Before the Wedding Ballooning of Barbara

By Lucky Luke
Rugged Steven Roberts new he wanted the voluptuous Barbara Lagrande the first time he laid eyes on her that hot summer night at a wild country saloon in the outskirts of Houston Texas. At that time, Steve was off from a two-month stint on an oil derrick in the Gulf of Mexico. He had plenty of spending cash and just a few days to spend it. Handsome, tanned, rugged, young and witty, Steve had come from a more refined youth than most of his lot. He could be quit the charmer. When he saw the saucy buxom blond, he moved in with all his charm and skills.

Barbara Lagrande, at this time, was a 22-year-old blond babe with shoulder length hair wearing a tight outfit that could bust at any time holding her large breast and ample rear. She loved to wear tight clothes and her jeans and blouse, while covering her body, left little to the imagination. She stoop 5'4” tall barefooted (she liked to wear heals though) and weighed 165 pounds. Just getting over a breakup and half-light up, she fell hard for the muscular Steve.

Over the next two months, Steve made a more of an effort to get back to Houston to see Barbara. He would wine and dine her and then make passionate love to her. While he kept it to himself, he wished that Barbara would go from her pleasingly chubby current weight to a much larger density. During this time, Barbara tried to keep her heaviness down, but Steve's insistence that she always order a large entrée and dessert every time they went out, along with all the candy he sent her while he was gone, caused her to put on a few more pounds.

That fall, Steve proposed and gave Barbara a very expensive diamond engagement ring. They then planned to go visit his parents in Virginia and then he would have to go away for six months for an important oil exploration project in South America. The wedding would be set in Virginia right after he got back.

Barbara secretly decided that she would lose weight while Steve was gone. She would be a slim trim bride. She planned to quite drinking, eating meat, smoking and take up exercise. She would diet like she never had before (and she really never had).

When Steve and Barbara got to the rural county in Virginia were Steve had grown up and drove up to his parent's house, she finally realized that Steve came from a wealthy family. Steve's father was a self made man and had raised Steve to do the same. Steve's Dad had shown him everything he himself had known about farming, oil jobbing and business in general. Instead of following in his fathers footsteps, Steve had earned a degree and gone out to work in oil exploration and drilling. While Steve's father respected Steve for this, Steve's mother, Sherry, thought of Steve as a rebel. Even though Steve had made something of himself, it was not what Sherry wanted. Sherry had climbed up from the bottom with Steve's father and would not go back.

As the loving couple drove up the long driveway, Barbara downed another doughnut and washed it down with a swig of whiskey from her flask. When Barbara was nervous, she tended to eat, drink and smoke even more than normal. By now Barbara was up to 175 pounds. She had not started her weight loss plan yet.

Steve's father welcomed her and respected Steve's wedding decision. Sherry, on the other hand, was shocked. How could this chubby, lower class, white trash Texan marry her only son. In private, she told Steve's father what she thought. He would have none of but Steve's two younger sisters, Sheila and Michelle, felt the same way her mother did.

Both were pretty, athletic and well on their ways to a good education. Sheila was 21 and Michelle 19.

That first night, Sherry noticed that Barbara was taking seconds and thirds at the dinner table. Sherry said, “Well Barbara, I notice that you have a wonderful appetite for our cook George's cooking. Would you care for some dessert now?”

Barbara had not noticed that anyone was watching her eat. She became a little self- conscience of how tight her dress felt (she had bought it 20 pounds ago) and what her first impression might be turning out. However, she was still hungry and George was a wonderful cook. She said, “I would love some dessert.”

At that moment, Sherry's evil brain came up with a devious plan. She would invite Barbara to stay with her family under a guise of planning together for the wedding. Her real plan was to get Barbara so fat that Steve would break up the engagement right before the wedding. The next day, at breakfast, Sherry made the offer to Barbara to stay in Virginia and plan the wedding together. Both Steve and Barbara, unaware of the real plan, accepted. Barbara flew back to Texas to tie up some lose ends and came back within a week. Steve had already left for South America. Before he left, he gave Barbara a credit card with a large spending limit.

Barbara went back to Texas, left her job, ending her lease, said goodbye to her friends and headed back to Sherry in Virginia. By this time, Sherry had let her daughters know of her plan. They were to come home from college on the weekends to help Sherry out.

