Sarah, The Best Nude Model
by: Chubbybelly

      Allie hurried to close the page of her web browser with weight gain fiction she has been staring at for the last half hour as Sarah walked in the room.

The girl had boxers on and a bra. Her belly pushed out her boxers a little and her sides bulged just a bit but it was enough for her to frown as she stood by the mirror.

"I bet David thinks I'm fat. He made that nasty comment this morning when he said my skirt was too tight on me."

"You mean that green mini? It looks great on you, it's supposed to be tight."

"Gosh I know, I wore it for him! He used to get so horny every time he saw me in that before, but then my stomach was flat. Look at this gut!" -- Sarah brushed her hands along the sides and lower part of her belly giving it a light squeeze, making it more prominent.

Allie was getting a little turned on. She loved it when Sarah whined about gaining weight and that same night they'd go out for pizza or try out a new restaurant in the city. The two had been roommates for such a long time that they became buds, and very close too. At first Sarah would get jealous of the attention Allie got from guys. The short chubby brunette with wavy beautifully shiny cascading hair and hazel eyes attracted a lot of attention and Sarah did not know why guys didn't find her rather overweight. Her dates would stare at Allie when they came to pick up Sarah, but their attention was back on the pretty blonde once she would come out in her sexy outfit, her blue-green eyes sparkling, all ready to go. Sarah was an hourglass, with proportional C size breasts, a cute pot belly, plump ass and round hips that she used quite well to get a guy's attention. She used to not have that belly, just when she moved in as a freshman a year ago. Now the effects of living on her own and eating irresponsibly were visible.

      Allie turned back to her computer and yelled out to Sarah who was in the other room, "hey, we are still going to that Italian place tonight, right? I mean I understand if you want to spend tonight with David, we can do the restaurant some other night."

"Oh, no don't worry. I might as well eat all I can tonight and start on my cabbage soup diet tomorrow, so by Valentine's I'll be thin again. It is in like three weeks."

Sarah was far from thin but Allie even farther.  Allie smiled to herself, she doubted Sarah would really be serious about losing the weight she had gained in the past few weeks. It was only about 15-20 pounds but she only was going up and her belly was showing every gram of it.

      The night started out quite well. Sarah had gotten flowers from David with a note that he was sorry for making her upset that morning and she was in a good mood now as she came down the stairs to Allie's car parked outside. Sarah was wearing the same tight green mini she wore just this morning and a white tank top with a see through blouse.  She was barely able to zip up the skirt and now struggled to pull up the waist band of her panties over her bulging stomach to make it look flatter. Four inch flats added height and made her look somewhat thinner.

Allie was just wearing tight black pants that looked good on her soft body and a quarter sleeve black shirt with a low cut V neck and a spiked necklace. Both girls' hair was down and make up highlighted their pretty eyes.

      15 minutes later they were seated down at a table for two, non smoking room waiting for their orders.  They both ordered enough food for four grown men and now Sarah was trying to count all the calories she would eat, but soon gave up. 

Garlic bread and garlic sticks, lasagna of four kinds, pasta and a medium pizza with mushrooms and green peppers as well as a special sauce were brought to them later and a chocolate dessert was promised to be delivered to their table once they were done with the main course. 

      An hour later the two beauties still were not done with their food, when a tall, dark skinned handsome man came up to their table.

"Hello, my name is Michael. I could not help noticing you miss," he turned to Sarah. "I am a photographer and a painter and right now I really need a live model. You seem to be perfect. I pay thirty dollars an hour, sometimes I would need you to be nude, but that's just what I do. You can bring anyone you want to these sessions, I don't mind as long as they don't distract yourself or me. Do you think you'd be interested?"

Sarah did not know what to say. The handsome stranger just gave her so much information all at once that it was difficult to comprehend at once; she could barely speak because of how full her belly felt. The zipper was undone a while ago and she sat in a position where she was hiding her swollen rounded stomach under the table, having slid down in her seat. "Uhh.. I do not know.. mmm... well.. what about I discuss it... with my friend, will get back to you?..." She was visibly excited, yet did not understand what it is the man found appealing about her looks. And the whole offer was so spontaneous and unexpected. 

"Miss... ?"

"Sarah" she replied.

"Uh huh... Sarah, I think you have a very lovely feminine shape," Sarah thought she felt his cool touch on her soft belly under the table, it almost touched the table as she breathed in. His hand seemingly caressed her warm flesh and she became uncomfortable with strange men touching her fat stomach. Sarah moved over a bit and his hand slipped off her body.

Michael left his number on his business card that Sarah stuck in her purse and took out two hours later at home. The two girls finished the food, even the medium pizza and their soda drinks that got at least 3 refills each.  Allie tried to talk Sarah into calling Michael the same night.

