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4F Francine
by Lucky Luke

I first met Francine a few years ago while she was an undergraduate student at the local university. I owned several breakfast/lunch donut & sandwich shops regionally. My flagship shop is next to the university Francine was attending. She was one of the most beautiful girls around. Totally fit, she was 5'5" tall and weighed only 120 pounds. She liked to show off her well-proportioned breasts, flat tummy and tight butt and thighs by wearing a workout top, shorts and tennis shoes. That is how she would often come to my shop after a workout and get the lowest fat meals we served. Unlike other girls at school, Francine did not put on any pounds while at college. Which was too bad. In fact, a little or a lot of extra pounds on a woman is just what I like.

I knew Francine was an excellent student and was looking for a job. I explained to her that I had a good entry-level job at my headquarters doing accounting type work. My headquarters was only about 40 miles away but that would involve a move from the university. Francine was an accounting major and to my surprise said yes. She graduated that May and started for me in June.

When I saw her in June to her first day at work, she looked totally professional and striking with her blond hair pulled back and makeup just perfect for business purposes. The blue business suit with a low cut while blouse accentuated her striking figure. I thought she looked great. All she needed was a little more weight on that frame. After getting her started, I tried to see if she would take any "bait". I always gave my corporate employees free donuts in the morning so I put one on her desk. The first morning she didn't "bite" at the treat. I wasn't sure if I would be able to plump her up.

The second week Francine was with my company, she told me she was concerned about the possibility of being drafted into the military. With the current presidential administration pushing their New World order agenda and the feminist having gotten equal rights for women, the new draft would consist both of men and women in her age group.

"What can I do? I'm not in school any longer and don't have any kids. Besides, I'm in perfect shape." Francine lamented.

This is when my plan to plump Francine took hold. "Well, Francine, you could always temporarily gain weight. Then you would be considered overweight during the physical. The military will class you as 4F and you won't have to serve."

"No I can't do that. I'm totally fit. I've always worked out and dieted." Responded Francine.

"When is the first draft?" I asked.

"In four months." She responded.

"And then, how much time will you have to report for the physical?"

"One month from the draft lottery." Francine responded.

"Well, think about it. I can't think of anything else. If you get drafted, we will miss you here, but you'll also have your job when you get back." I said.

Francine was definitely concerned but said she would think about it.

The next morning, she came to work and said that she would go for the weight gain strategy to avoid the draft.

"What do I need to do?" She asked.

I gave her the game plan. First, she would stop her workouts. Second, she had to start eating and drinking everything I put in front of her. Third, she would start dining with me in the evenings to ensure maximum gain. The agreement was that she would stop her mass consumption after the draft period and get back into her current condition.

"When do I start?" Francine inquired.

"Right now!" I said, placing six cream-filled donuts in front of her. "Eat these between now and lunch and make sure you put plenty of cream and sugar in your coffee from here to the draft. We will have some sandwiches for you prepared here with a milk shake for lunch. Oh, I'll give you a five hundred dollar raise a month as a clothing allowance for the new sizes you'll grow into."

Francine dutifully complied. She had always put herself on a disciplined schedule before; therefore this was not really any different. She had some difficulty at first but I new I had to start her gluttonous ways slowly and build momentum.

I also changed some of the office processes to ensure she staid as sedentary as possible at work. I had all accounting go through her with others in the office bringing and picking up items in her office. I put a fax and copier to the side of her desk so she could just turn without getting up. She received a new chair that raised and lowered in order to facilitate ease in rising from the seated position. A small refrigerator was added below the fax and copier table. I made sure that she always had fattening foods and rich coffees or milk shakes on her desk at all times. For lunch, we made sure she got plenty of the special meal of the day at the adjacent food shop. Dinners were preceded by a stop at a favorite watering hole were I would buy here rich micro brews before taking her to a steak restaurant or an all you can eat buffet. On weekends, I would bring to her at her apartment donuts from the shop as well as chocolates and sodas for her consumption.