Barbara was placed in a wonderful bedroom on the first floor with it's own sitting room, double walk in closets and bathroom. When she entered the room, she noticed that there was also a fully stocked bar, refrigerator and microwave. Candy boxes were stacked in the room. Sherry lied and said they were from Steve as well as the food and beer, wine and booze at the bar.

Sherry said, “Barbara, you will be too busy to work and do a lot of the things for yourself that you normally do. I have hired a servant just for you. Her name is Maria. She will take care of clean up, laundry, dry cleaning, hair appointments and everything else. She can even drive for you.”

Barbara protested, “But Sherry, I want to lose weight for the wedding. I need to be active.”

Sherry stated, “Barbara, just give Maria a week and then we can let her go. Humor Maria and me for one week. Can you do that? And then you can start your weight lose program.”

Barbara agreed and Sherry's plan went into action. Between Sherry, Maria and George, Barbara did not have to lift a finger for herself. She was fed breakfast in bed. Then at the kitchen table between breakfast and lunch, pastries were fed to her while she and Sherry went over wedding plans. At lunch, she would have a five-course meal. Then she would go to her room and watch TV and eat treats George had prepared and Maria brought in. She would go out to happy hour with Sherry at the country club and come back to a big dinner. Her portions were by far the most generous. Then at night, she would be given more food while she watched TV and called her friends back in Texas.

That first weekend, both girls came back home. They convinced Barbara to play some tennis with them at the house court. They would play doubles with Sherry. Both Michelle and Sheila giggled as Barbara huffed her way to the court. The court was only 200 yards from the house but that was the longest walk Barbara had had in over a week. Barbara barely lasted ten minutes on the court before having to retire to her room. Maria arrived on a golf cart to get Barbara back to her room. Sherry and her girls laughed. Later the girls took Barbara out to an all you can eat restaurant. Barbara was stiff from her only workout so the girls got up to get her numerous helping of all sorts of food. Barbara had to loosen the top button of her pants to keep eating. She now weighed over 190 pounds.

Each week for the next few weeks, Barbara would ask Sherry to let her do more work for herself. Sherry would tell her it would hurt Maria's feelings and Barbara would stop protesting. In fact, Barbara was getting used to actually doing less. Even though she had never had a physically demanding job, she had always worked and done her own choirs. Now with no job and Maria to take care of her, she was really letting herself go weight wise. She still kept her appearance up. She dutifully saved her legs regularly, went to get her hair, facials and nails done every week and as her dress size increased, continued to buy clothes that would just barely fit her. After a month of her lavish life style, Barbara stopped asking Sherry if she could do more.

A month after the tennis incident, the girls decided to test Barbara on her fitness again. This time it was a walk around the estate's lake. Barbara put on her only sweets that still fit and started the walk with the girls. This time, at about 200 yards, she had to stop all together. She was totally winded and placed her hands on her chubby knees gasping for air. Being sedentary for an entire month had taken its tool. She had eaten, drank and smoked her way to being totally out of shape. Again, Maria had to come get her with the golf cart. Determined not to have to work out again, Barbara had Maria throw out any clothes that could be used for workouts. Barbara would only wear stylish casual, business or eveningwear from here on out. Barbara was now at a rotund 220 pounds.

Barbara continued to eat, drink and smoke as much as she could. She had not caught on to Sherry's plan. As the months past, Sherry's hourglass figure became much more bottom heavy. Her ass was becoming much bigger. Her arms were totally flabby, as was her waist. Her beautiful face was getting softer and less defined. She continued to wear very stylish clothes that showed off her figure instead of hide it.

Two months before the wedding, the girls decided to try another fitness trick on Barbara. This time they would take her to the mall, but park as far away as they could and try to shop as many places as possible. It would be a smoke free mall also so that Barbara could not light up. They would also try to avoid the food court so Barbara would get tremendous hunger pain. That late winter day, Barbara was dress to kill. She wore long high-heeled boots, a tight long skirt and a satin white blouse with a steel support bray underneath. She had on a full-length leather jacket, leather gloves and a wide brimmed hat. Barbara was now over 300 pounds and totally out of shape. Her thighs rubbed as she walked. Luckily for Barbara, Maria had insisted on coming and had persuaded the sisters to park closer. It was still a struggle to get to the mall for Barbara. In the mall, Barbara found the first seat and sat down. She got Maria to get her something at the food court. Maria got Barbara to only one store then was able to get her out without any incidents. The sister's plan had not worked out the way they thought but they knew Barbara was totally within their mother's plan.

