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A Look in the Mirror
Part Three

It was now late into the fall. All the leaves had fallen from the trees and now crunched under foot. The nights had gotten progressively colder with winter's chill right around the corner. In the last month and a half since Sara's awakening, as she liked to call, she had grown by leaps and bounds. Her eating was almost non-stop and the results stunning. She had gained just over 30 pounds in 45 some days. Her weight now sat at amazing 192. She was almost unrecognizable from the girl she had once been. Her belly pushed out inches in front of her. It still had not crested into an apron, but it certainly looked close. Her thighs and butt had expanded to the point that Sara sometimes found it difficult to get in and out of the smaller desk around campus. Her breasts had also outgrown all of her old bras and had developed a certain amount of sag. Sara was fascinated by her growth, imagining each bite of food she took working its way to its new home, buried in her fat. The only disappointment Sara felt was that she really wasn't gaining quickly enough. In her mind, she dreamed of eating until she filled the cafeteria in one sitting. Instead she was stuck with the reality that she got full and reached the point where she simply couldn't eat other bite, but she did feel an incredible rush when she reached that point and pushed herself just a little further.

Over the weeks, she had developed a little challenge for herself. She had decided to only weigh herself on Sunday mornings so that she knew how much she had gained in a week. Sunday evening, the true challenge began. Every Sunday afternoon she went to a local bakery and picked up as many as three pies, her favorite food in the world. After her usual dinner and desert, Sara would hustle back to her room, very excited for the challenge to begin. She would see how much of the pie she could eat in a single sitting. At first, finishing a whole pie in a sitting seemed impossible, but over time as her belly grew, more and more pie disappeared from the tins. Sara would sit on the edge of her bed, stuffing pie into her mouth as quickly as possible, barely taking the time to chew. She got increasingly horny watching her belly expand in the mirror as she ate. The feeling of being about to burst almost brought her to climax without even being touched. After she could eat no more, she would lie back in bed, rubbing her tummy, dreaming about getting fatter and fatter until she could stand it no longer. After she finished putting the Graduate through its paces, she would smile at her reflection in the mirror. Her checks had a rosy glow; her belly was swollen and extended. Sara was the living incarnation of hedonism and gluttony, and she loved it.

Her weight gain had also not gone unnoticed among her friends. Finally, Sara relented and told them her plans. All of them thought her quite insane but basically accepted it after Sara pointed out that it really had nothing to do with them. At first, even after they told her they accepted what she was doing, they still acted strange towards her, but over time that faded and things went back to normal. Sara's friends had even relaxed enough to joke about her huge meals and large number of desserts. Colleen had even started to drive Sara to a near by Safe-Way so she could stock up each week.

Sara had been on a few dates with Chris since their first night together and while Sara never out-and-out told Chris what she was doing, all their dates seemed to focus around stuffing Sara to the point of bursting. Feeding had also entered into their sex life. Chris seemed to very much enjoy watching Sara eat while he kissed and played with her body, and after sex Chris always made sure to have plenty of ice cream available. While Sara loved the attention and food she could not escape the fact that outside of food Chris was about as interesting as box of rocks. After a couple of weeks, Sara and Chris agreed to be “just friends,” with some really wonderful benefits. Now their relationship consisted of Chris dropping by Sara's dorm room with some cake or candy bars, feeding her the food while they played. Afterwards he always left a pint of ice cream.

Sara sat in her room, packing her suit case for her first trip home since starting college. She had not seen her mom since the end of September, long before her awakening. For the first time in a long time Sara wasn't hungry. She was too nervous to eat. Her mother was her only family besides her Aunt, who she barely ever saw. Sara's mom meant the world to her, and she was desperate to have her mom accept her new life style. It had always nearly come up during their all most daily phone calls, but the most Sara could say is that she had gained some weight. Her mom would just laugh and say, “Don't worry honey. It happens to everyone in college. It's nothing to get upset about.” It was always at this point Sara would chicken out and just quietly agree. Often Sara's Mom would ask if she was okay or if she had anything she wanted to tell her, but Sara always denied there was an issue. Now she was headed home and there was no way she could pass of this much fat as a little weight gain.

“You all packed?” Colleen asked.

“Yep,” Sara responded.

“What's wrong? You don't seem to be yourself,” Colleen commented as she started the car, pulled out of the lot, turned right and headed toward home.

“I'm scared about what my Mom's going to say when she sees me.”

“Sara, you're too smart to know that this insane, but she is still your mom. She will still love you.”

“I know, but it's just been me and her, since…” Sara paused, “Since my Dad died and I don't know what I'd do without her. But I love this too,” she said as hugged her belly. “I love how I feel as I get bigger. I love to stuff myself. I love to see the changes in the mirror. It just feels so right to me.”

“You really are nuts. Maybe you could tell her it's for a play or something”

“Right, a play,” Sara replied with a half smile.