By this time, Francine new I had more than just friendly interest in her. At first, we showed our affection with hugs and kisses, leading in a month from the start of the weight gain process to intimacy.

In the first month, I could not have been happier. She was really beginning to show the effects of her ravenous and stationary lifestyle. Her breasts were much bigger. She also showed some gain in her thighs, butt and hip areas. For the first time in her life, she had love handles. Her face was also a little fuller. She had gone from 120 to 160 pounds. More than one pound a day. She got on the scale that first time and gasped at the result.

"Well, it will all be off in a few months." She vowed.

"I'll totally support your weight loss efforts when the time comes." I fibbed. "Until then, you are not really that much over your maximum weight for your height. You'll need to work harder."

"I will, wait and see." Francine said.

I've always enjoyed watching plump women wearing clothes that were one or two sizes too small. Francine had always vainly worn her cloths to fit her perfectly. Even though she was growing larger, she still only purchased clothes that perfectly fit her at her current weight. In order to keep her clothes lasting longer, she found a seamstress/dressmaker that would take out her current wardrobe as much as possible. Still, whenever she had the seamstress take her clothes out, it would just be to her current dress size. Due to her constant weight gain, she always looked tight in her clothes. No matter how much weight she gained, she refused to alter this practice. She also kept all her clothes that she not longer fit into or take out any further in the second bedroom of her apartment. She kept them on portable clothes stands in dress size order. On the lowest size stand, she placed her favorite workout outfit. It consisted of a really small set of short and a tank top that would show off her stomach and mid section. She was sure that she would return to her original weight and wear all of these outfits again.

Francine had made a trip the weekend before she was on the weight gain plan to her parents' home. After that, she decided only to communicate by telephone with her family till she had taken off all the weight she was going to put on. She even canceled vacation plans with her family in August by using work as an excuse. She also decided to do the same thing with her friends from school. She always came up with an excuse not to meet with them. She did find the time in the evenings to call her family and friends so they would not get suspicious of her reclusive behavior. As she continued to get heavier and more sedentary, sometimes the person she was talking to on the phone would ask her why she was breathing she heavily on the other end. She would respond that she had just gotten through with an aerobic workout. Then she would put the phone on mute and continue to indulge herself with some type of deliciously fattening dessert while she listened.

At work Francine was my best office worker. I had only hired her to do accounts receivable and payable, but she was doing much more. She had looked back at the last two years performance by store location and determined which locations had the best return on equity. Based on that I sold the one store that was losing money and greatly increased my entire return. She also found more proactive ways to allocate the work, which cut the amount of overtime my office staff was taking. And she also was able to get a better commercial loan rate that enabled me to finance another new store location. I promoted her to office manager after just two months. She still had to do her same initial responsibilities as well as to oversee the others in the office. Some of the other corporate headquarters employees were upset with this decision, but no one had made that kind of positive impact at the corporate level before. A few of the other employees, noticing her rapid weight gain- but not knowing why - helped contribute to her weight accumulation by adding even more fattening portions to her morning and afternoon office snacks.

By the second month, Francine had gained another 60 pounds making her 220 pounds. This was almost half her original weight. She was definitely showing the effects of her new lifestyle. She mentioned that the upkeep of her apartment was becoming too much for her to handle. I called a maid service that would have a maid come out every day in the morning to cook her breakfast and then clean up and do her laundry. She insisted that the maids address her as Madame and wear a formal uniform. Francine now had someone to wake her every morning with a large breakfast.

Francine loved to go out after work. Usually, after work, she would perform one of her appointments with the hairdresser or get her nails done or go to her seamstress for alterations. Then she would meet at one of a few bars in town for happy hour. At first, she would only have one beer. Then it became two and then three. During that second month, she started having a pitcher of beer before going out to dinner. She also indulged with the high salt snacks at the bar. Francine also began, every so slowly, to start to smoke that second month. She had done it a few times in college but not a lot. Now that she was so stationary, it seemed like the thing to do while she was at happy hour. After a few weeks, I noticed she was smoking at other locations too. This included her apartment, outside the office, her car and finally she began asking for the smoking section when we dined.