The last two months before the wedding were two of the most indulgent in Barbara's life. Sherry hired a second servant and cook just to plump up Barbara even more. Barbara could not stop eating. Each day was one long feeding feast. Barbara would be awaked by one her servants around nine in the morning and fed breakfast in bed. Sometimes she would not even feed herself. She would have the new servant put strips of bacon, pancakes and other delicious items in her mouth. She would also have a pot of coffee, Bloody Mary's and cigarette after cigarette. She would then be helped up and shower and put on her face. By 11 AM, she was dressed in a stylish business outfit (even though she did not work) on the weekdays or a casual dress on the weekends. At the kitchen table, she would discuss the wedding plans with Sherry and eat sweets before going out to the dinning room for a full course lunch with drinks. Barbara would then either meet with one of the wedding vendors or go to the beauty shop. Maria by this time was Barbara's travelling companion. Barbara was having difficulty getting around and depended on Maria for help. Barbara liked eating and drinking heavily at many of the local bars. She would stay out late and have to be helped home by Maria. Sherry was infuriated. Sherry resolved to get Barbara even bigger.

With the wedding only two weeks away, word came that Steve would not be back till the morning of the wedding. Sherry, aware that Barbara was already at a whopping 375 pounds, decided that Steve would be so shocked that he would call off the wedding. For insurance, she got her two daughters to spend as much time as possible to just feeding her rotund future daughter in law. Barbara ate everything they would feed her till she could eat no more. Then she would burp and continue on.

One night at the house, after downing three large pizzas and a six pack of beer and two 64-oz bottles of soda by herself, she asked Michelle, “Do you think its too late (gasp) to go (burp) on a diet and exercise program?”

Michelle just laughed and said, “Barbara, you are way too out of shape to even consider that. I don't think you could get off that couch right know without my and Maria's help.”

Barbara stated, “I could so. (Gasp) just watch me. (Huff – cough – gasp – gasp) I can so. (Burp – gasp) Well don't just watch, help me (gasp – cough – wheeze).”

By this point, Barbara was sweating and gasping for air. Every button on her front-buttoned dress was under extreme pressure. After a few moments, Barbara gave up. Then Michelle and Maria helped her up. Barbara was so blotted from her meal that the buttons on her dress, even when she stood up, were under such pressure that her skin was exposed between the button holes.

Still gasping for air, Barbara demanded, “(gasp) Maria, (cough) help me to my bed. And then get me more food and beer (huff).”

Due to the stress of the wedding, as well as the efforts of Steve's female relations and Barbara's own gluttonous ways, Barbara put on another 28 pounds the last two weeks before the wedding. For the 20th time, Barbara got her wedding dress altered.

The day before the wedding, Steve returned. Sherry made sure Steve did not see his 400-pound plus mountain of gelatinous, quivering fat bride to (not be in Sherry's mind) be the day he returned from South America. On the day of the wedding, only Maria helped Barbara get ready. Since Barbara was so helpless, Maria put in a commendable effort. Helping the lazy bloated Texas wench get up from bed, Maria made sure Barbara was well fed and bathed. Maria then helped Barbara with her undergarments. These included panties, a steel wired low cut bra, and a custom made corset that, at best, held her stomach higher and white panty hose. Then Maria helped Barbara get her beautiful dress over the vast expanses of Barbara's large breasts, huge hips, immense ass and heavenly extensive thighs. Maria affixed Barbara's white hat to her head and placed her white shoes on her chubby feet. Barbara groaned as Maria helped her up to her feet.

Barbara, taking her last drinks, cakes and smokes before the wedding, put a strain on her wedding outfit. Finally, the ceremony began. Steve's father escorted his bloated future daughter in law down the aisle. Barbara gasped and wheezed down toward her fiancée using Steve's dad for all the support her could give.

Rugged, handsome Steve could not believe his eyes. His busty, plump fiancée was now a full breasted, beautifully fat, fair skinned maiden. Steve's eyes met Barbara and he new he had made the right choice. A few minutes later, the rock bodied Steve married the flabby Barbara. Steve helped Barbara back from the front of the church. Sherry passed and was helped out by her daughters.

Steve made his fortune in the oil industry and made love to Barbara ever chance he got. Barbara continued to eat, drink and smoke in vast quantities and continued to gain weight and become more sedentary. Sherry never really recovered which was Barbara's greatest revenge.