"damn, the boy is gorgeous -- that dark chestnut wavy hair, green eyes, that body... ohh, and he will pay you thirty bucks an hour to stand there naked in front of his eyes? Pick up that phone, girl, call him."

      Sarah ended up calling Michael three days later, she decided some extra cash would be nice and she doesn't even have to do much for it. Of course he remembered her.

The next night they had a meeting in his studio, a try out of a sort for Sarah.

"Now, Sarah, please take off your clothes in the room behind that green door and come in as you would in your natural state." The beautiful guy smiled.

Sarah had no reason to say no, after all she knew he would want to draw her naked. She took off the loose khaki pants first finding her belly pushing out of her panties that she took off next.      

      When she was completely nude, she turned around to look in a full length mirror. Her belly looked plump and was prominent, shaking with every step. Her belly button was deep and dark, her skin was beautifully light with no stretch marks or visible hairs. On her belly the skin was especially smooth and soft. Her breasts were full and looked nice with her dark nipples hardened because of the cool air of the room. Thighs, hips and her ass were as if from an ancient Greek goddess's body. Sarah's body was soft, most fat in her belly. She shivered a little and thought of the beautiful green eyes that were soon to expect her fat body.

      Sarah sucked in her belly without much results showing and walked out into the studio. Michael asked her to sit down in a chair under the lights equipment and positioned her with words and light touches. He told her to relax because she would have to stay in that position for a while. He lightly slapped her belly saying she needed to relax every muscle in her body. The girl turned red and let her belly relax. It was so round and fat that Michael asked with a smile if she won't get tired of sitting up in that position. Sarah laughed, "No, I am not pregnant, just fat".  It was Michael's turn to get color in his face "gosh I am so sorry, I did not know, no, you are just perfect for my art, I am sorry. I am going to start taking pictures now."

He put her in several other positions and took about ten pictures every time. In every shot, her belly was prominent and very well visible, it's roundness enriched by the lighting. About half way through the hour he made the girl drink about half a gallon of water and her belly ballooned up. Closer to the end she had to finish the gallon. She could just barely fit the last few gulps. She looked about 7 months pregnant now and could only stay in a position laying down. Her belly looked very stretched to the limit, it was huge. Michael came over to rub it for her and she moaned softly in pleasure and relief.

      Sarah found herself getting wet and very excited by his touch. She started masturbating almost every night in her bed, rubbing her fat belly against the sheets, pillows, using her own hands, and thinking of Michael. David was long gone, down in history.  She broke up with him almost as soon as she constantly started working as a nude model for Michael. The artist also introduced her to other photographers and artists and soon she established a very good reputation among the artists as a beautiful, flexible and affordable model to do nudes. She was going to sessions almost every night, the rest of the time she and Allie would go to different restaurants, often times meeting Michael and his friends there. Never again did the girls have to pay for their food or drinks. Both now had dates very often. Sarah and Michael seemed to not be able to take their eyes off each other at any time of night or day when they were together, at work or with friends, but they were not at all official yet. Allie believed it was a matter of time. The chubby brunette, herself had a very reliable, stable handsome boyfriend now. Jeff was an athlete, he was also very well read, an extremely intelligent young man. The beauties' lives were fun with an existing love life, fun jobs, good food at any time, this was all the two had ever wanted.

      "Dear, there is an art show coming up, I would like you to participate in it as a model" Michael just finished positioning Sarah on the table among beautiful fruit and fattening looking bread and now was adjusting the lights. "Umm... one things is me showing off for you, in private, another is putting myself on display for hundreds of people, you know I am insecure about my body, I would have to spend years in the gym before I can take my clothes off in public." Sarah pouted, she looked down on her naked body, her chubby belly sticking out a few inches forward, swollen from below her tits, to her dark trimmed pubic hair.  Her milky skin glowed, as always smooth, perfect. "No, baby, this is the show for you. They pay well, and most of the models will be your size or close to that."

What Michael did not tell her, was that most of the models who were going to be present at the show were pregnant.

      Sarah had been working out all week before the show, especially she tried to do as many crunches as she could in that damn aerobics class. Every time she would try, she would feel her belly rolls in the way, she could barely lift her head and she could never of course look at her feet if she simply laid down on her back. Almost every night Allie and Michael would take Sarah out to nice places and when she would order a salad, they did not mind, but stuffed her with all the food they ordered extra. By the end of the night she had to hold her belly while walking back to the car and lean into Michael's arms as not to fall. Falling asleep with his big hands groping her soft yet firm belly, his hard body tight against hers.

