A Fine Day
By William Charles

Brenda was a real couch potato, and had been for many years. It showed when you looked at her, and she felt it whenever she had to walk more than a very short distance.

Brenda had once been a BBW, than she had become a super BBW - and these days she called herself an UltraBBW - for Ultra Big Beautiful Woman. At 5 foot 8 inches tall and almost 700 pounds, Brenda clearly fit the bill as an UltraBBW. With long blond hair, lovely green eyes set into a very full, very round face with 3 chins, Brenda's face was striking, though it was not what people normally noticed or remembered about her. Neither was it her breasts or hips, though both were large and strikingly shaped. The most striking thing about Brenda was her belly - a pendulous structure of multiple rolls of fat that began just below her breasts (which sagged down over the top of it) and ended just below her knees. For a woman as fat as Brenda, a waist measurement was essentially meaningless, because her belly went down as much (or more) as it went out. When Brenda was standing her belly hung down and rested on her thighs, and when she was sitting with her knees apart it would rest on the chair in front of her, and even when she was lying on her back with her legs apart, it had enough bulk to sag all the way to the mattress.

It was sort of a chicken and egg question - was Brenda so big because she was inactive, or was she so inactive because of her size? In truth it was a mixture of both. Brenda was from a family where almost every one was fat, and she had been so since she was a toddler. In fact it was a family joke that she was so fat as a baby that she was never a toddler - she was a waddler instead. Like may family jokes, there was a lot of truth in this - Brenda had not walked much until she was 3, and the old family pictures clearly showed her thighs rubbing together even then - not to mention a clearly visible pot belly. By the time she was 13 that potbelly had grown and rolled over, transforming itself into a real gut (while pot just sticks out, a gut has lost the battle with gravity and hangs down), and things had just grown from there.

Brenda loved to eat and she hated to sweat, and these two facts had directed the shape of her life (and body) since childhood. Since her family had money and influence with the school, Brenda had been excused from physical education since the 3rd grade, and these days her idea of vigorous physical activity was going to get a beer of the refrigerator and making it back to her chair before the commercial was over (actually as slowly as she moved most of the time - that was a considerable challenge). Brenda had become a computer graphics designer both because she was very good at it and because the job did not involve much in the way of physical activity.

Though Brenda was not purely a home worker, her employer was very flexible about when she actually came in and when she did not need to meet with anyone she frequently worked at home. Since she had a powerful workstation and a very fast internet connection, she could go for days, and on occasion weeks without having to actually go to the office. As a result, Brenda could go for days without getting dressed or leaving her apartment. Brenda considered this to be a real benefit, because getting dressed was both a hassle and not particularly comfortable. Brenda particularly disliked having to wear a bra - finding a comfortable one in size 77F was almost impossible - but things just bounced around too much to do without one.

Brenda's lifestyle was greatly abetted by her long term, semi live-in boyfriend Jack. Brenda and Jack had been a couple since college. Jack had always encouraged and supported Brenda's increasing girth. Some people found this to be surprising, since Jack was a physician, but he kept his personal tastes and professional judgments separate. In fact, Jack found Brenda's lack of aerobic fitness to be extremely arousing. One of his favorite date night activities was the sequential stuffing stroll. This consisted of making multiple dinner reservations, a couple of hours apart, followed by a return to the apartment with a large stock of desserts. Jack would feed to Brenda until she could not choke down another bite. When she was stuffed to the max, he would lead her to the bedroom and they would make love in as vigorous a manner as possible. With her belly so full that it was pressing on her diaphragm, it didn't take much activity to get her out of breath, but the more she gasped the more Jack thrust deep inside her while Brenda pulled her belly up to give him access. It was an incredible rush for them both, and they would then collapse into a heap - the sheets soaked with sweat. Then they would rest for a bit, while Jack played with Brenda's assorted rolls of fat and dusted them with powder. At the points of growth - which moved from time to time but were identified by stretch marks that were brighter in color he would rub in coca butter. Than, he would get another plate of pasties or on occasion order a pizza while Brenda arranged the pillows to prop herself up, and than they would start again.

