(Male Gain story)

By fa12345

Mark grabbed his substantial belly with both hands. Since his girlfriend Janey left for college, he'd promised himself to take ten pounds off his 260-pound frame, but it wasn't going so well. In fact, he'd actually put on weight since she left. He missed her, and in her absence found himself eating lots of "comfort food." He now struggled to button his jeans under his gut; he promised himself to go on a diet and lose some weight before he visited Janey at school.

Meanwhile, Janey sighed and looked at a picture of Mark on her bulletin board. How handsome he was, with a head of thick brown hair, intelligent eyes, and a tall frame. And he carried his weight so well, with a delicious belly and the beginnings of a double chin. At 260 pounds, he wasn't a small guy, but she still wished he were bigger, maybe 300...350...did she dare to dream of more?

She'd never told him how much she wanted him to put on even more weight, but she'd tried to get the message across. She gushed over how much she loved his body. She stroked his belly during lovemaking, saying how hot it was. At meals, she'd subtly encourage him to eat more: "Oh, you can't be full *yet*!" She'd say, urging him to clean his plate, or "I bet you can eat a *few* more," with a challenging glint in her eye. She'd talk about her favorite fat actors, emphasizing their sexiness. But he either didn't believe her, or didn't want to gain weight. She tried to give up the dream, but it never disappeared entirely.

Looking at the picture of Mark, Janey had an idea. She scanned it into her computer, then signed online. She found one of her favorite webpages, a gallery of pictures of enormously fat men. She downloaded a favorite shot into her photo program, of a man holding up his shirt to reveal his huge breasts, giant stomach, and love handles. She took the head from the Mark picture, and put it on the fat body. She made Mark's face more jowled, and added a third chin. There!

Janey surveyed the results, and felt herself grow warm. She'd done a good job, and it actually looked like her boyfriend had gained at least a hundred pounds. The idea of making love to *this* Mark, his blubber bouncing against her, made her incredibly hot. She masturbated right then and there, imagining how his rolls of fat would feel under her hands. She put the picture up as the wallpaper on her computer, so she could look at it anytime. Janey could hardly wait for Mark's visit in a couple weeks.

On the day he was to visit, Mark stepped on the scale, wincing. Every time he'd tried to diet, it had only made him hungrier, and his consumption of junk food had actually increased. He looked at the scale and groaned: 275. Great. She was going to take one look at his fat ass and lose all interest. Half his clothes didn't fit anymore, and the rest were straining at the seams. And they'd only been apart for two months!

Discouraged, Mark went into his bedroom and tore open a bag of chips. He munched away, and wondered what to do. He thought about his girlfriend, and it occurred to him that maybe she wouldn't notice. She'd put up with his extra poundage before, and sometimes he even thought...she *liked* it. But no, that's silly. How could she, he thought, unbuttoning his tight khakis for comfort. He reached for more chips, to find that he'd finished the bag. Oops, he thought, guiltily hiding the chip bag in the garbage.

Janey couldn't wait for Mark to get there. She kept looking out the window for his cab from the airport. She'd cleaned her room and stocked it with all sorts of goodies, and was wearing her prettiest lingerie under her sexiest dress. Finally, she saw him pull up, and ran to the door. "Sweetie!" She shouted, throwing her arms around him. "Come in, come in!"

Mark paid the cabbie and they went inside, climbing the stairs to her room. Janey noticed that Mark was breathing pretty hard just from walking up the stairs, which excited her. Maybe he'd gotten more sedentary after she left.

As the door closed, he grabbed her and kissed her. "Oh, I've missed you," he murmured into her hair. They embraced for a long, long moment, then she pulled back and held him at arm's length to look at him.He seemed to have put on a little weight, to her delight. He had a clear double chin, and the buttons on his shirt were straining.

"You look great," she said honestly. "I really missed you, too." Mark blushed, glad she hadn't said anything about his recent weight gain.

"I have a little problem, though," said Janey. Oh no, thought Mark, here it comes. She's disgusted by me.

"I have a lab right now, and I forgot all about it," she said apologetically. "There's a no-absence policy, and I have to go. Will you be okay here for a couple hours?"

He was so relieved she hadn't mentioned his weight, he smiled. "Yeah, it's no problem. But hurry back, my little student! We have lots of catching up to do!"

"Thanks," she said, and kissed him. Was it his imagination, or did she brush her hand over his stomach? Hmmm. "Make yourself at home, there's the TV, and there's lots of food in the mini-fridge." He wondered if that was a subtle dig, then chided himself for being obsessed with weight.

"I love you, bye!" He called as she sidled out the door. He went to the computer, figuring he'd check his e-mail. As it loaded up, he was astonished at the computer's wallpaper. It was a picture of him, but it was like looking in a funhouse mirror! He was triply chinned, and his meaty arms held up his shirt. What he was revealing was two enormous breasts, and a vast blubbery belly that hung far over his huge pants. He was so big that even his hips and butt were fat!

