Weight Room Title Bar

By Mollycoddles

Part Three:
A New Hope

After the incident at the pizza parlor, Alice decided that maybe she shouldn't eat there too often anymore. Or anywhere for that matter. She loved to eat, but her clothes were all becoming unbearably tight. She couldn't afford new ones; her mom most definitely would not contribute to that cause, and she couldn't bring herself impinge on Tyler's friendship for a new wardrobe.

Besides that, she wasn't quite sure about her getting too fat either. She had always been curvaceous, but she could hardly have even been called plump. Now, however, she was getting dangerously close to actually being fat. While her mom was no longer riding her back, she still stared hard at Alice whenever she pigged out. So Alice tried to hold her weight steady. She even lost five pounds. She didn't diet, but she tried to keep herself from over-indulging in tasty, high-calorie food. At least, over-indulging too often. Still, it wasn't long before she was stopping by the neighborhood Chinese restaurant, or any one of the many fast food joints in town. Before long, the five pounds crept back onto her body, but this time they brought along a couple of friends. Alice hardly noticed the change she was so busy enjoying the food.

It finally ended one day in early August, when she stopped at the buffet restaurant. Clad in a large T-shirt and the shorts Tyler had bought for her, both of which were now a bit snug, Alice couldn't stop her mouth watering as she read the window menu.

I managed to stay away from the other food places during the week, she thought. One visit wouldn't be too bad.

Unfortunately, trying to stay away from food had only lowered her resistance to temptation. Despite her best intentions, she found herself making a second and third trip to the buffet, each time returning with two large plates. After the last plate, she leaned back in her seat and sighed.

I'm finally full for once, she thought to herself. That food was just too tasty.

Just then she noticed the dessert buffet. Well, a little dessert won't be too bad, she thought.

She walked over and looked at the variety of treats. Everything looked delicious. She grabbed a couple of brownies and cookies and had barely returned to her seat, by the time she was done them. That wasn't very much, she thought, patting her gut, I can have a little more. This time she grabbed two slices of blueberry pie, and a slice of shoofly and quickly gobbled them up.

Her shorts were starting to really feel tight now, but the buffet was still calling to her. I think there's room for a tiny bit more, she thought. She looked around again at the dessert tray, spying something she had missed before. A large triple-layer ice cream cake. She helped herself to a huge slice of it, and went back to her seat to dig in. She started off eating it just fine, but halfway through realized she was full.

It looks sooo good, thought Alice. I can't waste any of it.

She struggled through the next few bites, enjoying them even though she was almost painfully stuffed. Finally, with only about a third of it left, she decided she had better stop.

As she stood up to take her plate back, she felt her stomach pushing out from her shorts.

“Stupid pants,” she said out loud, tugging down on them to help alleviate some of the stress. Upon doing so, her lower belly rolls pushed their way past the top of her shorts, spilling over the front and edges. She had forgotten that this pair of pants was a little bigger than most of her wardrobe, and she didn't have to button them under her tummy. Or at least she didn't have to before this pig-out. Now, apparently, they were just as useless as the rest of her wardrobe. On the plus side, though, there was now just enough room for her to finish her cake. She quickly sat down and shoved it in her mouth. She even helped herself to one final slice, although a much, much smaller one this time as she still felt pretty full. She left the restaurant contented, and headed home.

Upon arriving home, though, she found her mom waiting.

“Where have you been, dear?” asked her mom suspiciously.

“Um, just grabbed a bite to eat,” Alice replied.

“It looks like you grabbed more that a bite to eat there,” her mom said, indicating Alice's heaving stomach. Alice blushed lightly.

“You said I didn't have to diet if I could still button my pants!”

“Yes, these pants.” Alice's mom held up her old shorts (with the tear in the rear). “Would you like to try these on?”

Alice knew that she probably wasn't going to be able to button them, even with the extra room in the rear. “It's almost time for school, Alice, and you should try to look presentable at least. You said so yourself. You're going to begin exercising, starting tomorrow!”

“Come on, lazy!” called Alice's mother. “We've only gone two blocks!” Alice lurched to a halt, wheezing and winded. Her plump face was bright red and sweat poured down her, soaking her workout suit and plastering it to her round body. Even though her mother had promised to let Alice eat anything that she wanted and not to criticize her about her weight, she had forgotten her promise as the prospect of another school year loomed ahead, and Alice hadn't stopped filling out.

