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Amber's Milk
By Doctor X

Part One

Amber was a researcher in a bioengineering lab. She worked on developing new products that would change the world. She also happened to be my girlfriend. My name is Jack. I have always been a little overweight, but lately I have been working really hard to try to improve myself for Amber. I am afraid that my efforts are coming too late though because lately she has been spending more and more time in her laboratory.

Then one day she came home and told me that she had just developed a major breakthrough and had tested the substance on herself. She told me that this substance she had created was supposed to induce breast milk production and increase the size of the breasts. When she took off her shirt and bra, I could tell that the second effect was certainly true. Her breasts appeared to be at least three times larger than normal. She told me that she wanted to see if she was indeed producing breast milk and asked me to suck on her breasts.

I started sucking, and I couldn't believe the pleasure that I began receiving from just sucking on Amber's breasts. I sucked on them until I began to feel a sense of fatigue, and I lost consciousness right there on the couch. When I woke up, I noticed I was still lying on the couch. I got up and went into the bathroom. When I saw my reflection in the mirror, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was visibly heavier than I had been the day before. My stomach was puffed out more; my chest was more flabby and my face was a little rounder.

About that time I smelled food. I went into the kitchen to see what it was I had smelled. It was Amber, and it looked like she had cooked enough food for an army. I had arrived too late apparently as she was just devouring the last of it. “Oh, look who's up,” she said. “Are you hungry?” she asked as she pulled the cup of her bra off her breast. “Come over here and suck on my tits.”

I did as she said. I just couldn't help myself. Once again I sucked on her breasts until I fell asleep. I awoke only a couple of hours later this time, and Amber was right there offering up her breast for me to suckle on. This went on for the rest of the day.

Late that night, after awakening from one of these sessions, I made my way upstairs to the bedroom. I took me a long time though as I weighed a great deal more now than I had this morning. My clothes no longer fit, and I was walking around the house completely naked at this point. My belly bulged out in front of me and came down to just over my genitals when I stood. My big breasts came out and rested on my stomach. I had a triple chinned face. When I got to the bed it was all I could do to heave my bulging form into the bed. Once I had accomplished this awesome task, Amber was right there. “Ready for a midnight snack?” she asked. I couldn't resist at this point. I was already hooked.

For the next few weeks I didn't leave that bed much. I stayed there, letting Amber feed me with her huge breasts. I think they had actually been getting larger over the weeks as well.

One day I woke up as Amber was injecting me with something. Amber knew that I had always been a breast man, and she said that she had wanted to give me my own breasts, and that is why she had injected me with her formula. Seeing how it would affect a male subject wouldn't hurt either, I'm sure. She then told me that she had always been attracted to larger guys and that when I had started going to the gym and trying to lose weight she found herself getting less physically attracted to me. That is when she spent all her energy developing this solution that would increase breast size by filling them with milk. The milk produced was super high in calories and had a natural sedative in it so that whoever drank it would become extremely fat and lazy if exposed long enough. A side effect of it was that you could eat as much as you wanted and not gain weight except in your breasts. The more you ate, the better the milk worked.

This gave me an idea.