Mark sat back, bewildered. As he looked closer, he realized that she'd put his head on a different body, but why? She hadn't known about him putting on weight. And this version of himself would weigh at least 400 pounds! Mark tried to imagine himself that breathtakingly fat, and found the idea too strange to contemplate.

Mark considered more seriously the idea that maybe, just maybe, his girlfriend actually wanted him to get fatter. She *was* always baking and buying him treats, and trying to get him to eat more. She *did* rub his belly lovingly all the time, and say how much she loved his body, chubby though he was.

Janey was pretty shy about her fantasies, and this one was so strange, he could see why she never brought it up with him. But Mark had an idea of how to see if she wanted him to put on weight.

Mark turned off the computer, and turned on the T.V. He opened the mini-fridge, and pulled out some ice cream, some pudding cups, chocolate milk, and some leftover pizza. He located a spoon, and dug into the ice cream. Good thing he was hungry--he made short work of a pint of ice cream, three pudding cups, a carton of chocolate milk, and three pieces of pizza. His stomach ached, but he was willing to deal with a little pain for this experiment. He opened Janey's pantry, and was happy to see a box of Pop-Tarts and a bag of chips. He started in on those, eating much slower but still managing a bite every now and then. He left the empty containers by his feet, so she could see how much he'd eaten, and didn't bother to brush the crumbs off his distended stomach.

Janey hurried back from lab, anxious to see her Mark. She opened the door to her room, and her eyes widened at the sight: Mark sat on the bed, crunching a handful of chips. An astonishing number of empty food containers were laid neatly at his feet, and it looked as if he'd cleaned out her fridge AND pantry. The buttons on his shirt were hanging on for dear life over his bloated belly, which was covered with food crumbs. There was a smudge of chocolate on his cheek. He looked up at her and smiled, brushing his greasy hand on his pants.

"Hi, honey!" He said brightly. "Had a little *BURP* snack while you were gone." Here was the piece de resistance, he thought, and pushed his stomach out as far as it would go. Two buttons exploded off his shirt and his stomach peeked through.

Janey stared, openmouthed, her pussy growing warm and wet. Little snack? He'd eaten enough for three people, and he practically looked pregnant, with his stomach hanging over his waistband. It was so hot. " sure did," she said. She kneeled on the floor in front of him, and kissed him hard. Mmm, he tasted like sugar and salt. "You are SO HOT," she said, unbuttoning the rest of his shirt and laying him back on the bed.

"Be gentle," he warned, "I'm really full." She deftly removed his shirt without disturbing his belly, but his pants button was trapped under a roll of fat. He undid the pants and slid them off. She pulled off his boxers, and his erection popped out from under the big belly. She slipped out of her dress, and he sighed his approval at her lacy bra and panties. Then she took those off, and they had the hottest sex they'd ever experienced.

Janey was nearly frantic with desire. She kept moaning, "God, look at you, you're so hot," and running her hands over his belly. As she came, she grabbed his love handles and squeezed. "Aaaaugh!" She screamed, her eyes closed. It was such a sight, he came shortly thereafter. Afterward, they lay close together in her narrow bed and he figured he had his answer. Janey wanted him fat, really fat. And if it would improve their sex life this much, he was all for it.

Janey didn't say a word, but there was a clear difference in Mark during his visit that weekend. At meals, he ate without apology, and when he claimed to be full, she'd egg him on. "Surely you can eat just one more bite," she'd say, smiling sweetly. Instead of protesting as he would have before, Mark would just smile back, clean his plate, and then have dessert, too! Watching him ingest thousands of calories at each meal was so arousing, Janey and Mark did little other than eat and screw that weekend. It was wonderful.By the end, Mark was using two safety pins to hold his pants closed, since there was no chance of buttoning them.

Janey kissed him goodbye, savoring the feeling of his slightly-bigger gut between them. "This weekend was much too short, sweetie," she said regretfully. "I hope I get to see a lot more of you at Christmas!"

Mark wondered if she realized her pun. A lot *more* of him. He decided not to mention it. "Oh, definitely, babe," he promised as he got in the cab. "I love you!"

Janey walked back to her room, musing over the wonderful weekend. What had piqued Mark's appetite so much? She hoped he wouldn't lose weight at home, but she wouldn't be there to encourage him, either. Oh, well, she thought. It was nice to see him pigging out for a weekend, anyway. Maybe I can encourage him to keep it up over the phone, she thought.

As soon as Mark got home, he went shopping for food. As he piled his cart high with both food staples and fattening treats, he planned a sort of reverse diet. By Janey's Christmas break, he'd have broken 300 pounds, at least, he decided. And since he'd put on a couple pounds just that weekend, he could definitely do it. It was only October, and he had nine weeks.

