concerned about now was my next feed and how to satisfy my every aching fanny. She finally gave me hope by saying that she was going away for two months, and that when I came back she expected me to be ready. I nodded eagerly as the cook staggered into the living room with another huge cream fondue for my midday snack. A couple of day later the cook told me that she had been given special instructions to fatten me up as much as was possible so that I should be at least 450 pounds by the time her mistress got back. I was rather shocked and laughed thinking that while I had certainly put on some weight I could not possibly get that obese in such a short time. The cook laughed right back at me and laid out the next huge spread.

The next morning I awoke to find the partially dressed cook laden with the usual feast, but also with her man-friend whom I had seen around occasionally. The cook asked me to keep him entertained while she got on with the cooking. All I wanted to do was get on with eating, but he seemed quite happy to watch me. I even forgot that he was there in the middle of a huge lasagne and got up quite naked to go t o the toilet. When I got back he asked m how much I weighed – I told him probably about 200 pounds, but I had not weighed myself since I arrived when I was just 150. He took me by the hand and led me to the scales which were facing a hidden full length mirror which only appeared in the wall when you stood on the scales. I was staggered as the needle plummeted every upwards, to stop at 320 pounds. When I glanced up I was amazed at the size and shape of me. I had felt an added clumsiness and heaviness to my limbs, but had never imagined anything on this scale. I was wearing nothing but a very expensive pearl necklace which Fiona had bought me, beneath that were the huge sagging udders of my tits, which were stretch marked all over their surface. Theses were in turn resting on a vast expanse of white flesh hanging down into the lower belly which was a huge mass of blubber and deep belly flab rippling and flowing around my well submerged hips and creasing over and running into my bottom and upper thighs. I put my hands around my tits to feel their weight feeling my nipples harden under my touch. I bent over to trap my hand in the rolls of flab o fmy belly, feeling the rolls tighten around my hand as they rolled down onto my thighs. I felt hands holding the rolls around my hips and a large throbbing presence pushing against my arse and up into my soaking fanny. I would have preferred a woman’s glorious presence, but made do with this huge nine inch cock of the cook’s boyfriend as he slid into me urgent and needing my flesh until he came, as I shoved my huge arse back against him to feel him further inside me. He quickly turned round and left the room, leaving me to finish myself off with dildo and fingers.

The next day I wandered out onto the beach and was surprised when I heard a familiar voice calling my name. I looked round and saw one of the very attractive slim, toned lifeguards. She had long blonde hair and bore a passing resemblance to Pamela Anderson. She asked me where I had been and whether I had been ill to have put on so much weight. I asked her to hop over the fence and come and have elevenses while I filled her in. She watched with undisguised astonishment as I started scrabbling the beautiful food up into my mouth as soon as I had sat down, and ate solidly for 15 minutes before I felt able to say another word. During this time she had merely picked at one of the cakes arrayed before me. I however knew the strong effect of the drugs imbued into the food and I watched her eyes go hazy as she ate another four pieces of cake before sprawling out on the sofa and going to sleep. I felt very turned on with the thought of corrupting this beautiful woman’s body and decided to pursue a similar course to the regime that I had been put through, effectively kidnapping her and forcing her to gain large amounts of weight. If felt sure that Fiona would approve of my plans and eagerly waited for my friend to awaken. I asked the cook to come in, sot hat I could gain her approval and also to order my next meal. The cook also appeared to be expanding and she explained that she kept dipping into the food as it was cooking and now spent most of the day eating and cooking simultaneously. She said that another cook would need to be employed if she was to supply food for another person, as she was overloaded with work as it was – essentially she was cooking for the needs of about 20 people as it was. I rang Fiona and got her permission and immediately put and advert in the paper. I decided to take responsibility for picking a new chef myself, as we needed to employ a very discreet person to fit into the set-up in the house.

