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2500: A Fat Odyssey
By Shazaam 73

Johnny crawled out of bed at 7 o clock. Today was Johnny's first day as an Earth Naval Defense Patrolman; he was looking forward to it. Finally he was away from all those strange planets and huge battleships with strange aliens and now he was home right here on good ol' planet Earth. Not only was he home, but he had a very easy job: no aliens had ever even tried to come close to attacking Earth's solar system much less the human home planet, so really he had simple job that only consisted of scanning every now and then and reporting to base; the rest was icing on the cake. Johnny had put in this request four years ago from the Qualdrax front. Finally, after a very long war, the Earth space armada was victorious, and Johnny was allowed to come home for his new assignment. It was a very happy day for him. Maybe soon he could even meet some new friends - girls, hopefully, because there was not too much loving going on at warzone and now was definitely the time. He put on his uniform, gave himself a good look in the mirror, and he was off. At the briefing room, he met his new commanding officer, Major Nelson. She was a small girl, probably an ex-pilot or something; she was very pretty nice average body but a beautiful face and medium length brown hair. Johnny smiled at her, barely paying any attention to what she said until she came to the point.

Today's Mission: Operation Beached Whale. Johnny looked surprised - was he going to be rescuing a whale? Heck, he hadn't even ever seen a whale!! For all he knew, they were extinct. But Johnny dared not ask the Major about it: officers get real impatient when they are questioned. Major Nelson simply smiled and gave him a nice folder that had all the details and told him his new Naval Craft was ready; if he had any problems, he should immediately radio in. Since that was all, Johnny saluted the major and left. Good Luck, said the Major - and Welcome Aboard!! Johnny smiled; he loved this job already!

Well, the report was interesting: over ten sighting of large mammals being beached in the past month. Yet no reference to them as being whales other than the title - what was going on here? Well, in just a few minutes he would have to get ready to land; he was coming up to the site. Man, how he loved these controls - on Earth gravity made flying much more exciting! He was coming up to the spot; as looked down below he was amazed. There right next to the beach was the huge object like it didn't belong; it must have been a hundred feet long. But were whales that long? Yes, from history books he remembered they were, but they certainly weren't that pale whitish color...maybe an albino.

If so, he had never heard of a big whale lying on the beach. Closer inspection was needed; he had to see how it was doing, whatever it was. He lowered the landing gear and landed safely on the beach away from the water. It would be a shame to get his ship sunk on his first day; he must take all the precautions. Nothing could have prepared him for what he was about to discover.

He climbed out of the ship with his standard medical equipment and started to walk into the water. As he got closer, the object appeared to be quivering, so that meant it was alive. He remembered that whales had a lot of fat called blubber on them, but this definitely did not look like the whales he had seen. For one thing, this one was white - not as white as he thought but more like a human color yet still sort of pale. And would a natural animal have this many rolls? Because rolls and mounds of fat were oozing out everywhere for a hundred feet, and whales certainly did not have rolls and were nowhere near this clean.

He slowly walked up to the creature; where he was standing at it seemed as if some extremities stuck out from the large mass of fat. He walked up to the animal and gave it a good look; the skin looked similar to that of a human's, save for the rolls.

Little stubs of fat stopped at the end - but no eyes or mouth - so he must be at the tail position. What a strange way for a whale to be beached! He would have to look at the other end now; he was in two feet deep of water, and every now and then the waves would crash against the blubber of the animal and cause it to shake and make waves of it own. And it still continued to breathe very slowly as if the breath was labored, and it caused a great jiggling motion. As Johnny walked along the animal, he was amazed at the sheer size of the beast; it was way larger than his ship and might be heavier. As he got the end, he noticed something funny. Four feet from the end was hair!!

Hair on a whale - now he knew something was up. And the hair was dark red color much more like a human's than any animal he had ever saw. Even though this long hair startled him, he had to figure out what this creature was! He walked along and finally was at the front. When he looked up, Johnny almost fainted.

