Weight Room Title Bar

By Joey Ramone

Alissa stood in front of the mirror, slowly rubbing her hands over her stomach and sighed. Although she was slightly chubby (5 foot 2 and 120), she was far from being fat, her childhood dream.

It was the summer between her junior and senior years in high school; she was 17. With blond hair and blue eyes and her 120 pounds distributed quite nicely (she could be described as a "top-heavy hourglass"), she was a knockout. But she longed to be fatter. She closed her eyes and envisioned herself bigger. How much bigger? 200, 300, maybe even 400 pounds? "Mmm," she sighed to herself, "if only..."

The summer had just started and Alissa was determined that she was going to put on weight over this summer. Although her parents were fairly well off and spoiled her, she had never put on a lot of weight due to her strict mother. But it was going to be different, she determined. This almost rebelliousness of the simple act of gaining weight was almost as attractive to her as the thought of expanding her body. She was becoming her own person, not to be bossed around by her mother.

"If I'm going to do this," she thought to herself, "I'd better get away from all the low-fat crud mom loves to keep around here." She walked out to her car, her freedom, slowly inserted the key in the ignition and turned it. The motor grumbled as if in disagreement with this. Alissa gave it a little gas and the motor was subdued and began to hum in submission. Alissa put the car in gear and backed out of her driveway. Without any idea where she would head off to, she drove.

She passed a McDonald's. "That's a good start," she thought to herself, and pulled into the parking lot. "Ali!" She heard a voice. It was Susan, her best friend since fourth grade, who, although she wasn't that much heaver than Alissa, appeared quite a bit heaver carrying her weight on a 4 foot 9 frame, with a good portion in her belly. "Wait up, Ali."

"Hey, Susan," Alissa called back.

"What's up?" Susan asked, catching up with Alissa.

"Not too terribly much," Ali replied, "just running in to get some food, wanna join me?"

"Sure," Susan answered.

"Can I ask you something, Susan?" Alissa inquired.

"Doesn't look like you give me much of a choice," Susan joked.

"What?" Alissa seemed confused.

"Nevermind, ask your question."

"How much do you weigh now, Susan? 130, 140?"

"About that, 145 really; you should know that," Susan replied.

"Have you ever given thought," Alissa began, "about what would happen if you decided to forget about all the 'thin-is-in' crud that we're taught from TV and just eat whatever you want, whenever you want, get as fat as you wanted, and it didn't matter?"

"I know what you're talking about, Ali. I'm sick and tired of always being the chubby girl who has to diet her entire life just to have friends."

"How much weight do you suppose I could gain in a week?" Alissa asked.

"What??" Susan sounded startled by this inquiry.

"I'll bet you that I can gain more weight than you in the next 7 days," Alissa offered.

Susan thought about it and giggled. "I'll take that bet; that sounds fun."

The two walked into McDonald's and Alissa ordered four Big Mac meals, super-sized fries, of course.

"Hey," Susan thought to herself, "I'm the fat one here, I can top that." So, not to be outdone, she ordered five of the same. The two sat down in a table in the corner and began eating with a breakneck pace. They devoured burger after burger, and in fifteen or twenty minutes they both finished.

"Well, looks like I'm ahead so far," Susan said, slapping her belly playfully with a thud.

"Not for long," Alissa replied, "let's head off and meet at your house tonight for a weigh-in."

"Sounds good to me, but I think I know who will win this bet," Susan replied.

The two got in their respective cars and headed off. "So," Alissa thought to herself as she drove, "if I need to eat 3,500 calories more than I use up" (she had done her homework on this one) "to gain one pound of fat; 7,000 calories will put two pounds of fat right here." She poked her stomach. "So what's a good high calorie food that I can eat a lot of?" she asked herself. "Anything high in sugar will do; time for a binge."