       A few weeks went by and in just three days Sarah was to appear at the art show represented by Michael, both her photographer and her agent. As much as she struggled to get some weight off, she weighed more now than she had ever before. She didn't expect it, but right after Michael told her about the exhibition he started involving food into their photo sessions. He would shoot some of the film right as she came into the studio, then feed her to the point of bursting with pastries, soda and ice cream and whatever else she could want, then shoot another few rolls of film. She never knew where those pictures went. She has seen only a small quantity of them and never the results in any magazines or shows but Michael needed her more often in his studio, although he saw her every night even if they didn't have a session scheduled. Sarah was close to 180 pounds. She stopped pouting at the site of her belly rolls in the mirror. Instead she liked to play with her belly and squeeze it when thinking of Michael late at night in her bed. She did not want anyone else. He was perfect for her, yet he still hasn't asked her officially out. Hell, they haven't even kissed yet. True he loved to put his hands on her, but he also paid her for it. Sarah was so confused, she didn't know what to think. She was sure she was in love with Michael. 

      The beautiful blonde woke up, slammed her alarm and putting her feet into the wrong slippers waddled to the bathroom to wash her face. She got on the scale that cold heartedly told her "197lb" "GODAMMIT I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!"

Sarah clenched her teeth "I won't take a single crumb of bread in my mouth until I am down to my old 135!!"  But the show was today and as much as Sarah wished to stay indoors until she looses at least 20 pounds, she could not possibly do that. She was scheduled at the show. They already paid her a thousand to appear and she couldn't just not go. She just hoped they'd throw her out when they see what fat cow they requested for their nude model show. She ran to call Michael and cried as soon as she heard his sexy voice in the phone she pressed tight against her ear .

"Hello?...Sarah? Are you crying? What happened, darling? Tell me!"  "Michael... I can't appear on the show, I am so fat, the scale says 197 fucking pounds," she sobbed "do you think there could be something wrong with the scale?"

Michael was going to laugh, he got very excited at the mentioning of one number. Her voice was magnificent even when she was crying and sobbing. He rethought the laughing, "umm, sweetie, you are beautiful as can be. I saw you two nights ago, remember? if something was wrong with your body I would've told you already."

      Soon Sarah hung up with her beautiful photographer.  She sobbed and rubbed her belly to check if it was the same as yesterday. It looked plump and swollen, but that is the way it has looked for so long that she couldn't tell if something happened overnight. How strange, she felt fatter but wasn't. The scale gave her a disgustingly high number but of course she couldn't be sure of how long her weight has been that high. The last time she weighed herself was at 178 a few weeks ago. She decided she could not help it right away and had a few pancakes with syrup and sweetened tea with toast and butter before she dressed in a light stretchy Ck dress and some flats. What was the difference anyway, she would have to take it off when she got to the art exhibition in a half an hour. On the way the beauty gave up on ways of how to lose the weight. Instead she stopped at Baja Fresh and ate a few quesadillas with beef and chicken. They were huge, she took the fourth one to go and ate it in the car. By the time she got to the building in Santa Monica she could barely sit straight, her belly stretched the dress and was as visible as if she was about 8 months pregnant, except that her belly button was deep and the dress showed it. Her panties didn't hold up her soft globular flesh and it shook with her every step.  Her belly protruded in front of her, she couldn't see her feet already and when she bumped into a tall cute boy at the entrance, belly first into his arm, he gave her a disgusted look.  

     As she finished the flight of stairs her breathing was heavy, her big belly moving and the girl at the reception desk asked if she needed any help. The girl was skinny, wearing a short skirt and a white blouse, showing off her long shapely legs and small round breasts. Her curly red hair was scattered on her shoulders and she was obviously bored.  Her blue eyes wandered all over Sarah's chubby body and stopped at her huge swollen stomach with amazement. She was going to say something but Sarah looked at her icily and the girl closed her mouth.  Sarah gave the redhead her last name and the card of her representative -- Michael. The skinny girl told Sarah to walk through the hall and undress in room 102, then put on a robe and head to the studio. Then the girl's eyes stopped on Sarah's belly once again "Finally artists started to recognize the beauty of a pregnant woman. I was so excited when I first found out, and all the other girls are so nice, they are all at different stages, you are going to love them."  The redhead was just trying to be nice, but her words shocked Sarah. She blushed and hurried through the hall with a quick "thanks, that's nice of you."  For the second  time that morning poor girl was crying. Michael never told her all the models were pregnant. She felt so fat and ugly, she wasn't going to come out of her room. Just lock herself in, and never see Michael again.      