What was there was impossible: at the head of all this quivering jiggling gigantic mass of fat and rolls was a human head! How could this be? thought Johnny as he started to get light headed. If that wasn't enough, what happened next pushed Johnny over the edge. "Oh dear, please don't faint," the very large human said, "It would be a shame if the only one I have seen in 3 hours simply fainted. I need help really."

Johnny grabbed a hold of himself; he couldn't believe what he was seeing - how could some one be this large? Was it possible? Then he looked up at her face, and what a beautiful face it was!! It was all covered in fat, giving her a nice look with big beautiful eyes and more chins than could be counted. Johnny then looked down past the chins and low and behold what had to be the biggest pair Of breasts he had ever seen - they were larger than two of HIM!!

Suddenly Johnny was turned on by this large sexy woman; he got to thinking that this woman was totally nude!! How exciting that only on the first day home at work he had met the most beautiful and sexiest girl of his dreams!! Johnny had to get hold of himself.

Hello my name is Srg. Johnny Riker and how may I help you, Mam? Johnny said with supreme military confidence.

Hello Srg. John-

Please call me Johnny, said Johnny with the utmost coolness.

Oh, of course, and my name is Ariel.

Okay, now this was getting even more odd. This girl was Johnny's mermaid? How exciting!! Well obviously she wasn't a real mermaid just an extremely fat woman. Johnny had many questions to ask Ariel, but there wasn't time.

Now that we know each other, said Ariel in a very tired voice. Maybe you could help me?

It was getting harder for her to talk, and her breathing was getting harder.

I must get back into the water - it is easier for me to breathe, and the sun is really bothering me.

Johnny hadn't thought about it, but she was out here naked and the sun was starting to shine and she could get badly burnt. He had to find a way to get her into the water.

Well, she said, can you get me back into the water?

Johnny quickly said, sure, anything for a beautiful lady.

Ariel tried to smile, but she was very uncomfortable and she had never met a man before - he made her feel funny.

Johnny got serious. There would be time for all of that stuff later; for now, he had to find a way to get the gigantic fat woman off the beach. He started to examine her body: her breasts seemed to appear as if they were bigger than what was above the water.

He asked, are you buried in the sand?

She replied, yes, and I keep sinking - I can feel it rubbing against my rolls and filling them in.

Johnny was immediately aroused; just that thought was distracting, but he must remain focused on the task - he needed to be a soldier!

That's IT!! he cried.

What's it? asked Ariel.

My soldier suit in the ship: it should have the strength to move you into deeper water. It was his only hope and hers as well. But first, he made sure there were no sharp rocks around her; he did want her to get cut and attract sharks.

He asked her, can you feel any sharp objects?

She answered laboredly, yes...in ...between ... My....breasts...

How much better could it get? Johnny was about to go in between the largest pair of tits in the Universe! But he had to be quick; he didn't like the sound of her voice or her breathing.

He went under the water and crawled into the space of her breasts; while he was at it he figured he might as well touch them - how would she know? So he grabbed hold of one of large tits; it was so soft he was about to cum right there - he already had a hard on. He thought to himself: this was like some strange porn film. His other hand went to the ground; he found a rock.

As Johnny walked back to his ship he had to think fast; the suit would only be good to push Ariel, so she would have to bear all the dirt that her body would plow up. If they were lucky, they'd meet a steep drop off, and she would be free. He climbed into the back of his ship, opened the hatch and out popped the suit. A curious looking machine: he was sure Ariel would be scared of it. The way the thing look was really frightening. He climbed into it and began walking forward. The suit was working perfectly; he just had to hope it would be strong enough to push her. He slowly approached the fattest ass in the galaxy. It was so huge - man, did this baby have back or what? Well, she did have a lot of rolls at least. Johnny talked over his speaker.

Don't be afraid; the hands on this thing are cold, and this may hurt a little, but it will get you out of the dirt.