The rest of the three-hour drive was quiet as Sara thought about everything her and her mother had been through since her Dad's car accident four years ago. He had been well insured so neither Sara nor her Mother really had to worry about money, but that didn't matter to Sara, she really wanted her Father back. Before his death she had always been Dad's little girl. Afterwards, Sara and her mother didn't speak for weeks. Overtime they began to reach out something to make things better and what they found was each other. Since then Sara's mom had been the most important person in her life.

Sara's mom had always been overweight but never really complained about it. She was probably between 250 and 275 tops. Sara's body was beginning to mimic her mother's in many ways.

As Colleen's car came to stop in front of Sara's house Sara began to feel like the Super Bowl was being played out in her stomach.

“Here goes nothing,” Sara said as she stepped out of the car.

“Don't worry, everything will be fine,” Colleen said with a warm, understanding smile.

Sara grabbed her bag out of the car and gave Colleen a hug before she drove away. Colleen felt so small inside Sara's fat arms. As Sara approached the door she almost began to cry. She did not what to have to choose between her fat and her mother. With a deep breath she slid her keys into the door and pushed it open.

“Honey, is that you? You're early,” Sara's mom called from the kitchen.

Sara found her self on the verge of laughter and tears as she heard that familiar voice. “Yep, it's me Mom.” Sara could already her mother's heavy foots approaching her.

“There's my little college gi…” Sara's mother's voice trailed off as she stood face to face with her daughter. Sara felt as if the silence would last forever. She could feel the tears welling up inside her. “Why didn't I tell her when I had the chance?” she thought to herself. Sara's Mother could see the pain in her daughter's face and without another word she gave her daughter a big hug.

“What's wrong darling?” Her mother whispered into her ear.

“It's nothing Mom,” Sara whispered back as she began to sob, hugging her mom. “I've gotten something to tell you and you might not like it.”

“No matter what it is, I love you, and nothing can change that.”

The two ladies walked into the living room and Sara began to tell her tale. Sara told her mom how she felt about her body and how she loved to eat and how she loved her fat. Sara's mother sat in silence and listened to her daughter sob and talk about eating until she felt like bursting. Finally, when Sara was done Sara's mom smiled weakly.

“Well, that's about the strangest thing I've ever heard, but it explains the amount of money you've withdrawn from your account,” Mom said.

“The bank account? I forgot you still get the statements here. Why didn't you ask?” Sara said as she whipped the tears from her face.

“I was afraid it was drugs or worse, but you're an adult now, and it wasn't my place to tell you how to live. I always asked if you were okay because I worry about you, but I didn't want to pry.”

“And this?” Sara asked as she gestured toward her much increased body.

“This? This I was not expecting. I don't have to tell you that you're risking your health, but then so am I. What do you want me to do?”

“Mom. If you can't stand me like this, I'll lose the weight. You're more important then this.”

At this point Sara's mom hugged her again. “Honey, I'd never disown you for any reason. I love you, and I couldn't live without you in my life.” Both women began to cry again. After a lot of tears, Sara's mom smiled at her daughter and said, “It's your life, your money and your body. I won't tell you I'm thrilled about this, but if it makes you happy then I'm okay with it.”

Sara felt as if an incredible weight had been lifted from her body. She began to relax and smile and for the first times she was hungry again, ravenous in fact. The two talked about school and their respective lives with no mention of Sara's weight again.

The next night Sara and her mother sat down to a quiet Thanksgiving diner together. As always Sara's mother cooked way too much food. It really was a miracle Sara hadn't been a giant fattie in high school as much as her mother cooked.

They opened a bottle of good wine and began to dig in. They talked and chatted the way only a mother and daughter really could. The whole while they eat and eat and eat. Soon, they had emptied the first bottle of wine and cracked another. Sara's head began to float as she poured herself another glass. She barely noticed that she had polished off her second heaping plate of food and was reaching for thirds without a second thought. Halfway through her third plate, her mother threw in the towel, saying that she was full. Sara could feel the fullness in her tummy but had no inclination to stop eating. When Sara reached for her fourth plate of food, Sara's Mom had to bite her tongue not to say anything. Feeling her mother's tension, Sara stopped and looked at her mom.

“Help yourself if you want some more, Honey,” Sara's Mom said as she smiled. At this point, just like Sara's friends, she accepted that it wasn't really any of her business. Sara smiled wide and blopped another scoop full of buttery mash potatoes on to her plate. After dinner came dessert. Sara's mother had gotten two pies, one pumpkin and one apple, knowing that they were her daughter's favorites. Sara and her mother sat the table, talking and laughing as Sara polished off five pieces of pie, three apple and two pumpkin. Each was almost buried in an avalanche of cool whip topping. By the end of the meal, Sara had reached a point so beyond full she really couldn't describe it, but it felt magnificent.

Once they cleaned the plates, the two women retired to the couch to watch a little TV and digest their meals. Both quickly slipped into a food coma and slept comfortably. Sara was awakened by the sound of some late-night TV sprocket head pushing his miracle weight loss program.

