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A Look in the Mirror
Part Five

The sun lazily burned its path across the sky. Its warming rays crept into Sara's first floor room, moving along her legs, then across her belly like the hands of an unknown lover. A warm early summer breeze filled her room with the smell of blossoming flowers as the sun's rays finally crossed on to Sara's eyes. The light brought her out her wonderful dream world where she sat at the end of a never ending table of food, servants running to and from the kitchen with empty trays and returning with a another delicacy for her to devour. In her dreams her belly filled the room, her arms where so fat that she could no longer lift them. Even her fingers had gotten too fat to move. Not that she cared; all she worried about was getting bigger then before. “What a wonderful dream,” Sara said with a smile, lifting her broad arm to block the sun.

Sara lay in bed, the top part of her body propped up with about six or seven pillows which made her breathing easier while she slept, though both Colleen and Chris said she snored like a bear. With the help of a rope Chris had fastened to the ceiling Sara began to rotate her body, getting it ready for one the biggest challenges of the day, leaving bed. This wasn't because she loved her bed, which she did; it was because Sara was now a mountain of woman. Once she had her legs firmly planted on the ground, she again pulled against the rope to help get herself to a standing position. Every morning Sara felt a little thrill that something as simple as standing had become so difficult for her. She also loved to feel her fat pulling down on her, so real and heavy. Once standing, she waddled a few steps so she could better admire herself in the mirror.

At 587 and only 5'3”, she was a sight. Words barely did her body justice. Her feet had expanded to cover almost twice the area they once did, which Sara figured was needed to keep standing. Even her toes were nothing more then little bundles of fat. Her ankles had formed a fold that rolled on to the top of her feet. Her calves were a few inches wider then Colleen's thigh. Her knees were nothing more than larger replicas of her ankles. Large roles of fat circled the area where her knee was once visible. Her legs were gigantic barrels of flab; she had folds coming from her inner thigh that reached mid-calf. Colleen had even told Sara that her pussy lips had gotten fat. Each one of Sara's ass checks was more then two feet across, covered in deep dimples. Her butt had also developed a shelf large enough to place drinks on. Her hips made her even wider and they sloshed when she walked. Her back had folds running from the middle of her back that were large enough to hold a pickle jar in place, which Sara knew for a fact. Her hands were fat with dimples where there had once been knuckles. Her forearms had begun to develop sags, much like her upper arms, but nowhere near as big. Oh no, nowhere near as big. The back of her upper arms touched her hips when she sat.

Sara's neck and chin had long been swallowed, much like the food she had swallowed, by fat. Her chin now hung down to the top of her breasts; in fact, all she had left to prove she even had a chin was a ghost of lump right at the front of her face. Her checks puffed out, causing her lips to pucker slightly. While all these changes were amazing they were nowhere near Sara's favorite part (well, she liked her butt a lot but that's beside the point). Her favorite body parts were her fat breasts and massive gut. Her breasts had become colossal hanging sacks of fat that dropped all the way to her belly button, or at least where her belly button had once been. Her aureoles had expanded and stretched to be bigger then her hands. Sometimes when she wanted to pout or complain, she stuck her nipple in her mouth and sucked on it like a baby, and sometimes she did it just because she could.

Her belly was simply colossal. It hung just past her knees and was as wide as she was. It stuck out more then two feet ahead of her, announcing her arrival into any room long before her face arrived. Her belly button was now about even with her vagina and stuck so far out Sara could no longer reach it. Her belly had gotten so substantial that masturbating was now impossible. The fold across her belly was deep enough for both her and Colleen to keep there hands warm under it. The top of the fold was bigger then most fat women's bellies. Her belly had developed a small crease running from her belly button down towards her legs. Kara had once guessed that Sara had gotten so big that she was about split into two different people.