Her mom even went so far as to say that Alice herself said she would lose weight in time for school. Had she really said that? Right now, Alice was dressed in spandex workout pants and a constrictive sports bra that just covered her large breasts. Her full, soft belly rose and swelled dramatically with every ragged breath. The bottom roll hung over the tight waistband, jiggling and bouncing as she ran. Alice sucked in her breath and started off again after her mother.

Thirty minutes later, the agonizing workout came to an end. Alice's mother hadhardly broken a sweat.

“Boy, was that invigorating or what?” she said, mopping her brow. Alice couldn't answer. She was too busy huffing and puffing. “I know that I told you that you could eat whatever you wanted,” said her mom, patting her on her back. “But, really, Alice, I never expected you to take it to heart like that. 165 pounds is just too high for a girl your height. If you got any bigger, I'd have to roll you home every day.”

She poked Alice's smaller but still chubby stomach, causing a slight ripple of fat. Alice's pretty face blushed, embarrassed at her mother's speech. “Nothing to worry about that,” said her mother perkily, “By the time school starts I'll have you small enough to make it back on the cheerleading squad. And they'll get you thinner still.”

Her mother was as good as her word. By the time school started again, her mother's diet and exercise regiment had worked. Although Alice could never really be said to be thin, she was definitely a lot thinner than she had been during the summer. Alice looked down as the numbers rushed past. She was almost surprised to find that she could easily see the scale; she was used to having her tummy over part of it. 140. Well, she thought, that's only about 10 pounds over my old weight. Hope that's good enough to keep mom off my back. Alice tossed her shoulder length blond hair and looked at herself in the mirror.

Although she had lost a lot of weight, she was still fairly voluptuous. Her heavy breasts had only gone down one bra size and her legs were still thicker than most girls were. She pursed her plump lips just to see the effect. Her very pretty face was still a tad round in the cheeks, but the double chin that had begun appearing was completely gone now, leaving her face for the most part as it had been last year. She slipped easily into her old pants. They weren't exactly loose, but they were comfortable, and Alice found for the first time in months she could fasten them around her waist rather than having to button them under her belly. It still pooched out slightly, but hardly noticeable in most of her shirts now. Her pants were still snug going over her butt, though, since she seemed to be having trouble losing weight in that area.

Alice sighed. Being able to eat as much as she wanted had been nice, but this was probably best. It was embarrassing being fat, and, as much as she wanted to keep eating, high school life is never kind to the larger girls. She had learned that much in cheerleading practice, where the head cheerleader Laurie had always singled her out for ridicule. Even though last year, she could hardly have been called more than “curvy,” the ultra-slim cheerleaders had often mocked Alice's tiny bit of extra flesh.

Alice's first day at school had been uneventful. Apart from a few stares from some classmates who hadn't seen her since last year, everything was back to normal.

“Gained a little weight?” sneered Jen before Chemistry class. Jen was Laurie's second in command on the cheer squad. She giggled to herself, smoothing the pleats of her skirt and crossing her long, silky and tanned legs.

“Maybe a little,” said Alice curtly. She didn't want to deal with Jen right now; she knew that she would be running off to tell Laurie all about Alice's extra pounds. No matter that there weren't that many of them, but no excuse to torture the slightly heftier Alice was wasted. Thank god she didn't see me during the summer when I was up to 160, thought Alice. She almost laughed.

“What's so funny?” said Jen angrily, twirling her shortish auburn hair.

“Nothing,” said Alice quietly. Her stomach gurgled quietly, and Alice realized how hungry she was. Her mother, not wanting to spoil her diet, had only let her have a single banana for breakfast. She looked at the clock. It was only one more hour till lunch. Because it was the first day of school, Mrs. Franklin had called off afternoon English.

Without that, Alice realized, she was basically free after lunch.

“Are you going to try out for cheerleading?” asked Jen haughtily. “Or are you just going to face the facts?”

“Excuse me?” asked Alice. She hadn't been listening; she was busy thinking about lunch. “I don't think I'm going to come out for try-outs. I want to concentrate on my other interests.”

“Yeah, good idea, fat ass,” sneered Jen.