This was all well and good, and Brenda really enjoyed these sessions, but her increasing out of shapeness was making daily living more and more difficult. Being as fat as she was, and with so much weight concentrated in her enormous belly, walking took a lot of effort. Each leg had to be swung to the outside, and still had to force its way past the other. Once it did that the belly hanging down in front of it limited length of each stride. This all caused Brenda to move with a slow and very distinctive waddling gait. After walking 25 to 50 feet Brenda would start to breathe hard, and if she did not stop and rest she would be sweating profusely and gasping for breath in another 50 feet or so. Even with a handicapped parking permit (there are advantages in having a boyfriend who is a doctor) her limitations made getting around increasingly difficult.

Even though Brenda had adapted her life well - reserved parking placed near the door at work, ordering groceries off of the internet and having them delivered, hiring a maid to clean the apartment, etc, she found her increasing mobility limitations frustrating. Accordingly, Brenda decided that she needed to get back into somewhat better cardiovascular shape. She wanted to improve the shape she was in, but had no intention to diet or otherwise try and lose weight - that was just not something that she considered to be in the range of the possible. When Brenda told Jack what she wanted to do he was opposed - but she was able to persuade him to agree to support her - in part by threatening to have her stomach stapled. While she had no intention of subjecting herself to such butchery, she correctly guessed this would motivate Jack to help her. Having overcome this initial obstacle, Brenda set about designing an exercise program for herself. It had to be not too vigorous (she really did hate to sweat) and not too boring. With a little help from one of Jack's co-workers (who was little surprised to be asked to design an exercise program for a 700 pound woman) she arrived at a 3-part program that involved some walking, some swimming and water exercise and some gentle strength and flexibility training.

Coming up a plan was one thing, but implementing it was another - and it took some doing to get ready. Brenda wanted some comfortable and supportive walking shoes, but found that there were none to be had in the 13 extra-extra-wide size she needed. The combination of her great weight and the fact that fat had accumulated on her feet had caused her feet to increase in length almost two sizes and to become very wide. No off the shelf shoes were to be had in either women's or men's styles. However a little bit of Internet browsing revealed a company that would custom make some shoes for her - so long as she ordered a dozen of them. That being accomplished, Brenda turned her attention to work out clothes and swimming suits.

For her walks Brenda wanted something that would be cool, easy to pull on and attractive. She quickly settled on a set of loose culotte-style shorts of red silk. These helped her thighs slide by each other with a minimum of friction. As an alternative she pick a knee length skirt, with a matching pair of silk knee length under shorts to keep her legs from rubbing too much. For tops she picked a couple of long style tee shirts, a pair of crop tops and red halter-top. To wear under the tops, she ordered some special made sports bras.

Needless to say, there were no swimming suits available off the shelf for a woman of Brenda's shape, but her regular seamstress agreed to make her several. Two were of a one-piece style with a specially expanded front section to leave room for Brenda's great belly. The third one was a striking and daring cobalt blue two-piece suit, with a brief but still substantial halter top and a bottom that was designed to ride under her belly. Nan had been making clothes for Brenda for several years, and had even made her a couple of rather skimpy bikinis, but these had been only ornamental and this suit would need to stay on and intact while Brenda swam and did water exercises. To deal with this Nan designed the top with Kevlar reinforcement in the straps and cups, and a bottom with multiple Lycra panels and extra wide bands that were padded with terry cloth.

With all her supplies and equipment in hand, Becky was ready to begin her program. She had found a water exercise program that was geared for senior citizens but which agreed to accept her. On the first day Brenda arrived at the club wearing her swimsuit under her blouse and skirt. She took off her outer clothing and walked (slowly and carefully so as not to slip and with some fear as to her acceptance) into the pool room. It was with some trepidation that she scanned the room, but was pleased to see that several of the seniors were women of size, though of course nowhere near her size. She judged the largest as slightly over 300 pounds.

Brenda walked to the shallow end of the pool and stepped down into the water. She then walked out into the water until it came up to her shoulders, and leaned back and floated off her feet. Since fat is lighter than lean body mass, Brenda floated with ease. She did a few gentle backstrokes to loosen up and then took her position at the back of the group lining up for the day's exercise. As the instructor demonstrated the exercises, Brenda tried to follow along. For about ten minutes she was able to keep up, but then she became fatigued, so she just stopped and stood in the water and watched the rest of the class. When they were released, she walked to the end of the pool, and tried to get out of the water. She was surprised at how tired she was, but managed to climb out of the pool, though she did have to hold onto the railing to keep her balance.

