Weight Room Title Bar

By Mollycoddles

Part Two

Tyler was convinced that he had the worst summer job in the world until the day that Alice came by the restaurant. He didn't recognize her at first, partly because they didn't travel in the same circles in school but mostly because Alice had gained a substantial amount of weight since summer had started. She'd put on even more weight in the last week alone, ever since her mother had given up on trying to get her to diet back to her svelte self.

Why does she look so familiar? wondered Tyler as he watched Alice waddle into the restaurant.

A chunky blonde stood on the other side of the counter, reading the dessert menu. It was obvious that she had just gained weight; she was practically spilling out of her over-tight clothes. Her stretched T-shirt barely reached down the waistband of her straining shorts, which cut deeply into her soft tummy. It clung tightly to the rounded contours of her body. Her breasts were almost as large as her massive stomach, pressing into the stretched shirt so snugly that the outline of her overfilled bra was quite visible. Deep cleavage welled up through the neck of her short every time she breathed. Tyler had never seen her before. He was sure of that, since he definitely would have remembered this heavenly creature. Yet, somehow she looked very familiar.

“Good-morning-ma'am,” said Tyler. “Welcome-to-Pizza-By-The-Pound.”

“Um, hi,” said the girl. “Thanks. You don't have to be so formal, Tyler. I'm probably younger than you are.”

How did she know my name? wondered Tyler. Maybe we have met. No, that's ridiculous. She must have just read my name tag.

“Sorry, ma'am, store policy. I have to call everyone 'ma'am,' unless they're old enough to really look like a ma'am, in which case I have to call them 'miss.' What can I get for you?”

“Anyway,” said the girl. “I'd like ten pounds of pizza.”

“Er, we don't really sell pizza by the pound, ma'am. It's just a marketing gimmick.”

“Oh. Well, then how many pizzas would you say make up ten pounds?”

“I don't know, ma'am; I never learned the Imperial system. Twenty?”

A deep frown marred the girl's pretty, plump face. “I guess I should have known I wouldn't have enough money for that much pizza. I just that I'd be able to celebrate in style today.”

“Celebrate what?”

“The end of my diet,” said the girl, patting her round gut. “Actually, I guess you could say that I've been off it for a week. At least. But I love it! I've never felt so free before and I want to take advantage of this freedom as much as I can. Guess how much I weigh! Come on, guess.”

Tyler could only stutter. She had to seriously be at least 200 pounds, but did she really want to hear that? Although he thought that every pound on her frame made her even prettier, he hesitated to say so. He had enough experience with girls to know what they wanted to hear.

Finally, the girl sighed. “Never mind, I'll tell you. I'm only160, but not for long. I'm out to show my mom that I'm not too fat. She wants fat, I'll show her fat!” The girl grinned wickedly. “Now give me, oh, three large pizzas. That'll do for now.”

“Alice!” said Tyler, recognition finally dawning. “You're Alice the cheerleader!” Alice blushed sweetly. She reached down and tried to pull her shirt down over the flabby roll of her lower belly.

“Yes, I am,” she mumbled. “Or I...I used to be. I gave that up along with my diet. Oh, you probably don't understand why a girl would ever want to be fat, Tyler. But I've been chunky my whole life and I've finally accepted it. My mother forced me to cheerlead because she thought that it would keep my weight down, but I just couldn't take it anymore.”

“I understand, Alice. You've got to live your life the way you want to. If you're meant to be fat - er, corpulent, then you should go with it. Just like I'm meant to be a pizza boy. Oh, here are your pizzas, which I just happen to have right here ready made.”

“Thanks,” said Alice and quickly paid. She looked around the restaurant, seeing that it was empty. “Doesn't look like you have too much business right now,” she remarked.

“Oh, no, we never do this time of day.”

“Why don't you take a break and join me, then?”

“Join you? I'd love to but, er, I've already eaten. But I wouldn't mind just keeping you company, if you don't mind.”

“Of course not, it means more for me.”

She took the three pizza boxes and waddled over to a booth. Tyler watched the jiggle and sway of her round rear as she walked. Her butt was so fat that it stretched the rear seam of her shorts to the bursting point; if she bent over, he seriously feared that she'd blow them wide open.

Alice opened the first box and gazed down at its contents: pepperoni, her favorite. She grabbed the first slice and jammed it into her eager mouth, swallowing it almost without chewing. The second and third slices followed in quick succession.

“Time for pizza number two,” grunted Alice, rubbing her gorged gut. “I hope I still have enough room for all this food. I'm starting to feel a little full.”

“No, I'm sure that you can do it, Alice.”

Alice smiled at Tyler's encouragement. Finally, here was someone who could appreciate some meat on a girl! Not like her stupid ex-boyfriend Chris...that jerk had dumped her the moment that Alice started to gain weight at the end of the school year. all she ever heard from him was “Watch out, you're getting chunky” and “Don't eat that ice cream, porky. I don't want to be seen with some bloated blimp.” Ha! Blimp, eh? She was practically anorexic then compared to what she was now. She was fat, yes, fat, and if she kept this up, she'd soon be as big as a house. That would show them!

She could feel her stomach pressing tighter and tighter into the shorts. It was getting very uncomfortable, but she was reluctant to reach down to unbutton them. She felt that it would be unlady-like to open her pants in front of a boy. Despite her exhibitionist eating style, Alice was still rather shy at heart.

Oh, well, she thought, as the shorts waistband bit deeper and deeper into her bulging midsection, I can endure a little discomfort as long as I'm eating. I'll just concentrate on all this yummy food.

