Weight Room Title Bar

By Mollycoddles and The Blind King of All He Sees

Episode Six:
The Lost World

Alice rummaged through the large candy bowl, just to see what sort of goodies her mom had bought. She had definitely gone all out- her mom wasn't about to be caught empty handed like she had been last year. Alice popped a bite-size snickers in her mouth. Heavenly! And there was another...and another. Alice sat down as she found a cache of Mounds beneath the pile. After that, she went for the kit kat and the Almond joys, and finished up with the Mr.Goodbars. The problem, of course, was that there was too much variety. Just as she got sick of one sort of candy, she'd discover another, untasted treat. It wasn't until she saw the bottom of the bowl that she realized how much she had eaten.

"Uh," groaned ALice, rubbing her distended belly, "I can't believe that I ate so much candy. Oh, no! If mom finds out that I ate all her candy, I'm really going to get it. I'd better go out and buy some replacement candy...but if I do that now, I'll probably eat it all again before Halloween. I've seriously got to get my eating under control."

She straightened up and pulled her shirt down over her ever-expanding waistline. Alice frowned. She didn't think that her eating had been that bad lately, but it looked to her that she was definitely still getting fatter. Luckily, her mom had bought enough to fill two bowls.

Alice lurched to her feet, grabbed another bag and refilled the bowl.

"There, that takes care of that. Hmm, this bag is different. Oo, M&Ms!" Alice grabbed the new chocolate candy and stuffed it into her mouth. She wasn't all that hungry anymore, but, hey, who can pass up M&Ms? It wasn't long before most of this second bowl had followed the first.

Alice quickly ran to the store to buy replacement candy before her mother got home. For the rest of the week, she followed the same routine. She couldn't help but stuff herself with candy when she got home from school, but then she'd have to buy more replacements before her mother got home. Luckily, she'd saved up enough of her allowance to buy cheap, bulk bags of candy bars and the store was having all sorts of pre-Halloween sales. More troubling to Alice than her constant candy cravings, though, was the fact that her increasingly frequent binges were beginning to show effects on her belly, hips, and ass.

I might have enough money to keep buying candy, she thought, but I don't think I've got enough to start buying new clothes!

After yet another candy "meal," Alice felt way too stuffed to even move. Now, I'll definitely have to buy more candy, thought Alice miserably, but if this is any indication, I just can't be trusted around this stuff. Lying spread eagle on the floor, her stuffed tummy rising like a mountain in front of her. Her shorts had burst open during the binge, and every labored breath caused the zipper to grate open a few additional notches. She sucked in her growing gut and pulled the two flaps together. It was a tight squeeze, but she managed. With a moan, she hooked the snap and tried to yank the zipper up. Good, she thought, that's a good sign. If I can still cram myself into these shorts, then I'm still a bit thinner than I was during the summer. These shorts always were a little bit tighter than that pair I was wearing when mom put me on this stupid diet.

Alice lay down on the bed and struggled her zip her pants up, but the zipper refused to budge. "C'mon, zip, damnit! Oh, great, this is getting to be just like over the summer when mom made me cram myself into those tiny shorts. Geez, I couldn't have blimped out that much already, could I?"

She knew what she had to do. Slowly, dreadfully, Alice made her way to the bedroom, pulled the scale out from under the bed and gingerly stepped onto it. She looked down, but was surprised to find that she couldn't see the numbers. Her oversize jugs and protruding gut blocked her view. With a grunt, she bent over to get a better look: 168. She hadn't quite reached her all-time high, but she was getting close. "Great, what am I going to do now? I know! I'll just take the rest of the candy to school! Mom won't care as long as she thinks I'm just giving it away to friends, and that way I won't be tempted to eat anymore. Man, I'll bet that Jen and Laurie go bananas over this loot."

Jen and Laurie certainly hadn't been bothering with their normal diets lately. It had taken surprisingly little to get them to start eating like pigs; Alice suspected that after a lifetime of deprivation, they were only too ready to indulge.