Tired from her work out in the pool, Brenda walked to the locker room and headed for the shower. The Y had a show for handicapped individuals and that was the one Brenda used. It was larger - about 8 foot square (so a wheel chair could be rolled in if needed) and had both fixed and flexible shower heads. It also had a tile bench across one end. Brenda first stepped under the fixed head for a quick preliminary rinse, and than sat down on the bench and picked up the hand shower to carefully rinse all of her rolls and folds - because she knew that if she did not that the chlorine water would cause a very nasty rash. After she fished she stepped out and carefully dried herself with the 2 extra large, extra thick and extra soft bath sheets she had brought. As in the showering, she was very careful to pat try all the rolls, folds and creases. To help make sure things were dry, she had her personal body dryer - a modified hair dryer with a reduced heat output and an increased fan power. Noticing that the swimsuit had rubbed her a bit in a few places, Brenda applied some powder to the rubbed places and made a mental note to see Nan about some modifications to the suit.

Having worked up quite an appetite with her morning activity, Brenda headed for home, using her cell phone to order a couple of large Pizzas to be delivered once she got there. Arriving home, Brenda devoured the pizzas. Washed down with a two liter bottle of soda pop and collapsed exhausted on her couch. Later that evening Jack came by and brought her supper - 4 different kinds of Chinese food - and rubbed her back some. He wanted to play some, but Brenda was just too tired and sore. She took the next day off - doing just a little programming for work, but otherwise veging around the apartment, but went back to the pool the day after. This routine went on for a couple of weeks, and Brenda began to feel better and was not nearly so wiped out by the sessions. In fact she began to enjoy them, and would also go to the pool for free swim. Not only did she enjoy the swims - but the stares from the "normal" people were great - they had never seen a 700 pound woman in a swimsuit before, and had no idea of how to react.

After a month of swimming and water exercise, Brenda was ready to add some walking. She began to venture out into town, with its broad sidewalks and frequent resting spaces. Keeping in mind her goal not to lose any weight or visible flab (she had persuaded Jack that gaining muscle tone was okay only by promising to hide it behind fat) eating and drinking places were her favorite stopping places. Brenda would park at the City lot and walk to the bakery for several doughnuts, and then up to the old fashion drugstore, stepping for a newspaper and a malt, then down to the coffee shop for a cup and a pastry, and then sometimes down to Burger Heaven for some onion rings and a soda. With all the stopping and eating and drinking, she took in more calories then she burned, but that was exactly the point.

The time and effort he had to put into her fitness program really interfered with Brenda's work, and she had to cut way back on her hours. Fortunately she had done very well on stock options n a couple of Internet startups (and had cashed out in time) and was not cramped for cash to live on. In fact, she had done so well that she really didn't need to work anymore, but continued to just because she liked it.

After two months of this regime - alternating walking and water exercise Brenda could really feel a difference - she could now walk at least a block with out getting particularly winded, on occasion could even manage to go two long blocks without stopping to rest. After four more months of the water exercise and walking routine, with some lightweight training mixed in, Brenda felt read for her big challenge - a trip to the mall.

Being able to go shopping a wander causally from store to store was one of the things Brenda had missed during her period of limited mobility. It wasn't that there was much to buy - even the large size stores had nothing that even came close to fitting her, but she liked to look anyway. Of course a trip to the mall is much less fun when you go by yourself, so Brenda ask her sister Cheryl to come along. Brenda called Cheryl her little sister both because she was younger and she was the smallest of the 5 siblings. Of course, even though she had the family nickname of "Tiny" that was relative. Cheryl the family lightweight still tipped the scale and about 380. Actually that Cheryl was this big was news to Brenda - she had not seen Cheryl in several months and was not aware that after several years of being stable between 330 and 350 that Cheryl had started to grow again.

Cheryl was surprised when Brenda called, but she happily accepted the invitation to go to the mall next Wednesday. She asked Brenda was she had planed and Brenda said just some window shopping, lunch at King Burger, maybe some ice cream at Baskin-Robbins and maybe some drinks at Chilli's.

