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A Look in the Mirror
Part One

I hope you enjoy this story. It is the first I have ever put out for public viewing. Feel free to email me at: brain_dead_head@yahoo.com with any comments.

It was earlier October. The leaves were just beginning their annual change. Football season was in full swing. The temperature was dropping and winter was just around the corner. Sara woke up to the buzzing of her alarm, groggy and unexcited for another week of college life. College had quickly become a routine for Sara; study, eat, party, hangout, study some more and every so often sleep.

At 7:30 a.m., the freshman dorm was just coming to life. The early risers were hustling to and from the bathroom, exchanging blurry eyed greetings. Sara hustled to the bathroom to make sure she got hot water. She showered quickly, took care of her morning needs and returned to her room. Like most freshmen in college, she had shown up bright eyed and full of energy for what would be the life changing experience known as college. Instead, she had found more routine and basically the same people she had known in high school, just with different faces. She had a small group of friends that she spent most of her free time with, she had a study group for her more difficult classes and she lived her life going from day-to-day without paying much attention to the world around her.

Once back inside her small single dorm room Sara began to absent-mindedly dress as she flipped through her day planner. She had been vaguely aware of her that her close had been shrinking, but it had never made much difference to her. She was aware of the “Freshman 15,” but at 130 lbs a few extra pounds wouldn't kill her. Today was the first day that her pants actually merited concern. She couldn't button them. She pulled up her shirt so that she could examine the problem more closely. She sucked in her tummy, pulled the tabs towards each other as hard as she could, but to no avail. Again she tried and again the same result. Surprised at the situation she let her tummy out and look up at her herself in the mirror.

It's interesting how long one can go and never really see themselves. They see the person they were a few years ago, or what they think they should look like, good or bad. Often in life, when you really look in a mirror, you're confronted with a stranger. Sara now stood face to face with a stranger in her mirror. It looked like Sara but, for lack of a better term, softer. Her rounded soft pink tummy poked out of her jeans. Sara slowly rotated to find a much fuller butt in the mirror then she ever remembered having. Slowly, with her eyes fixed the mirror, Sara slid out of her jeans and pulled her shirt off. Inch by inch Sara examined what she saw in the mirror. Her tights were rounder then she could remember, not a lot bigger, but enough to notice. Her tummy was now rounded and pushed the top of her undies down so that they seemed to sag just a little. Her butt was rounder and fuller with a cleft at the bottom of each check. Her breasts now completely filled their bra, with pink flesh bubbling over the top. Even her shoulders were more rounded. Her chin had not escaped either. It showed the very slight beginning of a second layer.

Inside Sara's head the voice of her diet-crazed Aunt told her that she was disgusting. That she had let herself go and that no one would ever want her. Sara loved her Aunt, but did not share her hatred of fat. Sara's mother was a bigger women who constantly got nagged by her sister to lose weight, telling how much happier she would be when she did. It surprised Sara that this was the voice her mind now judged her with. Calmly, she cleared her mind and searched for her own voice. After reexamining herself and her reflection, she found she liked what she saw. Her tummy was cute in a teddy bear sort of way. She liked the way her thighs had filled out, and her softer face made her feel young and cute. Her butt and breast were a different matter. Sara thought that they looked hot at their new improved size. Something about her breasts straining to burst free from her bra and expanded ass made her feel more womanly.

“My scale!” Sara exclaimed. She had forgotten that she even owed it. It had been a graduation gift from her Aunt. It had come with a note that said, “Watch out for that freshman 15.” Sara reached under her bed and found her scale that had been collecting dust since the start of college. With a deep breath, she stepped on the scale. The numbers jumped and span, unhappy about being awoken from their long slumber. The pointer came to rest on 147. “Well,” Sara said aloud, “Hello freshman 15.”

Sara stepped off the scale and started dressing. She found a pair of pants that had always been loose, but now fit well. As she was lacing up her shoes, there was a knock at the door. “Sara, you almost ready? We have to get doing if we're going to get breakfast before class,” called out a voice from the other side of the door.

