Weight Room Title Bar

by Bruce Powell

She walked in to the bedroom looking like a dream. She was eating a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream with hot fudge topping. This seemed like an impossibility considering the three large pizzas that had earlier disappeared into her ever hungry belly. She took a large spoonful of ice cream and popped it into her mouth. As she swirled the melting morsel around her mouth she closed her eyes in the ecstasy of the moment.

Sitting on the bed I looked up at her. She was a vision of loveliness. The blonde hair that spilled down from her head had silver highlights from the long afternoons she had spent munching in the pool. He face was that of an angel. One only need visualize her with wings and you had one of Michelangelo cherubs from the Sistine Chapel. But any thought of this beauty flying was ridiculous. The angelic face was quite round and surrounded by a gorgeous double chin.

She stood there in the doorway in one of her most devastating outfits. She stood there in 4" high heels that boosted her up to 5'5". She was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans that might have fit several months ago. But the past few months of sitting on the chaise lounge by the pool and stuffing her beautiful face with every gooey delicious morsel she could get her hands on. Now they were just a deep breath from exploding. Her chubby thighs seemed to burst from the too tight confines of the shorts. The had grown so much that they now touched all the way down to her sexy little knees.

Her belly overflowed a waistband that could no longer be brought together. This combined with the three inches of love handles that spilled over the sides of her shorts made the small shorts look even more minuscule. Her right hand caressed her bulging belly that was now distended with a huge meal and almost all of her dessert. The hand traveled up to where her delicious breasts sagged down to her belly. The halter top the tried in vain to contain them must have fit once. But now they had grow so pendulous that they overflowed the cups both over the tops and gushing out the bottoms. The sizable weight of her boobs made the straps of her top cut into her soft fleshy shoulders.

She had finished the enormous bowl of frozen treat and was licking the remains from the bowl. As she did so a dollop of chocolate dripped from her bowl and landed on her right breast. She smiled as she used a finger to wipe the offending treat from her bulging boob. She then sucked the finger slowing into her mouth until the last knuckle was at her red pouting lips. Then she slowly pulled it back out as she closed her eyes. When the finger came free of her sucking mouth she slowly licked the finger clean.

"M-m-m-m, that was good." She drawled in her southern accent. She began to waddle toward the bed. The months of gorging and her high heels made a normal walk a thing of the past. With some effort she knelt at my feet, she had a devilishly evil smile on her face. She looked at my erect manhood and smiled. "Now that the meal is over what about some dessert!"

With that her hand came up with the whipped cream can, the rest of the evening is a blur.