      Sarah opened her eyes and weakly asked "who's there?" as someone persistently knocked on the door of the small dressing room. She had been crying naked on the chair and fell asleep.  Michael answered "dear, open up. You have been in there for so long, I just arrived, in ten minutes you have to take your position in the studio, everyone else is ready." Like always he talked so fast.  She could detect notes of desperation and worry in his voice now . "Sarah, please" he said when she didn't answer. She remembered her pain and started crying again, loudly sobbing.

Michael just happened to have an extra key to the lock. He opened the door and seeing his most beautiful nude model crying on the floor, his coat fell out of his arms and he hugged the girl by her shoulders. He noticed how full her belly looked. It stuck out and touched her upper thighs in the position she was.  It looked hard and smooth, her skin very stretched over her fat belly.  Sarah looked up in his face for a second and noticed his admiring eyes on her naked body. She held her belly in her hands now, her palms of course not big enough to cover the large area of her stomach. "Stop staring at me!!" she yelled, "you never told me that everyone else in this show will be pregnant, how could you do that to me? Am I that fat? Do I look pregnant? DO I??? Answer!" Sarah sobbed hiding her pretty face in her hands, having let go of her belly.

Michael sat down next to her, his right hand fell on her belly and the other all around her waist meeting his right one at Sarah's side. He leaned close to her ear and the scent of her skin and hair hit him strongly, he felt happier than ever to be with her. Now he had a chance to hold her and comfort her.

He whispered, "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. The day I met you at that restaurant I became a photographer. I thought this kind of beauty had to be reproduced. I have always liked art, but it never has been my profession. I was a  dancer for seven years, then I fixed computers at a community college, worked for the government just a little. But thanks to you, now I found my passion and my destiny -- art. I will never stop practicing photography or painting. You are my inspiration, my muse. This exhibition will give you fame and money, both of us. You gave me a chance for accomplishing something. Sarah, there are no words to express how grateful I am. You have done so much for me... " He looked at her pleadingly, with love.

The girl was stunned. She has been staring at Michael with a suspicion the whole time, but now she just threw her arms around his neck and pressed her naked body close to his. She felt his strength and warmth. Suddenly she was immensely happy. Suddenly she didn't feel ugly anymore. Actually Michael always made her feel like she was the most beautiful woman on the planet and in the whole universe. She washed her face and put on a blue robe to match her perfect eyes.   

      The exhibition was over, Sarah had some wine to drink and a few grapes, but the table with snacks was full and heavy with rich fattening food. Croissants, butter, fruit and ice cream, juicy meat, cheeses of any kind. Almost all the models went home. There was Alice standing by the chicken with it's leg in her hand and Katherine putting her left foot through a pant leg. Kristine was having trouble buttoning her blouse, her belly was huge. The tall thin brunette was due any day now.

      Soon all the girls were gone. Sarah was all by herself in the huge studio and a table full of food. She gorged herself on the sweet juicy meats, salty cheeses, sugary pastries and rich vanilla ice cream  soda floats. By the time she was done with about half of the food that was laid out on the table, she couldn't move. She leaned back in her chair and put her hands on her fat body. Her belly looked like an overblown basketball. She has never seen it so big before. It stuck out four inches in front of her and was her only body part she could see right now.  She stuck her finger in her belly button, it was deep, up to her second knuckle.  Lightly she slapped her belly with her hand and watched the ripples move across it. She stood up, which took up half of the energy that was left in her and walked a few steps forward, her belly bounced up and down. She put her hands underneath it and held it in place. Now she could feel it's weight pressing down on her fingers with every step. Her belly looked stretched to its limits. She lowered herself back down in a chair.

"Playing around ?"

She almost jumped in her seat, "Michael!" Sarah was obviously embarrassed. She was totally naked, her chest and belly a bit messy with powdered sugar and cherry jam from the pastries. Her gut was swollen and huge from all the food. Michael came over and patted it "I see you are having fun, look at that belly! How did you make it  so fat? The last time I seen you, your belly was half that size."  Sarah was looking down at her body, she pressed down on his hand that squeezed her warm fleshy belly, his other hand stroked it from the other side. He grabbed her belly and pulled towards himself. Her body bent under his strong hands and she put her weight onto him. She could already feel his masculinity swelling in his pants.

      Sarah wasn't able to do anything without his help. She collapsed in his hands and they both softly fell to the carpeted floor. She unbutton his shirt and kissed his muscular hairy chest with dark nipples, his upper arms and washboard abdomen.

His hands were working all over her full belly and hard nipples of her plump breasts. Their tongues connected and melted in each other's mouths. When he finally gently pushed his hard flesh into her wetness she screamed of delight and he whispered "I love you".