“I'm ready, Colleen,” Sara answered to the familiar voice. Colleen and Sara had become fast friends during the first few days of college. They were both from the same home town. They both shared some friends, but had never met before the first day of orientation. Colleen was thin with a face most men would kill for. She had eyes that seemed mystical and old even though she was only 18. At 5'6” she was the perfect image of beauty. Sara was not jealous of Colleen accept for her height. At 5'3” Sara always felt a little stumpy. “Where are Ann and Liz?” Sara asked as she opened her door.

“They left a few minutes ago. They got tired of waiting for you,” Colleen responded with a smile.

As Colleen and Sara made their way across campus Sara mind stayed tightly focused on her new girth. She had to do something, she told herself. Her eating habits were not very good, and she had not been nearly active enough. She didn't feel any real need to lose weight. Just to maintain. Once inside the cafeteria the usual display of mid-range quality foods were laid out for the picking.

“It may not be top notch, but at least you don't have to worry about starving,” remarked Colleen.

“That's just what I was thinking,” Sara responded.

Sara picked up her usual plate of eggs, sausage and a glass of juice. As she approached the desert tray she instantly began to reach out but stopped herself. “This is what I have to cut out,” she said under her breath. Then, almost without thinking, she reached out and grabbed a doughnut. “Today is no day to start a diet,” she explained to no one.

The group of friends assembled at their usual table. A quiet booth near the front of the dinnng hall, near a long divider wall, which gave them a good view of the rest of the room. The four girls sat, ate and chatted about this and that. They complained about up coming tests and hard classes. They talked about the guys they had met, wanted to meet, and had already picked out china patterns for. Throughout the conversation, Sara could not take her mind of the figure in the mirror. It looked so soft and round. Feminine yet powerful. As time passed, the girls, one by one, excused themselves and made their way to their respective classes. Sara found herself alone at the table, staring at her empty plate. She had begun to rub her hands along her belly, feeling its softness. Again she had to snap herself back to reality. She was going to be late for class. After returning her tray to the dish rack, she walked out past the desert tray. Suddenly, without explanation, something inside her told her that she was not done eating. Without a word, she grabbed two more fruit-filled doughnuts on the way out.

Sara's body suddenly attacked as if it were on auto-pilot. Before she could talk herself out of eating them, they were gone. It gave her the strangest little rush to know that she was over-eating. She felt naughty and mischievous. This was not the biggest surprise to Sara. She also felt warmth emanating from her suddenly wet pussy.

Sara's first class of the day dragged as she sat at her computer. She found herself staring out the window, not at the changing leaves, but at the slight reflection of her face in the window. She imagined her face rounded and full, with huge extra chins. As class plodded on Sara dreamed of having big full breasts that sat comfortably on her huge stomach. She fantasized that her butt was now so large that it engulfed her tiny chair. She dreamed of legs so fat that they were the size of a regular person's waist. She imagined sitting in the dining hall, gorging without a care. Bursting from her close, shoveling food into her mouth as classmates brought her more to eat. Sara's mind wandered to a place that it had never been before nor had she imagined existed inside her.

“Sara! Sara, come back to Earth, Sara.” Sara awoke from her dream.

“What? What's going on?” She responded in a dazed state.

John, the boy she shared a desk with, smiled and said, “Class is over. Its time to go.”

“Oh crap, I really got my money's worth out of that, didn't I?”

“You were really zoned out. Are you all right?”

“I'm fine,” Sara smiled, “I guess my mind just had better places to be today.” And stranger, she said to herself.

