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"All for You"
By getherfat

Some ages ago, when the world seemed less complicated, there was a Kingdom. Its king had a beautiful daughter, Angelina, who was his comfort in his old age after his wife died.

As his daughter grew older she also grew more beautiful and sweet, with golden hair and a smile that could melt ice.

As she neared her 15th birthday, the king's advisers began to pressure him to find her a husband. This beautiful budding child would help forge a powerful alliance they thought.

But the king refused for she was his only joy. They hounded him, and still he refused, his kingdom be damned. He argued with them until the day after Angelina's fifteenth birthday when he finally relented, but he had two conditions. One, he wanted a year with his daughter before she had to be married and move away, and, two, any prince who chose to try for her hand must pass a test. To prove his perseverance and strength, the lad must carry his daughter to the top of a nearby mountain to the chapel at the summit. He must keep her in his arms and never put her down and never stop until he reached that place and then he could have her.

While this seemed silly, the advisers agreed. He was the king, after all, and the girl was slender and graceful. This would not be a hard task for a strong warrior-prince.

The king had thought of this, however, and had a plan in case some young man tried to succeed. Smiling, he called for the castle chef.


Angelina was awakened by her maid the next morning. She had been fifteen for three whole days! She smiled at her maid, Lyssa, who was a few years older and almost as pretty as Angelina. Lyssa, however, looked worried. Before she could ask what was the matter, Angelina noticed delicious smells coming from the next room.

"What is that?" the girl asked.

"Come and see, my lady," her maid replied.

Angelina stepped out, her hair unbound, still in her shift and saw the chief serving woman and three other serving girls from the kitchen in her living chamber. Behind them was a huge trestle table laden with food - a feast, in fact, of all of her favorite things.

"Who is this for?" Angelina asked, puzzled.

"For you," Lyssa said with pity in her voice. "All for you."

The princess' eyes widened.

"All of it?"

"Yes," the lead woman said. "By order of your father, the king. You are to spend this day and every other day eating until he is satisfied."

Angelina knew why her father had commanded this, and she was furious. She tried to refuse and storm out of the room, but the woman wouldn't let her.

"You are also not to leave until you do as he commands."

Angelina argued, pleaded and refused any morsel for two days, but the women would not yield. Lyssa cried for her lady, but she was powerless.

Finally, red eyed and famished, Angelina tried a little food, thinking that a little wouldn't hurt, but a little quickly turned into a lot. The serving women pounced on her and began serving her as if she were an entire banquet hall. She found herself eating until she was stuffed. Her flat little belly felt like to burst. Once she was that full, however, the feeding did not stop. They made sure she nibbled and munched on sweet pastries and tidbits all day, keeping her full. She fell asleep with Lyssa rubbing her stuffed middle, trying to console her.

The next day she awoke to find another feast waiting.

And so her days went. The servants kept her stuffed like a Yule turkey, and she was not allowed to leave her chambers except to bathe in the next room. She grew pale and her slender body began to fill out.

During this time, Angelina thought feverishly of what she might be able to do to keep herself from becoming big as a hut. Her belly was already getting fat and soft, and she viewed it with growing distress. Finally she thought of a plan, but she had to convince her servants that she was an obedient little piggy and gain their trust. This took nearly a month, and in that time she became sleek and plump, her new curves straining against her shift.

Finally the servants grew lax. After all, their charge was eating like a starving woman now and had gained nearly thirty pounds. They began to leave her to Lyssa and attended other duties, only checking on her at the end of the day.

The minute they left the two girls alone Angelina commanded her maid to eat.

Lyssa begged her lady not to make her do it. She feared the king and did not want to get fat, but her lady prevailed and made Lyssa eat everything she could hold, and when she was stuffed, would pop food into her maid's mouth.

Angelina got away with this for some time, while eating very little herself, but while she began to grow thinner, almost as thin as she was her fifteenth birthday, Lyssa quickly grew fatter. Her broadening bottom and rounding cheeks became the joke of the serving quarters.

This did not escape the notice of the chief serving woman, who cornered the young maid.

"You are eating better, Lyssa," she said, poking the girl's ample belly.

The girl tried to evade her but could not. Finally under threat of banishment, she told the woman everything.

The next morning, Angelina awoke to find twice as much food on the table and a plump very frightened Lyssa at one end.

"Since Lyssa is such a hungry girl, the king has decided she should join you, your highness," the chief woman said with a smug smile.

There was no escape this time. The serving women made sure they ate every scrap. They stuffed the girls and stuffed them some more, until they left the table, bellies bulging.

Angelina was soon fatter than she had ever been before, no longer chubby, or even plump, she had become quite fat and as the king intended, quite heavy. Her graceful walk became a stately waddle as she neared spherical proportions.

Lyssa, who had become round and plump under Angelina's gentle cajoling, became positively huge under the serving women's demanding treatment. Soon all she cared about was keeping her growing, hungry belly full. Soon she had three servants of her very own to keep her fed and sated. She became so obese she needed help to move.

One day, as her 16th birthday neared, Angelina's father came to visit her. She sat on her new chair (she had outgrown two) stuffed and rubbing her big, porky stomach contentedly.

Lyssa, or the ball of blubber she had become, sat at the other end on a pile of cushions because she was now simply too big for furniture. She was being fed by two servants while the third bathed her.

Angelina had lost her will. She had given in to her captor's insistence and did not fight any longer.

"The servants say you are too big to move without help now," The king said, patting her round stomach. "But wouldn't you rather stay with me, anyway?"

"I'm hungry, father," the princess Angelina replied.