Weight Room Title Bar

By Mollycoddles and The Blind King of All He Sees

Episode Eight:
Electric Boogaloo

Alice was just a little worried now that the holiday season was upon her. She was sure that she had managed to survive Halloween without piling on too many extra pounds (although she was reluctant to step on a scale to actually prove her belief), but Thanksgiving and Christmas promised that there would always be plenty of tempting treats on hand for the next few months.

She heaved a sigh as she heaved herself out of bed, something that was becoming increasingly difficult. At least, with all that cheerleading practice, I should be able to work off some of these extra calories, thought Alice to herself. And considering that both Jen and Laurie seemed to be swelling bigger and bigger these days…well, it was only a matter of time before they outpaced her! Alice smiled at the thought as she stuffed herself into some fresh clothes. The pants, like most of her clothes, were too binding around the waist to be entirely comfortable. She struggled to get the snap done, squirming desperately to get the tight clothes over her thighs. Eventually, she just gave up. Since it was a weekend and she wouldn't have to deal with Jen, Laurie, and their superior attitudes she didn't even bother buttoning them but instead pulled down her sweater to cover the gap. The sweater itself was packed full of Alice's melon-sized hooters and Alice's bra felt uncomfortable and constrictive. Breast flesh oozed over the top of the cups and the body band cut into the flab on her back.

“I really need to get some new clothes,” thought Alice. “These old ones just don't cut it anymore. Guess it must be a sign that I'm growing up. I'm definitely going to do that soon, yup.” In the back of her head, a nagging little voice insisted that she'd packed on a little weight, but Alice resolutely ignored it. She simply knew that she couldn't have blimped out that much.

It was a brisk Saturday morning, and Alice didn't have any plans for the day. Denise was off visiting relatives out of town, and most of the rest of the squad had taken off on their own ways for the weekend. Alice pondered what to do for the rest of the day; it was a nice day and it seemed a waste to spend it indoors.

“Alice!” called her mother from downstairs, “Breakfast!”

Not surprisingly, Alice's mother had prepared a meager breakfast of oatmeal and juice. That might be enough to sustain you, thought Alice bitterly, looking at her mother's svelte figure, but this isn't going to keep me until 10 o'clock. Geez, it's hard being a teenage girl; you need nutrients, you know!

“Any plans for the day, dear?” asked her mother, distracted behind the morning paper. “I hope you're not going to waste it all indoors, watching TV like you did over the summer.”

“Mom!” protested Alice, “Summers around here are too hot to do anything! You know that.”

“Yes, but it's not too hot today. You really should go out and get some exercise, sweetie. You know how you tend to chunk up during the winter…”

“Thanks a lot, Mom,” mumbled Alice under her breath and subconsciously inhaling to reduce her now considerable paunch. “Well, since it's such a nice day, I think I'll probably just go for a walk.”

“That's good,” said her Mom, nodding with approval. “Just don't get lost. And if you're going to stop for lunch, try not to get anything with cheese or sugar, hmm?”

Alice fumed to herself as she left the house. “I wish Mom wasn't always so critical!” she huffed, “That's all she ever talks about: Alice, you're too fat! Alice, you've gained weight! Blah blah blah!” She paused briefly to run her hands over her prominent curves. “I don't think I've gained that much weight at all! I couldn't have! If she thinks I'm fat, she should see Jen and Laurie… those two are well on their way to becoming certified Goodyear blimps! Ha!”

The idea stayed with Alice as she walked down the street. If she COULD get her mom to see Jen and Laurie, maybe she wouldn't be on her case so much. Certainly, she'd have to admit that Alice wasn't hugely obese…

Her stomach gurgled urgently; already, the oatmeal had worn off. “Well, I'm not going to go stuff my face now!” thought Alice, frowning as she remembered her mom's warning, “I'll just poke around a while before I go into town. It should AT LEAST be lunchtime before I eat again.” Alice turned off the street and started up a nearby hill. It wasn't very steep, but Alice was so out of shape that she was huffing and puffing and flushed red by the time she reached the top. Her tight pants chaffed her thighs as she lumbered over the crest of the hill, panting.

“(Gasp!) Whew, I don't remember this hill being so steep!” she said to herself, “C'mon, Alice, you can do it! Think of it as exercise.”