As Sara began to move, she discovered another surprise. She was soaking wet. Her pussy was in agony. It longed for some attention. Lucky for Sara her next class was not for another hour. Quickly, she raced home and undressed in front of the mirror. She was entranced by her fat hips and round butt. Her fuller breasts excited her. The pink, soft mound that was now her stomach intrigued her. What she found most exotic, and frightening, was her sudden preoccupation with further growth. She ran her hands along her breast; across her engorge nipples, rubbing them. Sara's mind took her from her dorm room back to her fantasy of the dining hall. In her mind's eye, she found herself sitting at her table stuffing herself. Her stomach bulged out to her knees. She dreamed of breasts the size of volley balls. As she ate her body continued to inflate. Without real thought Sara's hand drifted down to her moist pussy. She began to run her fingers along the outer lips of her vagina. The instant her fingers entered her body, her nostril filled with that warm, salty smell of her juices, the smell of sex. She moved backwards and leaned back into bed, never taking her eyes from the mirror and the soft, jiggly image that inhabited it. Her breathing began to shorten as she aggressively rubbed her hands across her excited clit. In her mind she was blowing up like a balloon. She imagined herself bursting from her clothes. She watched the front of her belly disappear from sight as she filled the inside of herself with food.

Her orgasm hit like a spring thunderstorm. Sara shuddered and gasped as her figures put the finishing touches on what had been a strange morning. Afterwards, Sara laid in bed with only her sweat and the odor of sex in the room. After a few minutes she gathered herself and began to dress. She was almost late for class again. “Well, that burned a few calories,” she said to herself with a chuckle. Dressed and ready, she booked to class.

Class was a breeze and after her late morning workout Sara had no trouble concentrating. Before she knew it, it was lunch time. Sara walked briskly toward the dining hall, her mind now pre-occupied by class, social life and tests. She drifted through the lines grabbing her usual fare, making small talk with passing friends but hardly aware of her surroundings. This dream-like state lasted well into her friends' usual conversations about college life. It was a comment from Colleen that returned her to reality.

“What was that?” Sara asked.

“I just said that it must be hard to be that big,” repeated Colleen.

Suddenly Sara felt self conscious, “That big, who?” she asked timidly.

“Kara. You know, the girl down the hall from you.” Colleen said as she pointed with her nose and a tilt of the head.

“I bet she hates college,” commented Anne, who could be called truly tiny, and with her energy level she was never going to have to worry about fat. “No social life or anything.”

“I don't know," Sara responded, surprisingly defensively. “I have seen her at some parties.”

The conversation continued back and forth for a while but then drifted to new subjects. Sara found herself eyeing Kara's bulk from across the room. She must weigh 300 pounds, Sara thought to herself. Sara began to imagine how soft Kara's belly must be. How she jiggled and bounced when she walked. Sara wondered if her fat made her breasts more sensitive. As Sara's mind ravished Kara's body, Sara's pussy began to awaken and lubricate its self. Again, Sara felt the same desire as this morning, not to have Kara, but to be Kara. A voice deep inside Sara urged her to eat and grow. It was the singlemost pure desire she had ever had. It turned her on at a level she did not even know existed.

It scared her, too. One sexual daydream was nothing, a passing thought, a whim, but not real. Two in a day, two feelings this strong, was something else. The thought of where these desires wanted to lead her frightened her. How could she even be imagining this? It was crazy, completely insane, and nuts to boot. But it was still there. Sara shook her head and now examined her empty plates. She had her usual fare of a large salad, plus two cookies. She had forgotten about the doughnuts this morning. They had been real, hadn't they? Yes, they had been, she reminded herself. Two big meals, three doughnuts, two cookies, and it was only lunch. That was an insane amount of food for a 130 pound girl, Sara thought - but wait, she now weighed 147 pounds, maybe more. The thought gave her a little thrill. She certainly had not topped herself out.

Sara left the dining hall determined to get these desires dislodged from her brain. The rest of the day went by rather uneventfully. Same classes, same people, same homework and the same bullshit as most college days. By the time dinner came, Sara had dismissed the weight gain idea of as strange fantasy and nothing more. She had eaten her regular dinner with regular desert, promising tomorrow would be the beginning of change, but there was no point in denying herself after such an odd day.

That night, Sara met with her usual study groups, discussing class and preparing for the next day. In her American History study group, Sara sat next to Kara just to prove to herself that the dreams meant nothing. As the hour-long study group moved toward the past tense, Sara caught herself eyeing Kara's massive body. The way her butt spread out over her seat. Her belly's large bulge and rolls of fat. Sara was captivated by Kara. As the study group broke, Kara commented that she was going to need more time to review for the up coming test. Almost before Sara could think, she responded with a wide smile, “Me, too, wanna study some more?”