He plunged headlong into a decadent lifestyle. Since he worked from home, it was easy. Three giant meals a day, and plentiful snacks. He worked mostly on computer, so he sat most of the time. He stopped his sporadic visits to the gym, and spent his evenings watching TV and snacking.

Occasionally, he'd go out for a meal with friends, but it got embarrassing as his appetite grew. "Dude, are you going out for sumo wrestling?" One of them asked him as he finished a huge steak and ordered a banana split. "Your girlfriend goes away, and you start packing on the pounds!" He went with another friend took him out to the movies, and he actually found it difficult to squeeze into a seat.

Janey noticed that every time she called, he seemed to be eating. "Sorry, hon," he'd say, "Just finishing up dinner."

"Oh, what'cha eating?" She'd say innocently, hoping it was fatty and decadent.

It was. "Oh, one of those family buckets from the fried chicken place," he'd say.

Family bucket! "Wow, you were hungry, huh?" She'd say, secretly thrilled. "That's good, don't want my strong man to waste away while I'm gone!"

"No chance of that, babe," he'd say, slapping his gut to watch it jiggle. "I'm going out for ice cream later." He could hear her breathe a little faster on the other end of the line, and smiled. He had weighed in at 285 that morning. She wouldn't know what hit her by Christmas.

He became a fantastic cook since he lived alone, creating huge feasts for himself, and alternating his own cooking with fast food and restaurants. He was such a quick study, he asked his mom what he could make for Thanksgiving that year (he always spent Thanksgiving with his family, three states away).

"Honey, you cook?" His mom said, astonished. "I never thought I'd see the day! Well, can you make pie?"

He laughed. Pie was one of his favorites, and he could eat more than one at a sitting. "I'll make a couple, Mom." Maybe he could use his newfound interest in cooking to explain his increased girth. It wouldn't be easy, last time he'd been at a family function he had weighed 260, and Thanksgiving morning he weighed in at 298. His pants size was increasing in leaps and bounds, and he found himself shopping for clothes almost as often as he did for food!

At Thanksgiving dinner, Mark tried to keep his dinner a normal size. He loved turkey with all the fixings, but didn't want to alarm people by taking thirds and fourths of everything. After everyone had gone off to watch football, Mark polished off most of the leftovers. He ate so much that he felt dizzy and had to go lay down.

As he lay in his old bedroom, unable to see over his huge belly, Mark imagined what Janey would have done if she were there, watching him eat slices of turkey, handfuls of mashed potatoes and stuffing, a dish of cranberry sauce, and nearly a whole pie with whipped cream. He imagined her spooning gravy into his mouth, cooing, "Oooh, just think how fat this'll make you! That belly's going to hang down to your *knees*!" The thought was so arousing that he masturbated, enjoying how his arm slapped against his fat stomach and made it quiver. Being fat was a great sensual pleasure, he thought, and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning he weighed himself, and lo and behold, 300 pounds. And it was only Thanksgiving! Just imagine what he could do by Christmas!

As he finished cooking breakfast, the phone rang. Janey, calling from her grandmother's house. "How are you, hon? I didn't wake you, did I?"

"No, babe, I've been awake for a while. But haven't had breakfast yet, so I can't talk too long--I'm STARVING!"

Janey paused. Then, coquettishly, "You can eat breakfast while you're on the phone, if you want. Just tell me what you're eating, so that I can pretend I'm with you, okay?"

"Sure, babe. Well, I'm starting off with cinnamon rolls and coffee..." They kept talking, he kept eating, and as they talked, he ate a plate of cinnamon rolls, a four-egg omelet, a pile of bacon, a bowl of fruit and cream, and several donuts. Of course, he only told Janey about the cinnamon rolls and the fruit...didn't want to give away the surprise!

Janey was thrilled, on her end of the phone. Mark had never been much of a breakfast-eater, and now he was eating something as rich as fruit and cream! Surely he could have put on a couple pounds while she was gone.

During the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Mark made his final preparations for Janey coming home. He bought her gifts (mostly online, because walking through the mall was too much exercise), bought himself some stylish "fat clothes," and bought a big water bed (no way he and Janey could both fit on his old one). And, he ATE.

It became a challenge to see how many calories he could take in and how few he could expend each day. He started having his gigantic grocery orders delivered to the house, as well as many of his meals. He found a way to mix 2,000-calorie weight-gain shake mix with several other ingredients to make something both tasty and *very* fattening. He'd started to get winded just getting out of his new waterbed in the morning, both due to his sedentary nature and his rapidly acquired extra poundage. Mark ate from morning to night--he'd spread an array of goodies around him where he sat working, and when those were gone, he'd make some more.

