By MindMelder

"Whew, that was fun!" Ashly exclaimed, feeling her heart pumping blood through her body. Looking back at the 10 mile run she had just completed, along with her friends Judy and Sizel, both of them gulping their water bottles down in exhaustion, sweat driping to the ground.

Ashly's feet felt lighter then air, and despite the fact that her sport's braw, which covered her C size breasts and left the rest of her strong flat stomach open, was clinging to her like it had been coated with glue before she started. Glancing from Judy to Sizel, who both we're dressed in similar outfits, she started stretching out her legs and arms, which felt ever so good.

"Sure was, but you aren't gonna see me do it again in a month!" Sizel replied, begining her stretches as well. But all three of them knew that wasn't true. Each jogged every Saturday morning, starting from 8 am, and usually going till around 11:30.

This time though, they had picked a very rigerous, steep run up the side of the mountain road, and they we're thankful that each of their husbands was waiting for them up at the top, with the car parked and a good healthy meal in store.

"Hey, there's Bill, I better get going, great run girls!" Ashly said, darting into the blue SUV that had pulled up next to her. Judy and Sizel nodded, walking towards their own cars.

"So, how was it?" asked Bill, her loving husband, who kept in generally good shape, as they drove down the mountain.

"Incredible, I think it was our hardest one yet....and we conquered it!" she replied enthusiastically.

"You better be careful, or we may have an olympic runner on our hands," he replied sarcastically, giving her a toyish kiss on the cheek.

Ashly beamed, starting to wipe the sweat off her tanned skin. They we're newly wedded, the ceremony had been just 1 year ago, and they we're still in their mid 20s, Bill having finished law school a while ago, and getting his p.h.d.. While Ashly had finished college 4rth in her class, and had gone on to get a p.h.d. in entertainment and literature, as she worked as a script writter for soap operas.

"Let's do something a little more romantic, why don't we head on over to the itallian place instead of the McDonalds, I'm gettin a little tired of salad shakers," Bill suggested brightly, as he turned onto the highway.

"Oh Bill, you know that place is just calories and fat...I'm trying to watch my weight here," Ashly pleaded.

"Oh popycock honey," he said with a grin, "a few calories won't hurt ya," he patted her flat stomach as she put her hands up in surrender.

After the lunch was over, Ashly had eaten a Caesar's salad, spaghetti, and a small slice of cheescake for desert, she had to admit it was better then the regular McDonald's routine, but she knew she would have to work off the cheescake.

Rain was pouring down as they headed back for home, which happened to be a while a way from the mountain. Thunder rolled across the now gloomy mid afternoon sky, and a streak of lightning was seen every so often.

"Be careful sweetie, it get's slippery on these roads," she warned Bill, who was happily cruising along at a rather fast speed.

"Calm down, I know what I'm doing, trust me, nothings going to happ-" no sooner had he uttereed the words from his mouth when the car suddenly spun around. Water splashed up on all sides of it, as the rear wheelswent into the whole that the front ones had just been exposed too, the car slid back off the road, with Ashly screaming the whole time, and Bill frantically spinning the wheel.

Screeching came from the wheels as the car skidded to a stop by colliding head on with a small tree that toppled over and fell strait through the wind shield. Glass fell all over the front of the car. Bill; who had fallen unconscious, had his head leaning on the horn, which was giving out a constant blare, as Ashly moaned, "ohh, my leg," and broke into tears, and then fell unconscious like her husband.

She awoke in the bed of a hospital, looking around hazily, she could make out a large window with a view over the parking lot, a TV across the room, and a nurse leaning over her.

"Good Morning," the nurse said cheerfully, putting the tray down on the bedside table, "don't try to move you're legs, both broken, and I suspect you'll have casts on them for at least 5 months, that was one bad accident you we're in."

"What about Bill?" Ashly whispered, blinking several times to wake herself up.

"Oh, he's fine," the nurse tipped her hand in amusment,"the airbag protected him for the most part, he just got some bad cuts, in fact, he's waiting to take you home."