The draft issues were becoming more and more prominent in both print and the TV media. Francine, each time she heard and saw an article about the draft would get more stressed. This would cause her to eat even more.

One time during the second month of weight gain, Francine had arrived to work wearing a sharp looking cardigan jacket with a nice belted skirt and a white open collar blouse. It barely fit her fleshy, shapely figure. By the end of lunch, she had eaten so much due to the extra stress caused by the news events-that she could no longer button her jacket. Francine had to take the bottom of her blouse and pull in over the top of her skirt to hide the top button she could no longer keep buttoned.

Francine did not go out that summer in the sun if at all possible. That would have caused her to sweet and burn calories. As the summer wore on, Francine lost her tan. She was now pale white skinned with beautiful blue eyes and platinum blond hair. Because she was not working out now, she let her hairstyles become more ornamental and sculptured. Her nails had now become very long. When she got her nails done, she also got her toenails painted to match her fingernails.

During the third month, Francine really became more or more sedentary. The maid service would now prepare her a huge breakfast every weekday morning. She would only hold meetings in her office with always plenty of fattening snacks available. Many of the lunches were also at her desk and her afternoon snacks were just a fattening as the morning snacks. After work, she was up to two pitchers of beer at happy hour before our dinners. Then at dinner, she always had more than one dessert. She also was having more and more difficulty moving around. She tried to avoid this by always asking those around her to get her what she needed or even to help her get up from her chair. The formally fit girl of just a few months ago now weighed a whopping 275 in after just three months. She now wore size Queen 5X panty hose.

After having a great love making session with Francine at her place one night, I thought about were she stood as a far as being able to pass the physical. After three months, with just one month before the draft lottery, I told Francine she was large enough that she would not pass the physical.

"But I can't take that chance. Can you get me another snack cake? Oh, just bring out the entire box." She responded.

And with that, she began her quest into her fourth and final month before the draft lottery. The once fit Francine had quickly slipped into obesity. She had difficulty getting around. Most of the new weight went right to her posterior. She was now more than twice her old weight and her legs could now feel the difference in her short movements during the day. She still continued to wear knockout clothes that would always complement her buxom hourglass figure. She was getting full sized but still had all the original curves and some new ones. She was really putting away all the food and beverages that she possibly could. She remarkably never stopped.

By the night of the draft lottery, she weighed 335 pounds. A real body full of bountiful blubber all in the right places. As we watched from her apartment the early part of the program, Francine continued to each chocolate snacks and drinks milk shakes. She was also smoking quite heavily. She had a bottle of bourbon by her side. She wore a low-cut front button blouse and a full-length skirt. While seated, her tummy was really pushing against the buttons on the blouse. Her chest was heaving as she panted from all the excitement. Finally the drawing came and her number was selected. We both were stunned. Francine had been drafted. She would have a month to report to the local draft board for her physical. We decided that she should take that entire month and eat and drink herself silly to gain as much weight as possible.

"I can't (pant) believe this. Now I'll really have to try even harder to gain weight." Francine declared.

"I will put you on a half-day schedule. You can work from 10 to 3 with a lunch break. We'll call the rest of the time sick leave. I get the maid service to go full time so you won't have to lift a finger." I encouraged her.

