Weight Room Title Bar

By Iam Unknown

My name is Gloria. I walk through the aisle of the airplane, looking for my seat. I eventually find it. My seat is next to the fattest woman I have ever seen. She looks like a obese Cindy Crawford. I squeeze past her to get to my window seat and sit down. Her stomach almost touches the seat in front of her. Whoever sits in front of her won't be able to lean back.

"My name's Lola," she tells me. She smiles.

"I'm Gloria," I respond with a fake smile. I don't like fat women. I was a fat girl in school, but I starved myself to what I am today.


We are 30 minutes into the flight. I hear a weird sound. It sounds like it came from Lola, the pig next to me. She must've farted. Oh no, I have to smell it for the rest of the flight. I look around. Everyone else covers their noses and looks around. I look at Lola, and she blushes. She has an unsure smile on her face. She reaches around and puts her hands on her stomach. She closes her eyes and lifts her head up. Then she farts again. Much louder this time, and now everyone knows where it came from. She takes my hand and places it on her stomach.

This weird feeling enters my hand. There seems to be a low vibration coming from either my hand or her stomach. Then, I start to grow! No! I can't be fat again! I don't want to be fat again! The hunger! The gas! Oh no! I fart. Now everyone's looking at me. Growing larger and larger. Oh I'm starting to like this. I feel at ease. I feel calmer. Oh I fart again. Everyone's talking amongst themselves. No doubt, about me and my giant body. I rub my hands all over my stomach. It's expanding! I'm getting fatter! Make me fatter, Lola! Fatter! OH I'M SO HUNGRY! Someone feed me! Feed me! I fart again! And again! I can't control it! I'M STILL GROWING! FEED ME!! FEED ME!! I NEED FOOD!! I fart! Oh I'm so gassy! Being fat has made me gassy! Oh! I need something to eat. Oh I'm so hungry. I stop growing. I'm now the same size as Lola!

"You are fat now," she tells me. "You weigh 450 lbs."


I walk into my apartment. I have to walk sideways to get into the door. Oh I'm so hungry! I just put the local Red Lobster out of business, not to mention filled the air with bodily gas. Oh I love this. Oh I'm the fattest woman I know. I don't ever want to wake up. But when I do, I'm having a huge breakfast.