The Night After Xmas
By Iam Unknown

T'was the night after Christmas,
And she was big as a house
As her stomach grew wider
Inside her tightening blouse.

Cookie after cookie
She shoved down her throat;
She let out a fart
As she continued to bloat.

It started Christmas Eve
When she weighed 200 pounds;
She was asleep in her bed
When she heard such a sound.

With much difficulty
She got out of bed;
She rubbed her stomach;
She felt overly fed.

She saw Santa Claus
With his giant belly;
He looked at her and said,
"Hello, Kelly!"

She had a wish
To be fatter than fat,
To be the biggest woman on Earth,
And even bigger than that.

Santa granted her wish;
She was now 3,000 pounds,
And she never stopped eating;
From her butt came strange sounds.

She shoved a whole cake
Down her giant mouth
As she heard a rip
And exploded through her blouse.

Kelly continues to grow;
Believe you me;
She's now a human island
Floating in the sea.

But she still eats
Even when she can't stand it;
She's working so hard
To become a human planet.