Weight Room Title Bar

By Mollycoddles and The Blind King of All He Sees

Episode Five:
The Smell of Fear

What a day! Another week and a half had passed. Alice dragged herself up the stairs, her meaty thighs almost rubbing together. She walked up stairs slower and more carefully than she had before; her larger boobs had begun to bounce and jiggle as she walked, meaning that she had to be more careful lest she injure herself or burst out of her skin-tight shirts.

As she reached her room, she dumped her school stuff on the floor and placed a box of Chinese take-out on the bedside table. Alice looked at herself in the mirror again. She still avoided the scale, afraid to confirm that she had gained any weight, but the mirror was no more forgiving. She combed her blond hair and washed her pretty, rounded face. A shower would just hit the spot right now, thought Alice numbly.

Her ballooning knockers spilled out as she pulled her shirt over her head and unclasped her bra with a sigh of relief. It was definitely getting time to go up to the next cup size. She undid her stretched jeans and threw them into a corner; they left a red mark all around her ever expanding waistline.

She had some trouble maneuvering herself into the shower, mostly because it was a tight squeeze to begin with and her added girth did little to help that, so she sucked in her pudgy gut and pulled through. After a quick shower, she pulled a tight pair of panties up over her widening rear end; she had to wriggle a little, but they fit. After slipping into a bra, Alice collapsed onto her bed (which groaned slightly beneath her new weight) and switched on the television.

Alice sat on her bed in bra and panties, eating leftover chow mein from the box, watching TV. She had gone out for dinner with Tyler and Denise. She justified the large meal by reminding herself that she had been extra good during the day. This is really a major exception, she told herself. By this point, almost every meal had become a major exception. The only meal that she ever even tried to eat healthy was lunch, and that was mainly because Jen and Laurie were there to tease her. And she frequently failed even then. Alice smiled. Actually, she thought, Jen and Laurie had been her greatest allies in losing weight. Every time one of them saw her with chocolate bar or a bag of chips they would make rude comments to her, and she ended up offering it to them, or they would snatch it away from her, laughing that she didn't need the extra calories. Although they certainly meant ill, Alice couldn't help but think their attitude would have a beneficial effect on her waistline.

And, she added mentally, it should be fun to see what it might do to their figures, heehee! Alice remembered that today at lunch, she had noticed both girls seemed a bit softer, maybe a little flabbier. Jen had been wearing hip-huggers that seemed to hug her hips more closely than usual. And Laurie had on khakis and a buttonup blouse. Her overfull bosom stretched the buttons where they covered it, even more than usual. And Alice had also noticed that the belt Laurie wore wasn't pulled quite as tightly around her waist as it normally was. Indeed, it was getting close to the last hole to fasten it in.

She sat down across from Alice and grabbed the bag BBQ chips on Alice's tray. “You shouldn't be eating these,” she had told Alice, and then proceeded to eat them herself. Laurie had also managed to eat more fries off Alice's plate than Alice herself had. And Jen had eyed Alice's chocolate bar hungrily the whole meal, making comments that chocolate was the last thing Alice needed. Eventually, she ended up giving it to Jen. Actually, Alice was pretty sure she had also gotten a large cookie from the lunch line, too, but it hadn't been on her plate when she reached for it. And she had seen chocolate chips in Jen's salad, something Alice didn't think was normally there.

Alice herself wasn't immune from the effects of over-eating. She was getting a bit too curvy for her own good. Very thick was what most people referred to her as, though never in earshot. Her weight had reached around 160, making her old clothes become increasingly snug. She did her best to ignore this; whenever she could get away with it, she left her pants unfastened and pulled her shirts down to cover the V-gap left by the open zipper. Her panties didn't put up much resistance, so she wasn't aware of it. Without the usual pressure of her overly tight pants against her tubby belly, Alice felt free to indulge in all sorts of forbidden culinary delights. She shoveled the last of the chow mein into her mouth, her swollen gut forcing the sheer material of the panties to roll down slightly.

She leaned back, groaning, and started to flip through the channels, when her mother appeared in the doorway.

"Watching TV again?" she said. "You know you shouldn't just sit around all day, not getting any exercise."

"I do get exercise!" protested Alice. "I was walking around all day and cheerleading practice really took a lot out of me! I just need to relax a little now."

