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Alien Abduction or Abdomen
By Mr. Jigglesworth

Part One

It was a typical night and Adrian was quickly getting ready to go out to the hottest, new local buffet in town for all-you-can-eat bbq-ribs night as well as all the other delicious entrees they had available.

He'd recently come to terms with his desire to become fat. It was no longer just big, huge, fat women he was attracted to; now he had to become huge & fat himself. But he wasn't going to wait around for to meet the right woman to do that for him, he was a self-starter.

But as he walked out of the house he saw some strange lights darting around in the night sky. He was ready to dismiss the sight as searchlights from somewhere in town having a sale to attract customers, until a large UFO hovered over him and pulled him up using a tractor beam. What could they want with him? he thought, as he floated upward towards the hovering ship.

As he got closer to the ship, a cargo door started opening. He wandered what these aliens looked like and if they were friendly. Once inside he saw how huge it was in there with lights flashing on & off, a strange apparatus that he figured were computers. Suddenly the aliens appeared to him from behind a force-field. They seemed to look at him for a second; he thought they looked like something he'd seen on an episode of "Star Trek."

But as soon as he finished that thought, they asked in English without moving what he thought would be their lips, What is this ďStar TrekĒ?

Wow! They could read his mind and speak English. After explaining what ďStar TrekĒ was to them, he asked what they wanted from him, he was just an ordinary guy. To which they replied that, We just want to observe your behavior for a little while, in return we'll take care of all your needs and make you as comfortable as possible. We'll even grant you your heart's desire.

He started to think about it when suddenly they said, It is done. But wait, he hadnít said anything yet. You didn't have to; we read your mind. What was his first thought? Oh yeah, he wanted to become really fat and never have to worry about food again. That was cool, but would he like their alien food or could they replicate anything to make it taste like human food?

All of a sudden a chair appeared and they asked him to sit, then straps went across his wrists, ankles & neck. They said that when the chair started moving they didn't want him to fall out; it was only a precaution and he shouldn't worry. Yeah right! he thought to himself, I'm strapped to a chair, aboard an alien spaceship, by some strange looking aliens who only want to observe me and I shouldn't be worried.

The aliens chose not to reply to that. From out of nowhere his nose filled with the smell of all his favorite foods, he started salivating as he turned to see a huge banqunt-sized table before him. The aliens came out from behind their protective force-field and proceeded to feed him. Adrian opened his mouth to receive the first bite, but closed it just as quickly. Sensing something was bothering him, one of the aliens asked Adrian what was wrong, Does the food not smell good?

Adrian looked at the alien and said he felt uncomfortable, because of the way they looked and asked if they could alter their appearance and could they use names - you know, be introduced? The first alien said his name was Vi and these are my associates, Shanni & Viayha. Feeling somewhat more relaxed under the circumstances, cause he didn't know why he was so calm, he replied, Glad to meet you all; my name is Adrian. Nice to meet you too, they all replied.

Breaking the awkward silence that followed, Viayha said, Would you feel more comfortable if we were to assume a human form? Yes, yes I would appreciate that very much, he answered. Suddenly he was surrounded by a very hefty man and two gorgeous bbw's. Shanni spoke saying, I hope these bodies are appealing to you. As a matter of fact, they are - now feed me and make me fatter, he said trying to hide the from them that he now found Shanni & Viayha extremely attractive.

They weighed & measured him for their records: he weighed 275lbs. and measured 50" chest, 54 1/2" waist, and 58" hips & buttocks. They proceeded to feed him again, and he was surprised the food was delicious. A bite of pizza here, beef stroganoff there, some mac & cheese, a taco, a dbl. cheese burger, a sip of chocolate shake, he was feeling very full by the end of his feast. Sensing this, Viayha reached over and started massaging his bloated belly, enjoying the hard, yet smoothness of his stomach. She shared this thought telepathically with the others and they too reached over to rub his stomach, smiling to themselves as they did.