She drove to the nearest grocery market and began clearing the shelves of all junk food high in sugar. Candy bars, cookies, cake frosting, Twinkies, soda, anything would do. Bags of junk food, well over a hundred dollars worth. And to pay, a credit card. "Good thing mom and dad never cared enough to teach me to be responsible with this thing," she thought to herself, smiling. She drove home by the quickest way she could. "Glad mom's not home from work," she thought to herself as she carried the food into her house, down the hallway, and into her room. She locked the door and pulled her shirt off. "Time to get started," she said aloud. Alissa ate as if there was no tomorrow. Sitting in her bra and cutoff jeans, she devoured every delicious morsel, not stopping to taste it. "This is great," she thought to herself, "I've never had so much fun in my life." After a while, she pulled her shorts off to make herself more comfortable. She ate until she passed out, lying on her floor in her underwear with food wrappers scattered about herself.

Alissa awoke with a cute little burp and a startle. She glanced up at the clock. 5:30 pm. "Better head out and get something to eat before I head over to Susan's place," she thought to herself. She put on some shorts and a shirt that she had long since outgrown; it exposed her growing roll around her midriff, and then drove to Subway. She ordered a foot-long meatball sub with cheddar cheese and devoured it, attracting glances, both curious and disgusted, and stares from the other customers. "Now on to Susan's," she thought. "I wonder how much progress she's made."

Alissa pulled into Susan's driveway around 6:00. Susan opened the door for Ali wearing only her underwear. "You might wanna slip out of those clothes, Ali; they really restrict you when you're filling up. Can I get you something to eat?"

"Sure," Alissa replied, entering the house and pulling her shirt off as she did. "Where are your parents?"

"Gone for the weekend. It's their anniversary. They left me some cash; it should be enough to keep both of us full," Susan replied. "Come on into the kitchen, I've got plenty of fattening food. Help yourself." Plenty of food was an understatement. Alissa found a kitchen full of more food than she had seen in her life, the most fattening, too. The two spent three hours stuffing themselves silly with pizza, cake, chocolate, cookies, everything. The two of them sitting in the kitchen in their underwear, stuffing their faces, was quite a sight.

"So," Susan began through the fistfuls of food, "about this bet, what exactly does the winner get?"

"How about if the loser treats the winner to the biggest meal they've ever had?"

"Sounds fair."

Around 9:00, the two of them were both practically too full to move. Alissa phoned home and let her parents know that she'd be staying overnight at Susan's house. Afterwards, it was time to get weighed in. Susan went first.

"Let's see," she began, "I was 145; now I am..." The needle rested on 150. "No, there's no way I gained five pounds in nine hours."

"It's probably just because your stomach is so full," Alissa responded. "Here, let me try." The needle stopped at 130.

"Woah," Susan said, "yeah, you must be right. If we go to sleep, let the food digest, it'll probably give a more accurate reading in the morning."

"Yeah, let's see in the morning," Ali replied.

The two of them put on a movie in the living room and after a short while, Susan began to nod off. When Alissa was sure that Susan was asleep, she tiptoed into the kitchen, thinking to herself, "I have to eat; I have to get fatter." It was almost as if she was crazed, obsessed with gaining weight. She ate and ate until she felt as if her stomach was about to burst, and then pushed herself to eat more. It hurt so bad, but it felt so good at the same time. She fell asleep in the kitchen with food in her hand, exhausted.

Alissa awoke early in the morning, before Susan, starved. She guessed that her stomach had stretched from being so overstuffed. "That's good," she thought to herself, "I can hold more food now, more fattening food." She started plowing through what was left of the food from the night before. She downed an entire two-liter bottle of Pepsi and let out a belch, waking Susan.

"Well," Susan began, "I see you're wasting no time in getting to work."

"Wanna join me?" Alissa inquired.

"Love to," Susan answered.

The two of them ate until there was nothing left in the house.

"Well, I'd better get home," Alissa said.

"What about a weigh-in?" Susan wondered.

"Well, we've just been eating, so it would be inaccurate."

"Alright. See you then."

"I'll call you later."

Alissa headed off in search of more food. She pulled into a small shopping center and noticed a health store advertising a muscle gaining powder for athletes. She checked it out and found that it had 1,000 calories in a serving. "So," she thought to herself, "if I drink seven glasses of the stuff, I should gain two pounds." It didn't seem too hard. She bought two cases of the powder and drove home.