There wasn't much up here, although she did get a nice view of the town below. Alice's tummy gurgled and bubbled again, and she frowned as she lifted her sweater slightly to get a better look at it. It was bigger than it had been before, hanging over her pants' waistband in two distinct folds. She grabbed a handful of flesh and jiggled it slightly before pulling her sweater down again. “I'm not that fat,” she reassured herself, although the delusion was getting harder to maintain.

There was some forest up here - or, more properly, some dense brush - and Alice headed into the woods, hoping to push any depressing thoughts of her recurring expansion out of her mind.

She hadn't been walking long before she realized that she had been here before.

An old wooden treehouse gave it away. Or it would have been, except that it wasn't in a tree. For lack of a better word, then, it would probably be a clubhouse.

“Ooo!” said Alice, “I remember this place! I used to play here when I was little. Wow, I haven't seen it in years!”

With a grunt, she got down on her hands and knees and peered inside. Due her to swollen size, it was getting harder and harder for her to bend down but Alice tried her best to ignore this sign of her increased poundage.

“I used to spend hours hiding up here,” thought Alice, “Now those were good times.” Of course, most of the time that she had come up here, it had been because she had just raided the cookie jar and needed a quiet hide-out to devour her loot in secret. But still, good memories.

“I wonder if I could still fit in there,” she thought, looking at both the small doorway and her own chubby body. With her plump thighs, rounded belly, and large breasts, it might be a squeeze - but she thought she could make it.

She lay down on her stomach - another activity made difficult by both her increasing waistline and her inflated jugs - and pushed herself forward through the door. Her head fit through easily, although she did snag her hair a bit. Quickly, she poked her fleshy arms through, grabbed hold of the sides of the doorway and pulled with all her might. Her upper torso slowly pinched through, although her massive chest compressed to the point that she could barely breathe. The suddenly, her upper half popped through, and air rushed back into her lungs. She lay gasping for breath for several seconds - inhaling so deeply she feared her bosom might actually pop out of her sweater - before continuing with the job.

Unfortunately, things got a lot harder from there. Alice's wide hips could not be compressed as her bust could and they were firmly wedged into the doorway. She pushed with all he might but her thighs and belly completely filled the doorway and refused to budge.

She squirmed desperately, trying to shove herself farther into the clubhouse but she was simply too fat to fit through the door.

“Oh, crap crap crap!” moaned Alice, twisting in a vain attempt to free herself. This was yet another reminder of just how much weight she had put on. Her soft body was squished tightly into the small opening and she didn't see how she could possibly get free.

“Um..are you okay in there?” said a familiar voice from the outside, causing Alice to jerk suddenly.

“Oh no,” swore Alice to herself. It was Jen.

“Yes. I'm just, uh, waiting here.”

“Oh. My. Gawd!” said the voice, stifling a giggle. It was Jen, all right. “Is that you, Alice?”

There was no point in denying it. “Yes,” said Alice sheepishly. “What're you doing here, Jen?”

“Well, we just finished a picnic and now we're watching you, fat ass! Are you stuck? Ohmygawd, you are such a blimp! I can't believe this! Wait'll Laurie gets a load of this! Laurie! Over here!”

Several seconds later, Alice could here the distinct noise of labored breathing. “That…damn…hill,” gasped Laurie's voice,” Since when has it been so steep? What's your problem, Jen? I-oh!”

They both broke into hysterical laughter.

“Yeah, great, laugh it up,” snapped Alice sourly. “Why don't you two do something useful and give me a hand here?”

“I don't think we'd be able to move you,” sniggered Jen's voice, “We'd need a crane! Haha!”

“Hey,” said Jen's voice brightly, “This is just like in Winnie the Pooh!”

“Yeah, great,” said Alice, kicking her chubby legs. She managed to twist herself around but accomplished little more than causing her sweater to ride up - revealing the “v” of her open pants.

“Fine, Alice, we'll get you out. Jen, grab her legs and we'll pull her out.” Alice felt two pairs of hands grab hold of her legs and pull with all their might. She moved slightly, causing large rolls of blubber to surge up around the plugged doorway but nothing else.

After several minutes, Jen and Laurie let go, wheezing terribly.

“Geez, Alice, you weigh a ton!” said Laurie, “I think we'd need the entire football team to get you unstuck. Hey, Jen, we should get them! I bet they'd like to see what sort of girl cheers for them.”

