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A True Story (for the most part)
By GeorgiGrrl@aol.com

Still unsure of her abilities as a writer, the young author was sure of one thing. It's very difficult if not impossible to write about something that one knows nothing about. If you don't know anything about the subject, then you have to study it. Research it. And that's just what she'd have to do.

Honestly, her weight belied how much she ate. To look at her chubby size 12 (Ha! If she sucked in her belly) frame, and then at the amounts she ate and the frequency of her meals, one would wonder how she stayed as chubby as she did. She felt good about herself though. Looking in the mirror, she liked what she saw, but not too much, stopping short of conceit. Curling blonde hair, striking blue eyes. Facial features perhaps a tad too sharp, but it gave character.

When she received the assignment, it puzzled her at first. How could she even begin to write a paper on severe over consumption? While her thin friends were on their second or third helpings when they all went out to eat, she could barely finish her first. For a couple of days, she talked to them about it, and they all shrugged it off. They didn't realize that they ate all that much. So much for that. She'd have to find out for herself.

When thinking about what she could eat a lot of, she had to think about what her favorite thing to eat was. What could she eat a lot of? What was it that no matter how much she ate, she still wanted to keep tasting, so could inevitably be coaxed into 'just one more bite'? A smile crept over her face, and she mumbled to herself, "Cheesecake." Wasting no time, as she had the whole evening to herself, she headed out to the nearest Tippins.

Some while later, she returned to her silent home with the Tippins bag containing a 12 inch cheesecake. She had gotten plain, as she feared that toppings would cause her not to be able to finish her experiment. And she had already determine that she would indeed see this experiment to it's end. Grabbing a fork, she toted her bag off to the further solitude of her bedroom, and shut the door.

Removing the cheesecake from the bag, she sat on her bed, pillows propped up behind her back, and removed the plastic cover from the cheesecake. It smelled so good. So creamy. She had eaten dinner almost two hours ago, so she hoped that was enough time to digest most of the meal; a single serving lasagna. The first bite was heaven. It revived her taste buds, and made her remember just how much she loved the taste of cheesecake. It was sweet, but without extra toppings, not too sweet. And she loved the way it felt in her mouth. No actual chewing required. Just roll it around on your tongue, tasting it for as long as you like, and swallow. Mmm. More.

She dug into the cheesecake with fervor, filling the fork's tines to capacity with each bite, and soon, she had finished 1/4 of the cheesecake when she began to slow. Approximately three slices. She was beginning to feel full. If she had thought of this earlier, she wouldn't have eaten dinner. Taking a deep breath, she resumed eating, shoveling the cheesecake past her lips quickly. The faster she ate, the more that she'd be able to get into herself before she felt too full to go on. She had been trying to count the number of bites that she was taking, but she lost count.

Wiping at her lips with a fingertip, she looked at the cheesecake, feeling rather exhausted. What? This just wasn't possible! She'd been shoveling long enough to have eaten two cheesecakes, and the damned thing was only 2/3 gone! She almost threw the fork, but just slammed her fist into the softness of the bed instead, making her belly jiggle. Ungh! She was full! She hadn't noticed it yet, but her belly felt really weighed down. Usually very soft, the rounded little bulge obstructed her view of her pubes. It was working! And turning out to be not an unpleasant research experience. She grinned what her friends called teasingly her dumb blonde smile, or her 'cat that ate the canary' look. She was pleased with herself. Until she looked back into the cake plastic cake plate, and saw the last of the cheesecake there. About four pieces. Ughh. How was she going to pull this off?

Her answer to herself-force it down. Dropping the fork in the lid of the cake plate, she picked up the remainder of the cheesecake in both hands, and pushed it toward her mouth. She began trying to chew and swallow quickly, but that wasn't working. She'd get gagged. So after just a couple of bites of that, she had to stop. She was going to have to get the last of this down by slow, laboriously chewed bites.

The huge hunk of cheesecake was brought to her lips, and she bit off as much as she could chew. A huge mouthful of cheesecake. She didn't even bother to wipe off the cheesecake smearing her rounded cheeks. Her tummy made a loud noise that reminded her of the noise that 'Lard Ass'' stomach on the movie "Stand By Me" had made just before he lost it on the smart-ass next to him. But she pushed the cake back to her lips. In her mind's eye, she could see the lumps of cheesecake making their way down her throat, and packing themselves into the pit of her stomach. Suddenly she had a comical flash of a couple dozen little tiny workers running nilly-willy around inside her, trying to escape her stomach area, and the foreman of the bunch yelling, "Move it out, boys! She's gonna blow!" As they escaped her, and ran across the bed, she grabbed one by the back of his shirt collar, an overweight bear-type, and dangled him above her lips, flickering her tongue out at his boots before dropping him into her gaping mouth. The loud gurgle of her gut brought her back into reality. Where had that little fantasy come from? Looking at the gooey hunk in her hand, she had maybe a piece and a half to go, she guessed. She scooted against the pillows, laying herself back some. Her belly was making a little dome.

She had to talk herself into eating. "C'mon! You've eaten two pieces of cheesecake LOTS of times before!" She quipped back to herself, "Yeah, but not after eating the whole rest of the cheesecake!" She smoothed one hand over her belly after wiping the cheesecake goo off onto a napkin. The feeling was surprisingly electric. Much to her embarrassment, it seemed that every nerve in her distended belly skin was attached directly to her clit. While pondering this, she resumed eating the cheesecake, running her hand over her belly, dipping her finger into the deep recess of her belly button, and down to pass lightly over her gorged, fat pussy lips. It made the eating easier. And it made her wetter. She had been surprised to find herself already quite wet.

Her finger went automatically to the stiff little rosy knob of her clit. Her back arched as if stretching her belly outward to pop. A minute into this little deviation, she was eating without thinking. The fullness of her belly was pushing her clit outward. Making it hard, getting ready to pop it. So, fill that belly fuller, and it'll make your clit pop. She didn't even realize that her mind had made that connection. She wasn't thinking about it, just about making herself explode. She found herself shoving the last of the cheesecake into her mouth, and not even bothering to wipe her hand, those fingers went directly to her heavy tits, fingers gooey with cheesecake, pinching around a nipple. This heightened her feeling just enough, and pushed her over the edge into a hard cum. Oh, she truly was popping! Exploding, long and hard.

The cum left her completely exhausted. Taking one last glance at her belly, she drifted rather quickly off into sleep, the vision of herself as a grunty full piglet wafting through her mind before sleep overtook her. She hadn't been asleep long when her friend slipped in the front door. She didn't hear them at all when they crept to her bedroom with bags of fast food.

"Good lord, lookit that gut!" one friend whispered to the other, unable to resist poking the sleeping girl's belly. "She's already eaten! Should we not go through with this?" She held up her three bags of McDonald's. The other friend's eyes were sparkling. "Are you kidding? We have to go through with it now! Just a couple of pieces of cheesecake doesn't equal over consumption!" She took a burger from the bag, unwrapped it and sat down on the bed beside her friend. Poking the burger at the sleeping piglet's lips, she snickered, "Open up!"