Soon Adrian was asleep and the aliens started to clean up the mess of empty food containers, taking into account how much he'd eaten and making a note to increase the food intake for the next round.

Adrian started coming around; he noticed Vi standing over him smiling. I trust you sleep well my friend? A friend would hardly keep another friend strapped down so he couldn't move or get comfortable, he said. I've decided that since I'm still alive, that you don't plan to hurt me, so I won't try to run, besides I'm really getting outta shape these days, he added, patting the side of his belly. Vi read his thoughts and realized he was telling the truth.

Forgive me my manners, you are right, Vi replied as he unfastened the straps for Adrian. Rubbing his wrists, Adrian thanked Vi for doing that. Is there anything else you require? Vi asked then. Strangely enough he couldn't think of anything as his tummy started to rumble loudly. Excuse me, he said embarrassed. Sounds like you're ready for some more food, Vi said smiling as he led the starving young man to where Shanni & Viayha were eagerly waiting for his return.

Did you sleep well, Adrian? Shanni asked him. As a matter of fact, I slept like a log, he answered her. My associates & I were wondering how fat you want us to make you, Viayha asked him. Well, I'd always dreamed of immobility, but under the circumstances a few hundred pounds would do nicely, he replied kinda nervously. Still worried about us? she asked him again, cause you can return to the surface of your planet anytime you wish, but I was hoping you'd wanna stay so we could study & learn from you and get better acquainted, she added. That's interesting you say that, but if I allowed you to make me immobile before I go back, I wouldn't have anyone to take care of me, he pointed out.

We have something that will help you gain faster, while increasing your body strength as well so you could stay mobile longer, Vi told him. Itís a tiny chip we place behind your left ear which will moderately increase your strength, skeletal frame as your appetite & size grow larger; itís painless really, Vi went on to explain.

Adrian found himself oddly accepting their offer without even a single question. Something was strange here: the whole time he'd been aboard their ship, he wasn't really frightened that much when he should have been scared out of his wits. It was like the reassuring voice of his mother's humming in the background, that helped him keep his cool and remain calm.

While pondering all this, Shanni prepped the area behind his ear, then Vi inserted the chip quickly. He thought to himself, That was painless, just like Vi promised me.

He suddenly became aware of his growing hunger again and sat at the table and began stuffing more of their scrumptious food into his mouth as fast as he could. Bite after bite he took as the table began to empty, but after a few hours he slowed down and Shanni & Viayha took over feeding his waiting maw, while Vi spread some kind of lotion on his belly as it grew larger & larger.

This will help your skinís elasticity as you continue to grow, so he relaxed again while they all continued stuffing his face and rubbing lotion over his belly. Kings should have it so good, he thought to himself; the aliens smiled to themselves knowingly.

Finally he'd eaten everything and the table was cleared as Viayha led him back to his room to sleep it off while the calories turned straight to fat cells. But once he got there, he found out that she had other plans for him. He turned around to find Viayha advancing on him as she asked, Do you find my female form attractive? She already knew he did, but she wanted him to say it out loud.

Finding himself very horny all of a sudden, he answered that he did indeed find her very beautiful. Don't worry about that; in this body everything is functional, she assured him. Then the clothes she was wearing dissolved in front of his eyes. He reached out and touched her protruding belly; it was the softest skin he had ever felt, so smooth & supple. She grabbed him and started kissing his lips and running her hands over his belly and down around his butt cheeks, pulling him closer to her.

They were really getting into it when Vi came in on them and broke them up, telling Viayha to stop bothering him, he needed his rest. Viayha stood there all wet & horny; her clothes reappeared, and she moved past Vi in a huff. Vi told Adrian he should get his rest if he wanted to get the most benefit from his feedings, cause he had an even bigger feast in a few hours.

Vi then left Adrian to rest, shutting the door behind him and calling out his thoughts to Viayha. You mustn't copulate with the human just yet; itís still too soon. She replied that she just wanted to experience what humans call sex for fun: casual sex, that's all.

[To Be Continued - so watch for Part Two and let me know your comments so far:)]