Weight Room Title Bar

By Iam Unknown

Karen was in her lab. She weighed 160 lbs and was working on a formula to lose the weight and become thin. She combined the liquids into a vial. The vial was green and seemed to glow. The weather outside was stormy, and dark and the only light in the room came from computer screens. She took the vial in her hand.

"So long, fat Karen!" Karen said to herself with a smile. She tossed her head back and consumed all the liquid. Lightning struck just outside, and there was a clash of thunder. Karen waited for the serum to take effect. Then, it happened. She felt a pain shooting through her stomach. She clenched her face in pain and held her tummy. She stumbled over to a table to hold herself up. She screamed. Then she felt something weird under her hand. She released her stomach to see it growing! Her eyes went wide. She looked at her hand to see it chubbing, too. Her whole body was growing. She farted loudly and screamed.

She was in so much pain. She felt her thighs touch, then start to push together. Her breasts seemed to be growing the least, but they were growing. Her clothes beneath her lab coat were getting tighter, making it hard to breathe. She grabbed the neck of her shirt and ripped it open to make room for her growing body. The pain still circulated through her torso. She stumbled to a scale she had nearby; she’d been planning to use to check herself when she lost weight. The scale read 399, 400, 401, 402, 403, 404. She farted again. She started crying and tried pushing her stomach back in, but to no avail. She was being overwhelmed by an uncontrollable hunger. Pizza swimming in grease, 3 lb hamburgers, and 10-gallon milkshakes all drifted in her mind.

Karen rubbed her growing stomach, still in pain. She sobbed not from the pain, but rather the thought of being fat the rest of her life. Then, she could no longer hold herself up. She fell on her back and lied on the floor. She couldn't see over her breasts. Her body exploded out of her jeans. She continued to swell. She let out another fart, which made her cry more. What man would want a fat woman who farted all the time? The pain was too much for her, and she went unconscious as her body continued to grow.

She woke up a few hours later. The room smelled of bodily gas. Karen tried to get up, but couldn't move. Her arms felt like they weighed a ton. She couldn't move anything but her head. Her eyes adjusted and she saw the reason for her inability to move. Her stomach was eight feet high. Her breasts were literally the size of basketballs. Karen moaned. She felt so relaxed. She farted and felt the room vibrate. She started crying for she did not want to be fat, no matter how good it felt. Then, Karen heard the door to the lab open, but she couldn't turn to see who it was.

"Well hello, Karen," said a familiar voice. It was her lab assistant Carol. Carol was slim and model-like. "I changed the serum. I added some ingredients. You were always yelling at me, telling me that I couldn't do anything right. You should've learned never to piss me off. My calculations say that you should weigh around 1,465,110 lbs. That's pretty big," Carol said. She walked around Karen.

Karen tried to talk or say something, but it tired her out. She wasn't strong enough to work her mouth muscles. She was only able to cry. She couldn't see where Carol had gone. Her body was too fat to see around. She farted again.

"Eww!" Karen could hear Carol say. "But I guess that's only normal considering your size," Carol continued as she came back into Karen's view. She had a vial in her hand. It had the same green liquid. "Care for seconds, my fat, gassy friend?"

Karen's eyes went wide, and she shook her head as tears poured down her cheeks. Carol smiled and poured the liquid into Karen's mouth. Karen felt the same pain as before and continued to cry again. She then started to grow as Carol watched and laughed. Then, Carol noticed something. Karen's giant growing body blocked the only exit out of the lab. The windows were too high for Carol to reach.

"No!" Carol screamed. She knew she was going to be squished or suffocated by Karen's body if she didn't get out of there quick. She ran over to the far wall. From the panic, she tried climbing the wall. Too bad she wasn't Spider-Man. She screamed. Karen farted loudly and the blast knocked Carol off her feet. She got back up, crying.

Karen continued to swell, leaving less room for Carol. Carol's air supply was running out, and she had to take deeper breaths. Then, a part of Karen's body (it was hard to tell which) pushed up against Carol. It pushed her back all the way to the wall. Carol tried pushing back against the wall of blubber, but to no avail. She screamed until she was finally suffocated.

Karen cried some more. She didn't care about Carol; she was just so scared. Karen’s body exploded out of the lab. People on the streets saw her growing body and screamed.

Once Karen stopped growing, the military had her placed on her own island where she was fed by volunteers. That was a year ago. Today, Karen is now the only human being visible from space.