Weight Room Title Bar

by Ebony Feedee

Ally had just moved to a new city, and was in desperate need of a job. She couldn't seem to find work anywhere. "I guess employers just can't find placement for a girl like me, she thought."

"Yes, I am short and 553lbs......well......555 after last night's oreo and Haagen Daaz frenzy...hehe"

"I have a lot to offer, I'm smart, attractive and a hard worker.... guess I'll look thru these classifieds again..."

She grabbed what seemed to be a never ending portion of the paper and began to browse...."don't qualify for that," "welder? I don't think so"......

"Wait, what is this?"......the ad read "Do you have what it takes to be a REAL PIGGY?"

She read further..."if you think you have what it takes, auditions will be held, today, 2pm at the Buffet Barn, bring your appetite and competitive spirit."

She wondered what the prize would be, how much money would she make?.....hell who cared....she was getting a buffet meal for FREE!!


Ally entered the restaurant, she was wearing a loose fitting button front polo shirt that hid her 85" belly rather well. Her form fitting lycra pants showed off her HUGE thighs and calves.

She was hungry, and the aroma of fried chicken tickling her nostrils only made her hungrier. She rubbed her belly as she read the sign...

"Real Piggy auditions are being held in the banquet room."

Ally followed the arrow, down the long hallway to the wide door....she pushed it open and turned sideways to enter the room...


The room was rather small for a banquet hall, or maybe it was the size of the hefty fatties making the room look small. There were 5 large round tables with extra wide chairs...they would accommodate her large fleshy butt globes rather well, she thought. The mood lighting added a relaxing touch to the room too.

Ally could see the food from where she was standing, her eyes immediately focused on the big pieces of fried chicken and biscuits, piled high under the heated lights of the long buffet bar.

The announcer spoke, "Gather around all you potential real piggies.....this audition is simple, it's all about how much you can stuff! You can stuff with your hands or a fork, you can stuff while you sit or you can stand, doesn't matter......the last one eating is the winner.................. NOW GO FOR IT!!!!"

Ally felt her heart begin to race, ooohhhhh that was such an exciting thought, she knew they would be there for hours, she took her place in front of the chicken and began to eat, ohh it was so crispy and juicy, she grabbed a leg, then a thigh, then another leg, crunching each piece in only a few seconds flat. Before she realized it, she had eaten 10 pieces of the fried fattening chicken.......

She moved down the railing to the veggies and shoveled down 6 large potato wedges dipped in melted cheese, several hand fulls of spicy fries covered in ketchup and 4 large ears of buttery corn...ummmm she couldn't believe how great everything tasted.

"We have one out," the announcer mumbled. Ally continued to stuff herself, she held two pieces of fried catfish in each hand, all four were covered in tartar sauce, she took a large bite from the left hand, then the right, with her fat cheeks stuffed, she turned to see the fallen fatty......

She was a beautiful site, her belly was exposed as she lay on the floor, too full to move, her weak waistband was hidden under her 95" belly...it looked like a bloated mound of jello, she was breathing deep, saying, "I'm full up to my eyeballs." Her husband encouraged her to eat more, "come on fatty, you can't stop now!!!" But she said "NO NO NO....No more, I can't, I'm too full!!"

Ally grabbed a handful of hot buttermilk biscuits.....one by one she dipped them into the melted butter and frantically gorged them down as if she were popping tic tacs.

She could feel her flabby belly beginning to sag lower, her shirt wasn't as loose as before, and she felt the pressure on her waistband...

Grabbing a gallon vat of white gravy, she poured half of it onto 12 cutlets...picked up two at a time and folded them ...ummmmm, she counted as pushed them past her lips...."2, 4, 6, 8, 10.....ohh yes.......12!!" Her cheeks were as big as beach balls. She felt herself getting wet....."Ohhh I want to reach 560lbs by the time I leave here", she was such a dedicated piggy. "I have to eat, I have to keep stuffing, I have to win!"


"Another hog down!" said the announcer.

Ally could here the remaining contestants complain they were getting full. Their lovers encouraged them to hang in there.

She was full, she could feel the throbbing in her crotch...she picked up the vat of gravy and gulped it till it was gone.

Ally grabbed her soft flabby belly rolls with both hands.... Oh it felt so good, so warm, so big....What was next.....chocolate cake.......with both hands squeezing the bulging fat, Ally buried her face into the three layered delicacy, No hands, just her wanting mouth, diving in and out of the cake, chewing and chewing, licking the icing, licking and licking, pinching up larger portions of her corpulent poundage.

As she raised up with chocolate icing covering her face....the announcer spoke again...."Ohhh my, another sow out of the competition."

As Ally took a deep breath, she heard something....POP POP POP POP.............."ohh no.....My buttons are flying off!" Her massive belly had spilled out.......it hung mid thigh, "Ohhhhhhh baby"......she leaned over and licked the cake platter until it was clean.

Her belly swayed slowly from side to side as she walked towards the big tray of macaroni and cheese. She was so turned on as she heard her thighs rub. Her belly was growing by the minute, but she wasn't near finished.

Determined to win, and to see that piggy belly grow, she grabbed a large serving spoon and dipped it deep into the cheesy pasta, "eat piggy eat piggy eat piggy" she encouraged herself to keep going, she was so full.

Ally heard a RIP!!!!!!!! It was her pants....her belly was just too much for the seams.....she could see it protruding through.....beautiful bulging fat, like a big blob emerging from a big hole......it spilled down to her knees.

Halfway thru the pan of mac n cheese......Ally heard another blimp belly hit the floor.....she was so full.....she was on her hands and knees.....with her belly dragging the floor, she grunted and crawled....her lover turned her onto her side and started to gently massage her creamy belly. It resembled a hot air balloon........

Ally finished the pasta, and made her way to the meats....she picked up a ham dripping with sweet honey and mustard and sunk her teeth into it...the honey ran down her pudgy arm, as she watched the helpless full fatty, she took faster bites, larger bites....her cheeks were so beautiful, full and round, bits of ham were falling atop her expanded belly.

She grabbed a portion of roast beef with the other hand and began stuffing......"Riiiiippp" Her belly spilled out of further, she could feel it jiggle and jiggle before finally coming to rest on the floor...she tried to lift her belly, she pulled up......it was too heavy......It was so full.

She strained to get my arms around my belly....this made her even more horny....."ahhhhhhh" She fell to the floor as she grabbed a handful of double chocolate chip cookies....she could only nibble them as she was so very full.....her exposed belly rested atop her 60" thighs.


"Ohhhh, we have a Real Piggy!!!"

"Congratulations, you're the winner!!!!"

Ally was elated but couldn't move, her belly had spilled over her feet, she looked like an overstuffed blimp. She nibbled again on the cookies as the crumbs rolled past her swollen breasts, then to the massive mountain of flesh that she called her belly.

"You win the title of Ms Real Piggy, free buffet meals for a year from the Buffet Barn, and $10,000."

Ally gleamed a big smile and with a mouth full of cookies said, "that's really wonderful, I knew I could do it!"