“Mmmm,” she said, “This pizza is great! I could just eat forever.”

She greedily started stuffing slices into her mouth, smearing sauce all over her face. More and more pizza disappeared into her already huge belly, making it even more enormous. Her shorts groaned in protest, straining against her fleshy body. By now, her stomach had grown so large that it hung over the shorts, obscuring the button beneath two fleshy rolls of blubber.

With the first bite of the last slice, both she and Tyler heard a loud “BANG!”

Alice looked down but couldn't see the source of the noise over her gigantic gut. Then she reached down and felt for it, blushing bright red. The button on her shorts had been unable to take the strain and had burst off, rocketing across the room. She and Tyler both heard the sharp “click”-ing as her shorts zipper was forced down several notches.

“Oops,” said Alice, blushing even brighter red than she had all day. “I...I guess I overdid it. Oh, this is so embarrassing, I should have known this would happen. I've gotten so fat that I outgrew my clothes. I'd better stop now.” She hoiste dherself to her feet, nearly toppling over beacause of her unaccustomed new center of gravity. She grabbed her shirt and yanked it down over her swollen gut.

“Oh, look at the size of this thing!” moaned Alice, “I look like I'm pregnant! I really have gotten too fat. I can't believe that I let myself blow up like this. I'd really better go before I burst anything else.”

Tyler looked sad but he agreed. “Whatever you think is right, Alice.”

“You don't sound very convinced.”

“Well, it's just that...if you think you should go, then you should go. But the way you're talking I think you'd rather finish the pizza. You've already finished one and a half, so I think that you want to go all the way.”

Alice smiled. “You read my mind, Tyler. But do you think it's a good idea? Look at how huge I am already. If I keep eating, there's no telling how fat I could get. If I get too stuffed and bloated to walk, will you promise to roll me home?”

“Hey, scout's honor.”

“Alright, then, back to business.” Alice sat down, but, as she did so, a mighty “RIIIP” could be heard throughout the restaurant. Not only had she popped her button, but her rump was so big that she had also split the seat of her shorts. Her colossal panties were clearly visible through the tear.

“Well, you can't go out in public like that,” said Tyler, “So I guess you're stuck here. Tell you what, why don't you wait here and I'll go get you some new clothes.”

“Do you have any clothes here in my size?” asked Alice, eying the tempting pizza.

“No, this is a restaurant, why would we have clothes? I'll just pop on over to the mall down the street and pick up a new pair of shorts for you.”

“You'd buy pants for me? Why, we're not even going out. That's so sweet! For being so nice, I promise that I won't put on any more weight.”

“Er...is that supposed to repay me or something?”

“Of course. That way I won't bust those new shorts open and make you waste your money.”

Tyler laughed. “Don't worry about it, Alice.” As he left the shop, Alice felt her gurgling tummy and looked longingly at the remaining slices of pizza.

“It would be a shame to waste these,” she said to herself. “And when I said that I wouldn't get fatter, I meant after I put on my new shorts. Yep, that's the way to rationalize.” She dug in with renewed vigor, the only sounds the satisfied “Mmmm” that escaped her lips after every bite and the grating sound as her zipper was forced further and further down.

Now there were only two slices left. Alice stared at them, glassy-eyed. Her breathing was laboured, coming in short gasps due to the distention of her gigantic, bloated paunch. Her T-shirt had worked its way up until it bunched below her heavy, bra-busting melons. Her belly had grown absolutely enormous.

“That's it,” she gasped. “I couldn't...eat...another...bite. Too full. Oh, I'm so stuffed! Why did I eat so much?”

“C'mon, Alice, you can do it! Are you really going to give up now? You've come so close!”

“Tyler...that's...so...sweet. But...I'm...really...stuffed to the max. One more bite and I know that I'll just pop!”

“Alright then, maybe you should put your new shorts on now.” He held up the shorts that he had bought for Alice and she frowned suspiciously. They certainly would have been big enough for her at one point, but now she wasn't so sure. If she put them on, she would have to stay true to her word and not gain a single ounce more...until she got home to change at least. She simply refused to pop out of the new clothes that Tyler had been so kind to buy for her.

“No, I changed my mind,” she groaned, reaching for the last two slices. She grabbed the first and gulped it down. Her belly rumbled dangerously, as if to warn her that it was at capacity.

“Did you hear that?” giggled Alice, “I think my belly is trying to tell me something. I think it's trying to warn me that it's about to explode. Is that right, Tummy?” She squeezed her bloated belly, massaging it. It was entirely exposed from the bottom of her big boobs to her deep navel.

“Or maybe,” she grinned, “You're telling me that you just have room for one more slice. Just one more. What do you think, Tyler?”

“I definitely think the latter.”

“So do I. But if I explode, it's on your head, okay?” Alice laughed and stuffed the last slice into her mouth. And swallowed.

“Well?” asked Tyler.

“Oh, yeah,” sighed Alice in contentment, “Definitely the latter. Oof, I'm so stuffed; I don't think I could ever eat again. I don't even think I'll be able to get up from this booth.”

“Oh, you're just exaggerating, here let me help you home.”

Alice struggled to follow Tyler's lead, but she found that she couldn't. Her newly swollen gut had wedged her between the table and the chair. She was totally stuck. “I can't get out, Tyler! I'm too fat!”

“Great, what are we going to do now?”

Alice smiled. “Well, you could go get me some more pizza...”