In her kitchen, she mixed up glass after glass of the powder. After her fifth glass, she began feeling ill. But she had to finish. Two more to go. She downed the sixth glass trying not to think about it. But by the time she reached for the seventh glass, she had to sip it slowly. Finally, Alissa had drunk all seven. She had just consumed 7,000 calories; that should add two pounds of fat to her body. But she couldn't think about that; she had to lie down before she puked it all back up.

Alissa fell asleep, entering a dream. In it, she saw a woman naked on a bed. No, look closer. That was her. She was immense, a mountain of flesh. Her belly laid out so far in front of her, it touched her feet. Her breasts fell to either side. She was surrounded by fattening food, a feast; she ate with reckless abandon, so quickly, you could almost see her growing fatter each minute.

Alissa awoke, with newfound determination. She had a goal; she would surpass the size of herself in the dream. She went back to the weight gain powder and began eating the powder, not even bothering to make a drink out of it. She ate an entire case of the stuff and then took a nap to let it digest. She slept for a few hours, dreaming of food and flesh. Awaking, she wandered into the bathroom and stood on the scale. It read 135. She had gained fifteen pounds in two days.

By the end of the week, she had gained 40 pounds. Susan had gained only 18.

"Well," Alissa said to Susan, "it looks like you owe me."

"I know just the place for your feast," Susan said.

It was an open-all-night pizza place with a 4.99 all you can eat buffet. The two walked in at about ten o'clock. Alissa ate, and ate, and ate. At 12:30 the manager walked up to Alissa and said, "Excuse me, miss, but that's all you can eat. We're going to have to ask you to leave, please."

That was worth it. The two of them drove to their respective homes. Alissa walked in and saw her mother. It was the first time her mother had gotten a good look at her all week.

"Oh my gosh!" her mother freaked. "What have you done to yourself, pig! Just wait till your father takes a look at his daughter, fat whale. You're becoming a blimp! If you don't lose some weight fast, you're going on a strict diet. Go to your room, now!"

This was pretty much the response that Alissa was expecting. But she didn't go to her room; she walked out the door and drove off quickly. Out of the city, past the next city, past the state line, she drove for five hours. She pulled into a gas station in a small town in the next state. Across the street was a donut shop; surprisingly, it was open. After filling the tank, she drove across the street to the shop, thinking she'd buy some donuts. There was a help wanted sign in the window. She walked into the shop; a bell went off.

From the back room entered a smiling lady, "Hi, what can I do for you?" she asked of Alissa.

Alissa looked at the woman. She must have weighed about five hundred pounds. A quarter of a ton. How Alissa longed to weigh that much, and more, so much more. "Do you have maple bars?" Alissa inquired.

"Sure thing sweetie," the woman responded. "What kind of a donut shop wouldn't? I'll tell you. A donut shop that sucks wouldn't have maple bars."

"Do you have cream-filled maple bars?"

"But of course," the lady replied.

"Can I get two dozen?" Alissa asked.

"Sure thing. Let me go in the back and get some," she said, walking into the back room. She emerged with a box, filled with maple bars, Alissa's favorite. Alissa pulled out her purse, but the lady wouldn't hear of it. "No charge, hun."

"What?" Alissa was startled at this announcement.

"No charge. You're here to ask about the job, aren't you?"

"Well," Ali began, "I was thinking about it when I saw the sign, yes."

"No charge, then. You can have the job if you want it. Do you need a place to stay? I've got plenty of room at my house; I live alone."

Alissa wasn't sure if she should be frightened by this lady or grateful. She thought it'd be more polite if she chose the latter. "Well, thank you, very much," she managed to say.

"Think nothing of it. My name's Anna, I own this place. All the food is my recipe. Try a maple bar. They're your favorite, aren't they? Mine, too." Alissa slowly bit into the maple bar, cream oozed into her mouth. It was the most wonderful thing she'd ever tasted. Without even realizing it, she quickly emptied the box. Alissa and Anna chatted for a while, but after a while Anna told Alissa that the store would be closing up, she didn't run her business on Sundays. So the two of them got into Anna's car and drove to Anna's house, about a block and a half away.

