Weight Room Title Bar

Alien Abduction or Abdomen

By Mr. Jigglesworth

Part Two

Adrian sat up on his bed with some effort. He noticed his reflection on the wall across from him. It was a shiny type of stainless steel or some other alien alloy metal. He grunted again as he tried to stand up to get a better look at himself. A smile of joy came over his face as he saw his full reflection; he estimated he had added about 160lbs. to his body so far and figured that put him around 435lbs.

His belly was, of course, significantly bigger & rounder, sagging down to rest on his much thicker & flabbier thighs; his hips were wider, too. He turned to check out his butt & backside; his butt was a lot bigger & covered with cellulite, sticking out nicely. No wonder that alien woman made a play on him. He looked sexier than he ever dreamed. His back also had a couple of nice rolls; he was turning into a very handsome fat man, if he did say so.

He waddled slightly back to his bed and lay down rubbing his hands over his stomach; he smiled and drifted off to sleep.

He was awakened several hours later by Shanni standing over him admiring his new larger form. Did you sleep well? she asked him. Like a baby, he answered her as he rolled his new bulk around to sit up and go with her to his next feeding.

Shanni walked behind him towards the dining area, watching his little cute waddle & thinking how it would only get more pronounced as he got fatter & fatter.

When Adrian got there, he saw the food there on the tables was double what it had been the last time. His mouth began to salivate again. He sat on the bench and started shoveling the food in as fast as his little fat arms would allow.

Spoonfuls of mashed potatoes & gravy were followed by bites of triple cheeseburgers & swigs of his weight-gainers shakes. But he soon got tired, so Shanni & Viayha gladly pitched in and helped in feeding him the rest of the way through his feast. Soon he was beginning to feel very bloated, but the food was almost all gone, so he continued chewing & swallowing what the aliens were feeding him.

Finally, all the tables were empty because all that food was in Adrian's bloated belly. He sat back and tried to rub the front of his stomach, but it was out of his reach. So Shanni reached over and started rubbing his bloated, swollen tummy that had gotten so big it was almost transparent. Viayha seeing how much fun Shanni was having, began rubbing the other side of his massive belly, for there was surely enough of it for everyone. It felt so smooth & taut; it was so full; she felt herself getting wet and leaned over to whisper in his ear: if you'd like Shanni & I to keep going we need to be where Vi won't catch us.

A very wide grin came upon his face & chins. Then we have to play it off like everything's normal and Shanni & I are just helping you back to your room. But getting him up proved harder than they thought, for the meal he'd just finished had put another 50-60 pounds on him. Though he was bigger all over, his ass was getting the brunt of it.

They finally got him up on the count of 3, and a lot of effort. He'll soon need something to move him about after he gets too big, Viayha shared with Shanni telepathically, who agreed, but thought, still, what a perfect specimen! Viayha giggled in amusement.

What are you girls giggling about? Adrian asked.

Thinking quickly, Shanni replied, Oh, how you've gone from walking normally to a waddle in such a short time.

It comes from being this big, he said. Hey, when I get too fat to walk how will you guys help me get around? Pausing a moment, Shanni said she'd have to discuss it with Vi later and get back to him.

Finally coming to his room, he squeezed through the doorway and ambled over to his bed to sit as he was short of breath. Though they wanted to stay with him and play with his new fat rolls, they realized he needed his rest and left him alone to go off in search of Vi to find out what to do about getting him around later.

Meanwhile, having rested a few minutes, Adrian struggled to his feet and waddled over to check his reflection again. He certainly was filling out nicely - thighs & hips were getting wider & flabbier, his belly hanging further down than it had been. His breasts reminded him of hairy versions of his ex-g.f.'s breasts, sagging down to rest on his massive belly. He estimated he was probably a c-cup, but would soon be a d-cup. His butt & buttocks were creating quite a shelf back there.

He shuffled back to his bed, the tops of his thick thighs bouncing against his underbelly, and laid down. Then feeling rather horny, he tried to reach under his belly to play with himself, but found it nearly impossible to hold his belly up with both hands and still reach his dick, though it did feel thicker around when he handled what he could. So he gave up to go to sleep and dream of Shanni & Viayha feeding him to the fattest man of his dreams then making sweet love to him.

Vi was working on something when Shanni & Viayha found him. What's this? they asked as they came up behind him. This is an automatic feeding machine that will feed him when he can no longer feed himself and free you two up to do your other duties again.

Oh! Shanni said, say have you figured out what to do with him when he gets too fat to waddle around?

