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A Look in the Mirror
Part Four

It was now January 1st and Sara was home for the break. Standing in front of the mirror in her bed room, Sara was admiring the effect of all her hard work over the last month. Since returning to school from Thanksgiving break Sara's life had been a feast. She began to eat like there was no tomorrow. Food stood no chance against her. She ate and ate. Her belly was almost always full. She ate until her arms got tired. She loved that people stared at her as she wolfed down her meals. She loved to see her ever-expanding reflection in the mirror.

When she went to the cafeteria for meals she often grabbed two entrees at once, along with a couple of deserts. She loved to see people point and whisper at her as she walked to her table. She would sit and eat and talk with her friends, sometimes sending Colleen back to the desert tray for more fatting treats. Often by the end of a meal her belly would lift the front of her shirt, exposing her flab as she waddled out of the dining hall. Oh and how she loved to waddle. After eating, the heavy feeling in her belly made walking uncomfortable, so she waddled. She wore it like a badge of honor. Her belly sticking out in front of her, bouncing as she moved her chunky legs. Some made fun of her, but that just served to encourage her more.

While her body grew, her fascination with fat also increased. She often found herself searching the web for pictures of fat women. She would admire their bodies with mixed emotions, jealous and longing. She had become a regular on the Dimensions Weight Board, which gave her somewhere to share her fantasies and to be encouraged. Other habits had also developed. She was going on shopping trips with Colleen more often, buying bags of junk food for her dorm room. It turned her on incredibly to see the bags of fattening treats and to know that they would soon be inside her.

She also found herself calling Chris more often. Sara would call with desperation in her voice. She would ask him to come over and bring lots of food. When he arrived, Sara would already be naked. Before he could say anything she would almost rip the food from his hands, stuffing into her face as quickly as humanly possible. Chris would go down on her as she gorged. Her orgasms would go off like firecrackers. Once the food was gone she would beg him to fuck her.

Sara's relationship with Kara had also changed. When Kara came over for a late night snack Sara often pleaded with her to take her clothes off so she could stare at Kara's gigantic roles of fat. At first this made Kara uncomfortable, but over time she began to like the attention and found herself wanting to go over to Sara's more often. It wasn't long before Kara had also gained weight which Sara whole-heartedly encouraged.

After her last final was done, Sara had returned home only to get lazier and to eat even more. Sara's mom seemed to be helping Sara expanded. There was always lots of junk food in the house, which had been rare before. The size of the meals Sara's mom cooked, which had always been big, increased two-fold. Sara woke up to a large hearty breakfast of one sort of fattening meal or another, followed by three or four doughnuts. Then Sara made her way to the couch where she spent the rest of her day snacking. Sometimes, Sara's mom brought her treats so Sara didn't have to move a muscle to get fatter. Sara and her mother never really talked about her eating; instead, Sara's mother would hand her more food with a smile and walk away. Sara's mom had never seen her daughter so happy, and she decided she could support her happiness, if not the weight.

As the holidays approached, Sara and her mother attend some friend's parties. The story of Sara's gland problem had spread, and people felt very sorry for her. They often showed their sympathy with food. Sara never dismissed the story since her weight gain wasn't any of their business, and she liked the food. Ever Sara's mom found it funny when people offered Sara cookies to help keep her strength up. Christmas soon rolled around, and Sara and her mom had their traditionally large meal together, except this time it was huge and there were very few leftovers.

For the first time, Sara felt like she was actually getting close to her dream of getting visibly fatter at every meal. In thirty-some days since Thanksgiving Sara had gained an astonishing 52 pounds, taking her weight to 245 as of that morning. The image in the mirror showed a girl with a flabby belly apron that covered slightly more then half her vagina when she stood. Sometimes, Sara entertained herself by trying to see what she could hold under her belly. At first, it had been a difficult to get pencils to stay. Now she could get a soda can under there. Sara's fold now stretched across the middle of her tummy and was almost big enough to develop its own apron. Her navel had depended to the point that she could almost get her whole index finger inside it. Her breasts had also grown and now dropped on to the top of belly. She loved to lift and gently weigh them in her hands, feeling their softness. Her butt had expanded and widened. Her saddle bags had become part of a shelf growing across the top of her butt. Her thighs now met slightly above her chucky knees. Dimples had also formed all over her legs, which she viewed as another proof of her added girth. She often wondered what she'd look like with another hundred pounds of fat attached to her, maybe even two or three hundred pounds more. Sara had made only one New Year's Resolution, and that was to get as fat as possible this year.