“Lose weight while you sleep!” yelled the blathering mouth on the TV, “You heard me right. WHILE YOU SLEEP!! No exercise, no dieting. Just sleeping.”

“Now why would anyone want that?” Sara said as she turned off the TV and patted her belly. Sara sat on the couch rubbing her still slightly full belly smiling to herself. Her day with her mom had been better then she had ever hoped and now she got to keep her two favorite things.

Sara got up, went to the bathroom then headed to bed. Before she got the foot of the stairs she had a naughty thought. There was still more then half an apple pie in the fridge inviting her. Sara could still feel the massive meal she had consumed working its way through her system but why the heck not. “I want to get fat, don't I?” she said with an evil grin as she patted her belly.

“Aren't you, pretty?” Sara said to the pie, “but you're a bit underdressed I think.”

“I need scoops and scoops of cooool whhipppp,” Sara said in a high-pitched voice, providing the voice of the pie.

“That's exactly what I was thinking,” Sara began to cover the pie in a mountain of cool whip. Even eating a couple of serving spoons worth directly.

“While you find me a home, nice fat lady?” The pie laughed.

“I'd be happy to help you find a new home deep inside my belly.”

Sara sat at the kitchen table with her new friend and serving spoon and began to devour the pie. Within two bites she already felt full, but there was no way a simple pie was going to beat her. Bite after bite the sugary concoction disappeared into to her waiting mouth. The last few bites were pure heaven as she felt her belly strain to hold all that food. When there was nothing left, Sara licked the tin and spoon clean and went to bed to pleasure herself.

“Sara, what do you want for breakfast?” Sara's mom yelled from the kitchen.

“Chocolate chip pancakes,” Sara responded as she stepped out the shower. Chocolate chip pancake had been her favorite as child, but she had denied herself this treat all through high school. As she toweled off, Sara stopped to look at her expanding figure in the mirror. She smiled as she examined her expanding body. Her butt was starting to get dimply and a fold was beginning to appear across the middle of her gut.

Once downstairs Sara found a surprisingly large stack of pancakes waiting for her. Her mom had never cooked her so much before. “I guess she really is okay with this.” Sara's face beamed as she sat down and dug in. She drowned the pancakes in syrup and began to eat quickly. As she ate, her mother came out of the kitchen with four more pancakes. “I've got to go to work for while, Honey. What are you doing today?”

“Colleen and I talked about going to the mall later,” Sara responded between bites.

“Have fun and stay out of trouble.” Sara's mom kissed her on the forehead as she left.

Soon all ten pancakes had found their way to their new home and Sara once again felt like she was about to burst at the seams. She waddled to the couch and began to gently rub her tummy. She was almost giggly she was so excited for what the future held.

Around 12:30 Colleen stopped by to pick up Sara.

“Ready for some shopping?” Colleen said with a smile.

“Oh yeah, but first some lunch. Let's go to the Old Country Buffet,” Sara responded.

“I guess your mom was okay with your new eating habits.”

Sara and Colleen moved through the buffet line together picking out their lunch. Sara's plate held two large pieces of chicken fried steak, covered in mash potatoes, gravy and melted butter, a pile of mixed veggies covered in butter and an ear of corn covered in butter. “Remind me to buy stock in a butter company soon,” Colleen said, shaking her head.

Once seated, Sara began to tear into her food, smiling and laughing. The girls talked about this that when a familiar voice said, “Sara? Is that you?”

“Tim! How have you been?” Sara responded.

“Good how have you been?” Tim had perplexed look on his face. Before Sara could respond Tim blurted out, “What happened to you Sara? You're huge.”

“I got a gland problem shortly after starting school, and they had to give me steroids to treat it. The combination made so hungry all the time,” Sara lied in a sad voice, all the while faking puppy dog eyes.

“I'm sorry to hear that. Are you okay?”

“I'll be okay, I hope, as long as I keep my strength up,” Sara lied again. She then took a huge bite of mashed potatoes.

“I'm still cute, right?” she said, spitting butter and potatoes out.

“Uh, yes. Sure you're still cute.” Tim looked very uncomfortable. “I've got to go my, uh, parents are, uh, expecting me somewhere.”

“Okay, maybe we could go out this weekend. Call me okay?”

Tim just shook his head yes as he left. Once he was gone Colleen and Sara burst out laughing.

“That was Tim, my boyfriend junior year. I guess I'm not his type any more.”

“That was so mean,” Colleen said.

Sara finished her last bite of food and headed back to the buffet. Something about generating such shock excited her and made her very hungry. She grabbed a burger and a big thing of greasy fries and another large coke. After making quick work of that she returned to the buffet to sample their make your own Sunday bar. Sara whipped together a two brownie Sunday covered in hot fudge, M&Ms, and chocolate chips.

“I still can't believe how much you eat,” Colleen said, her eyes expressed her disbelief.

“You'd better believe it; soon this going to be nothing more then a lite snack.” A naughty smile crossed Sara's lips.