Weight Room Title Bar

By Mollycoddles

Part Four:
Judgment Day

After that first meeting with the cheerleaders, Alice resolved not to eat too much. The rest of the first week went fine, with minimum run-ins with either Laurie or Jen. The weekend also went fine, with Alice following her mother's diet. At the start of next week, Alice felt confident. She only gained two pounds last week, and she attributed them to her small binge the first day. As she went through the cafeteria line the next week, she took her usual medium portions of whatever healthy was being served that day (but not salads, she hated them). On Wednesday however, she added a small plate of French fries. They served fries every day, and Alice loved them. One small plate was not going to matter. The next day she also added a candy bar from the vending machine. Hardly a big dessert, she thought to herself. On Friday, to reward herself for doing so well that week, she had two.

The next week found Alice becoming nervous about the upcoming cheerleader practices. She didn't want to face Laurie's angry words, or Jen's scathing glares. As a result, she found herself continuing to add small things to her tray come lunchtime. A cookie one day, or maybe having a regular hot dog, instead of a fake vegetable one. She also began to visit the vending machines at least once a day outside of lunch, normally to grab something to eat on her way home, where her diet was still consciously enforced. On Friday, her plate consisted of two slices of pizza, a large plate of fries, and two cookies. She also made no less than three stops at the vending machine that day. That weekend also found her grabbing a snack whenever her mom went out.

Soon Alice found that she was munching in between meals. If anything, the days she only ate healthy food, she found herself hungrier between meals. The last time that she had dared set foot on the scale she found that she had swollen up to almost 150 pounds. That's not too bad, thought Alice, getting off the scale and admiring herself in the mirror.

She wasn't noticeably fatter than she had been at the start of the school year. Her clothes were slightly tighter, digging into the soft flesh that had settled around her hips and thighs, but otherwise she only looked slightly rounder rather than massive. Not that that helped when she was dealing with Laurie and Jen. The two head cheerleaders continued to tease Alice every chance they got. Alice still didn't think of herself as overweight, mostly because she had been so much heavier over the summer that 150 didn't seem so much. She was careful to suck in her slight potbelly during cheerleading practice so that Laurie and Jen wouldn't have as much ammunition. It didn't help much, as the skimpy cheerleading outfits left very little to the imagination. Packed into a snug v-neck sweater and short skirt, Alice's hefty thighs and rounded contours were plain for all to see.

The first practice session was the worst. Laurie arched a fine, disapproving eyebrow as the squad piled out of the gym onto the field. The trim head cheerleader smirked as she noticed Alice's hips swaying slightly as she walked. Man, thought Laurie, I can't believe that cow thinks she can be a cheerleader. Well, she won't last long. She stalked up and down the line, glaring at each cheerleader in turn, raven tresses trailing behind her, mammoth mammaries bouncing slightly. She paused as she reached Alice. Laurie glanced briefly at Alice's plump, protruding stomach.

“It's obvious that we have more work ahead of us than usual,” she sneered. “Cause there's more of some of us than usual. All right, everyone, let's start with some jumping jacks!” Laurie started and the cheerleaders followed her example. Alice tried her best, jumping up and down in time, but her slightly fleshier body made it difficult to keep time. By the end of the warm up exercises, Alice was wheezing and gasping for breath. She found it difficult to move with the same grace and agility as the other cheerleaders. Not only was she a bit wider, the constrictive uniform restrained her motions. Laurie cut the practice short, claiming that it was obvious “not everyone was up to the challenge today.” (With another meaningful glance at Alice, and a snicker from Jen). Alice found it harder to perform the same cheer exercises, which had been the standard routine last year.

“I'm probably just a little out of shape after the summer,” Alice said to herself after the first practice session. “I'll be fine after a few more sessions, I'll be right back in the swing of things.”

In the locker room, Alice tried to avoid the other cheerleaders, not wanting them to glimpse her more voluptuous form. At least practice was over for now, thought Alice. She was hot and sweaty and couldn't wait to get changed and get home. Her stomach gurgled urgently and she realized that she hadn't had anything to eat since her post-lunch candy bar. “Hungry?” asked Denise, toweling off. Although Laurie reserved most of her criticism for Alice, the squad's chunkiest member, Denise had been the recipient of several scathing remarks prior, concerning her scrawny size and slightly above average intelligence.

“Yeah,” said Alice, “but I'm trying to cut down. It's really hard because I just really like to eat.”

“Nothing wrong with that.” Alice looked the smaller girl over. Easy for her to say; it was obvious that Denise never had to watch her waistline.

“But if I gain any more weight, Laurie and Jen will be on my back even more. They already think I'm way too fat to be a cheerleader as it is. I'll bet they'd love to see me gain weight so they could just laugh.”

“Don't mind Laurie,” said Denise, “She's probably just jealous that your chest is almost big enough to rival hers. You're the only girl who comes remotely close to being as busty as Laurie is.

“Humph,” sniffed Denise derisively, “I'll bet they wouldn't be so smug if they packed on a couple pounds themselves.”

“Yeah,” said Alice, distracted, “I'd love to see that.”

“We all would, but it'll never happen. Those two bitches never eat anything but salad, if that. Too bad, too, cause I bet they'd swell up like blimps if they started eating, even just normally. Have you seen Jen's butt? You can tell she doesn't have a high metabolism or anything by the way she piles on flesh back there. Laurie too, probably. Those boobs of hers are just fat, anyway. Now that I think about it, I'll bet it wouldn't take much to make them really obese.”