Sara stood in front of the mirror, admiring her blubbery body. Her hands moved across her body, feeling the softness of her fat. She loved to pat her belly and watch it jiggle, or slide her hands under fold and lift it just to feel its astounding weight. As she massaged herself, she looked in the mirror, searching for the thin girl she had once been. That Sara was now long gone, never to return. She was now buried under pound after pound of food that she had magically turned to warm, soft, wonderful fat. She tried to imagine all the food she had eaten to get this large, bite after unrelenting bite - so much food had expanded her to the person she was now.

“Breakfast!” Kara yelled from the kitchen.

“Breakfast,” Sara said as she reached for one of her tent-sized dresses. “One of favorite seven meals of the day.”

Kara could hear Sara's heavy footfalls, echoing down the fall as she waddled her way toward the table. Kara began to put out a meal large enough to serve six but barely enough to feed Sara and herself.

Out of breath, Sara entered into the kitchen and dropped her weight down unto the thick padded wood bench Chris had built for her. The two girls sat down and began to talk about their plans for the weekend. Graduation was only four days away. College was almost over, and the four of them were about to enter the real world. Soon, Colleen came bouncing into the kitchen like a butterfly, kissing each girl on the check as she went to get some coffee. A few minutes later, Chris came stumbling in the back door, still wearing the clothes he'd gone out in last night.

“Where did you sleep last night?” Sara asked as she raised her head momentarily from her plate.

“Ssshhhh. Not so loud,” Chris mumbled quietly with a slight slur, “I'm really hung over - and who says I slept?”

Colleen sunk up behind him and yelled, “Walk of Shame!” The noise caused Chris to pop and spin at the same time, which required way too much coordination in his current state. He fell to the ground, looking very confused. The three girls burst out laughing. Laughing was one of Sara's favorite things to do; it made her whole body shake and bounce all at once. Chris slowly climbed back to his feet, one hand firmly clasped to his forehead.

“Men don't do the Walk of Shame; only women do. Men walk with pride,” he said as he grabbed some toast and eggs, “Now, if you girls will excuse me I'm going to my bedroom to die.”

Three girls laughed at Chris' broken down state as he left. Then their plans turned to graduation and the real world that lay ahead. Colleen, Chris and Kara had all found jobs in town and planned to continue to live in the house Sara and her mother had bought for them. Colleen had gotten a marketing job with a local radio station where she had interned at one summer. One of the DJ's had a bit of a crush on her and once tried to embarrass her by bring her on the air to meet the famous porn star, Pandora Peaks. Instead, with Colleen's quick and willingness to try anything (which this time included frenching the porn star and giving her a loving nipple rub before she left the room), the DJ was the one who ended up with the red face. Chris had gotten a job at a bank working in their small business department. It turned out Chris was not stupid, just too engrossed by Sara's eating and habits to form complete sentences around her. Sara and Chris were still lovers, as were Colleen and Sara, but they were not exclusive to each other at Sara's request.

Chris turned out to be a God-send around the house, building things to make Sara's life style a little easier. When Sara had accidentally crushed her bed frame, Chris had built her a new one out two-by-fours, steel rebar and cement blocks. “You could weigh 1000 pounds and not damage this one,” Chris had boasted. To prove it he had Sara, a scant 450 at the time; Kara, then weighing in at about 405 and Colleen stand on the bed together. It held firm; not a single creek, crack or moan came from it.

Kara had the best job, at least by Sara's standards. Her portly uncle was a partner at a local candy factory, which made some of Sara's favorite treats. He had gotten Kara a job as a sales rep. He himself was about 415 and said that it was the one job where being big just made you a more believable sales person. He had sent over some product catalogs so Kara could learn about the product. Sara treated them with the same reverence young children bestowed on the Toys R' Us catalog.

Sara, on the other hand, was finding the job market difficult. It was not that Sara was stupid; in fact she had finished ranked number two in her double major of math and computer science. Instead, her downfall was her size. While Sara gained encouragement from the shocked expressions people gave while she ate, she was less encouraged by the same looks from interviewers. She had one interview where she had begun to sweat profusely, not from stress but from having to stand. All the chairs had arms that made sitting impossible. Another interview had been ruined by the angry rumbling of her hungry tummy. At the time it had been horrible, but it retelling the story, it became hilariously absurd.