For the last month, Francine was eating and drinking almost the entire day. Her days started with a later wake up from the maid service. Since she didn't have to be at work till 10:00 AM, the maid service person would wake her up around 8:30 AM. The maid would rouse her with a full greasy breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, donuts, toast with jelly, pancakes and coffee. The maid would even fork the food into Francine's greedy mouth so Francine would not have to expend any more energy than needed. The maid would stick Francine's cigarette into Francine's mouth and light it for her. After her large breakfast, the maid would assist Francine out of bed to the bathroom. The maid would then clean up while Francine got herself ready for the day. After Francine was showered and freshened up, the maid would assist Francine in getting first her undergarments on - underpants, bra, stockings and then plop Francine down at her makeup and hair area were Francine would then get herself dolled up. Then the maid would aid Francine in getting her clothes on followed by her jewelry. This would take at least an hour from wakeup to the time the maid would help Francine in getting her coat on. The maid would also start Francine's car for her so Francine would not have to enter a cold car. Then the maid escorted Francine to her car and Francine would drive herself to work. The maid always made sure that there were candy bars on the passenger seat for Francine to eat on the way to work.

When she entered work now, someone would have to get the door for her. She would huff and puff her way into the office. The walk from her car in the closest spot to the entrance in the parking lot to the front door was very short but for Francine, it was about the longest walk she took all day. She would then head to her office and get one of the other workers to help her take off her coat and hang it up for her. If it rained, she would expect someone to come out to her car with an umbrella and escort her in. By the time her coat came off, her entire body was heaving from the walk. Every button on her suit as well as any zippers and every strand of cloth on her clothes seemed to be straining from Francine's immense and abundant body.

After arriving at work, she would start up her computer, screen her messages and immediately start eating the snacks laid out on her desk. Her fellow office workers always made sure there were plenty of snacks for her. She would then start barking orders and having people come into her office with updates and reports. After two hours of this, I would meet her for lunch in her office. Now I always made sure she had a double meal of the most fatty offerings our shops carried. Francine would gulp it down. After lunch, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM she would eat snacks, talk on the phone, bark out orders and sit in the coach in the ladies room enjoying a smoke every half hour or so. At three she would go to her dressmaker or her hair dresser or her other appointments.

Upon completion of her afternoon appointment, Francine and I would meet as usual at a happy hour. She was now up to three pitchers of beer for happy hour(s). We would then go to an all-you-can-eat buffet were I made sure Francine was stuffed to the busting point. It would be then back to her apartment for love making and evening snacks and night caps.

Her draft physical was scheduled for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. That last weekend before the physical we had a wonderful weekend filled with food, drink and lovemaking. On Saturday night we drove to another town with a famous steakhouse. Francine dressed in a custom made low cut black sleeveless cocktail dress. She wore a new fur coat I had just bought her and had her makeup and hair done to the extreme. Francine had the largest steak on the menu served rare along with all the other fixings and three different desserts. We then went to the lounge next to the bar. Francine, as usual, got a lot of looks for her stunning appearance. We even danced a couple of slow songs which Francine could barely make it through. We then went back to her place for more food and love making. It seemed the larger she got, the more she became filled with lustfulness. That Sunday, she sat around all day eating food from various delivery places and she also drank mass quantities of beer. She did her normal half day on Monday we plenty of food to consume all day.

It was finally time for her physical. She put on some casual clothes that morning with the help of me and her maid. She wore a very tight pair of blue jeans along with a formally loose fitting sweater that now was so tight that many of her rolls of flesh could be distinguish beneath the soft fabric of the sweater.

The physical was set for 1:00 PM that day. I drove her first to an all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast near the military physical location. We stayed there over two hours into lunch as Francine ate plate after plate of fattening food.

"You can (cough), in no way (gasp) be too sure (pant)", remarked Francine.

As I lead her into the induction area, Francine got a lot of stares from the other inductees as well the administrative personnel. As she processed through the initial paperwork, she would sneak candy bars into her mouth to keep her weight gaining momentum right to the last minute. She filled out her paperwork and waited to be called.

Finally, her name came up.

"Step this way now!" Ordered the nurse.

Francine, with help from me, got out of her chair and waddled through the double doors down a long hallway. I could go no further with her and could only helplessly await the outcome.