She smiled at her reflection as she pulled up some XXL sweet pants she had gotten just before Christmas. She also tossed on a plain white T-shirt that strained to hold her expanding figure. The stretched material clearly showed off her rolls of fat. Instantly, her nipples hardened at the sight of herself in that shirt. She was in love with her body but fought the urge to play with herself. It was breakfast time, and she was hungry. Plus, she didn't want to fall behind on her day's plan of sitting on her ass eating.

“What's for breakfast today, Mom?” Sara asked she thumped down the stairs slightly winded. A fact that also excited her.

“I made some french toast, an omelet, and some hash browns and there's some pie for dessert,” her mom called from the kitchen.

Sara sat at the table, eating like she thought the food might run away.

“Honey, the cab's going to be here any minute. I'm heading out of town for the week. I stocked up on food and left you plenty of money, so be good and don't get in any trouble,” her mom said with a smile.

“Don't worry about little old me, Mom,” Sara said with a smile, getting up from the table to give her mom a hug as she left.

In a few minutes a yellow cab came by the house, taking Sara's mom and leaving her all alone for week. As she finished her breakfast, she patted her tummy and said, “Well, it's just you me now. What do you want to do this week?”

In a deep, ridiculous voice she responded on behalf of her tummy, “Feed me, Seymour.”

“Okay, I'll feed you, but you must stop calling me Seymour. My name is Sara.”

After rinsing her dishes Sara picked up the blueberry pie her Mother left and found her way to her familiar place on the couch. With the TV on and no one home Sara dug into her delicious pie. After a few spoonfuls a naughty smile crossed her lips. She laid the spoon down and just dug in with her hands. She felt like both a queen and pig sitting in one couch, her belly pushed out escaping the confines of her shirt, eating pie with her hands. Handful after handful, she shoveled the pie past her lips to her waiting belly. Each messy bite made her increasingly more horny and hungry. When the pie was gone she licked the tin and her fingers clean. Soon there was not a crumb of pie left and Sara leaned back into the couch rubbing her belly. She was surprised to find that she wasn't even that full.

“Damn, I can put it away,” Sara thought to herself as she heaved herself off the couch and headed to the kitchen for more treats to fill herself. She wandered through the kitchen, looking for her next innocent victim. The cabinets were packed full of all types of food. The fridge door could barely close there was so much food inside. “Mom bought enough food to feed a small army,” Sara said. She peaked into the pantry and found it as full as the cabinets. The shelves were packed with cookies, Twinkies, pies, Fluffer-Nutters, cookie dough and other wonderfully fatting treats. “It would take me years to eat all this,” Sara announced. Then another delightful wicked idea entered her mind. “How much of these could I pack away in a week?” Suddenly becoming short of breath with excitement over the idea of week long, non-stop binge. Once again, almost as if on auto-pilot, Sara began grabbing bags of food. She grabbed a box of Soft Batch cookies. A package of Moon Pies and a half-dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts and head for the couch with her bounty.

“I hate for all these doughnuts to get stale, so down the hatch they go.” Sara giggled, opening the box. The first doughnut was a chocolate-covered, cream-filled creation that was absolutely divine. The feeling of the cream bursting from inside its trap like a jack-in-the-box made her so excited. That cream only served two purposes, to taste good and to make her fatter. She jammed each doughnut into her mouth, taking about three bites to finish it off. She washed it down with a swig directly from a carton of whole milk she had also grabbed.

Rapidly, the doughnuts disappeared inside her. She could almost feel herself getting fatter with each bite. The TV was on, but it was the farthest thing from her mind. She was in a trance-like state as she stuffed more food into her belly. By the end of the last doughnut Sara could feel the pressure on her stomach as tried to keep up with her eating. The band on her sweatpants was digging into her tummy roll and was becoming uncomfortable. Without thinking she pulled the waist of her pants down, tucking it under her belly. Once her belly was free from its constraints, allowed to shine in all its glory, some of the pressure decreased. Blindly, Sara reached for the cookies next, eating three at a time until they too had been consumed.

Now there was no escaping the fullness that she felt, but she had to keep eating. She had to keep getting fatter. Next, the moon pies began to disappear into the black hole of her body. She ate two at a time, her tongue playing with the marshmallow filling as she ate. She began to lose track of time, her mind locked into an erotic state of gluttony and pleasure. Again she reached her hand into the box only to find it empty. She had eaten sixteen Moon Pies. Her breathing was short and difficult as she became truly aware of how full she was. Gently, Sara turned and laid down on the couch rubbing her monstrous gut that seemed to rise feet in front of her. “Maybe eating everything was a bit ambitious of me,” Sara whispered as she fell asleep.