I arranged to interview candidates and decided to employ the fattest cook who turned up for interview. This proved to be quite a competition as so many of the cooks were over weight. However I eventually plumped for Victoria, who weighed about 350 pounds and turned up for the interview dressed in a low cut top which gave me a good view of her huge cleavage. She also had a skirt on which split down the side and I stared longingly at the white dimpled flesh that I could spy inside. Every seam of her outfit was strained to bursting point full of bulky flesh. I offered her the position on the spot and showed her up to her room which was directly next to mine. I had rigged a camera up a insider her bedroom and bathroom, so that I could watch her every movement. I waited eagerly for the evening to come when both my new proteges would be in circulation. Firstly I instructed my new cook to feed my skinny friend non-stop from this evening onwards – she had a special brief to look out for her and encourage her to stay in bed as much as possible and not to exercise at all. Secondly I ordered her to help herself to the food as much as she liked and to report to my bedroom after her first day at 10pm. I watcher her get changed for her first shift while lying in my bed with a big roast lamb dinner next to me and dressed in just knickers and bra. I felt my tits harden as she bent down to take her shoes off and her big belly flopped down between her legs. I felt myself getting very turned on and shipped out one of my many vibrators and started playing it over my body, especially between my legs where I was getting very moist indeed. As she slipped her top off I gasped in admiration at the size and weight of her bosom. It hung heavily down almost to her waist where it rested on her belly which jutted out ever increasingly from her hips. I shoved my vibrator right inside me as she eased her body out of her knickers exposing her huge heavily dimpled bum and fat wobbling thighs. Her skin around her belly and thighs was streaked with red stretch marks where the weight of her flab was pulling on her skin. My own belly now started wobbling as I approached orgasm. She was now looking at herself in the mirror and admiring her body. She went over to the wardrobe to put her clothes away and fetch her chef’s smock and as she sat down I felt myself coming in waves as her fat joined together and creased around her wide obese hips covered in white flab.

I was surrounding myself with fat women to appeal to my increasingly perverse needs. I telephoned Fiona to let her know of my leanings and she laughed and said that I was turning into a true fat woman in every sense. Over the next 5 weeks I satisfied myself every night wither watching my new cook, or spying on my friend as she slowly but inexorably gained weight. When she came to me she was only 140 pounds and very shapely. After just over a month of my treatment she now weighed in at 230 pounds. Her pretty face had podged up, her fine thin limbs were thickening out as her belly developed several folds and her tits started to sag as the extra weight began to tell. She was completely captive now constantly eating and drinking and sleeping, affected by the drugs in the food. After about 300 pounds I could remove the drugs, as she would have become completely dependant and addicted to the lifestyle and food and drink.

Fiona telephoned to say that she had been delayed and would not be returning for another six weeks. I took this as a signal to increase my calorie intake and started eating even more than before. I found that I needed to eat almost my own body weight in food every day to feel satisfied and that anything I ate above this made me feel better and better in direct proportion to how much more I ate. Eating was now my raison d’etre with sex and masturbation while viewing fat moving about and weight gain a dangerous obsession. I did nothing else all day/night. Sometimes the cook’s boyfriend would pay me a visit with his friends and they would shag me one after the other, squelching in and out of the previous one’s come, as it oozed out of my fanny. They would usually finish by all jerking off over me as I lay in my bed, or wherever I happened to be when they came in. I would be covered in their thick creamy come, all over my expansive belly, flowing off the sides of my mountainous tits and dribbling into my mouth and hair.

One day I wondered out of my room and found the cook in wait for me – she gave me an evil grin and said that she had watched everything that had gone on. She said that I was going to become the fattest woman she had ever known by the time her boss came back. So fat that I would not be able to get out of bed without assistance and that all I would want to do was eat and masturbate. I told her to do her worst. The next two months were the most pleasurable of my life as I ate beautiful food constantly, not even bothering to get washed or get dressed as the cook looked after me completely. One morning I woke up to find Fiona completely naked and much fatter than when she went away kneeling over me with one huge thigh each side of my neck, she was lowering her huge gaping hole over my mouth. I started licking her out luxuriantly, savouring every moment as her juices started flowing – I was not too fat to balance over her, so she strapped on a huge double ended dildo and penetrated my willing flesh, causing the whole bed to shake as a combined weight of around 850 pounds shivered and shook with each mammoth thrust. We quickly came together with my flabby frame trying to lift my vast belly up, but unable to overcome the huge weight. Our flesh was shaking all over the place as we masturbated each other to another huge climax – Fiona wa