They did several test on Francine to include height, weight, stamina, blood pressure and blood test. Francine did her about what we expected. Here are some of the results:

Height - 5' 5"

Weight - 420 pounds

Blood Pressure - High for 23 years of age

Stretching - When standing, can only touch knee caps

Addictions - nicotine

Liver - active but stressed

Body fat - beyond the normal scale

Pushups completed - zero

Sit-ups completed - zero

Time on treadmill - one minute ten seconds (had to receive oxygen to recover)

Conclusion - This person's draft status should cease. She is overweight, out of shape, addicted to food, drink & nicotine and is beyond hope of recovery. She is totally unfit for military service. This person is a 4F all the way.

When Francine got out that news she was excited. "Let's celebrate!" exclaimed Francine.

When went back to our town to her favorite bar. The pitchers of beer later we went to her favorite buffet. By this time, the jeans Francine was wearing had become too tight. Of the six-button fly buttons on the jeans, the top two were now open. When we got back to her place, I had a surprise for her. In celebration of her 4F status, I had invited her friends from college. None had seen her since graduation and thought of only the slim version of Francine. She was so excited about her 4F status and somewhat drunk that she didn't seem to care about the possible shock her friends would go through.

It was about nine when we got to her apartment. I had two of the maids there to handle the party. Ten of her friends were there as well as some of the guys from college. When they saw Francine 300 pounds heavier six months after graduation, they could not believe it. Some of them gasped. These were her workout friends, sorority sisters and old boy friends. None of them had really changed that much except Francine. She said hi to everyone and left for her bedroom. I wasn't sure what would happen next.

She emerged wearing the same pair of blue jeans but instead of her tight sweater, she emerged with a silk white blouse with blue dots that was tightened below her enormous breasts. This exposed her huge belly and tremendous love handles. She paraded around in this outfit. No one could tell that her top buttons of her jeans were undone because her belly hung over the top part of her jeans. She then plopped down on a sofa chair and began drinking more beer, smoking continually and eating anything the maids offered.

One of her workout friends, trying to get Francine to start exercising, put one of their favorite workout songs on the stereo. Francine, after being pulled up from the chair by a couple of her friends tried to do aerobics in her living room. Five of them lined up with Francine in the middle. After about 30 seconds, Francine ran out of energy and began to gasp and wheeze and slumped back into her sofa chair. She started to sweet and had to drink several beers to get herself calmed down. She had overdone it. The party lasted a little while longer and broke up with Francine saying good bye to everyone. Francine would be the talk of her friends for awhile.

Afterwards I said, "Francine, now that you have seen your friends again, I think it is time to see your family. Thanksgiving is the day after tomorrow and your sisters and folks are expecting us."

Francine gasped, "My mother has no idea. I was the perfect daughter. My sisters were so envious. Now my mother will be shocked and my sisters will gloat. Well, I don't care. I like the way I am. I have never had so much fun. Get me some sweats, a nightcap and another cigarette and let's have sex."

On the ride up to her parents, Francine was very tense. She ate the entire way as well as chain-smoked and drank beers. She looked terrific though. She was wearing a full-length trench style coat I had given her. Below that was a tailor made custom outfit. It consisted of a length pleated skirt, a white open collar blouse, and a blue sweater vest that buttoned on the side and a matching jacket. She had on boots and panty hose as well as her steel wired reinforced bra.

When we arrived at the front door and rang the bell, one of her three younger sisters answered the door. It took her a moment to recognize the new, well-endowed Francine. She was almost in shock.

Well, Karen, aren't you going to let me in? My knees are getting tired just standing here." Stated Francine.

"Yes, sure, Francine come on in." Karen replied. With that Francine led me into her parents house.

"Hey Mom, Francine is here." Shouted Karen.

Her mother, Helen, turned the corner from the kitchen into the hallway and was shocked at the size of Francine. "Francine, what happened?"

Francine declined to answer the question and made her youngest sister Karen take her coat and proceeded to find a sofa chair in sit on. She then lit a cigarette and stated, "I need an ashtray, a beer and some snacks. Hurry up!"