Around one, the phone rang, reviving Sara from her near comatose state.

“Hello?” Sara said still half asleep.

“Sara, its Colleen. How's my favorite little piggy? I haven't seen you all break.”

“I was just taking a little nap. I've been a good little piggy. What are you doing?”

“Well, I thought we should get together tonight and hang out a little bit,” responded Colleen.

“I'd like that. Do you want to come over tonight for dinner? I've got the house to myself for a week.”

“I like the sound of that. I'm not feeling to adventure with this hangover I got last night,” Colleen responded.

Once off the phone Sara struggled to get to her feet. Nature was calling in a bad way after such a colossal breakfast. Having done her business she returned to the kitchen, looking for a lite snack, her hand absentmindedly rapping against her belly. Then it dawned on her. She was hungry, which was bizarre considering how much she had eaten just a few hours ago. Maybe her little plan wasn't so ridiculous. If she was able to recover this quickly each time she might be able to do it. “Only one way to find out,” Sara laughed as she grabbed both sides of her gut, “Time for lunch.”

Lunch consisted of four boxes of Kraft Deluxe Mac'n Cheese. While Sara waited for the water to boil, she leaned against a counter, bouncing her breasts in her hand watching them jiggle. In the reflection of the stove door, she could see that her shirt was showing more belly then this morning. When the noodles were cooked, Sara began to empty each of the four bags of orange cheese-like substance into the pot. Before finishing the last package she giggled, cocked her head back and squished the last half directly into her mouth.

Sara returned to her perch on the couch with the Mac'n Cheese under one arm and a two-liter of Vanilla Coke and a full bag of Oreo double stuffs under the other. The Mac was hot and greasy as she shoveled in spoonful after spoonful. While she ate she flipped between shows. A talk show rambled on about the reality show crazy sweeping the nation. “I'd make a good reality show,” Sara said to the TV. “America could sit and home and watch me expanded. They could guess how mush I could eat in a sitting or how much fatter I could be in a week.”

“Welcome to, 'I Can't Believe How Fat She Is!'” Sara announced, imitating Don Pardo, “The show where America watches Sara Jones get fat!”

Sara's house was now a TV studio in her mind's eye, complete with studio audience, host and contestants. “Now Johnson family, you've bet that Sara can finish off four boxes of Mac, a two liter of soda and a box of Oreos without exploding. If your right you'll win….A NEW CAR.” The host said as the adorable Johnson family celebrated.

“That's right Ken, we know Sara can eat that much. She has, too. We believe in her. Come on Sara! We know you can eat it all!” replied the imaginary Mr. Johnson.

“I'd hate to let the Johnsons down.” Sara said with a wry smile, increasing the pace at which she was stuffing herself. Sara imaged the audience chanting, “EAT! EAT! EAT!” as she pushed more food into her mouth. Sara was eating so fast she barely even tasted the food as she swallowed it. Chew, chew, swallow, swig of soda, chew, chew, swallow, chew, chew, swallow, swig of soda. The Mac was disappearing quickly as she ran on auto-pilot. Suddenly a pain rose up inside Sara. A hush fell over the audience, waiting to see if this would be the day Sara would actually explode. Sara could feel beads of sweat forming on her brow. She began to open and close her mouth as if trying to speak. From deep inside her body rolled forth the loudest belch anything under the sun had ever heard. Things on the sun likely heard this belch. The audience cheered as Sara wiped the sweat from her head and resumed eating.

With the Mac gone, all that stood between the Johnsons and their new car was a big bag of Double Stuff Oreos. Sara began popping them into her mouth like they were penny candies. The cookies felt like melted chocolate in her mouth. She actually had to force herself to slow down; her mouth was getting so full of the junk that she was having trouble chewing. To Sara, it only seemed like seconds before the Johnsons had won their new car. Sara felt a bizarre sense of pride after eating so much, as if she had actually won a contest.

The images of the food that she had eaten today danced through her head as she began to rubber her distended belly. The best part of this dream was that it was only 3 on Sunday and she had lots of work left to do. Her fingers began to work in and out of her vagina as she dreamed about dinner and the meals that would follow during this week-long adventure.

At about 7:15 there was a knock at the door. “Sara, are you home?” Colleen yelled through the door.