“Okay,” answered Kara, “but let's get something to eat. I'm starving.”

Sara, not the least bit hungry, lied, “How about a pizza? That's what I'm in the mood for.”

Kara quickly agreed. The couple decided to meet in Kara's room in 15 minutes to study. Sara needed a break, and Kara was going to order the pizza. Sara quickly returned to her room. After surveying herself in the mirror, she decided to change into more casual close. As she disrobed she examined herself in the mirror. She looked at how her shoulders sloped and the way her breast sat full and round once free of their confinement. She ran her hand along the rounded curve of her now protruding belly. She was enticed by the flare of her hips and their slow curve into her thighs. It was enough to make herself wet, but there was no time to service herself now. She dressed in an old, baggy T-shirt she usually slept in and a baggy pair of sweat pants. Sara gathered her books and left to go meet Kara in her room, just around the corner and down the hall.

As she walked, her logical mind played with and tried to come to grips with her sudden and very powerful desires. She played devil's advocate to her own fears. Was a little extra weight so bad? What drove her desire really? Was it nothing more then thumbing her noise at society? Or was it something deeper and more primal then that? She remembered what one girl in one of her orientation discussion groups had said about coming out of the closet. She had said that when she realized the option existed, that she could truly do this thing, it just made sense. Like a door inside her mind opened that had always been there but was always closed. The act of opening the door was frightening, but unavoidable for her. Sara had not understood at the time, but now she felt she had a better understanding of that girls struggles and coming to terms with her sexuality. Sara knew she was not gay, nor really bi, but maybe her door hid a different secret, a different truth for her, different but no less true. Sara also knew that she was afraid to open that hidden door. She feared the Pandora's Box that might exist inside and what it would mean for her life.

Sara reached Kara's door, knocked quietly and peaked in before receiving an answer. What she saw sucked the wind out of her. Kara had gotten the pizza and was in the act of changing when Sara had entered. She had on ratty sweats, her hands over her head, pulling her T-shirt down over her massive body. Sara quickly removed her head as Kara yelped with surprise.

“I'm sorry,” Sara said through the door, “I didn't know you were undressed and the door was open.”

“It's okay, you just startled me.” Kara responded. “Come in, and let's get started.”

The image of Kara's half naked body was now emblazed on Sara's mind. She had seen Kara from the back with her front exposed in a mirror across the room. Kara's back had long deep fold of fat rapping around her. Those folds lead to two of the biggest tits Sara ever seen. They were giant balls of lard spread across her massive belly, half covered by her sweats. Each aureole was at least four inches in diameter, with big full nipples. Again, Sara was overwhelmed with the need to have that body for herself, to be that fat.

“I got the extra meat, extra cheese, extra large from Fat Tony's. I hope that's cool?” Kara reported as Sara sat down across from Kara on the bed. The pizza box between them.

“It's fine, I love Fat T's,” Sara responded with her warmest smile.

“Let's dig in; I can't think on an empty stomach.”

“Sounds good; I'm starving, too,” Sara lied.

As the two girls began to eat, they started gossiping and laughing as one would expect college freshman to do. Sara had finished two loaded slices when Kara was finishing her third. At this point Sara was about ready to burst, but something drove her hand into the waiting box for a third slice.

“You had better hurry up if you want your fair share,” Kara joked.

“I don't know that I can,” Sara replied, “I'm sorry about before, I feel really bad about bursting in like that.”

“It's fine; I should have been more careful with my door.” Kara paused for a seconded then joked, “I bet you've never seen that much fat on one person before.”

This statement left Sara at a loss for words. She couldn't be sure how to responded, there were so many things she wanted to say. So many different responses ranging from correct to crazy. The silence grew to an uncomfortable pregnant pause. Sara looked into Kara's face and saw eyes that now looked down trodden. “I think you're beautiful.” Sara suddenly blurted out.