I wouldn't go around calling people 'fat ass' if I were you, thought Alice angrily, sneaking a glance at Jen's rounded butt. Jen may have been one of the thinnest girls on the squad but she still had a somewhat larger ass. Why everyone thought it was perfect was beyond Alice. They certainly didn't say the same about Alice's rear. Of course, Alice's was a bit wider than Jen's... But then Mr. Yarp began talking and all thought of cheerleading left her mind.

Lunch wasn't as much fun as Alice had thought it would be. She looked longingly at all the treats before her. Her slimmer belly growled hungrily. “Um, I'll just have a veggie burger today, thank you,” Alice told the woman behind the counter.

“And some fries.” Another delectable smell hit her and she knew she couldn't resist.

“And one...no, two of those giant cookies, too, please.” Embarrassed to be seen with her large lunch, Alice decided to leave the cafeteria and eat outside. Walking out the door, she stopped dead in her tracks. Her old boyfriend Chris was sitting at an outside table, joking around with some of his jock buddies.

Alice frowned. She certainly didn't ever want to see that jerk again. For a split second, she imagined herself walking right up to him, sitting down at his table, and stuffing her entire lunch into her face in front of him. Wouldn't he be shocked! But, no, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of seeing her do that. Maybe I am still too heavy, she thought despondently, suddenly aware of how plump her belly and thighs might look to him. Alice quickly turned the corner of the building, losing sight of the outdoor lunch patio.

Her tummy growled hungrily and the delightful smells from all this tasty food weren't helping her situation one iota. I've got to eat soon, she thought, or I'm just going to faint. Aha! Ahead of her, Alice saw the school gym. She could hide out in the locker room and eat lunch there. She knew from experience that that room was totally abandoned during the lunch and recess hour and that the cheerleaders wouldn't be starting practice there until the afternoon. I can't believe that I used to be one of them, thought Alice, but that was last year. She hadn't minded the actual cheering, but the group on the other hand… whatever. That wasn't really my thing anyway. She paused briefly to buy a candy bar from one of the convenient vending machines (I deserve some dessert after all I've been through, she told herself). Several minutes later, Alice emerged again, her face showing some chocolate flecks around her lips. She looked around furtively and dropped some more money in the vending machine. I'm just so hungry today, she thought, no harm in binging just a little bit this once.

Alice looked down at herself. Her one binge had brought back all the happy memories of her summer of indulgence. She pushed herself up, stumbled briefly, but then regained her balance. She caught a brief glimpse of her still kind-of-wide butt in the locker room mirror. It pulled the material of her pants a bit tight in back. Her stomach felt full from the effects of her meal.

“Whew, I'm going to have to be extra careful!” whispered Alice. “I don't want to end up bursting out of another pair of pants. If that keeps happening, I won't have anything to wear at all, and all that exercising I went through will be useless. It's bad enough that I busted my clothes in front of Tyler last month, but I'll just die if any of the cheerleading squad sees me in a pair of ripped pants. They already think I'm a big fat pig...and I guess they'll keep thinking that this year. Oh, and Mom was so excited about this, too!”

Alice sat down again, slowly, patting her stomach.

“Ahh.” Alice sighed contentedly. She hadn't eaten much, but it was more than she normally ate in the past few weeks. A sudden crash - a door slam - brought her back to reality. The squad was coming in for practice!

Crap, thought Alice, standing up and ducking behind a locker.

“Where's that cow Alice?” asked a voice that Alice recognized with a shudder. It was Laurie. “She should be here now if she wants to make the team.”

Her dark eyes glittered as she ran her slim fingers through her black shoulder length hair. Laurie was the head of the squad and she ruled it with an iron fist. She scowled, throwing her shoulders back and her chest out. Although she was a slender girl, Laurie sported an oversize bust that demanded attention. Her melon-sized breasts strained against the tight cheerleader sweater, almost overflowing her bra cups. And that was the way she liked it.

Jen laughed. Laurie's constant sidekick, Jen supported Laurie in everything she did, especially when that everything included tormenting Alice. Jen was not quite as buxom as her mistress was, as she stored her excess flesh in a different part of her anatomy.

“Shut up, Laurie,” said Denise, a small redhead with glasses, “There's no reason to be so mean. Alice may be kind of chubby but she's a nice girl. She always tries hard.” Denise took her glasses off and narrowed her eyes at Laurie.

Laurie tried hard to think of a comeback. “Yeah, hard to, um, eat a lot.”

Denise rolled her eyes. “That wasn't even witty, Laurie, that was just stupid. Maybe if you weren't so mean, we wouldn't have such a high cheerleader turnover rate. Did you ever think of that?”