“Its open, I'll be down in a second, I'm just getting dressed.” Sara yelled back. Sara wanted to surprise Colleen with her bad behavior since the beginning of break. She decided to wear the same outfit she'd worn the day Colleen dropped her off at the beginning of break. A red blouse and tan pants which on the first day of break had been loose. Now they looked like sausage skins around her fat body. Sara was just starting to feel hungry again, which is amazing since it had only been a few hours since her game show appearance and she had polished of a box of Twinkies since then.

“Nice house,” Colleen yelled.

“Thanks,” Sara replied standing at the top of the stairs.

“Good Lord, girl. Have you been eating non-stop since I dropped you off?”

“I've certainly tried,” Sara said with a smile. The two girls met at the base of the stairs and gave each other a hug. Colleen couldn't believe how soft Sara had gotten or how fat.

“Honestly, Sara, I sort of keep thinking this is some sort of joke you're trying to pull and that some day you'll unzip a fat suit, but you're really not kidding about this, are you?”

“I'm totally serious about this. I can eat so much it's shocking. I'm gaining weight faster then I'd ever thought possible.”

“And your Mom hasn't freaked out?”

“Freaked out? She's helping me gain. Some days I barely move from the couch. She just brings me more and more food.”

“Oh my God, your life is so weird.”

“I prefer 'alternative,'” Sara laughed, “Now, what do you want for dinner. I'm starving. Mom left me tons of food.”

“I was sort of in the mood for pizza. I haven't had once since the start of break.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. How much should we get?”

“I dunno. How much can you eat, fattie?” Sara responded with a laugh as she poked Sara in the tummy.

“I don't know either,” Once again that wicked smile appeared on Sara's lips, “Let's find out. I know I can eat at least two and a half. Let's try four.”

Colleen's jaw drop at the idea of four pizzas. “How about five, I have to eat, too, and I'd hate for you to go hungry.”

“Five it is, then.”

With their order placed, Sara and Colleen sat down on the couch and started chatting. “Do you want a Drum Stick?” Sara asked as she got up to go to the kitchen.

“You're going to eat an ice cream cone before eating four pizzas?”

“Sure, I need something to tie me over,” Sara called back from the kitchen.

“Well, I've got something else to tie you over,” Colleen responded deviously, “What some bud?”

“You've got pot,” Sara said with perked interest. “I didn't know you smoked.”

“Not since last summer.”

“Me neither,” responded Sara.

As Sara ate her ice cream cone, Colleen tried to roll a joint. After two failed attempts and a lot of laughs they began to smoke from a small pipe Colleen had stolen from her stoner brother. After two bowls, the girls began to giggle and laugh about anything and everything. They could barely keep it together when the pizza guys showed up. When Colleen opened the door a thin cloud of pot smoke rolled out the door. The pizza guy laughed and gave Colleen a knowing wink, then left with an accidental large tip in hand.

“Eat up, fat stuff,” Colleen said between laughs, “You got a lot of pizza to pack away.

Sara could barely stop laughing long enough to take her first bite, but once that melted cheese and grease touched her tongue she became an eating machine again. She began slapping two pieces together and wolfing them down in four or five bites at most. Sara had finished a whole pie before Colleen had even started her third piece. Halfway through her fourth piece Colleen became noticeably full and even though she wanted to keep up, at least in spirit, with her fat friend there was no way her 115-pound body would hold any more. Instead she just sat back and watched Sara work her way though piece after piece. As Colleen watched her friend gorge she noticed that the buttons on her too-tight shirt were beginning to strain. It looked like they might pop off at any moment. Without even breaking stride Sara finished off the second pizza and started the third. Her eyes were shut as she ate; her desire was almost unstoppable, powered by gluttony and marijuana. Sara hardly realized she had started the third pizza when there wasa quiet little pop. The bottom button of her already strained shirt had just popped off. Sara began to laugh but Colleen had this bizarre look on her face.

“Don't stop eating, break the rest off,” Colleen said breathlessly.

Sara returned to her meal, eating faster then before, once again feeling encouraged to gain. During the next set of slices there was two more pops as the next two buttons came loose from their moorings. Now her belly was pushing against her pants with only two buttons left on her blouse. She could feel her pants straining as she eat. Sara now wanted nothing more then to explode from her close. This was close to her fantasies as she had ever gotten. Bite after bite she finished the third pizza and began to race through the fourth. The pressure against her pants was becoming unbearable as she ate. She was desperate to unbutton them, but that would be cheating and she was so close to her goal. “Just a few more bites and it will go,” Sara thought to herself, “Just one more bite.”

