Weight Room Title Bar

By Mollycoddles

Part One

Alice's mom frowned as she heard a familiar sound: the refrigerator door open. No doubt Alice was raiding the fridge again; ever since summer vacation had started her daughter had been doing nothing but gorging herself. While all her friends had either gotten jobs or gone off to summer school, Alice resisted all her mother's attempts to get her involved. All she wanted to do was stay home and eat.

Peering around the corner, her mother saw Alice bending over, head deep in the fridge. Alice's chubby butt strained the seat of her cut-off jean shorts.

“Alice, come over here.”

“Hmm?” Alice straightened up, surprised, and her mother winced to see what had become of her daughter. The pretty young blonde had always been slightly chunky - her mother had insisted that she join the cheerleading squad to keep her weight down but the other girls tormented the rounder Alice mercilessly - but since the end of the school year Alice's weight must have doubled. She looked practically inflated.

The plump teenage girl waddled over to her mother, half-eaten cookie in her hand. “Yes, mom?”

“Alice, don't you think that you're a little…big for that outfit?”

Alice looked down. Her chubby belly rolled over the waistband of her jeans, which she now had to fasten below her fat rolls. Her stretched t-shirt just barely failed to cover her swollen midriff. Embarrassed, she tried to pull it further down and failed.

“I'll lose weight once school starts again,” promised Alice, shoving the last bites of the cookie into her mouth.

Her mother frowned as Alice jiggled her way over to the living room and plopped herself in front of the TV. She was getting noticeably fatter. Her jeans, once tight, were practically bursting at the seams. As vacation continued, she grew lazier and lazier...and also fatter and fatter.

Alice lay sprawled out on the couch, watching TV. Now that she was lying down, the waistband of her shorts, previously hidden under a jiggly roll of soft belly flab, was visible. Her shorts were unbuttoned, and every time she breathed, you could hear the zipper grating open a tiny bit further. The exposed portion of her pink panties was stretched to the limit.

Her mother stormed over to her. “Alice, that does it! You're fatter than ever! You're blowing up like a balloon! Look at yourself!” Her mother poked her soft, bloated belly, which jiggled violently. “You look like you're going to pop!”

“Come on, Mom, it's not that bad,” mumbled Alice, flushing bright red again.

“Oh, no? Fine, I'll tell you what. If you can button those jeans, then you can keep eat till your heart's content. You can eat until you explode, for all I care. But if you can't, then you're going on one major diet, okay, tubby?”

“Fine!” huffed Alice angrily, struggling to hoist herself out of the chair. She looked down at her rounded gut, which stuck out so far that she couldn't even see her feet, let alone her jeans. She sucked it in as far as she could and felt for the jeans flaps (again hidden by massive belly rolls.) Finally, she found them and tugged. No good. They were still inches away from each other. Her mother smirked, and Alice began to sweat. If she couldn't do this, then she would have to diet! No more tasty ice cream sundaes! No more chocolate bars, no more burgers, and pizza! She gritted her teeth and tugged again, groaning.

“It's no use, fat girl,” laughed Alice's mother. “You've gotten way too chunky to ever fit into those jeans again. Hope you like carrots cause you're going to be eating a lot of them.”

“Quiet, I'll not done yet,” wheezed Alice. Her face was beet red from the exertion and her fingers were trembling. Could she do it? It seemed impossible. She sucked in her gut with all her might, but her paunch still seemed overwhelming. Had she really gotten this fat over the summer? Without constant cheerleading practice to keep her in shape, without her stupid ex-boyfriend to yell at her, she had felt free to eat anything and everything she wanted. Now she was paying the penalty for her indulgence; she had become too round to stuff herself into her size 18 jeans.

“Uhhhhh,” she groaned, yanking ever harder. The flaps came close, but not close enough. She released her breath, allowing her belly to expand to its full size, pushing the flaps apart again.

“Okay, Alice, really, that's enough. You'll hurt yourself, squeezing into those things. Just come over to the bathroom and get on the scale. Then we'll know how much you need to lose”

“No!” snapped Alice. “I CAN fit into these. Jut give me one...more...chance.” Alice gabbed both flaps resolutely and yanked with all her might. “Uhhhhhh!” she groaned, “C'mon...you...stupid...sonovabitches! CLOSE!” Her face started turning red again as she pulled harder and harder, sweat forming on her brow. The two flaps slowly inched closer and closer to one another.

“UUUUUUUHHHHHHHGGGGG!!!!” moaned Alice, as the snug waistband bit into her soft, fleshy tummy. The room was silent except for Alice's labored panting and the barely audible sound of fabric stretching. In the back, the seat of the shorts hugged Alice's plump ass cheeks like a second skin, the stitching straining against the bulk that it was forced to contain.

In front, the button was 3/4 of the way into the hole. Only a little more and she would be home free.

“Alice, please,” pleaded her mother, “You've made your point; you'll suffocate in those! I'm sorry that I criticized you and I promise that I won't make you go on a diet!”

“No...Mom...you're...right...if...I...can...button...these...I'll...PROVE...I'm...not... too...fat! Uhhh...Oof!” Alice gasped in surprise. “I...I think I did it!”

Her mother looked stunned. “Really? Let me see.”

Alice looked down but couldn't be sure. Her bloated tummy and large breasts obscured her view of her waist. Her mother bent down and lifted the overhanging roll. Sure enough, the shorts were buttoned. They were tight, the button quivered as if it were about to bust off, but they were tightened. The open zipper was stretched wide, offering a glimpse of Alice's overloaded panties.

“They're closed!” said her mother. “Except for the zipper.”

“I'll fix that!” crowed Alice, still elated at actually having successfully buttoned her shorts. She grabbed hold of the zip and pulled up. Slowly, gratingly, it moved upward, biting even more into her tender flesh. Her big stomach forced the zipper off the track in several places but she finally got it up.

“Ha!” gasped Alice, her breathing restricted by the tightness of her shorts. “Told you that I'm not too fat! No diet for me!”

Beaming, she turned and waddled away...revealing the five-inch tear in the seat of her shorts.