Interviewer: What do you thing you could bring to Smith & Reynolds?
Sara: I know I could be a valuable asset to...
Sara: To Smith & Reynolds because I'm an intelligent…
Sara: Girl who knows...
Sara: Who knows what she wants...
Sara's Brain: and that would be lunch.

The situation was frustrating, and it left Sara uncertain of what to do next. She had enough money to live comfortable for a long while without work, but it made her feel useless. Spending a week on the couch eating had been fun, but a lifetime seemed to waste the gifts God had given her. She had even considered trying out for the fat lady at a circus, but all that travel and being away from home seemed awful. Now out of ideas, four days from graduation, Sara once again began to question the wisdom of her weight gain.

Soon, Kara excused herself from the table to get dressed for the senior class picnic. Sara did the best she could to help Colleen with the dishes but really wasn't very helpful. Colleen kept bumping into Sara's tummy as she reached for the next dish. Every time she did Colleen would just giggle. Finally, she patted Sara's bouncy belly and said, “Don't worry about it, my little fattie. I'll take care of it. You go get dressed.”

“I am dressed,” Sara said, “I just need some help putting on my shoes.”

As Sara lumbered to the living room, she felt guilty about how useless she really was. When the four moved in, they had agreed that Sara would pay most of the rent and the food bills, but the rest of the chores fell to the others. At the time it seemed like a wonderful arrangement to Sara. She got to sit on the couch and eat while the others served her every whim. It's not like the others minded either. Sara's weight had sort of become a team effort. At first the three split the work, but soon Kara began to gain, not actively, but enough that the other two had even more to do. After a while Sara and Kara would sit on the couch together, being stuffed by Chris and Colleen. This had lead to Kara and Colleen's first kiss and the group's first experience with group sex. At 450ish, Kara had put a stop to her weight gain, but some nights she still found her way into Colleen or Chris' bed.

Now, Sara felt guilty about her lack of effort and inability to help. While she loved her fat and how big she had gotten, she was, for the first time, feeling trapped by that same fat. “How did I ever get so fat?” Sara asked the empty room. With a flick, the TV came to life, but Sara found no entertainment in images. Her mind tried to answer the question she had just asked. She thought back to beginning of her adventure. The day in front of the mirror. Seeing Kara naked later that night and her awakening. Her decision to gain weight. The food she secretly ate at night, masturbating all the while. “Now I'm too fat even to masturbate,” Sara thought, feeling a bit remorseful. She remembered the day she told her mom and how happy she had been at her mother's acceptance. She thought about her massive binge after new years and Colleen going down on her. “God, I was so full, Sara thought with a chuckle, “I never get that full any more.” She thought about her return to school and how shocked everyone was at her growth spurt. She thought about the days spent in front of the mirror watching the image's belly expanding as she ate.

A warm, happy smile crossed her lips when Chris had introduced her to the idea of the funnel. She would lie in bed as he poured a mix of cream, melted vanilla ice cream and weight gain powder down her throat until she was sure she was going to pop. The noise of her tummy slapping against her thighs as Chris took her from behind filled her ears. Sara remembered the tickle of the carpet against her flab the first time her belly touched the floor when she got on all fours. She reminisced about the day she was finally heavier then Kara. Kara had weighed herself first, then Sara got on. Each girl had to have Colleen read the numbers since they were too fat to see the read out. When Colleen announced that Sara was now fatter, Kara had laughed and said, “Finally! Finally I can call you fat. Fattie!” Sara had tried to do a little victory dance but it was too much work.

The day her weight had broken 400 pounds, Colleen got her a giant cake with said, “Happy 40th Birthday.” Colleen had explained that the bakery did not believe her when she requested a cake that said, “Happy 400 Pounds.” She remember how secretly proud she was when she started having to take a scooter to class and that no classroom had a desk big enough to holder her or when she crushed her bed frame after an exceptionally large meal. The warm taste of her 500-pound celebration cake filled her mouth again; drawn up from a not so distant memory. So many happy memories were now associated with her weight and she would hate to give it up. She had been very upset when she had decided to stop gaining until she had a job which allowed her to get fatter.

