Weight Room Title Bar

By Mollycoddles and The Blind King of All He Sees

Episode Seven:
Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

The next day's events repeated the previous. Alice showed up at school with two bags of candy this time, and offered them to Laurie and Jen at lunch. By that time Alice had almost gone through half of one of the bags. Once again, Jen jumped at the opportunity to take some of the candy off of Alice, heaping the rest of the first bag, and a good bit of the second into her now-empty backpack, and purse. And as soon as she finished her meal, she began cramming the chocolate bars into her mouth. Laurie too helped herself to most of a backpack full of candy “to keep them away from Jen,” so she said, and had quite a few bars during the meal. But nowhere near as many as Jen. Alice was amazed that the girl could eat so many. “Maybe you should take a break…” Alice mumbled to her, not wanting all the candy to end up being eaten by Jen. As much as Alice wanted to lose weight, she was still hungry!

“What did you say?” asked Jen around a Snickers. “Yeah, what?” demanded Laurie while chewing on her third Milky Way.

“Oh, nothing,” Alice told them, smiling politely, and digging into the candy herself, not wanting them to disappear before she could have some. By the end of the meal, there was still a third of the last bag left. That should be enough to get me through the day, Alice thought to herself.

The whole week was a similar routine, with Alice bringing more candy everyday. This was because Jen was consuming most of it, and had taken to eating it during study halls and class. Alice was unknowingly consuming more herself, not noticing, compared to what Jen was eating.

At practice for the week, Alice offered some to the whole squad, all of whom happily accepted, even Denise. As they were changing back into their regular clothes, Alice got a good look at Jen's tummy. It had always been completely flat, and even had a well defined six pack. Now it had lost all trace of definition and bulged out over her panties. Or rather her thong, thought Alice. Jen's once perfect ass was a little too round now, and starting to get fat, and her panties looked quite tight on her. Her hips had also gotten bigger too. Now that Alice thought about it, Jen hadn't actually participated at all in practice today. She had always found things to run and get for Laurie, all the while munching on a Kit-Kat, or Butterfingers bar. And Alice had even started to get the king-sized ones!

Laurie herself had once again done nothing but walk up and down shouting and insulting the other cheerleaders. The candy in her mouth muffled most of the insults. Most of the insults were as usual, aimed at Alice. Geez, I give them all this candy but they still insult me, thought Alice. Of course, seeing how much they were eating, she didn't notice that she was constantly shoveling candy in her mouth herself! As a result, her own clothes continued to grow snugger, but Alice was too caught up in indulging her sweet tooth to really notice.

She had grown exhausted after about five minutes of practice, and had quickly fallen behind. It hadn't helped that her plump body jiggled constantly, especially her tits, which were now bursting out of her bra again, and her ass, which was starting to get cellulite on it.

Saturday was Halloween and Alice volunteered to hand out the candy (which she had continued to replace after bingeing on it). Through out the night she had happily gave kids as much as they wanted, since she had bought enough to cover the next ten Halloweens. And in between visitors, she happily snacked on the candy herself. There weren't many trick-or-treaters, yet one would conveniently show up just as she was finishing off one bowl of candy, and so she would refill it without ever realizing that most of the chocolate was ending up in her belly, not the kids'.

As she was about to finish her 6th bowl of candy, once again, a knock on the door announced another trick-or-treater.

“Wow, there sure are a lot of them!” Alice naively said to herself. She opened the door and was surprised to see a young girl there, and Jen! The young girl was dressed as a witch, and Jen was dressed provocatively as a harem girl. Alice's eyes almost bulged out of her head when she saw Jen. Not nearly as much as Jen was bulging out of her costume, though.

To start off with, it looked several sizes too small for her. Her breasts filled out her top, with a little excess to spare. Jen had never been nearly as chesty as Laurie, or even Alice, but now she could definitely qualify as having “big boobs.” But that was the least noticeable thing about her. Her stomach jutted out more than yesterday, and even hung over the waistband of her harem pants. Love handles also spilled generously over the sides where the waistband dug into her flesh. The diaphanous material that made up her pants allowed Alice to see Jen's legs. She was amazed, Jen's once silky-smooth, and slender legs had gotten much meatier. Her thighs were starting to become thick and there was no muscle visible on them anymore. Indeed, the once trim Jen now looked quite voluptuous. Even as she looked at her face, Alice was almost positive that it was rounder now, and as Jen looked down, Alice noted the forming of a slight second chin.

There were also chocolate stains around the edges of Jen's lips. Looks like someone's been snacking tonight too, Alice thought to herself. Then she noticed that Jen was giggling.

“Hello, Jen, what are you doing here?” Alice asked.

“I'm taking my neighbor's kid Katie trick-or-treating” Jen replied haughtily, and still giggling.

“I see,” Alice said, now annoyed, “What's so funny?”

“Oh, nothing…” Jen chuckled. Actually Jen was laughing at Alice, who looked ridiculous in her tight jeans and way-too-small T-shirt that could barely contain her increasing girth. Alice's bust strained the top of the shirt, while the bottom rode up two inches over her flabby gut, which was also splurged out over the front, sides and even back of her jeans. Her face now sported a definite second chin. “Now are you going to give us any candy or not?”

“Alright, alright,” Alice said as she went over to refill the bowl with various candies and brought it back. Jen was sure that Alice's rear was going to burst right out of those jeans when she bent over, and her hips wiggled back and forth exaggeratedly as she walked back towards them. Alice gave Katie and generous handful of candy for her bag.

“Ahem,” Jen said holding open a bag of her own. Alice rolled her eyes and gave two giant handfuls of treats to Jen for her own bag. Which, noted Alice, was about twice as large as Katie's and almost filled to the brim.

“Is that all?” Jen said disappointedly, taking another large handful for herself.

“Fine, take all you want!” Alice told her angrily. Jen gave her a sneering smile, and heaped almost half the bowl into her bag, filling it all the way up. She really should lay off the chocolate, thought Alice looking at Jen as she happily unwrapped a Hershey Bar. She's starting to break out. It was true, Jen had gotten a few pimples on her otherwise perfect face. Not that it did much to mar her beauty at all, her candy consumption was the only explanation Alice could come up with. She had found one on her own face the other day, but it was probably because she hadn't been washing her face enough, she wasn't eating that much candy… was she?

“Thanks tubby, seeya at school on Monday!” Jen laughed, as she and Katie left. Alice couldn't even think of anything to say. She was watching Jen's rump sway back and forth as she walked away, but really, she was noticing that Jen had an equally large bag of candy in her other hand. Her midsection rumbled. Oh well, Alice thought, the previous mental pathway already gone from her head. I'm hungry; I hope Domino's will deliver at this hour.