"You sure that is all on your diet?" Cheryl asked.

"What diet?" Brenda asked in a surprised voice.

"Well," said Cheryl, "I heard that you were on some kind of crazy diet and were working out at the gym and everything."

"Heavens no!" said Brenda - who went on to explain that while she had taken steps to improve her fitness and mobility, she was not trying to and had not lost any weight.

"In fact," Brenda told her, "when I went to the doctor last week I had gained 17 pounds since last year."

"What does that take you up to?" Cheryl asked.

"687," said Brenda.

"Well you still don't have me doubled," said Cheryl.

"What do you mean? I thought you were around 330, 340 at most."

"Used to be sister, before I hit 30, and before they put that new bakery in on the way home from Bobbie's school. I've gotten in the habit of stopping for a donut and a cup of coffee after I drop her off, and everything there always looks so good I can't resist taking some of it home. You know how it is."

"Yeah, I certainly do," said Brenda, patting her paunch.

"I really do."

"Tell me," said Brenda, "how is Bobbie doing?"

"Well," said Cheryl, "let's just say she takes after her Aunt Brenda. Ever since she hit Jr. High she has been filling out and spilling out. Change the hair color, and she could pass for a 13 year old you."

"How do you feel about it?" ask Brenda.

"What can I say - none of the women in our family are ever going to be mistaken for Twiggy."

"Well," said Brenda, "How does eleven o-clock Wednesday sound?”

"Okay," said Cheryl, "I'll just tell Bobbie that if we're not there to pick her up when school gets out at 2:45 to walk home or take a cab."

A few minutes before 11 on Wednesday, Brenda's special modified silver Suburban pulled up outside Cheryl's house and Brenda beeped the horn twice. Cheryl and her daughter both came out.

"She persuaded me to let her play hooky and hang around with the big girls," Cheryl said. "I hope that's OK with you."

"Sure." said Brenda, as she drove to the mall, and pulled into the reserved place at the front door. It was a good shopping trip and the girls hit about ten stores. Brenda got around the mall just fine, though they did take frequent breaks on the benches. Neither Brenda nor Cheryl found much to buy, but Bobbie made out like a bandit. Having no children of her own, Brenda doted on her nieces and nephews, and Bobbie as a special favorite because she reminded Brenda so much her younger self. The result of this was that Aunt Brenda was a soft touch for Bobbie's desire for nice new clothes. Since Bobbie and her mom were really close Bobbie had caught on to her mom's "growth spurt" and had grown out of some of her clothes, and the rest were getting tight. Accordingly, Bobbie picked up an extensive collection of clothes for the coming summer, including two swimsuits. Since there was a sale on, and Bobbie usually gained weight over the summer. Brenda and her mom encouraged her to get some that fit now, and some that were a size or two larger.

After several hours of showing the three amigos had a large armload of stuff, and were tired and hungry. Since they were almost to the mall's food court, Brenda and Cheryl went there to wait while Bobbie took their purchases to the car. When Bobbie arrived back at the food court she found Brenda and her mom had bought coffee coolatas (a half milkshake, half frozen coffee, made with real cream) and were waiting for her. They had one for her too of course. After some discussion, they decided to have lunch and the Bun and Burger, a 50's style diner that specialized in big greasy burgers, hot dogs and fries.

While waiting for their table, Brenda and Cheryl began to talk about the hot dog eating contest they had both entered at the county fair when they were teenagers. No one was exactly sure how it happened, but by the time they were seated they had decided to restage it, and ordered a dozen chili dogs to start. Bobbie knew there was no way she could hope to compete with Brenda and her mom, but decided to play along anyway. Each grabbed a chili dog and started in, while Brenda told the surprised waitress to bring them another dozen. At the end of the first dozen Brenda was ahead having eaten five, Cheryl four and Bobbie three. As the second dozen arrived Brenda decided to play a little head game and grabbed two at once as she told the very surprised waitress to bring them another dozen, and a large order of onion rings for her too. By the end of the second dozen Brenda was still ahead with 10, while Cheryl was trailing at eight, and Bobbie was starting to feel really full at just six.

