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A Look in the Mirror
Part Two

It was Saturday afternoon, and Sara sat in her room doing some home work while polishing off the remains of a fun-sized Three Musketeers bag. “They would be more fun if they were bigger,” Sara grumbled.

Sara had weighed herself at 160 that morning, which meant she had managed to gain almost another 15 pounds in 15 days. Sara was always pushing her capacity further, eating just a little bit more at each meal. At night, when she got back to the dorm she would snack nonstop. Currently, only Kara knew of her change in lifestyle, but Sara's other friends were definitely beginning to notice a difference. Her belly and butt and provided the majority of the storage for her new found girth. Sara's body was now visibly fatter, and she could not disrobe without wanting to masturbate. Sara was even beginning to worry about breaking her favorite vibrator, the Graduate (Her nickname for her favorite high school graduation present from herself), with overuse if she continued at this pace, but she could not stop now. Once Sara had decided to gain weight, she knew the only right way to do it was to go all out.

Her body was just beginning to make noticeable changes. Her belly looked as if it might crest at any moment, and Sara would have the beginning of her very own apron. Her butt and tights were expanding rapidly. Sara found herself being turned on by the feeling of her tights rubbing together when she walked around naked. Her breasts were still round and full with just a little droop but they were noticeably larger also. Her face had softened and her upper arms had also begun to grow. The new clothes Sara had bought just a few weeks ago were already getting too tight to wear.

Sara was becoming very proud of her new and improved body. She currently sat typing at her computer, writing a history paper, wearing a T-shirt that had been tight when she started college. Now it was ridiculous. Her belly forced it up, exposing her belly button and love handles. Her breasts stretched the material of the shirt to its max. She had also thrown on an old pair of shorts that were too small to cover the bottom of her belly. Her butt and tights stretched the fabric to the breaking point. After the last of the Three Musketeer bar disappeared, Sara began to rummage around her room for what would be the next sacrifice to her expanding horizon. A pint of ice cream was still left, a half bag of chips, some Oreos remained and one package of cookie dough. Sara decided that the cookie dough was the perfect was to wash down the candy bars. With a Coke to wash down the cookie dough, of course, but before she could begin her sacrifice, she was interrupted by a knock at the door.

“I'm busy,” she said, hoping to drive away whoever it was so she could return to the task at hand, “Who is it?”

“It's me,” Kara said from the other side of the door. “I know this is a stupid question, but do you want to split some pizza?”

Sara hopped out of her chair and ran to the door, enjoying how she bounced. “You know I do,” Sara said as she opened the door.

“Good Lord, you're going to burst,” Kara said with amazement as she got her first clear look at Sara in her almost naked state.

Sara smiled and spun around on her heels, letting Kara take in the full effect. “I'm huge,” Sara said with a smile, throwing her hands in the air like a gymnast sticking the landing.

“No, I'm huge, but you're on your way,” Kara responded, her eyes still widened with shock.

“I'll order the pizza.”

“Okay, what do we want?”

“A lot, that's all I know,” Sara said with a huge grin.

With two large meat lovers' pizzas on the way, Sara and Kara, who were quickly becoming best friends, sat down and begun to chat about fat.

“Want a sucker?” Sara asked.

“No, I'll wait until after the pizza, thank you,” Kara responded with a fake snobby accent.

“How do you keep your hands off your body?” Sara asked, “I can't keep my fingers out of my body.”

“Or the Graduate, from what I hear.”

Sara blushed and giggled.

“Let's just say that you and I have a different attitude toward fat,” Kara explained, “I tolerate my body, while you revel in what you're becoming, which I can't figure out.”

“It's a choice,” Sara responded, “I choose to enjoy my fat, while you choose not to. You could choose to love your body; then you just have to convince your self that you mean it.”

“Maybe,” Kara said as she mulled over what Sara had said.

“I'll tell you one thing,” Sara said to break the silence, “The Graduate is great and all, but I need me a man this weekend.”

“Good luck with that body,” Kara replied.

The two began to debate whether Sara could find a man attracted to her new bigger, or grandiose as Sara preferred to call it, body. They were rudely interrupted by a call from the front desk with news on the arrival of their pizzas.

”I'll get them,” Kara said as she stood. “We don't want people think you're having an allergic reaction to something.”

An hour later, the pizzas were all but gone, and Sara felt like she was going to burst. Her tummy was round and full. Kara and Sara sat on the bed, deciding what to do that night.

“Come out with us tonight,” Sara pleaded, “It's time for us fat girls to take charge.”

“It's time for fat girls to take charge?”

“You know it. Come out of the closet and let the world see the real you.”

“I don't fit in the closet.”

“Okay, come out of the dorm room then,” Sara laughed, “Come and get a few drinks with me and my friends. It'll be fun.”

“Okay, I'll come out just for a little while.”