Laurie obviously hadn't. She stopped suddenly. The other remaining cheerleaders paused to ponder the point, although, being cheerleaders, this was very difficult for them to do. Also, they were pretty friendly with Laurie, having met her approval, and so didn't really want to cross her.

Jen, dense as a doornail (though still not matching the dimwitted-ness of her friend), tried hard to concentrate. “Um, does this, like sound like math to anyone else? Like, math is hard.” Jen always agreed with anything that Laurie said. She was a slim girl with a perky rounded butt, always on display in her tight cheerleader skirt. “Ha! I'll bet Alice is too busy stuffing her fat face in the cafeteria to even bother showing up,” laughed Jen, regaining control of the situation, “Maybe she decided to go into a more appropriate sport - like sumo-wrestling.”

“Nah, that's not the Alice, I know,” said Laurie, “If anything, I'll bet that big bloated blimp ate too much over the summer and now she can't even fit through the door or get out of her house.” The cheerleaders giggled at the image. “Or maybe,” continued Laurie, “She got so fat that she couldn't even get out of bed. No, I'm probably wrong. She probably ate too much and exploded.”

“Or maybe she's right behind you.”

“Yeah, or maybe - what?!” Laurie spun around to see a furious Alice standing there.

“Hi, Alice,” said Laurie smoothly, “Nice to see you again. Are you here to try out for the squad? I heard that you weren't going to stay.” She threw a quick, smug glance at Jen, who smothered a laugh.

“Maybe I am,” said Alice defiantly. “What do you care?”

“Yeah, right. You're bigger than last year, Alice; you'll never be a cheerleader. I'll bet you can't even get your flabby ass into a uniform.”

“That's what you think, Laurie! I am NOT too big!”

“Fine, Alice,” sneered Laurie. “If you want to be a cheerleader, you have to wear the uniform. That is, if you can fit that bubble butt of yours into it.”

Alice looked at the uniforms. Although she was thinner than she had been all summer, those uniforms were designed to be tight even on the more svelte squad members like Jen. Alice remembered the daily struggle that she had last year to get into those things.

“Fine!” she huffed defiantly; “I'll show you!” Alice pulled her tight T-shirt over her head, revealing her soft midriff. The other cheerleaders nodded in appreciation; although as Alice bent over slightly, a small roll of blubber appeared, her breasts could rival almost any other team member's. With the exception of Laurie's of course, whose enormous melons simply couldn't be matched. Alice's nearly overflowed the straining cups of her C-Cup bra.

Next, Alice grabbed hold her of jeans and slowly wriggled them down her hips. They were tight and it was a trifle difficult to get them over the aforementioned bubble butt. Finally, her derriere was free, covered in a pair of skimpy black panties. Alice tried to fasten the skirt around her hips but found that it would not connect - it was at least two inches too short to reach all the way around her hips. She began fastening it around her waist. Her face set in determination, remembering the summer's first fight with her Mom. If she had managed to squeeze herself into a pair of jeans back then, then surely she should easily be able to fit into this cheerleading outfit.

“I don't feel like wearing the skirt today,” she said to cover her embarrassment, “Just hand me the alternate uniform. Laurie shoved the spandex pants at her. Alice glanced dubiously at the bright spandex leotard. “I hope I can fit into this,” she thought to herself.

She stuck one thick leg in after the other and then just managed to wriggle the clingy material over her wide rear. It was stretched pretty tight. Next she tackled the sports bra. It must have been at least a size too small but if Laurie could fit into HERS, Alice shouldn't have too much trouble with it.

“Fine, Alice, so you got your tubby butt into the uniform. Now get out of it before you totally stretch it.”

“I don't think so!” said Alice, fire suddenly lighting in her eyes. “You said that if I wanted to be a cheerleader I had to fit into the uniform. Well, I did, so there! I'm back on the squad!”

Laurie laughed harshly. “That's ridiculous! Whoever heard of a plump cheerleader?”

Even Jen was concerned. “But you told me before that you didn't want to still be a cheerleader. I always thought you just did it for your mom or something!”

Alice pondered this for a moment. “Well, I did... but I changed my mind. I'm here to stay. And, Laurie, we'll just see if this school appreciates me as a cheerleader!” And with that she turned and stalked away, pausing only to buy another candy bar...