Kara responded with a quizzical look. “Well, thanks,” she slowly replied.

“No really,” Sara pressed,” I do, your body is really beautiful.”

Again Sara saw distrust in Kara's eyes. “My body is huge,” she said matter of factly as she took a massive chuck out of her fifth piece of pizza.

Sara responded by forcing her third piece rapidly into her mouth. Sara and Kara sat in silence as they finished off the two remaining pieces. Kara then closed the lid and reached across her body to toss the container onto the floor. As she did, Sara got a clear view into her expansive cleavage. It stopped her breath short.

Finally Sara broke the silence. “I think I'm going to burst. My belly feels like a bass drum,” she spoke as she ran her hands around her now exasperated belly.

“I've got plenty of space left,” Kara replied with a smile as she patted her immense midsection. The tension seemed to lift from the room as Sara and Kara began to warm up to each other again.

“This will seem silly, but I have to pull my waist band down; it's killing me,” Sara said as she pulled the top her sweats down exposing the bottom of her reddened belly. At the same time she pulled her T-shirt up and totally exposed her gut as she lay in bed across from Kara.

“Let it all hang out, sister,” Kara joked as she rubbed her belly again. “Of course, you got nothing on me.”

Suddenly short of breath and surprised by her next question Sara asked, “Let me see it? Your belly.” Again the room was silent for what felt like hours.

“Why?” Kara asked quietly.

“Because I have never seen anything like it and I think it's incredible; I think it's feminine and sexy.”

Their eyes locked and without a word Kara reached between her folds and began to expose her massive underbelly. She pulled her belly out and let it fall into her lap. Kara then pulled her t-shirt up and tucked it under her fat breast. Kara sat breathless with her belly exposed to a stranger for the first time in her life. Sara made eye contact and slowly began to reach out toward Kara. Without a word Kara just nodded. Touching the softness of Kara's belly was almost enough to make Sara cum. She loved how warm and soft it was. First she cupped the round upper fold, sliding her fingers around it. Sara could feel Kara's sweat collected between her rolls and how warm and moist it was. Without a word Sara began to move closer, rising up onto her knees, freeing her other hand. She gently slid her hands down past Kara's gaping belly button toward her apron. Kara shivered with excitement and tension as Sara reached the sensitive skin of her underbelly. Sara brought her hands together and lifted Kara's bulk, trying to imagine that weight on her. Sara moved her hand over ever inch of Kara's belly with the patience and love of a sculptor.

“How much do you weigh?” Sara asked, forcing the words over dry lips in an excited tone.

“I'm not sure. The last time I weight myself it was 355,” Kara responded with an equally excited tone.

Doing the math in her head, Sara would have to more then double her mass to be that big. The idea warmed her whole body, and the door inside her head began to spill open. It was true.

Sara continued to rub Kara's massive belly, enjoying the feeling of the blubber slide between her fingers. Her hands then gently ventured on to Kara's breast. Sara squeezed Kara's now swollen nipples. Kara responded with a forceful exhale and shudder.

“Lay on top of me,” Sara suddenly smiled.


“I want to know what it feels like to have all that flesh on top of me,” Sara responded as she laid down in bed. Kara began to undress completely allowing her massive body to spill out everywhere. She then crawled over Sara and began to lie on top of her. Kara's body felt like a warm, soft blanket being spread out over her. Sara fell in love with fat at that moment. She wanted to be huge, now. She wanted a belly that felt like Kara's, fat, warm and soft.

Scared Kara asked, “Do you like how it feels?”

“Oh yes,” Sara moaned as she reached her arms out from under Kara, hugging her bloated sides, pulling Kara down on her. As Kara's massive body crushed down on Sara, Sara passionately kissed Kara.

Panicked, Kara said, “I'm not gay!”

“Neither am I,” Sara responded. Both girls laughed; Sara felt Kara's belly jiggle against her. They released from each other and began to re-dress. Little was spoken, but little needed to be said. It had been a strange night, which made a perfect ending to Sara's day....