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A Wrong Idea
By Sirkaril

It started out as kind of a joke almost. I was asked by a friend of mine to make a fat ray, something that would basically make someone fatter just by pointing it at them and firing the ray. We had a good laugh at it, and then a few days later I got down to thinking about it again. So I went into seclusion into my garage and began work on it. Months and months went by, plus a ton of money wasted on parts and equipment. Massive amounts of calculations were put into it, tons of tests to make sure that it would not hurt the recipient in any way. Then finally, with a grin on my face and some greasy hands, the ray was done. It was small, about the size of a TV remote, actually looked like one too. It had a couple of buttons on it, and each one added a different amount of weight to the person. It also had a timer on it so you could set it to work for so long, and it also had a voice system on it so that you could tell it what to do, and it would do it.

I was truly impressed with myself. I put it away in the case I made for it, and then went upstairs to get some much-needed sleep. As I walked away, a chubby hand came out, grabbed the remote and was gone. I didn't realize the remote had been stolen until after I had told my friend Sarah that I had made the ray. She always had a dream of becoming just a giant ball of flesh, so massive that her every breath would make her body shudder and giggle uncontrollably. At already 350 pounds, she was well on her way, but she wanted to get really big really quickly. As we went down, I saw with a look on my face of wonder that it was gone. At first I made a quick look, trying to figure out where it could have gone, not yet knowing what could have happened to it.

Meanwhile, about two cities over, Hillary was holding the remote in her chubby hand, smiling madly at it, and all the potential it had for her. At 400 pounds, no one could say she was really small, but she felt that she wasn't anywhere big enough. So without a second glance at it, she pressed the first button and aimed the ray at herself. No beam came out, no super sound or anything at all happened. She looked at it, thought it was broken and was about to throw it away when she felt a pleasant sensation over her body. She looked down and saw that her hips were growing, along with her breasts, belly and thighs. She quickly ran to the wall mirror she had in her room and watched herself swell up with new fat. After a minute or so it was over, and she was standing there at now 550 pounds, a 150-pound gain in one minute. Her belly now jutted out even more, as her hips, butt and thighs took most of the weight, along with her massive chest. She poked her thigh, and felt her hand go in much deeper then it had before.

She let out a sigh and giggle, and knew exactly what she wanted to do. Placing the fat ray before her, she told it to inflate her at the highest setting for one hour. As she sat and waited, the pleasant sensation began to flow through her body again. As it did she began to grow, quickly adding another 150 pounds to her frame, and the growth seemed to be speeding up the bigger she got. Within a few moments, she was now over 2000 pounds, a ball of flesh and laughing the whole while. Her sides began to hit the wall, and were pushing it as her belly grew to be 16 feet out; her thighs were now 20 feet across; her hips flared out even further and her rear end had blown up so big it was lifting the rest of her up, and stuck out a good 14 feet behind her. Her face was now covered in fat, and her breasts were pushing up, long ago having turned into just huge balls of flesh in of themselves. She closed her eyes and felt the walls begin to snap under the pressure she was exerting. This was turning out to be a lot of fun, she thought, as the walls finally caved outward from her growing body.

As I continued to look for the ray, I eventually gave up on it, turned to Sarah and said I couldn't find it, but that I could whip up another one if she gave me a bit of time. So for the next four hours, I worked without stopping, and as I was done, Sarah came into the lab with a look of shock on her face, and told me to come into the living room. Without a word I followed her, and what I saw on the TV shocked me. There was Hillary, just a massive ball of flesh covering the entire city near us, and just by watching the video I could tell that she was getting even bigger with every second. I looked to Sarah, and she looked at me. Without a word, she grabbed the new fat ray and got into her car. I had no idea what she had planned, but all I could hope for was that it would work.