“Oh, be quiet!” cried Alice, “You guys don't have to be so mean! Just get me out of here”

“Yeah, whatever,” laughed Laurie again, “C'mon, Jen, grab her ass; if we can't pull her out, maybe we can push her in!”

“What good will that do?” asked Jen, “Then she'll just be stuck inside. Whatever!”

Alice felt two pairs of hands sink into her fleshy behind and shove her.

“Oof! I can't get a hold of you this way,” shouted Jen, “Your butt's too soft and squishy!”

“Just give one more shove,” said Laurie. “If that doesn't work, we can just leave her here till she loses some weight.'

“What?” cried Alice, horrified. Would they really leave her here? She twisted herself around to protest, just as Jen and Laurie pushed again. It was the magic combination; Alice suddenly popped through, landing in a pile inside.

All three girls were silent a moment, wheezing to regain their breath.

“See?” said Jen after she'd regained her breath to a degree, “That didn't do any good. Now she's just trapped inside.”

The two girls turned at a sudden splitting sound. Alice had stood up inside the fort, her head easily bursting through the rotted roof wood. Jen and Laurie began laughing as Alice gingerly picked her way out of the wreckage of the fort, stepping over one of the low walls.

Alice was really embarrassed now. She was panting, her rounded face beet red, her heavy breasts heaving, her blond hair disheveled. With embarrassment, Alice suddenly remembered that she hadn't bothered to button her pants this morning. She glanced at the two laughing cheerleaders angrily. Laurie fell backwards, convulsing with laughter at the sight. Eventually, she recovered enough to get up again - except that she couldn't. Her own bloated tummy made it difficult for her to rise from a lying position and she finally had to call for Jen to help her. Jen bent over, exposing her widened rear. The back seam of her pants was pulled snug, separating each cheek of her expanded butt.

Laurie and Jen had each put on considerable weight, too, by the looks of things. Laurie's potbelly stretched her shirt tight, revealing the slight depression of her belly button. She still tucked her shirt into her khakis, and the creases around her waist belied how tight those pants really were. The button looked like it was hanging on for dear life and Laurie looked like she was having trouble breathing. Her face had become rounder and plumper, and it looked as if she was starting to get a double chin. But the biggest chance was in her breasts - if Laurie's jugs had been big before, they were absolutely huge now. They trembled violently as Laurie wheezed and panted, seeming ready to pop out of her constrictive top.

Jen, too, had developed a rather noticeable gut, made all the more obvious by the tightness of her spandex leggings. The outline of her panties was clearly visible

“Can't fit into those pants anymore, huh, chubby?” laughed Laurie as she stood. “Well, that's not surprising, seeing as you've outgrown that door, too! Maybe if you stop stuffing your fat face all day you won't get too fat to squeeze through regular doorways, too! Ha ha!”

“It was a small doorway!” protested Alice, “I'd like to see you fit through there!”

“Ha! Easily! That'd be no problem for a skinny little cheerleader like me!”

“Yeah?” shot back Alice, “Prove it!”

“Fine! I will!” Laurie gasped, recovering from her giggles, before throwing herself on the ground. Just as Alice had before, she tugged herself through the hole. And, just as Alice, she had some difficulty maneuvering her blubbery hips through.

“Uhh,” grunted Laurie, squeezing her bloated frame through the hole.

“C'mon, Laurie!” cheered Jen, “You can do it! Push a little harder!”

Laurie struggled, trying to push herself in but she had gained too much excess flab to easily fit through the tight doorway. She pushed and groaned, slowly twisting herself around and aiming her rounded butt into the air. Both Jen and Alice heard a strange whining sound as Laurie writhed around - Her desperate movements were causing the overloaded seams of her too tight clothes to squeal in protest. Her body jiggled and bounced as she pushed and squirmed with all her might and finally - finally - squashed her way inside.

Laurie stood up, her face flushed with the exertion. “Showed you, didn't I?” In the excitement, the button had finally popped off her slacks. She laughed triumphantly, causing the zipper to grate down a notch but she didn't notice it.

“Oh, yeah,” agreed Alice, covering a smile with her hand, “I guess you were right. Well, thanks for your help. I guess I'll see you guys on Monday!”

And with that, Alice ran off. But she didn't get far before she burst out laughing.