The Storm

by The Dancer

Mountain weather is strange sometimes; storms come out of no where and leave as quickly as they come. They just blow through like most of the visitors here, admiring the beauty then leaving. In this small simple town our life goes on just like they were never here. One day in late October a storm came that did not leave so quickly. The rain poured down so hard it made it impossible to see while driving. Most of the interstate that ran through the mountains looked like a parking lot. I worked in a warehouse right off that interstate so I was able to see what was going on. I had braved the weather and made it to work to make sure our computers were running and our drivers had made it there so loads could go out after the rain let up. I was concentrating on my inventory when a man walked though the door. He startled me at first because I really wasn't expecting anyone to come it then. When I turned around and really looked at him I had to put my hand behind me to catch myself on the loaded pallet. He looked to be about 5'10” and weighed probably close to 450 pounds and a good portion of that weight was in his belly. He had dark wavy hair pulled back in a ponytail and a neatly trimmed beard. He introduced himself as Chris and explained that his truck had broken down on the interstate and he needed to use my phone. Our phone lines were not out yet so I let him make his call then offered him some hot coffee. He was cold and very wet so he took the coffee and leaned up against the pallet next to me and started talking. Chris was very easy to talk to and I learned a lot about him in a very short time. He was divorced, very single and a long haul trucker that did cross country trips for a trucking company in New Jersey. He was on his way to California but had to go to Lexington Kentucky to drop off and pick up another load. His boss called him back and gave him the OK to use a local company to fix the truck. I called the company that fixes our trucks and Jack went out to the interstate to have a look at it. The news was not good, it would be at least 5 days for the part to come in to fix what was wrong. Chris's boss told him the delivery wasn't that important and just to stay there with the truck and call him when it was finished.

Chris asked me to have lunch with him and how could I refuse. I was so attracted to this man not only because of his size but his incredible personality. I took him to our local buffet and we sat there and ate and talked for about 2 hours. I noticed that Chris had a very healthy appetite and was still eating long after I was done. He got up and made plate after plate until I lost count. The more he ate the more his already large belly stood out in front of him. Soon his T-shirt couldn't even contain his massive swollen belly and it started to ride up and the lower half of his stomach drooped down below it. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I was so attracted to the whole scene. Chris explained that eating was one of his favorite things to do and eating with a beautiful woman was even better. I told him I didn't mind a bit and that he could eat as much as he wanted. He went on to tell me that he was very attracted to me and he felt he should be up front about his feelings and his lifestyle. This did not bother me a bit because I felt the same way he did. We sat there for about another hour talking while Chris slowly worked on a few plates of dessert. He could barely walk out to my truck he was so full. He waddled across the parking lot slowly with his belly moving from side to side poking out about 3 feet in front of him. He asked me if he could take my arm to steady himself because the weight of the food threw him off balance. I happily obliged to his request and helped him across the lot. When he got into my truck he couldn't get the seat belt around him. After struggling for a while he finally gave up when he realized his efforts were amusing me, or should I say arousing me. His belly was so large that it almost touched the dashboard of my truck and hung down between his legs. I was in heaven so when he asked me to have dinner with him that night I could not refuse. I took him to the local hotel and helped him to his room. He laid on the bed and fell asleep almost immediately. I left him a note and told him I would pick him up at 7:00.

I spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for dinner. I made sure my makeup was done perfectly and it took me about 2 hours to decide what to wear and how to do my hair. This evening had to be perfect because I'd waited for this man all my life and I needed to make sure I looked good for him. I got to the hotel at exactly 7:00 and Chris was standing outside waiting for me. When he got into the truck he shyly looked away and apologized for his actions at lunch. He said he was so lost in my eyes and the moment that he didn't realize what he was doing. So I explained to him that this was something that I enjoyed also and he didn't need to say he was sorry for something like that. He looked over at me with this amazing look of relief on his face and he gently kissed me on the cheek.