Colleen could see that the threads that held the button in place were rapidly unraveling under the strain.

It was the first bite of the fifth pizza that finally did it. Sara's massive gut burst forth, opening her fly as it surged forward on to her legs. Colleen laughed and clapped and Sara almost came. The sense of relief was overwhelming. Sara then began to rub her belly as she returned to eating.

“Here, let me do that. You keep eating, Colleen said with a whisper.

Colleen was mesmerized by the dichotomy Sara's belly presented. It was soft and flabby on the out side but she could feel the firmness of the food Sara had backed away. With Colleen's warm hands gently rubbing Sara's belly Sara smiled and returned to eating. Before long all the pizza was gone. Sara even ate the half piece Colleen was unable to finish. Sara laid back on the couch and Colleen adjusted her body so that she could continue to rub her belly.

“Are you okay? Colleen asked, still focused on Sara's belly.

“Oh yeah, in fact, I still want more food," Sara purred back.

“More? How much more?”

“All of it. I want to eat everything. Just bring me something tasty and fattening.” Sara replied her eyes almost closed in a dream state.

Colleen nearly sprinted into the kitchen. She grabbed three pints of ice cream, a box of cookies and big plate of brownies Sara's mom had made before her trip. She returned from the kitchen holding the food in front of her, looking excited.

“What do you want first?” Colleen asked as presented the food to Sara.

“The brownies. It'll give the ice cream time to soften, Sara responded, already reaching for the brownies. They were soft and chewy, with ribbons of fudge running through them. Sara again began to eat like there was nothing else in the world to do but grow fatter. “Let me take your pants off.” Colleen said as Sara started eating. With quick push Sara lifted her butt off the couch long enough for Colleen to pull her pants off.

“Wow, even your legs are HUGE.” Colleen said as she licked her lips and began to run her hands over Sara's belly. After a few rubs of Sara's bloated belly Colleen ran one hand gently down Sara's portly leg with just her finger nails. The sensation sent lighting bolts up and down Sara's spine. She shivered, smiled and stuffed another brownie in her mouth.

“Hold on, let me get you some skin lotion.” Colleen said. She again ran from the room, this time to the bathroom returning just as quickly with a bottle of skin cream. As Sara continued to eat Colleen pushed lotion into her hands and began to rub Sara's gut. At first the lotion felt very cold, but then the combination of the food, the lotion and Colleen's touch made her belly feel warm and wonderful. Now she felt like she could eat forever. She was now the Goddess Fatta and Colleen was her little nymph. When the brownies were gone Colleen hand Sara the bag of bite-sized cookies. Sara laid back and began to pour the contents of the box into her mouth. She felt out of control, she felt naughty, she felt like a queen, she felt fantastic. It seemed like only seconds had passed before Sara was ready for the next treat.

By this time the ice cream had begun to melt. Sara just took the first pint and began to drink its contents, shoving any random chunks into her mouth with her fingers. She was so engrossed with her eating that she barely noticed Colleen remove her underwear. Sara's belly stuck out in front of her like she was a year pregnant, all shiny from the lotion. Colleen continued to rub and caress her body as she slowly lowered her head between Sara's legs and gentle began to tease Sara's clit with her tongue. Sara came instantly. Between mouthfuls of ice cream she begged for more. Colleen flicked her tongue against Sara's lips, sometimes pushing her tongue deep inside her.

“More,” Sara moaned while she dropped the first ice cream container and reached for the second one. This one was almost all liquid and Sara began to drink it down quickly. “MORE,” she moaned again. “MORE.” “MORE, MORE.” Sara yelled, the second container emptied and the third on its way to the same fate. Once all the food was gone Sara grabbed her breasts and began to squeeze and rub them. Pinching her nipples, feeling her breast's fatness. Sara came again, her body shuttering uncontrollably, almost causing her to lose the contents of her massive meal.

Sara awoke lying on the couch. The remains of last night's feast still lying on the floor. She felt dirty and wonderful all at once. The inviting smell of sausage filled her nose.

“Mom, is that you?” Sara asked as struggled out of bed.

“No, sleepy head,” Colleen's familiar voice replied. “Breakfast will be ready soon. Go get ready.”

“You're still here?” Sara asked.