“Uh-huh,” Alice said. She wasn't fully paying attention. Part of her was thinking that she needed to grab a small snack on her way home, since she was hungry. But the back of her mind did take note of Denise's comment. It didn't bother to tell the rest of her brain just now, because Alice wasn't exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch (though not nearly as brain-dead as Laurie or even Jen), and it would probably be forgotten. It just filed away the information for later use.

Over the course of the next week, Alice tried once again to take her food intake down. This occurred when during English class one day, Alice's books slid off her desk, and she leaned over to pick them up. While doing so she heard Laurie whisper to one of her friends, “Look at Alice's butt, I'll bet her pants split.”

“They will when she finishes that candy bar on her desk,” Jen replied. Alice was careful to keep her blush hidden. Her rear did feel a bit tightly packed into her khakis, but hardly like they were going to split. Laurie was so mean; Alice couldn't stand it. The only comments Alice could come up with about Laurie involved her sweater splitting from the strain of her knockers. Laurie would take that as the deepest compliment too. If only there was some way to get back at her. She seemed to vaguely remember having a good idea about it, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

Alice worked hard to be aware of when she was putting extra things on her plate. And she tried not to visit the vending machine either. Well, okay, just once maybe. To make it even harder, her Mom had become busy with work, and no longer took extra care to make sure Alice was continuing her diet at home. Without her moms' vigilance, Alice found herself several times grabbing seconds of a meal, or getting a snack later. She tried hard to stop this, but most of the time, she wasn't even aware she was doing it. And she stayed away from the scale too.

One night during the first week in October Alice caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror while changing. She had been pretty pleased with her efforts to not pig-out, and so was a bit surprised to see she had filled out a bit. Her face seemed rounder, and her arms looked a bit beefy now. Her breasts were large enough to fill out her D cup bra again (She vaguely wondered how big Laurie's bra was? DD? E?). Her legs also looked a bit softer. Her stomach was where the most change had occurred. It now bulged out noticeably. Not too large, but as she pulled her pants on, she did have to fight a bit to get them buttoned.

She pulled on a tight tank top to wear. Her hooters were barely contained in it. She breathed deeply, and watched her cleavage spill out of the neckline. Not as much as Laurie's would have, but still an impressive sight. I can wear this tomorrow I guess, Alice thought to herself. I don't look too fat at all, just a little thick. She changed out of them to go to bed, never having noticed that upon exhaling, her potbelly spilled about half an inch over the waist of her jeans. This pushed the tank top up, exposing her deep belly button and newly acquired love handles spilling out the sides.

The next day Alice could barely wait for lunch. Feeling good about looking sexy, she got a large bowl of pasta, and a large plate of fries. She also grabbed herself a bag of chips and a brownie from the snack line. Upon sitting down, she hungrily dug in. All thoughts of her diet had been lost in her mind due to her anticipation of eating (and flighty nature). She ate the noodles and sauce with gusto, and soon she was finished them, and the bag of Doritos. As she finished, she leaned back, full. She was still hungry, and eager to start eating those fries, but due to her diet, she hadn't eaten such a large amount in one sitting in awhile. As she was about to start in on them, Laurie and Jen appeared sitting next to, and across from, her.

“Hey chubby,” Laurie greeted her. “Enjoying your lunch there?”

“Yeah,” Alice mumbled in reply.

“Well, uh, um….” Laurie seemed to have lost her train of thought.

“You look like you're enjoying several other peoples lunches too!” Jen managed after a bit of thought.

“Yeah,” Laurie chimed in giggling.

“It's a regular lunch, just leave me alone,” Alice said angrily, “Anyway, I'm done.”

“But you have all those fries left, and you like, looked so eager to eat them,” Laurie said. “And besides, you shouldn't just throw all that food away, and waste it. Children are starving in uh… Elbonia, or some country,” she finished sarcastically.

“Fine, you can eat them,” Alice said. She did not really know why she said it. She didn't think Laurie ate normal food, and frankly, she'd rather have finished them herself, or at least thrown them away, rather than GIVE something to Laurie. “You probably couldn't even eat them, anyway.”

“Fine,” Laurie said, as usual speaking before thinking (mostly because the thinking part never happened). Her jealous, competitive nature had gotten the better of her. “I can eat them. I certainly don't have to worry about MY figure, or staying on a diet, so this won't hurt me.” She began eating the fries, not quickly, but not too slow either. Alice realized just how large a plate she had gotten for herself. She wondered if Laurie could even eat them all. Laurie did slow down at then end, but she managed to finish all of them, licking the salt of her fingers while grinning at Alice.

“Well, I proved you wrong,” said Laurie, “though now you'll probably still be able to fit into your cheerleader outfit at practice tomorrow. Unlike that shirt. Isn't it a bit too small?” Laurie smirked, indicating Alice's midsection, full from all the pasta she had eaten. It was plainly visible from underneath the fabric. Alice tugged the tank top down, but to no avail.

“Don't forget your brownie!” Jen snickered.

“Would you like it?” Alice offered, again not knowing why she was doing it.

“Fine, we need you to stay on the team so we'll have more chances to make fun of you porky,” Jen said, and quickly ate Alice's brownie, seeming to enjoy it. “Now hurry up to the gym.” Both she and Laurie fell over laughing at this thought. Having had enough, Alice stalked off, looking back to see the two of them laughing at her still, and digging in to their salads. Though she was angry at them, she also felt kind of happy. Like she had accomplished something. On the way out, Alice smiled as she stopped at the vending machine, and grabbed two chocolate bars to make up for her missed fries.