Her other sisters and her dad entered the living room and were also stunned by the new obese Francine. But they complied with her wishes. Introductions were made and the afternoon went smoothly. Francine explained that she had put on the weight to avoid the draft and would eventually take it off. Just not before the end of the holidays. Clearly her mother was upset, her dad was neutral and her sisters were downright happy had their perfect older sister was no longer perfect in their mother's eyes. In fact, whenever Francine ran out of beer or snacks, her sisters made sure more were available. Francine would only get up (with my help along with one of her sisters) to he go to the bathroom. As Karen or one of the other sisters would assist Francine up by grabbing one of her arms to pull her off the sofa chair, I could tell the sisters were shocked by the melon size of her flabby upper arms.

At the Thanksgiving dinner, her sisters made sure her wineglass was kept full and that she got plenty of all the Thanksgiving foods. By the time the meal was almost over, Francine had to loosen her skirt a couple of button notches. Her face was flush from all the eating. Her mother seemed distressed. For dessert, her sisters made sure Francine had a piece of each of the three pies that were prepared. Francine again had to loosen her skirt another button notch.

When we finally left that night, it looked like Francine had put on another 5 pounds if not more! We spent the night at a local hotel. The next day, after a large breakfast for Francine, we met a realtor about a new food shop location. Francine was now decked out in a stunning two piece navy blue business suit with white trim with white panty hose, striking jewelry as well as her full-length fur coat. The meeting went well and we signed a contract to purchase ground for a new location.

After the meeting, we traveled to her parent's house for lunch. This time her mother answered the door and took Francine to the kitchen table. Her mother, determined to start Francine on a diet plan, had prepared a no fat salad lunch for Francine, herself and her other daughters. Francine noticed this right away but just ate her meal. After she had finished the tiny helping she looked at her mother.

"Mother, this is not enough. I want the leftovers from last night. I also want an ashtray, and a beer while a wait." Demanded Francine.

"No Francine, you are too fat. You need to lose weight starting right away. You should go to a weight loss camp. I will look some up for you. You need to start exercising again. You also need to stop smoking and drinking so much." Her mother replied.

"Mother, (gasp) I will eat, drink, and smoke as much as I want. Now, sisters, get me what I want!"

With that all three of her sisters got up. One got her matches and an ashtray and even stuck the cigarette into the lips of Francine as well as lit the cigarette for Francine. Another got her not one beer but a six pack which Francine started to guzzle one right after the other. The third started to microwave the leftovers for Francine. All three then served Francine all the leftovers Francine could eat. Her mother was so upset she had to leave the room while her sisters were gleaming with joy that their oldest sister had both rebelled and lost favor with their overbearing mother.

We left after that. The next Saturday morning, I awoke Francine with another large breakfast. After she ate and was lying in bed in her silk nightgown, I brought in her favorite workout outfit. The tank top and shorts looked so tiny now.

Francine said, "Oh please get rid of that outfit. I don't plan on working out any time some. In fact, get rid of my entire wardrobe that no longer fits me. I just don't have the time or energy or desire to workout anymore. Between my rest time, meals, snacks, work, parties, shopping, dress fittings and beauty shops, I just can no longer find the time. Can you get me another snack? Anything sweat would be fine."

With that, I got her the snack and turned on the TV for her. The news was on. A report about females and the draft was the feature story.

"More and more drafted females are using weight gain to fail the physical. Many women are not even waiting to get the draft notice. They are gaining weight just in case their draft number is selected. Health clubs have noted a major decline in membership for women of draft age while buffet style restaurants have noted a sharp increase in younger adult female clients. The percentage of young overweight females is on the rise." Stated the somewhat plump female reporter.

We both laughed at this report and agreed that her weight gain was not yet over.

"I am having too much fun (laugh-cough)", gasped Francine.

I got rid of her old clothes and have moved her in with me. She has full time maid service and continues to grow more beautiful each day.

The End