Finally, the day he'd waited for came--Janey called to say she was home and wanted to see him. He asked her to come over at 7:00 that night.

Janey wondered what he was planning, that he needed the extra time. She waited on pins and needles to see her handsome boyfriend all day. She did her hair, bought new lingerie, painted her nails, and put on a Christmas-red dress. Finally, she drove over to Mark's house, her heart pounding with joy.

When she got to Mark's there was a sign on the door that said, "Come in, Janey." The door was unlocked, so she did. The table was set for two, with candles and everything. The house smelled delicious. "Hello?" She called out.

"I'm in the bedroom, love!" Shouted Mark. "Just getting dressed!"

"Can I come back?" Janey called.

"Yeah, I need some help, anyway!" Mark called back.

Janey walked down the hall and opened Mark's door. Oh, wow. The whole thing was filled with candles, and Seal was on the stereo. As her eyes adjusted to the dimness, she gasped. "Oh my god, Mark."

He grinned. "It's the same thing I was wearing when I came to see you in October, but I'm having some trouble getting into it." Janey could see why. His face was much rounder, and he really did have three chins. The buttondown shirt barely allowed for his much-fatter upper arms, and the only button he could do up was the top one. Two fat breasts with big nipples pushed out throught the opening, and under that...oh, my. His stomach stretched out a couple feet in front of him, hanging down to his upper thighs. It was dimpled and jiggling. His rolls hung over the sides of his boxer shorts several inches. The pants couldn't even get all the way over his thighs and newly-flabby wide ass, not that it mattered. They were at least six inches away from buttoning. He pretended to struggle with the pants some more, and turned around so she could see that he'd ripped the seat out of his boxer shorts. He was sweating and panting with the effort of putting on these much-too-tight clothes. The effect was breathtaking.

As Janey stared, openmouthed, he smiled and walked over to the bedside table, where there was one piece of pizza left in a box that had at one time held a large pizza. He picked it up and began to eat. "Boy, that's hard work. I guess I've put on a few pounds since I wore these things last." He smiled to show that he was joking.

"Did you eat that whole pizza?" Janey squeaked. She just couldn't get over the wonder of her Mark, so gloriously fat.

"Baby, I can almost eat *two* whole pizzas," bragged Mark, grabbing one of his love handles and shaking it. His whole gut rippled in response.

Janey could take it no longer. She ripped off the comically small shirt to feast her eyes on that huge, gorgeous gut. She grabbed his breasts and squeezed. "Wow, these are amazing." Then she ran her hands over his massive torso. "But this is the best of all. Look at how FAT you are!" She made him take off the pants and boxers, and looked at him in all his naked, jiggling, stretch-marked glory.

"Oh, Mark, you are immense!" She said joyfully. She pressed herself up against his soft stomach, and they kissed insatiably. They fell back on the waterbed, and his whole form rippled in response to the mattress' motion. He tore off her clothes, and they had incredible sex. In the middle of it, with Janey on top, riding the waves of Mark's belly, he said, "Want me to be on top?"

Janey bit her lip and nodded. And with gravity pulling all his fat toward her, he looked even bigger. "You ready?" He said. As he entered her, and put his weight on her, she felt deliciously crushed. She could barely breathe under his new heaviness, which was incredibly exciting. She felt that tremendous gut, those flabby breasts, pressing on her. She tried to reach his butt with her hands, and couldn't get there.

She was in ecstasy. "Oh, Mark..." She whispered.

"Oh, I crushing you?" He panted.

"Ohhhhh, yes, with that huge, fat body! And I love it!" She screamed as she came. He came too, and rolled off her, so that she could breathe.

As she cuddled up to Mark's sweaty flab, Janey ran one hand idly over his belly.

"Do you like it?" Said Mark, knowing that she did.

"Oh, Mark, I love it! You're gorgeous! How big are you, anyway?" Said Janey, smiling.

Mark was excited to tell her. "322 pounds, as of this morning."

"Since October? How? Mark, that's 62 pounds!" She was astounded.

Mark thought. "Well, I put on 15 before I came to see you, 2 that weekend, and 45 after that."

"Were you trying to put on weight? I love it, but why?" Janey asked.

He looked at her pretty eyes. "I put on 15 without trying, and then when I saw the doctored picture of me on your computer I put two and two together..."

Janey blushed. "Oh my gosh! And you gained 45 pounds so that I'd find you more attractive?"

"Well, you have to admit, the fatter I get, the more of an animal you are in bed." He chuckled, and his fat rippled.

"You are gorgeously fat. But you know, you're still not as fat as that picture on my computer..." She said teasingly.

He grabbed the half-piece of pizza on the nightstand and started munching away. "Not yet, baby, not YET!" He said.