Sarah drove for five minutes until she reached where the city had been, and where now all there was the massive form of Hillary, covering the vast area with her ton upon ton of flesh. It was hard to tell what body part was what as her form seemed to shudder and grow with every passing second. Without even thinking Sarah aimed the new ray at herself, and screamed at it “Full power until I say stop.” Then without a word, her own form began to blow up, and quickly too, for the new model had an even higher rating then the old one. Minutes went by, and Hillary didn't even notice till she felt something next to her. She turned her massively fattened head and what she saw shocked her. Right next to her was another massive girl, growing quick and gaining fast on her. How? she thought. I thought I had the only one. Within a few more moments, her growth stopped, but Sarah's continued, soon reaching her size and surpassing it by leaps and bounds.

When she yelled stop, she was twice Hillary's size. While she was four miles wide, Sarah was now eight and a half miles wide, with thighs that went on for days, breasts that could crush most city blocks and a belly that oozed out from her for miles around. Even though she wasn't as bottom heavy as Hillary, her size more then made up for it. Her belly was also threatening to push her over as it pushed her back. So, Hillary thought, if it's a fight she wants, it's a fight she'll get. She looked down to see her own fat ray, nestled in between her massive breasts still, and with a wicked smile, yelled at it to make her even bigger, much much bigger. Almost instantly, her form began to grow again, and soon overtook Sarah's, and began to actually cover over now. Sarah just stared at her, and knew what she had to do.

It was now a contest as Sarah started her own growth again. She was determined to show everyone that she was the biggest girl around. The two behemoth girls just grew more and more massive, each one trying to beat the other, to smother her with her own hugely fat body and end her growth. They soon both hit the 20-mile mark and showed no signs of stopping. Hillary was ecstatic that she had reached such a huge size and was loving every minute of her mountainous body expanding, growing more beautiful with every second. Her thighs had gotten so massive that they now elevated the rest of her body even higher, as her belly and breasts tried to keep up but just couldn't.

Meanwhile Sarah's belly and breasts had long long ago overflowed her legs and arms, making it seem that she was just a giant ball of fat that kept on growing and growing. Their bodies covered entire cities, crushed mountains and overflowed streams and lakes as they just kept on growing. Hillary, being more hip heavy, was actually pushing Sarah over with her massive hips, while Sarah's massive belly was pushing Hillary's own belly away. All over the world, everyone took notice and watched the two girls grow into even more massive forms. Bigger and bigger they got, soon they both covered the entire state with their massive bodies, and neither one seemed even close to giving up. Sarah gazed around her, her face now almost a mile wide in of itself, and locked gazes with Hillary, all the way over on her own huge mound of fat. Hillary gazed at her too, and the same thought crossed their minds at the same moment. “I'm going to show her what a fat girl really is.”

Then an odd thing happened. They both stopped growing. All of a sudden, it just all stopped. The problem was that the rays had reached critical, and then with a gigantic boom, there was a huge explosion. . A giant cloud of smoke covered the land, and slowly settled down. As the smoke cleared, Sarah looked around and saw her body. She had grown to unimaginable proportions. She now covered the entire United States; she had smothered almost a whole continent! Her giant body jiggled and swayed with every breath and seemed to stretch on forever as far as her eye could see. She did feel a bit bad about crushing all of those people, but at least she had stopped Hillary. With a contented sigh, she laid her head back on her massive body, and that would have been the end of it, except she didn't look behind her.

As she started to get comfortable, a massive shadow began to loom over her. At first it barely covered her, but soon she was engulfed in it, and as she turned around, she saw Hillary. She was beyond words, beyond any size though possible. She was bigger than the entire Earth! Much much much bigger, and with a look of terror, Sarah watched as she turned around in space, and presented her gigantic rear end. Then she heard a voice, a voice that sounded low and full of fat, “I'm tired, I'm going to sit down for a bit.” And with those words, Hillary began to lower her gigantic rear onto the earth. Sarah fumbled for the fat ray, hoping to do something before she hit, but it was no use. Her ray had been destroyed in the explosion and was gone with the wind. She felt a massive soft, blubbery thing cover her entire body, and the last thing she felt was a gigantic weight coming down on top of her. As she sat down, Hillary crushed the entire Earth, her massive rear end being almost 4 times as big as it. With a sigh, she lay back on her own mounds of fat, looked into her massive breasts and smiled. For her fat ray had somehow survived the explosion, and she knew she could have a lot more fun with it yet.