“Where are your shoes?” Colleen asked, breaking Sara way from her memories.

“Over there.” She pointed to her shoes, which lay only a few feet away, but Sara couldn't reach them. Even if she could, there was no way she could get past her belly to put them on. “I've turned into a giant baby,” Sara said, her voice filled with sadness, “I wanted to be Sara Jones, the fat queen, but instead I'm Sara Jones, the fucking helpless baby.”

Colleen looked at her and hugged her. “Listen, you enjoyed getting fat; you like being fat. If it's meant to be, you'll stay fat. Otherwise the three of use will help you lose some weight.” Colleen responded with a smile.

“But I don't want to lose weight. I love my fat.”

“I don't think you really understand how big you are,” Colleen said with a sexy smile, “You could lose my body weight in fat, and still be bigger then Kara. And think about all the fun you'd have putting back off if you decided to.”

Both those points brought a smile to Sara's angelic face, “You're right, now help me up.” Colleen smiled, hugged Sara and then began to try and lift Sara back to her feet. On the second attempt they got Sara up.

At the picnic, the four spread out and began to mingle. Sara sat on her scooter and zoomed from group to group, smiling and talking. The gland story had been so successful at home Sara decided to use the same story at school. When some one asked if there was any hope, she would just half smile, tilt her head and say, “There is a new study underway at Duke that might yield some results. Thanks for your concern.” After three hours, three burgers, four hot dogs and more beers then she could count. Sara rode home, swerving a little for the beer. “Watch out! Fat drunk girl headed your way!” she yelled at passers-by as she putted down the road. Once home she stumbled to bed, passing out instantly.

Graduation was a great day for everyone. Sara had managed to waddle across the stage to get her degree without incident. After the ceremonies, the four had a BBQ and keg with their families and friends. Sara's Mom and Aunt came. Sara's Aunt almost began to cry when she say Sara. “You poor baby. Have you ever thought about having your glands removed?” she asked. Chris laughed so hard he had to spit his mouthful of hot dog out to keep from choking. After the BBQ the three girls set out for some fun. They moved from house party to house party. Sara was often forced to wait for her drinks on the front porch. Navigating her bulk through a crowed party was almost impossible. By the third party Sara was feeling very tipsy, a real concern for some one her size.

“Wow, I'm drunk,” Sara said with a slight slur.

“Well don't get so drunk you can't ride your scooter,” Colleen replied, “The last time I tried to carry you home you almost crushed me, and that was two hundred pounds ago.”

Soon after Sara's legs began to wear out, and she decided to head home. Once inside she headed through the kitchen, picking up a gallon of ice cream, some Twinkies and spoon. “Tomorrow, I start to diet but not tonight. Tonight is a good night for ice cream.” Sara thumped into the living room and slumped down on the couch, digging into her snack. As she ate she dreamed of being an immobile blob of fat again.

“Sara?? Are you okay? You want some breakfast?” Kara whispered in Sara's ear

“Huh?” was all Sara could reply, still sitting on the couch. The empty ice cream containers under one arm and the Twinkie wrappers resting on her stomach.

“Food, Sara!” Colleen yelled.

“Okay, okay. I hear you.”

While the girls cooked, Sara went to the bathroom and changed dresses. “Let's eat on the couch,” Sara said as she returned from her room. The kitchen seemed like an awful long walk to her this morning.

The three girls gathered in the living room and talked as they ate. Sara used her massive belly for a table. From the kitchen they heard Chris returning home early as usual.

“Is there any food left?” Chris asked from the kitchen.

“It's in the stove, staying warm,” Kara replied

“Thanks,” Chris answered, “I've got mail here. Sara, there is a letter from Hughes & Associates. Do you want it?”

“That was my last interview,” Sara responded, “No, just throw it out. I don't want to read another rejection letter.”