"Help yourself to any food you want, Alissa," Anna offered.

"Thanks," Alissa was more than grateful. "Uh, do you have any baggier clothes? I've been putting on a lot of weight, these clothes are really restricting."

"Sure thing, hun." Anna showed Alissa to a walk in closet with more clothes than Lane Bryant. The further into the closet you walked, the larger the clothes got. Alissa stripped naked and changed into some baggy clothes; she knew she'd need room to grow and even these would be too small very soon.

"You'll most likely start work next week," Anna told Alissa. "Until then, eat whatever you want, I don't think you'll run out any time soon." Anna went to bed; Alissa went to the kitchen and gorged. Anna slept all day; Alissa ate most of the day.

The next day, Anna left for work early, while Alissa was still asleep. She left a note reading, "Gone to work. Help yourself to the food." And that's just what Alissa did. Over the next week, she ate her way up to 200 pounds.

The next Monday, Anna went to work leaving a note for Alissa reading, "Gone to work. You'll most likely start work next week. Until then, help yourself to the food."

Each week went by the same; Anna told Alissa she'd probably start next week, but to eat all she wanted until then. In less than two months' time, Alissa was pushing 300 pounds.

Alissa stood naked in front of the huge mirror in the bathroom soon after passing the 300 mark. She was examining her expanding body. Her cheeks were quite full, she had developed a full double chin, her breasts were melon sized, her butt was round, her thighs were massive. But her most prominent feature by far was her belly. It protruded in front of her, defying gravity, as if two huge, invisible hands were holding it in place. She was covered with stretch marks, she jokingly referred to them as her "battle scars" in her "fight to be fat."

Days were a blur; time meant nothing anymore. It was simply eating and sleeping for Alissa. She rarely bothered to put on clothes anymore. She simply ate. Naked and beautiful. She couldn't remember how long she had been there by the time she was pushing 400. Sometime around 400, her belly stopped defying gravity and fell down slapping hard on her thighs. This was a landmark to her.

Her next goal was passing what she called the "point of no return," the five hundred pound mark. This was soon accomplished and became only a memory as she outgrew Anna and Anna's clothes. The shortage of clothes that would fit her didn't bother her too much since she was naked most of the time anyways. She neared the seven hundred pound mark, and her belly sagged all the way down to her knees.

The day she hit 700 pounds, she had a dream. It was the same as the dream the first day of her gaining. It was herself, naked on a bed. She was immense, a mountain of flesh. Her belly lay out so far in front of her, it touched her feet. Her breasts fell to either side. She was surrounded by fattening food, a feast; she ate with reckless abandon, so quickly, you could almost see her growing fatter each minute. This dream was becoming closer and closer to reality.

When she reached 800 pounds and simply walking became a chore that she dreaded, Anna hired a maid who made sure to keep Alissa full. Since Alissa now had stopped all physical exertion, even walking, she started gaining weight even faster. It was her 20th birthday when she hit 1,000 pounds, but she didn't remember, she didn't care. She didn't even know what month it was. All she thought about was surpassing the weight of the figure in the dream. Soon before her 21st birthday, she passed 1,600 pounds. She and Anna arranged for people from the Guinness Book of Records to weigh and measure her, and Guinness certified her as the fattest woman ever recorded. Her childhood dream had been fulfilled.

But it wasn't enough. She had to get fatter. And she did. More and more food, more and more fat on her beautiful naked body. Then one day, she happened to glance in the mirror. She was a few pounds away from hitting the one-ton mark. And she saw herself, naked on a bed. She was immense, a mountain of woman, a mountain of flesh. Her belly passed her feet; her feet were warm underneath the flesh of her belly which passed them so far, she felt it touch the ground in front of the bed. Her breasts hung off the bed to either side. She had all the fattening food she wanted; she never stopped eating. Her dream had been reached and surpassed. She was beautiful, lying there naked. She was fat; all she ever wanted.