Sara went the bathroom still felling drowsy and confused by last night's events. She was still naked when she stopped to examine herself in the mirror. Sara was shocked to see that she looked visibly fatter then yesterday morning. “It must be the pot playing tricks on me,” Sara said. She was desperate to step on the scale to see how much damage she done, but she resisted. After the bathroom, Sara went to her room and put on an old T-shirt that barely covered her fold, let lone her belly button or belly and some panties. Back down stairs she found Colleen whipping a large breakfast of steak and eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and french toast. The sight all that food made food made Sara's head spin, but it also made her hungry. Colleen was motoring around in the remains of Sara's blouse and her own undies.

“I hope you brought your appetite, because I think I made too much,” Colleen said with a wave and a smile.

“I know you made too much,” Sara said as she walked toward the table. “Colleen, what happened last night?”

“What happened last night, happened last night,” Colleen responded with a smile. “It would be a lie to say that I have not slept with women before. Sometimes I just have an urge, and watching you burst those buttons gave me that urge.”

Nothing else was said, but some weirdness still hung in the air. Colleen served Sara her massive breakfast. In between bites Sara asked, “Why are you cooking for me?”

“You said you wanted to eat everything here, and I sort of like to help in my own way. I have to admit I'm enthralled with your growth and the way you live. Is that okay?”

“Okay? It sounds great to me and I certainly didn't want to waste all this food.”

After breakfast Sara sat on the couch, and Colleen brought out a warmed up cherry pie even before Sara could ask. When the first pie was gone, Colleen retrieved the tin and brought out a warmed up apple pie. Without a word, Sara began to eat that one. As she ate she waited for that familiar full feeling to return, but it seemed slow in coming. Sara still felt like there was plenty of space left by the time she finished the second pie. Once again Colleen appeared to retrieve the tin and deliver a dozen doughnuts to Sara.

“I must have really stretched my stomach last night. I hardly feel full at all.” Sara said as bite into the first cream filled doughnut.

“That's good right?” Colleen responded.

“Yeah, it's great. I just wonder how much food I'll be able to hold soon.”

As the last of the doughnuts disappeared Sara finally began to feel full. Sara sat back and rubbed her belly, feeling very content.

“Do you want anything else?” Colleen asked.

“No, I'd hate to spoil my lunch,” Sara replied with a smile.

“Good, because you owe me something from last night.”

Without warming Colleen climbed on top of Sara and began to kiss her. Sara almost resisted but then decided just to go with it. As they kissed their hands began to explore each other's body. Colleen started to squeeze and play with Sara massive floppy breasts while Sara touched Colleen's small, firm breasts. Soon they were lying in Sara's bed together kissing and touching each other. As Colleen ran her tongue along Sara's belly fold Sara reached into a draw and brought out the Graduate. She turned it on, felling it vibrate in her hands. She then slid the head of the vibrator against Colleen's wet pussy. Colleen exhaled and shuttered all at once. They began to reposition themselves so that Sara could partially lay on top of Colleen, let her fat press down on Colleen while she began to work the Graduate in and out Colleen's thin body. Colleen came quickly and the two repositioned again. After they were both exhausted Colleen got dressed and headed downstairs.

“Where are you going?” Sara said.

“I'm going to make lunch. I don't want you going hungry,” Colleen said as she left the room. Sara laid back and smiled as she moved the Graduate across her own wet lips.

This is how Sara's week went. Huge meals followed by sex with Colleen, followed by another huge meal. Every day Sara ate more then she ever thought she could, and every morning she woke up fatter then she had ever been. Colleen made sure to stuff Sara to the hilt right before bedtime; she felt it would guarantee the most weight gain. When Sunday finally rolled around Sara had eaten almost every morsel of food in the house. Before breakfast Sunday morning Colleen took the rest of the money Sara's mom had left and went to get groceries. Sara decided to stay home. Once again she stood in front of the mirror thinking about all that she had done in the past week. All the food, all the sex and all the fat. She was ogling her large body. “I'm so so so so FAT,” she said with a giggle. Finally, it was time to step on the scale.

Colleen pulled into the drive the car loaded with food. She grabbed a few bags and headed into the kitchen. Sara was sitting at the table eating bowl after bowl of cereal.

“Need some help?” Sara asked.

“Don't trouble yourself. I got these to tide you over until I can cook something,” Colleen replied as she tossed Sara a bag of Snickers bars. Sara began to eat them immediately.

“I weighed myself today.” Sara said, trying to conceal the excitement in her voice.

“How much did you gain?” Colleen asked.

“Well, I was 245 last Sunday and now I'm….” Sara paused for effect, “289! I gained 44 pounds in a friggen week. Imagine how big I'll be soon.”