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A Look in the Mirror

(Sixteen Months Later):

The click of computer keys could be heard echoing through the house. Sara was examining some calculations on a new thrust design for SAM missile systems. As she worked, she popped chocolates into her mouth almost without thinking. Sara had excelled at her job and become one of the most valued employees at Hughes & Associates, even though few people there had ever seen her. She had become sort of a legend around the office, like Charlie with his Angels. Some believed she was actually a computer with AI capabilities; some believed she was in the witness relocation program; still others had heard she had been horribly disfigured in a car accident and just a few believed a crazy story that she was just too fat to stand.

In the kitchen, Michelle and Kim, Sara's personal assistants/nurses/cooks, moved through the kitchen getting lunch together. They had prepared trays of burgers of different types for Sara to consume. Their job was to help Sara get through the daily challenges she faced at her size, to feed her and to keep her company. At first, it had been just Kim, but as Sara grew additional help became a necessity. When Michelle was hired, Kim tired to prepare her for the shock of seeing Sara the first time. Sara was so fat that it denied comprehension. That was six months ago.

Now she was even bigger. Sara had not risen to her feet in more then a year. The most movement she did in a day was to roll from side to side, with the help of both girls, for her sponge bath. She spent each day in bed typing on the mounted workstation Chris had built for her when reaching her desk became impossible. Her legs were spread wide to accommodate her belly, which rolled out in front of her. At this point her belly covered her legs completely; all that was left for her belly to consume was her fat little feet. Sara got a kick out of watching the end of belly jiggle as she wiggled her toes. Of course, the only way she could see that was in her trusted mirror. Her belly rose up to nearly to shoulder height and extended from where her chest had once been, two-and-half feet in front of her before tapering off. Her breasts now rested on either side of her fantastic belly, flowing down onto her hips, which were now more then 7 feet across. Her upper arms were large and saggy enough that when Sara extended her arm straight down - or at least as close to straight as she could get - she could grab large handfuls of the spongy flesh. Even her back was huge; the folds there were now almost a foot deep. Her feet now looked like pudgy balls, and her ankles had developed a large enough fold to cover her feet almost completely. Sara's ass and thighs, which Sara never saw anymore except in the mirror, were also beyond gigantic. Her thighs were wider around then Colleen and Chris' waists combined. The fat spread out to almost reach her ankles as she sat. Her chins and face were really nothing more then a mass of fat with a tiny nose, mouth and eyes.

Lunch came and went just as it always did as did the rest of the day. Colleen got home from work first and immediately went to check on Sara. “Are you ready for your big weekend?” Colleen asked as she climbed into bed with Sara, leaning against her belly.

“Hold on; let just email this last thing in and I'll be done for the day,” Sara replied

“Sorry,” Colleen responded as she changed positions. Colleen began to reach under Sara's belly like a cat trying to recover a lost to toy.

“Stop that! It tickles!” Sara said with a jump.

Colleen continued her little game, “What are you going to do stop me?”

“I'll eat you if you get close enough to my mouth.” Sara laughed, her arms flapping helplessly. “Come here and give me a kiss,” Sara said, feeling short of breath from laughing.

“It's not a trap is it?” Colleen said as she bent over and gave Sara kiss.

That night Colleen and Kara cooked dinner while Chris and Sara sat and talked.

“So you really want to try this?” Chris asked.

“I want to see what it looks like,” Sara responded.

“I'm just worried about your legs being able to support you. If you fall we couldn't get you back up.”

“I know,” Sara replied, “but it's been more then a year since I last stood up. I just want to know what it looks like.”

“Okay, the three of us are ready, plus Michelle and Kim will be here to help, too. Though they don't think it's possible,” Chris responded as Kara walked in carrying a large tray of lasagna, the first part of Sara's dinner.

That morning, the six of them began to make plans to get Sara to her feet. Chris had installed a pulley and bucket system, which could rotate, to take some the weight of Sara's belly as she attempted to stand. Chris and Kim lifted Sara's belly long enough for Colleen to slide a large piece of long plastic underneath. The pulley was attached and Kara and Colleen began to pull the rope. Slowly Sara's belly lifted off the bed. Sara laughed to herself as they lifted. “I've become my own construction site,” Sara thought to herself. The next step was moving her body to the edge of the bed and then rotating her. Both these steps provided a great deal of difficulty. In one of his better moments of foresight, Chris had attached a braking system to the pulley so Kara and Michelle didn't have to struggle with the rope the whole time.

As Sara's feet reached the floor, a new problem occurred, she was standing on her ankles. The fatty roles of her ankles kept getting caught under her feet. Colleen had to lie on the floor and pull the fat away as she placed her feet again. Other problems also arose, the size of her thighs made putting her feet at shoulders width uncomfortably, but all agreed that she would have to deal with it. Any wider and her weight might just force her into the splits. To get her standing, Chris had built a second pulley and harness system. The harness was difficult to put on and very uncomfortable, but Sara saw it only as another minor inconvenience. With everything in place, Kara and Colleen began to pull the rope as Sara struggled to stand. Her muscles had gotten so weak; probably the only real muscles she had left were in her arms from typing and her jaw from chewing.

Slowly, Sara began to feel her butt lift off the bed, and her legs began to feel more and more uncomfortable as they adjusted to the weight. Sara felt a strange sensation as her thighs began to move. It felt as if she was melting and her legs were running off the side of the bed. At ¾ standing Chris propped Sara up with a large pad so she could catch her breath. While Sara rested Kim examined their progress. “Your thighs touch the floor,” she said matter of factly.

“Wow, really!” Sara responded with a giggle.

The others confirmed it. The inner part of her thighs, the saggiest part, extended all the way to the floor spilling out into puddles next her ankles. “Good God, I'm huge,” Sara said, “Now let's get me up!”

Again, the five friends returned to their post and began to hoist Sara back up. Finally and with great effort, Sara was standing. Now all that remained to do was lower her belly, which currently hung suspended feet ahead of her like a giant wade of cookie dough. Chris, Kara and Michelle manned the rope while Colleen began to release the brake. Kim helped steady Sara so she didn't fall forwards. Inch by inch, Sara's belly slowly began to lower to the floor. When it finally reached the ground completely, Sara's belly more then completely covered her feet. Her belly flowed out in front of her, covering about four square feet of floor. Sara stood in front of the mirror, admiring her work as the other took pictures for posterity's sake. Sara's breasts hung a few inches from the floor themselves. Her hips were so wide Sara could not reach the edges of them. Her double chin hung down low enough to touch the top of her belly. She felt like a melting wax statue.

After a few minutes Sara began to sweat. “I think I need to sit down,” Sara said, short of breath. The process began again in reverse, and after about 10 minutes Sara was back in her usual position resting comfortable in bed. She felt like a queen and a blimp all at once.

“Next time we do that we need to weigh me, too,” Sara laughed, knowing there probably wouldn't be a next time. “All that work made me hungry,” she said, licking her lips, thinking all the food she had eaten in her life.

“How hungry?” asked Colleen.

“Very hungry!” Sara responded.

“Good, because we have a surprise for you.” Chris laughed as he and Kara left the room.

“Oh goody, I hope it's food. Tons and tons of food,” Sara said with a smile.