Oh, please hurry, Ariel cried - of course, Johnny couldn't hear her over the engines of the suit. The metal arms reached out, and the hands were placed behind her large ass. Johnny began to drive forward slowly; they were going and then they started to speed up. It was working! But Johnny had to slow down; the load was heavy and harder to push. Ariel's weight had to be at least a few tons - the maximum this could push - and she was starting to overheat the engines. How could a woman be this fat? Johnny was simply amazed; finally, she was free!!

The work-out had Ariel sweating and breathing real hard; she had never had to work so hard in her life and she'd never stayed in the sun this long. The water had a nice cool feeling to it; she was glad to be back where she belonged: in the water. It was amazing how being on the surface had tired her; with just so little movement it seemed as if gravity was just crushing down on her. She began to slowly turn around - which was a long process - she was still a little shook up after the storm. It happened so fast first: she was just swimming along as usual when suddenly, blam!, she felt a huge current, and here she was on the beach. After a few hours she was getting worried when suddenly she heard loud noises overhead and shortly after there was this man in uniform. He seemed to be important because he had a powerful walk and looked quite dashing; she had heard others speak of land men, but she never saw one like this before. She was quite intrigued, and then he'd offered to help her - it was amazing!

Johnny put the suit back into the ship and ran over to Ariel; she was going underwater. Johnny just couldn't let her go like this; he had to pursue her. He quickly threw on his underwater breathing mask and dived into the water.

Suddenly, he was coming up to Ariel's head; he was so excited. This woman was so beautiful it was amazing to watch her in the water - all the fat seeming to move with the currents.

He swam to her head. All of the sudden, he felt a surge in his and then he heard her voice saying, sorry, I didn't thank you on shore, but it is so important that I come back into the water.

Why? he asked; she replied, well, on shore I grew quite hungry; it is time for me to eat.

Eat, he thought. What it must be like to watch this enormous woman of beauty eating - he had to see it.

Sure you can see it, she said.

Johnny blushed. You can read my thoughts? he asked.

Of course, she said, how could I be talking to you?

Oh yes, that would make sense then you must know that I am very attracted to you.

Well... she said, Mother always said I was pretty, but I don't know I always thought my older sisters were more pretty than I, but Mom did tell me that I was larger than all of them and I am still the youngest.

Well, you have a family, then - all large like you, I suppose - and what of your father? Johnny questioned.

Well, yes, I do have a family, and mother is not very big at all; in fact, she seems quite small to me.

Well I should still meet them.

Okay, let me show you the way - we are almost there, and I am so hungry.

As they went down, Johnny was feeling a little cold; his warming suit would take a while to heat up.

Ariel giggled and then said with a teasing smile, you can cling on to me to warm yourself up.

Johnny was aroused by the thought, so he grabbed hold of a huge roll of fat and wedged himself beneath the folds; it was quite comfortable in there. An hour passed as Ariel and Johnny got to know each other and then suddenly approached what seemed to be a city dome. Johnny had heard of the underwater cities, but he'd never gotten to visit any yet. Something about this city seemed strange.

They came to the opening in the dome, and Johnny climbed off of Ariel and went towards the entrance tunnel. It was a huge room. The water was slightly warmer, but his suit had warmed up. He looked around and was amazed at the sight. All around him were the gigantic fat women. They all were apparently eating from feeding tubes and eating alot by the looks of it. Ariel quickly went to her large tube and began sucking in the food at an alarming rate. Above these tubes was a platform - this must be where the girl's mother was.

Johnny swam up to the platform and climbed out of the water. Apparently, this was the center of the city dome; the air was breathable, so he took off his mask. All around him were people rushing around; they were all wearing Earth Naval Patrol uniforms. He thought back to the file. Yes, now it made sense: here is where all of those officers went after they spotted the girls on the beach. And in the center of all these very busy people was a large fat woman; she had long gray her and was wearing a huge dress. Apparently, she was the one in charge here because everyone was serving her. She must have least weighed a ton but she was nowhere near as large as Ariel. She said something that Johnny couldn't hear, and then all the girls feeding below poked their fat round heads above the water.