There was a very small Italian Restaurant in town that had private booths that were large and food that was excellent. I knew the owner very well so spending a long time there would not seem like it was unusual to him. One of my fantasies was to see a man sitting in a booth and eating until he was stuck. Chris was wedged into this booth to start with so I knew I was going to get to live that fantasy tonight. We started out with large salads and a few loaves of bread with lots of butter. Then Tony brought over the appetizer, which consisted of a large variety of fried cheeses, shrimp and peppers. I let Chris dig into that while I talked about basically nothing and watched him eat. I ordered a bottle a very good wine, which he finished and promptly ordered another one. With the second bottle of wine came the first part of dinner. Chris had ordered the sampler platter, which consisted of lasagna, stuffed shells and manicotti. Tony had made the servings double for Chris because he said big men need to eat. That was the same thing I was thinking. Chris started to slow down a little after helping me finishing my dinner then ordering another bottle of wine. I noticed by then that his belly had gotten really big again and he was wedged much more tightly into the booth now. I quickly got Tony to bring another sampler plate and smiled at Chris kicking my shoe off under the table and rubbing his swollen belly with my foot. By the time Chris finished that he was glassy eyed from the wine and food and wedged very tightly into the booth. I told Chris that we could stop and go back to the room if he wanted to but he said "no". So we went on with the next thing. Tony brought out a large roasted chicken with orange sauce, whipped potatoes with butter and fresh cream and a large helping of his famous Italian stuffing. Chris finished everything on the table plus a few more pieces of bread. His belly was so massive part of it laid on top of the table and the rest hung down below between his legs. I could feel how low it was as I rubbed it with my foot. There was no way he was getting up from that table without help and I could not have contained myself much longer. My entire body was shaking at the sight of him and I could barely talk. I called Tony over and told him to wrap up dessert that we'd take it to go and the bill. Chris could not reach his pockets he was wedge so tightly in the booth so I took care of the bill and discretely tried to help him up. Once he did get up it was the most awesome sight I'd ever seen. His belly was twice the size it was before and it was even harder for him to walk. He was shuffling his feet and waddling slowly holding very tightly to my arm. His belly was so heavy with food that he had to lean over a little a spread his legs when he walked. His magnificent belly swung from side to side as we walked slowly out to the truck. After I got in I reach down and unbuttoned his pants hoping that would relieve some of his discomfort. While I was doing that he pulled me close to him a passionately kissed me. The wine and the food had started to really settle on the way home and he was as turned on by this as I was. He kept rubbing his massive belly and telling me there was an erection underneath all that blubber that was just aching to be taken care of. I couldn't wait to get him back to the hotel room and feed him the whole chocolate cheesecake I had gotten from Tony. I wanted to see his belly grow even more, larger then it's ever been. I wanted to make him so happy that he would never forget that wonderful evening or me.

When we got back to the hotel room I arranged the pillows on the bed and took his pants off. I got him into bed in a semi upright position with his legs spread apart and his massive belly sprawled out in front of him. He moaned that he could not eat another bite but when I pulled the first peace of cheesecake out he stopped talking and started eating. With each piece of cheesecake he ate he groaned that was enough then I whispered in his ear how wonderful he was and how sexy he looked the fuller and rounder his belly became. Within 1 hour he'd finished the entire cheesecake and he was completely immobilized from all the food he ate. He laid in the bed groaning as I rubbed that magnificent swollen belly that was spreading out at least 4 feet in front of him. I was wild with passion by then and I figured out a way to be with this man.

The next morning I woke up feeling Chris's belly pressing up against the small of my back and spilling over the side of my waist as he lay behind me holding me as tight as he possibly could. I became aroused by that feeling and quickly woke him up and let him know that. After that it was off to the shower and then breakfast. This went on for 5 more days until Chris's truck was ready. By that time I had managed to make sure that Chris's shirts that fit him 5 days ago were now tight. I sent him off with a big meal, a kiss and about 20 more pounds added to that wonderful body of his. I did not expect to hear from him again because like I said earlier people only pass through here, admire the beauty of the mountains then leave. About three weeks later I was doing my inventory and I got the strangest feeling someone was watching me. I turned around and Chris was standing there with a cup of coffee in his hands smiling at me. He walked over to me and gently touched my face and said, “I believe this is where it all began”. After he kissed me he told me he'd gotten a job with a local trucking company and he wanted to surprise me so he hadn't called or come here until he was sure all the details were worked out. When he asked me how I felt about this I could only respond one way, I kissed him and said, “Let's eat”.

To be continued