"How was practice today, anyway?" asked her mom.

"Oh, it was fine," lied Alice. Truth be told, it hadn't gone well at all. She had feigned a sore ankle to avoid having to perform the intense exercises because she didn't trust her uniform. Like her other clothes, it was getting too tight for her to make swift movements. Even with the leotard instead of the skirt.

"You're really starting to get fat, huh?" laughed Jen sitting next to her on the bench. She pointed at Alice's slightly bloated abdomen and pantomimed herself having a huge gut. Jen had also been excused from today's practice; Alice suspected that she had decided to sit out so that she could sit near her and continue her mockery. Apart from them, it seemed that everyone else except Laurie was jumping around insanely.

Laurie rarely seemed to actively participate these days, preferring to march up and down the line, shouting and occasionally insulting the other girls. Laurie always insisted that she alone had the routine memorized down to the last detail, so well that she didn't need to practice at all. Alice couldn't help but wonder how long Laurie could afford to do that before she simply forgot the proper steps.

Jen wore her standard cheerleading outfit. She seemed to be rising slightly higher in her seat than usual, and Alice thought that maybe all the candy bars that she had swiped from Alice were going straight to her curvy rump. It had grown a bit so that now the short skirt no longer covered as much as it used to; the very bottom of her rounded cheeks occasionally peeked out, covered only by her stretching cheerleader panties.

Some changes had seemed to come over Laurie, too, although they weren't quite as obvious yet. Only this morning, she had been complaining about the fit of her cheer sweater. Although Laurie had loudly declared that her colossal breasts were still growing, and were to blame for her sweater's newfound tightness, Alice suspected that the slightly pooched tummy she now sported might also have something to do with it. And Laurie's stomach had always been flat before. Now that she thought about it practice hadn't been that bad after all...

"It's great, Mom, all the exercise is really helping me lose weight!"

"Is that so?" her mother said suspiciously, "It won't help you much if you keep eating like that." She pointed at the empty container.

"Oh, that. That's nothing, really. Won't make a difference with all the running and jumping I'm doing on the squad." Her mother frowned.

"I hope so. Seriously, Alice, I think you're starting to get heavy again."

"What have you got there, Mom?" asked Alice, trying to change the subject, her eyes straying to the large bags her mother held under her arm.

"Nothing of concern to you, young lady," replied her mother, "I've just got his candy for the trick-or-treaters on Halloween. And I'm trusting that those are the only people who are going to be having any."

"Oh, come on, Mom, I wouldn't steal the Halloween candy! What do you think I am, some sort of food-obsessed maniac?"

"No, dear, I just worry about what the other girls will say. Good night, sweetie."

After her mother left, Alice decided that she might as well get some sleep. She changed into pajamas. Her pajama pants, as always, were loose even now around her bigger midsection, but the buttons on her shirt strained slightly against her bloated mammaries and bulging belly. Alice inhaled quickly, causing the buttons to strain tighter.

"Maybe I should be a little bit more careful," thought Alice as she exhaled, allowing the stretched gaps to close again, "I know that I'm eating healthier, I must be, but it simply can't be that ALL my clothes are shrinking in the wash. Can they?? If I don't stop, I could get absolutely enormous. Maybe along with Jen and Laurie..."

By the next day, her promise to herself to be more careful had been lost, forgotten and buried under hunger, denial, and her usual flighty self. Her mom was gone when she woke up, as she normally was now that she went to work early everyday, and she didn't have time to leave something for her daughter to eat.

Alice was used to this, and went to fix her own breakfast. This normally consisted of a bowl of cereal, and a pop tart. Her mom had bought an enormous economy-sized box back during the summer, and it was still mostly full. Today she forwent the cereal, and grabbed two strawberry pop-tarts instead. Since she had gotten up a bit earlier, she had time to make herself some waffles two. She heated herself three in the toaster oven. When they were done, she smothered them in butter (real, since the fake stuff seemed to have run out), and then doused them in syrup. Alice was so busy thinking about how good they would be that she didn't notice that 1/3 of the syrup container had been poured on them. She quickly dug into them, alternating bites of pop tart and waffle. She also got herself a large class of milk to drink.