“Okay,” Chris responded, still in the kitchen, “What do they do again?”

“They are a think tank that does some design work for the DOD. At that interview, my chair gave out from under me right as I was explaining my honors thesis. The interviewer, who was very nice about it, offered me the other chair, saying it was newer. I broke that one, too,” Sara said with a smile. The girls laughed at image of the interviewer trying to explain the two broken chairs to his boss.

Chris walked in to living room with his breakfast in one hand and a large white envelope in the other. He sat down in chair across from Sara and said with a grin, “The funny thing is this doesn't look like a rejection letter. Rejection letters come in little, thin envelops. This is a great big thick envelope.”

Sara's eyes opened with excitement. “That's the letter? Give it here.”

“You said throw it way and who am I to argue?” Chris said with a chuckle.

“Give it to me!” Sara yelled, trying to stand.

“Okay, okay relax big girl.” Chris laughed as he tossed the envelope to Sara.

Sara was almost too nervous to open it. “Chris, if you got my hopes up for a rejection, I swear to God the next time you got to bed I'm going to crush you flat.” Sara said as she opened the letter. “Dear Sara Jones, We at Hughes & Associates would like to congratulate you on being accepted for a design analyst position...”

All four began to cheer and celebrate. Sara burst into tears she was so happy. Her belly bounced as she cried and laughed all at once. Once Sara was able to collect her breath and compose herself, she called Mr. Rodgers, her interviewer, to accept. Her hands shook as she dialed the phone. Mr. Rodgers answered and congratulated Sara on her job, but said there were concerns. Sara's breath stopped short. “Concerns?” she replied.

“I don't know how to put this gently, but they are about your size.” Sara could feel tears welling up again as she listened. Mr. Rodgers continued, “We at H&A are always looking for talented, smart people that can help us, no matter what they look like. You were far and away the best candidate we saw so we hired you, but your size is a concern.” Sara bit her lip and prayed. “So, we want to set you up with an at-home terminal.”

“At-home terminal?” Sara exhaled.

“That's correct. We have done it before for people who had difficulty getting to work for whatever reason, but we have never done it for a new hire. We will have to run extensive background checks on you, and you'll have to work very hard to prove that this was not a mistake.”

“Oh, I will work so hard. You won't be disappointed, sir. I'm going to bend over backwards to excel at this job.”

A month and half later Sara had her at-home terminal, a secure line and lots of work to do. Sara was more then happy. This job gave her purpose. She sat on the couch, rubbing her almost 600 pound body. It was Saturday night, and Sara started work on Monday. Her friends had gone out for the night, but Sara was too excited to be around other people. As Sara sat and thought about what this job meant for her life, she giggled and announced aloud, “I don't have to diet!” she paused for a second, “In fact, it means I can continue to grow again.”

It felt like years since she had stuffed herself silly, but now it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Sara licked her lips as made her silent approach towards her prey. She started grabbing food from the cabinets, laying it out on the table. Even though Sara hadn't been gaining, Kara and Sara both had a sweet tooth, so they keep lots of junk around. She grabbed boxes of cookies, two apple pies, cookie dough, Ho-Ho's, Ding-Dongs, Two boxes of doughnut holes and bag of Snickers. Inside the fridge, she found soda, Cool Whip, yogurt, a bag of chocolate chips, whole milk and the big score, three boxes of chocolates Kara had brought back home from work. In the freezer she grabbed two frozen pizzas and tossed them in the oven. Sara also began to microwave some frozen burritos. When she was done, she examined the pile of food sitting in the middle of the table. She squealed with delight.

“I have missed eating like this. I'm going to be so much fatter after this.”