Yes, there's a floating platform behind me with a padded beach seat that he'll be able to operate just by thinking a command.

Cool, when will you give it to him? Oh, I figure 2 maybe 3 more feedings like he just ate, and he won't be able to walk on his own power.

Shanni & Viayha exchanged glances, then thought: we really need to step up his feedings. The girls had everything ready after what seemed like hours when actually the replicator just replicates the food instantly. As the girls walked down the corridor to Adrian's room, neither one could help but think of how fat they were gonna make him. They walked in and stood over him, admiring his fat sexy body before waking him. Suddenly, feeling someone staring at him, he woke up only to startle the girls. What are you guys doing here - time to eat again?

Yes, let's go big boy, as they helped him heft his body off the bed & squeeze thru the doorway. Then by simply leaning forward he waddled down the corridor, driven by the scent of the food wafting from the dining room.

When he got there his eyes popped out and his dick got hard from seeing all that great food and imagining how fat it would make him.

He waddled over to the tables piled high with food, sat down and began cramming it in his mouth as fast as he could. Spaghetti, rolls, corn-on-the-cob dripping in butter, meatloaf, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, cakes, pies, ice cream w/ chocolate syrup it all smelled and tasted so good, he couldn't eat it fast enough - he wanted all this food in his belly right now! He soon got tired again and the girls took over feeding him as he continued to greedily eat everything they stuffed in his mouth. His belly grew & grew, it seemed, with each bite. Soon he had once again eaten everything and let out a huge belch; he excused himself as Viayha & Shanni rubbed his belly which was hanging down even further than it ever had, he was truly living his dream.

After another short nap the girls were there to awaken him & help him up. The girls struggled & tugged as hard as they could to pull Adrian to his big, fat feet. Finally with one last tug, he was up and leaning forward to follow his belly to the door and with all the determination of a starving fat man, plowed his way thru the door.

As he waddled down towards the fattening hall as he'd come to think of it. Viayha & Shanni had to almost run along side of him to help steady him as he ambled his way as fast as he could, a driven man fueled by the hunger in his belly.

As he approached the fattening hall, he saw Vi waiting to greet him so he could size Adrian up and ask if he was pleased with the results so far. Vi thought to himself that he certainly underestimated this Earthling's appetite as well as his desire to become fatter.

The girls chimed in unison. You most certainly did, O' Great One, they giggled to Vi.

Oh stop bickering; you two can't honestly say you knew he could eat like this.

Well no, we're very impressed, but we've had more hands on experience with him than you have, Vi.

Only because I was preparing this - as he motioned to the huge feeding machine he unveiled as they entered the hall and saw this huge monstrosity sitting in front of them. Adrian's chins dropped at the sight of such a large machine, designed for the soul purpose of growing him bigger & fatter.

Vi showed him where he'd be sitting in what looked like a very comfortable, yet sturdy beach seat where he'd be strapped in for his protection to keep him from sliding off. Viayha & Shanni put the mouthpiece into his mouth, and began strapping it around his head securely, all while leaning into Adrian's already mountainous belly. The combination of leaning on his gluttonous stomach and thinking how fat this machine was going to make him made both of these two very wet. They both moaned softly - which didn't go unnoticed by Adrian as he grinned to himself. Grudgingly, they slid off his belly, patted his stomach for good luck, starting a series of waves to ripple across his massive torso. Then Viayha asked Vi how big he thought Adrian was now?

Vi paused to think about it, figure in how much food had been consumed and said around 560-570lbs. Adrian, she said, how big are you now?

623lbs, he said with a certain pride.

She then winked at him and whispered, make us proud, Big Boy!

Vi switched on the pumps and watched as the special mixture moved smoothly through the hose and into Adrian's waiting mouth. He sucked & slurped greedily in total bliss as he relished the taste of the mixture. So creamy and loaded with calories, vitamins, nutrients and lots of weight-gaining potions to ensure a happy, healthy mountain of fat man.

He soon felt & watched as rolls began to rise more round & fuller than ever. Vi pulled Shanni & Viayha out of their trance long enough to explain to them what was needed next. He handed Shanni the injection gun for injecting another chip, which would enhance his brain with the ability not only to operate his new platform, but he would be able to levitate, perhaps even read minds. He instructed Viayha to distract him while the chip was injected. Once inside, he'd be able to use his mind to get around, once his legs & his belly got too big for him to use normally, which would be right after this feeding - or should I say, stuffing?