When she finished them, Alice found her stomach still rumbling. She heated up another pop tart (blueberry this time), and two more waffles. She glanced up at the clock. Oh no, Alice thought, I've got to get to school soon. In her haste, even more butter and syrup was smothered on these waffles, and as she quickly devoured these, some syrup was spilled on her shirt, but Alice failed to notice.

Since Alice was wearing athletic pants and a loose blouse, she didn't feel the effects of her large breakfast and completely forgot it when lunch came around. Finally some clothes that didn't shrink, she thought to herself, while loading her tray down. She grabbed two hot dogs, two large chocolate chip cookies, a brownie, her usual large plate of fries (the smiling old lunch-lady had been giving her more and more, but Alice once again was not aware of it), and she had also had her requisite candy-bars from the vending machine. It didn't surprise Alice all that much when Laurie and Jen sat down with her at the lunch table.

It didn't take long for Jen to notice the syrup stain on Alice's blouse.

“You should be more careful while gorging yourself,” Jen chuckled.

“Yeah, you don't wanna like, ruin those oh so chic clothes of yours,” Laurie added in. Not that Alice didn't follow the latest fashions (she was a cheerleader now). But Laurie's family was mega-rich, and she had free reign of a lot of that cash. Consequently she only wore the most expansive name brands she could find, and mocked anyone who wasn't wearing them (namely everyone but herself and Jen. Alice actually had plenty of money in her bank account from her grandmother, but she always felt she should save some of it, for when she wanted her own house or something).

“Have you gotten a new bra yet?” Alice asked, remembering Laurie's claim from cheer practice yesterday.

“Not yet, why?” Laurie asked snidely, “Are you jealous?” She took a deep breath, and her huge melons strained against her v-neck shirt, the outline of her giant overfilled bra plain to see. Alice also took a deep breath, but she DID feel a pang of jealousy. Her own chest just wasn't that massive, though she did put on quite a display, her bigger tits managing to fill her loose blouse. Jen also inhaled, filling out her C-cups in her own shirt, but it was nothing next to Alice's. Still, it did seem a bit larger than it used to be. This made Alice feel better about herself, that is, until Jen poked her in the tummy.

“Looks like your boobs aren't the only thing that have like, gotten bigger, huh?” she remarked.

“Yeah, porky, you should watch yourself. We totally don't want to you to explode,” laughed Laurie, her chest shaking. “Maybe you shouldn't eat those cookies…” She gathered them off of Alice's tray onto her own.

“We can't trust you to throw them out, so I'll do it for you,” Laurie said wickedly. Alice hardly noticed. She was busy noticing something else. And that was that both Laurie and Jen had regular trays, not salads. Granted each of them had only grabbed the minimum: a hotdog and some nachos, but still. Alice had never seen them eat anything but salads before. Well, except for what they took from her.

The rest of the meal went as usual. Alice managed to eat her two hotdogs, and her brownie, and some of her fries. The candy bars were given to Jen after she made a few more comments about not wanting Alice to get chocolate on her shirt as well. Laurie managed to snatch most of her fries before Alice could get to them. Whenever Alice caught her, Laurie would say something about doing Alice a favor, and that she would just exercise off the few she took anyway.

If only you took just a few, Alice thought sadly. French fries were her favorite, and she had even put extra salt on them. She would have to be more careful about them. Still, the two hotdogs (smothered in relish and mustard as she liked) and brownie managed to fill her up (combined with her big breakfast).

When Laurie and Jen stood to leave, after finishing their own plates (Alice noticed that Laurie had eaten the two cookies, rather than thrown them out as she said she would, but Alice decided to hold her tongue.), Alice breathed a sigh of relief. She also noted that Laurie's belt was once again not done as tightly as it used to be. As they walked away, she looked at Jen's round derriere, stuffed into cutoffs. Was it her imagination or did Jen's thighs seem to be filling out the legs more? And had her butt always been that wide??

Alice stopped at the vending machine on her way out of the cafeteria to make up for the candy bars she had given to Jen. She had had four, right? That was it, she thought to herself, as she walked away. Eating two of them, and saving the other two for the end of the day. They didn't last that long, and on her way home, Alice thought found herself once again hungry (her loose clothes once again giving her more space than usual), and she decided to see if maybe she could find where her mom had stashed the bags of Halloween candy. After all, her mom had gotten more than enough for the whole neighborhood for the next two Halloweens; just a few wouldn't be missed.