Welcome Srg. Johnny Riker to my humble abode.

Johnny, if you please, Mam.

Very well, then Johnny. We are glad to have a new visitor.

I'm sure, Johnny said, but I have some questions for you.

Well, then, I shall answer them. First, my name is Sarah; second, I will tell you the reason we are like this. You see, a few years ago a company that I worked for was developing weapons for the war effort. For some reason there was a problem in the control panel, and a strange liquid leaked throughout the city killing mostly every one, except for me and my husband, Joseph. The fluids had a strange effect on me; I could read Joseph's thoughts and I could breathe in the water. Also, I was hungry all the time. Joseph made a chemical that was limitless and could feed me. We had eleven children; their births all were difficult, especially Ariel's, because she was the largest. All of the girls grew very fat and had the same powers as me. All these navy patrol people are here, partly because they wish to study the chemicals secretly and because they are in love with my daughters. Ariel is the only one that isn't married because she is the youngest and the largest. I have decided only the finest man may be with her.

Ariel smiled at Johnny, and he smiled back and then suddenly looked sharp and faced Sarah. One more question he asked.

Why didn't the Major at the base tell you about this? Well, she has known about us for a while and she keeps the sightings on record, but she is a good friend of mine, and she wants to keep us happy.

It all made sense. Now he understood why the Major had acted so strange and mysterious about the case. Johnny was a man of action: the war had kept him on his toes and made him a quick thinker.

Well, he said, I guess I'll go spend some time with Ariel then.

Sarah smiled at him and nodded he jumped into the water and swam to Ariel's head and gave her a passionate kiss.

Ariel, surprised, said, follow me - and down they went into a large room. Mother always said I might need this place. The room was very big, almost like a ship hanger. Ariel said, press that button over on the wall.

Johnny did and immediately all the water in the room left, and in the center of the room was huge mountain of fat with mounds of blubber on top of countless folds - the shape was so beautiful to Johnny.

Quickly...Turn the...dial...to 0.0001...A riel said, while breathing very hard. Johnny did so, and suddenly he began to float around the room; he knew what this was - it was a gravity room. In this room Ariel could actually walk; she waddled over to Johnny.

Her huge fat arms were resting on top of many mounds of fat; her hands were long since covered with rolls of fat and her feet were buried underneath her large stomach that had the largest tits ever seen. As she waddled, her whole body was jiggling. All of her chins that were resting on her large breasts started to quiver as she said, well, what are you waiting for?

Johnny quickly stripped down and immediately climbed Ariel's fat and began to kiss her. Ariel then laid down on the cushioned bed, and Johnny began to search for her pussy, but there was just too much fat in the way, so he got a nearby specially made tool for such occasions to find his way in and stuck his dick into her. He started to come. Ariel groaned in pleasure as her body shook.

After two hours of sex, they both were tired; Johnny had explored every inch of Ariel's fat body. And Ariel had never felt so much in love.

Johnny said, you can go back to feeding; I must go back to work and report this to the Major, and after work I promise I will come back.

Okay, Ariel said coyly, I can't wait till you come back.

Alright, Johnny said. Be back soon, honey.

Major Nelson smiled at Johnny.

Well, I didn't know you liked big girls that much, but I guess it's of no matter. You know, Johnny, this must be kept top secret - we can't let anyone at HQ know. It must be our secret.

I know, Johnny said, and I will continue my expected duties as ordered.

The Major smiled and said, have fun, then, Johnny.

After that, Johnny and Ariel were married - and Ariel continued to gain weight in enormous amounts. She now weighs four tons. Yet Srg. Johnny Riker always finds new ways to have fantastic sex with Ariel, and their love for each other grows each day. Who would of known that boring ol' Earth Naval Patrol could have been this much fun?