"Of course," she mumbled, looking down at her jiggly body, by that logic, "I should be able to resist yummy food, since I've always indulged. Well, I guess that's why I'm not as huge as I could be. Since I always used to eat so much, I've been able to resist better than some other girls. Somewhat."

Alice's mother didn't object to the plan, apparently under the impression that Alice must be sharing the candy with her classmates simply because no one could carry such a huge bag to school and eat it all themselves. Alice first offered the candy to Jen and Laurie on Monday at lunch.

"Oh. My. God!" squealed Jen as she sat down across from Alice, "What happened to you? You're, like, huge!" Jen apparently hadn't noticed that she was gaining at a rate almost as fast as Alice; it was only because she'd started at a lower number that she could still be classified as, well, thin. But only barely. Her ass was packed into her cut-offs, so much so that the rear seam looked as if it might tear. Her softer flesh was spilling slightly over the waistband of the shorts, and her newly deepened belly button sank into the slight layer of excess flab around her midriff. "Yeah, you've really been pigging out lately, haven't you?" sneered Laurie. Laurie's hooters had grown to such generous proportions that Alice was sure that she must have broken down and bought a new bra; there was simply no way that that old one which had been practically bursting yesterday could now comfortably accommodate those monstrous mammaries.

"Well, you know, with Halloween coming up and all, there's just candy everywhere. I don't know, I'm just in a bit of a slump because of the holiday season, but I'll lose this weight soon enough."

"Yeah, right," said Laurie, stifling a giggle, causing her enormous bust to sway and shimmy. "What's with the bag, anyway, chunky?"

"Oh, that's just Halloween candy. My mom bought so much that I thought I ought to bring some to share. Besides, I really probably shouldn't eat anymore of this stuff."

Jen's eyes lit up. "Candy? Ohmygod let me see! She practically jumped out of her seat to see the treats that Alice had brought. candy was Jen's favorite thing in the entire world and she pounced on the bag before Alice could offer a second time. Happy as a kid in a, er, candy store, Jen scooped large handfuls of candy out of the bag. She dropped most of it into her stylishly undersized backpack, but she paused to chomp down on the occasional candy bar.

"Ohmygod! (munch munch munch) This is (munch munch) too cool! Halloween is, like, (munch munch) the best time of year!"

"Yeah, whatever," said Laurie, eyeing the bag enviously. "Listen, Alice, don't think I don't know what you're doing. I can see right through you...despite your layer of blubber!"

Alice was startled. "What are you talking about, Laurie?"

"Yeah (munch munch chomp), what're you talking (crunch) about, Laurie?"

"Oh, it's so obvious what you're doing. Always sitting with us at lunch, always offering us food..."

"Actually," said Alice, thinking back, "I think you usually sit with me at lunch."

"Shut up. The point is it won't work: You think that if you're nice to us, we'll stop teasing you, right?"


"Well, forget it! I've said it before but I'll say it again, we don't need any fat butterball cheerleaders on the squad and if I thought that you couldn't keep up I'd ax you in an instant. If only the other girls didn't want to keep you around... I don't know how it is that you keep coming to practice. If you sit out one more time, I'll personally see to it that you never cheer again! Jen!"

"(Crunch chomp munch munch) Wha? (munch) . . ."

Laurie snatched the kit kat bar away from Jen and crammed it into her mouth. "That's enough candy for you, Jen, you're starting to really chunk up in back. You want to end up as fat as Alice here?"

"I am not chunking up!" snapped Jen defiantly, rubbing her swollen buns for emphasis.

She lurched to her feet with some difficulty. "Ha, Alice, you wouldn't last a minute. Just wait until the annual fitness test! Then everyone will see what a lard ass you've become. I'll bet you won't be able to do a single sit-up!"

She twirled and stomped away, with Jen trailing.