Sara sat down on her bench and began grabbing anything near by and stuffing it in her mouth. At one point she was stuffing a Ding-Dong into her mouth with one pudgy hand while the other scooped out a load of pie. Once again Sara felt like she was running on auto-pilot. She ate at an amazing pace, pushing one thing after another after another down her throat. Her belly began to swell slightly as it filled with food, but she was no were near full. She poured the chocolate chips directly from the bag into her mouth. It took only seconds to finish the half-pound bag. Sara then tore into the candy Kara brought home. She must have looked like a cartoon, struggling to pull the little treats from their slots and stuffing them in her mouth, sometimes as many as four at once. The burritos only took four bites each to devour. When the pizza finished baking, Sara took the whole pizza and folded it in half, and then in half again. In five minutes, both pizzas were gone. She drank directly from the soda and milk, belching out the bubbles from the soda. After the pizza came the snickers, then the cookies, the pie and cool whip. Sara opened the yogurt and squeezed the entire container directly into her waiting mouth. She did the same with the cookie dough. Finally, the last of the food disappeared. Sara's belly was so swollen she had difficulty reaching the front of it. She sat back, took a deep breath and said, “What a wonderful snack. What's the main course?”

Sara began to raid the freezer of all its contents. A gallon of Rocky Road, a gallon of Cherry Garcia, two boxes of ice cream sandwiches, a box of Drum Sticks and a pound bag of M&Ms Kara liked to keep frozen. Sara grabbed her meal and a bottle of Heresy's Chocolate sauce and headed for the couch.

“Now I've got to eat quickly. I don't want this melting,” Sara said as she opened one box of ice cream sandwiches and the Drum Sticks. With one each hand she began to stuff herself again, the other hand gripped the next treat. Within minutes she was onto her second helping of food, stopping only long enough to shoot chocolate syrup right into her mouth. As Sara ate, she could feel the front of her dress beginning to ride up as she continued to swell. Sara had finally reached that feeling of being ready to burst when she opened the second box of ice cream sandwiches; still she continued to eat, knowing from experience she could cram a lot more food inside her. The gallon of Rocky Road was soon gone. The Cherry Garcia was an almost impossible challenge, but Sara forced spoonful after spoonful inside her. She began to feel like she was about to split open. “I know there's still room in there,” Sara said, her eyes glazed over from eating. She reached for another spoonful when to her surprise she hit nothing but cardboard. “Empty already? Oh my God. I ate soooo much!” Sara said with a smile, feeling a familiar pain from her stomach.

Sara was still on the couch when her friends returned from the bar. “Holly shit, look at this mess!” Chris exclaimed, “Sara what did you do?”

“I did what I did best,” Sara laughed, “I binged, and it was wonderful.”

The three entered into the living room to find Sara covering more then half the couch. Her belly was incredibly swollen, sticking out way front of her. It was hard to believe it was all one person, it was so big. “You feel okay Sara?” Colleen asked.

“I feel better then okay,” Sara replied, “I feel like myself again. I feel great. I feel like I'm floating inside a lake of fat that I created.”

“Do you need anything?” Kara asked

“I dropped some M&M's and I can't reach them,” Sara said with a content smile, “And it would be nice to have some one rub my tummy.”

The M&M's sat less then a foot from Sara out stretched hand, but she couldn't get any closer. Colleen bent over and handed her the bag, which Sara quickly opened and began to eat. Colleen kissed her fat friend on the check and began to rub her belly.

“I guess it's back to normal around here,” Colleen said as Sara purred.

Once again Sara slept on the couch, too full to move. The girls had gotten her up long enough to undress her so she could breathe easier. That morning the house was alive with activity. Kara and Colleen cooked breakfast as Chris unloaded an insane amount of food from the car. Sara awoke happy and hungrier then ever. She waddled slowly to the bathroom to relieve some pressure and take a shower. After her shower, she waddled to her room and stood in front of the mirror while Colleen helped towel her down. Sara loved how her fat looked wet. It seemed to shimmer and glisten. Once dressed, she blopped herself down on the couch and waited her next meal.

Colleen and Kara came from the kitchen caring two plates each. They placed the plates down with arms reach of Sara, with one directly on her gut. The plates were over stuffed with all her favorite foods. Sara resumed her pace from last night, eating as quickly as possible. By the time the other three returned to the living room with their food, Sara had polished off two plates. The four sat together pretending to watch TV, but in truth they were focused on Sara's monumental intake of food. When she finished her fourth plate Sara asked for more. Colleen went to the kitchen and returned with two more massive plates of food and large box of doughnuts fresh from Krispy Kreme.