Ashly nodded, thankful that there had been no casulties in the accident...but this would mean no more running for 5-6 months, and she didn't like that, but not alone no more running, she couldn't walk for 5-6 months! With both legs broken, she would be as immobile as if she was paralyzed from the waste down! Her heart sunk.

"Hey sweetie pie," Bill said charmingly, as he came in the room wearing a leather jacket, "i'm here to take ya home!"

"It'll just be a sec before you're all ready to go," the nurse said proudly, as Ashly gobbled down the breakfast. She hadn't realized she was so hungry! Oh well, she thought, I can still work my upper body, thats why weights were invented.

"Allright," Bill said, "I'll pull the car up to the front, and be waiting for you."

"The car?" she gasped, afraid to think of what she might find. "The rental car silly," he laughed, "I rented a small car just until we can get a new one, the SUV is totaled."

She nodded in understandment, "OK...I'll hopefully be down soon," and watched as Bill left the room, leaving the door open.

"Well okay then, lets get a move on," the nurse said, "you'll have to stay off your feet, " and picked her up, and placed her in a wheel chair, I must admit it's gonna get frusterating, but I'm sure you'll learn to live with it, and it'll be even more rewarding when you get back on your legs!" Ashly nodded weakly.

When she arrived back at her house, she was carried up to their bedroom, where Bill posistioned a TV, a bunch more pillows then usual, some assorted snack boxes, hot hwater in a thermus and milk and cofee powder, and told her he was going out to watch the foot ball game at the bar with his buddies, and left the number with her.

Feeling slightly more alive now then she had at the hospital, Ashly started to surf through the channels, finally finding a movie on that she would enjoy, checking the tv guide, it was 5 hours long. Good, she thought to herself, at least it'll keep me entertained.

Without really thinking about it, she picked up the box of Oreos and started munching on them, keeping her eyes souly focused on the black box in front of her. Finally she fell asleep about half way through the movie, and was awaken by a phone call. Reaching to grab the ringing telephone, she said, "hello?"

"Ah, hello...this is Judy, I wanted to know how you were doing?"

"Okay, but my legs are broken, I can't run for 5 months at least."

"Thats terrible! Well, I hope you feel better, gotta run, bye!"

Sighing, she looked up at the screen, and to her surprise, the movie was still playing, although she could guess it was near the end. She reached for another oreo, and found the box completely empty. Hmm,that was strange, she had promised to only have 3 or 4, but it looked like she'd cleared the whole box. With a hand that had a mind of its own, she opened up another and began munching on them heartily, even though she knew she was full...there was nothing better to do. She dropped the box temporarily to make herself some hot chocolate, and to her delight found that Bill had left a little whipped cream to put in it as well.

She sipped the drink and munched on Oreos, until finally she fell back asleep, as she grew tired of reading the movie's eternal credits. When Bill arrived, he found his wife in a pile of cookie crumbs and three Oreos boxes, along with 2 mugs of hot chocolate and all the whipped cream gone from sight. Ashly's mouth was covered in chocolate, and it looked almost as if she had a beard of her own.

He decided to wake her, as it was time for dinner and he had prepared a nice chinese dish for her.

"Dinner time!" he called to her.

Ashly's eyelids drifted open, and found Bill carrying a nice chinese dinner up to her on a tray. She smiled thankfully and began to devour it, with surprisingly more hunger then she could remember from herself. Bill smiled, "It's nice to see you enjoying you're food for once." She didn't take the comment to personally, as she knew he was just trying to be friendly after the accident.

After finishing the meal, they talked for a while, watched the news and yet another movie, and then Ashly fell asleep while Bill finished up a paper he had been putting off.

The next morning she requested that he take her down to the living room, where a larger tv was, and she was more open to the house, as she said. He happily agreed and carried her down the stairs, placing her on the couch and making her as comfortable as she could imagine.

Bill left her with lunch making materials, a few boxes of Ritz Bitz and Oreos, the same coffee and hot chocolate items he had left yesterday, and a beer bottle if she really felt like it, and left off for work, because it was monday. But not without giving her a little pat on the tummy, remarking, "I'm glad you're really starting to enjoy yourself," and then walked out the door.