Sara watched as Kara heaved herself off the bed. “I can't wait until my belly is that big,” Sara thought to herself.

“I'll be back in a half hour or so,” Kara said as she left the room to go get dressed.

Sara began to get undressed to get ready for the night. She paused for a second to admire the effects of her gluttony in the mirror. Unlike before, the image she now saw in the mirror looked horribly thin. Sara patted her full belly and laughed, “I'm in danger of wasting away.”

After some searching, she found the prefect outfit for the evening ahead. It was a tight red sweater with a low cut neck line. The sweater, paired with her very tight bra, gave Sara a huge amount of cleavage to show off. She had also found a pair of black jeans that barely fit.

Soon thereafter, Sara and Kara were sitting in Colleen's room, drinking hard cider and making big plans for the night. Colleen, Ann and Liz laid careful plans to ensnare the boys they wanted while Kara made it known that she planned to at least talk to one boy tonight instead of hiding in the corner the whole party. Sara was glad that her friends had been so accepting of Kara and even pushed her to be more social. While these reserved goals would have suited Sara a few weeks ago, they no longer enticed her now. She wanted one thing to tonight and she knew she'd get it.

After a few drinks each, the five made their way to a large house party a few blocks for campus. While the night had been cool, the party was incredibly hot. The dance floor, a living room on week days, was crowed as people moved and danced to the music. The party seemed to have a life of its own, shaking and swaying one way then the next. Sara was very excited to be a part of it. Soon she was in the middle of the floor, beer in hand, dancing along with the rest of the crowd. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sway of her breasts and bounce of her belly

Then she felt it, a firm strong hand presented against the small of her back. She opened her eyes to see a familiar smiling face looking at her intently. It was Chris from her Calc 2 class. No words were spoken as they began to move and push against each other. They kissed and he grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. Her belly pressed against him. They danced and drank for hours. Sara loved the smell of his sweat and the feel of his hot breath on her neck “We should go,” Sara purred. “I agree,” he said with a smile. As they left Sara spotted Kara dancing with a rail thin boy who seemed about to disappear inside her massive tummy. “Good for you,” Sara whispered under her breath, “But better for me.” Her gaze returned to Chris.

In the blink of an eye, they were back in Sara's dorm room. They struggled to undress as they kissed. Chris quickly removed Sara's sweater and bra. Her breasts bounced, glad to be free from their constraints. His lips moved swiftly to her breasts as he began to kiss and suck on her nipples. He busied his hands with her pants, pulling them down past her hips. Sara was lost in pleasure of his hot breath on her nipples. In her mind she dreamed of eating tons of food while he played with her expanding body. Soon they found themselves lying in bed. Chris was licking and kissing her rounding belly, working his way south. His hands tightly gripped her fat thighs, spreading her parted legs wide. In an instant his tongue found its way on to her pussy. At first he gently licked and flicked her lips. Then in an almost random motion he began to kiss up and down her legs, some times biting her gently. Once again, without warning, he changed strategy again. This time licking deep and long against the inside of her lips.

Sara started clutching the sheets and arching her back, shoving her pussy into his face. Her mind filled with images of sundaes and candy bars. Just before she came she moaned, “Stop! Stop, I need you inside me now.” Chris smiled, gave her one more quick lick and slid up inside her. Sara could not believe how her body moved as he thrusted into her. Her breasts flopped, her belly quivered. She came harder then she had ever come before. Chris rolled off of Sara and laid next to her. Sara smiled then ducked under the covers looking for more fun. She adeptly wrapped her lips around his penis and began bopping her head up and down. Before he could cum again, Sara straddled him and began to ride him hard. She dug her fingers into his chest and started rocking faster and faster. Her chubby thighs shaking, her breasts bounced wildly with each thrust. Moans could be heard up and down the hall from Sara's door as she neared another orgasm. Pushing his pelvis up with each of Sara's thrust Chris exploded.

Afterwards, they cuddled with each other smiling and chatting a little.

“That was fantastic,” Sara purred, her mind enjoying the post-orgasm glow she now felt.

“I have wanted to be with you since the first day of class,” Chris replied.

“Even after I've gained all this weight?” Sara asked, testing the waters.

“You're not fat. You have an incredible body and women should have curves. Thin is boring.”

“That's sweet of you to say, but I am fat,” Sara responded, trying to fake a frown. “Or at least I will be soon,” she giggled to herself.

“No, not all. You've got nothing to worry about. I think you look great.”

“Do want something to eat?” asked Sara, “I need sugar after sex.”

“No, I'm fine.”

Sara reached into the mini-fridge to grab the pint of ice-cream and a spoon. They talked as Sara ate. The conversation drifted from subject to subject. Finally, Chris decided it was time for him to head home. They agreed to get together some time this week for their first official date. After Chris left, Sara polished off the ice-cream and any other remaining food items in her room.