Between bites, Sara managed to stop long enough to say thanks for their help in letting pursue her dream. They said it was their pleasure, and they enjoyed the experience, too. Sara continued to eat her 12 doughnuts while the others did dishes. Lunch was another massive stuffing, followed by snacks and nap. During the day Sara only left the couch to go to the bathroom. When she stood she became fully aware of the weight of the food in her stomach. Dinner consisted of a giant bowl of pasta with meat balls, sausage and meat sauce. According to the box, Sara ate enough paste to feed eight people. Sara followed the pasta up with two whole deep fried chickens. Sara still felt full from all her snacking when dinner began. By the end of the meal she was stuffed to the gills.

Sara sat on the couch, rubbing her massive belly which seemed to be growing faster then ever before.

“We've got a surprise for you, Sara,” said Colleen from the kitchen.

“Oh really? I hope it's food,” Sara responded without looking.

The three returned from the kitchen carrying a giant, two-layer chocolate cake that said, “Congrats on the New Job.” The cake was more then two feet by three feet, bigger then any Sara had ever eaten. Sara laughed and clapped her bulgy hands as the placed the cake on her rounded abdomen. “No sillies, it goes inside my belly, not on top,” Sara said with a giggle. She licked her lips and dug in. Her friends brought no utensils, and she asked for none, instead grabbing chunks with her hands and stuffing it in her mouth. Half way through the cake, Sara felt as if she had cake floating behind her eyes, but she pressed on. As she ate, she became more aware of a cold sensation against the bottom of her belly that she couldn't place.

“Why is my belly cold?” Sara asked.

“You need a blanket?” Chris replied.

“It's not the top of my belly; it's the front part. It's getting cold.”

Kara, sitting almost across from Sara, bent over and sat back up with a smile. “That's because your belly is on the floor,” Kara reported.

“Get the fuck out. It is?” Sara yelled back.

The other two confirmed. Chris went as so far as to get his digital camera to take a picture for posterity. When Sara saw the photo, a look came across her face the other three recognized. Without a word they went to the kitchen to get more food as Sara returned her focus to the remains of the cake. She ate faster then ever before. She literally stuffed her face in the cake, grabbing handfuls at a time and shoving them in her mouth. “Oh my God,” Sara thought to herself. “My belly reaches the floor sitting. I must get fatter and fatter. I'm so fat. I love it. THE FLOOR!”

When she finished the cake, she just yelled, “More!” Colleen, Kara and Chris began to bring food to her as quickly as she could eat it. The sensation of her belly on the floor made her cum, and still she ate. She would eat anything they brought. Cookies, pie, ice cream, sandwiches, burgers and more disappeared into her gut. The three had seen Sara eat before, but nothing like this. She was eating more then they thought possible. All the food they bought that morning was rapidly disappearing. From their perspective, they could see Sara's belly bulging out from her dress, stuffed full of food. It seemed bigger with each trip to the living room. Eight Kit-Kat bars, six ice cream Snickers bars. More pie. More everything went to the living room to be sacrificed to Sara growing body. Finally, Sara said stop; her face was covered in food. She had crumbs all over her. Her fingers were caked with the remains of her food.

“I need a break for a while. Do we have weight gain shake?” Sara said with a smile. Kara helped Sara reach the bathroom while Chris and Colleen whipped up two and a half gallons of weight gain shake. With Kara's help Sara returned to the couch. When she sat, she could feel her belly again contact the floor. Sara sat and rested for a few hours, then headed to bed. Once in bed, Colleen inserted the funnel into Sara's mouth. Even before Chris started to pour, Sara started sucking on the funnel. It didn't take long for Sara to digest the shake. As she drank, her belly began to swell even further, rising like a mountain on top of Sara. “So fat,” Sara moaned to herself. “So very fat.”