As the third dozen arrived Brenda and Cheryl dived right in, while Bobbie just nibbled at her seventh dog, and said, "I give up" after her eighth. At the end of the third dozen Brenda and Cheryl were still going with Brenda holding a 15 to 13 dog lead. Brenda paused and looked at Cheryl and said, "6 or 12?" Much as he wanted to match Brenda's head game, Cheryl knew she was feeling really stuffed and weakly answered, "6."

It took a little while for the next half dozen dogs to arrive, and Brenda used the time to play with her sister's head some more. First she patted her face, carefully removing the chili from between her chins. Then she stood up and stretched - first reaching her arms up and out, and then picking up her belly and adjusting it before letting it loudly slap against her thighs, saying, "Plenty of room in there." Bobbie looked around and chuckled and Cheryl just slowly shook her head from side to side. Just as Brenda sat back down the dogs arrived and she reached out and grabbed one for each hand. Cheryl took one, but she knew that the game was up as she slowly ate it, and then about half of another before saying, "I give up." Brenda smiled, finished the dog she was eating - her 18th, and then grabbed the last dog and ate it in four bites.

Brenda was really quite surprised that Cheryl had managed to push her so hard - she would have been willing to bet that she could have out eaten both Cheryl and Bobbie combined. In fact Brenda was almost stuffed to her limit, but she decided to demonstrate her massive superiority by ordering dessert.

"The cheesecake here is really awesome," Brenda said, "do you want one piece or two?"

"I'm awfully full," said Bobbie, while Cheryl just rolled her eyes.

"Just one, then?" said Brenda. Bobbie said, "OK," and while Cheryl tried to say no, Brenda waved her off and said, "Well, just try a bite."

When the dessert came Bobbie and Cheryl picked at their pieces, Brenda ignored her own feelings of being stuffed devoured her two pieces, then handed the waitress her American Express card to pay the very considerable bill they had run up, adding a very substantial tip.

As she stood up to leave, Brenda realized how stuffed she really was, and was already feeling out of breath by the time they reached the front of the restaurant. By the time she reached the first set of benches 25 feet from the door, her distress was already visible as she stopped, gasping for breath and sat quickly down on the bench. Cheryl would have liked to have made some sort of smart comment, but the fact was she was not much better off, so she just plopped down beside her sister instead. After catching her breath, Cheryl said, "I don't remember this happening to us at the fair."

"No," said Brenda, "but we were younger then, and there is a lot more of us now." After waiting a moment for her heaving chest to settle, Brenda said, "We need to rethink things, because at this rate we will never make it to the car on the other side of the mall."

"Don't look at me," said Cheryl, “I am not in any better shape than you are."

"Why don't I go get us a taxi?" Bobbie said.

"What do you mean?" her mom replied.

"There's a taxi stand down by the main entrance,” Bobbi replied, "so I can go get one and have them pull around to that exit right over there, and then it can drive us to our car."

"That a pretty good idea,” said Brenda, who reached in to her purse and gave Bobbi two twenty dollar bills and several fives. "If they have any trouble doing what you want," she said, “just flash the roll and give them one of these.”

While Bobbi went off to get the taxi, Brenda and Cheryl moved slowly towards the door, waddling from bench to bench and resting about every 50 feet. They had just sat down by the door when the taxi arrived, so they got out and climbed into the back. Though things had settled down somewhat, it was still a considerable effort for Brenda to work herself into the back seat, and an even more considerable one for her to get herself out of it once they got back to her Suburban. In fact, the taxi driver had to come around and help her pull herself to her feet. He looked sort of disgusted, but the $20.00 bill for a $2.00 fare helped change his attitude.

After everyone was settled in the car and A/C was running Brenda said, "That was fun, but I think we will need to plan a little better next time." Cheryl said, “I guess so," and Bobbie just giggled. Just then the cell phone rang. It was Jack, wanting to know how the trip to the mall was going, so they all told him about their adventures getting stuffed, getting stranded and getting stuck in the taxi.

After they finished Jack said, "Well, that certainly sounded like a interesting day at the mall. I was going to ask if you were up for pizza tonight, but I don't guess you are."

"Oh I don't know," said Brenda, as she patted her belly, “I think that might be fun, provided we make it later in the evening. Should we ask Cheryl and John to join us?"

(To be continued)