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Anita - The Norwegian Girl
By Norseman

Part One
The Young Girl

She was looking down at the big stones to find the best one to sit on. Very carefully Anita sat down. The stone was cold and uneven, but with her buttocks it didn't feel uncomfortable. However, she was warm and sweaty, and her blouse stuck to her body both on her back and her front. She breathed heavily. Anita looked out at the sea and the big bay with all the boats. The yachts were sailing in the afternoon breeze. Onboard the nearest boats she could see the people lightly clothed in this beautiful summer afternoon. In the boats were families, good friends and in one a group of happy teenagers - the boys in colourful shorts and the girls in small bikinis.

With a slow movement she pushed away some of her blond hair from the face. Looking at her one could see a somewhat unhappy look in her beautiful eyes. She was thinking on her own family and herself in her fathers sailing yacht. She loved sailing, and through the years they have had many wonderful weekends and holidays onboard the yacht. That was some years ago, and for her it was all memories. She was also thinking of all the other passions and things she liked to do when she grew up and during her school days - all memories and almost impossible to do anymore.

Half an hour later, she felt uncomfortable sitting on the stone, and she wanted to go back to her car. Before getting up she looked around where to set her feet. She was used to preparing for such ordinary matters. For a few seconds she sat quite still, pulling herself together for the big effort to come. With all her strength Anita got up and balanced before she took the first step away from the stony beach. Suddenly, she missed her balance and fell forward. As a reflection, she put both arms in front of her and onto a large rock to stop her falling. Luckily, it was pretty close to her, and she managed not to fall to the ground. A little shaky, she sat down on another rock to recover after what could have been a big disaster for her. Then she noticed blood on her right hand. She looked at it and saw the wounds in the palm, a result of the heavy weight the hand had to bear when she almost fell. With the other hand she picked a handkerchief from her small bag to stop the bleeding. She felt miserable and looked down on herself.

In the warm weather the girl of 27 had not buttoned her blouse over her upper chest, and she was looking right into her big, fat bloated breasts. The breasts were enormous, and in a sitting position she felt the tits almost in her face and spreading far in front of her. This was also due to her vast stomach. Her stomach was partly divided in two fat parts. The lower and biggest one formed a gigantic mass of flesh with stretch marks. A deep hole told where her navel was inside the fat, and from the hole a cleavage divided the lowest part of the belly. Resting upon the big belly, a smaller tummy formed a huge tire of fat under her breasts. She could feel her warm belly spread over and completely covering her huge thighs. The vast belly also floated down on both sides of the thighs, although she had to spread her thighs to make some room for all the mass of fat in front of her.

In fact, Anita was huge! She weighed 575 pounds. Unlike many other extremely fat women her 5'7” body was almost square shaped. She had massive, fat shoulders, and her mountainous breasts rested on her colossal stomach in front of her. Instead of making a huge fat apron down to the knees her marvellous stomach had grown outward. Lately, it had started to sag down and rested on her mid thighs. A massive folder of flesh on each side of her back went under her upper arms and into her breasts. Her upper arms were huge and bloated with fat elbow dimples. Compared with her very front heavy body, her butt was not that big, but very broad. She had blond hair down below the neck. Her face was still beautiful; more round than when she was younger and with a big second chin.

She once again prepared for getting up. She leaned back and then rocked forward, but failed to get up. She tried again and got up in one slow, heavy motion. Sitting that low, it was not an easy matter, and the sweat spread on her forehead. She got her balance and started going back to the car. With her gigantic figure, she shuffled with slow, careful steps. She had to press each enormous leg in front of the other, and her entire body jiggled with every step. Several times lately she had thought of carrying a stick to support her walking, but she thought sticks were made for old people and not young women of 27. She passed two young boys who stared at her with big eyes.

Reaching the parking place, she saw that no one had parked close to the left side of her car. When possible she parked in a way that no others could park alongside her car, making it difficult for her to enter. She opened the door, looked into the front seat and hesitated. The seat was at its lowest level and pushed back as much as the length of her arms allowed, making room for immense body. The back of the seat had been repaired twice because she bent it backward with her almost 600 pounds. It was the same struggle every time to enter and squeeze into the seat of her big Swedish SAAB. She lifted her right leg into the car. It was not easy because it also had to lift the enormous bulk and weight of the stomach. In one motion, she lowered her body and leaned and pressed herself into the seat. It was hard to bring the left leg into place. The heavy stomach pressed extremely hard between her legs and the steering wheel. She tried to lift her stomach to make some room for her left fat thigh and press it under the stomach. Somehow she managed, but she didn't have the best sitting position. She felt trapped between the wheel and the back of the seat. She breathed heavily, the immense stomach pressed hard against the wheel; her stomach also pressed upwards and pushed her big fleshy tits further up and almost into her face. Her arms could hardly reach the wheel, and her arms pushed her tits from each side. With her extreme weight and all the fat it was impossible to bounce into a better sitting position.

My God, I'm so fat, she said to herself and looked down on her titanic breasts and her extreme, fleshy stomach squeezed against the wheel. She was quit a sight, sitting in the front seat. The wheel made more huge rolls of fat on her body that spread beyond the width of the seat and on to the door on her left side and the gear and hand brake levels on the right side. She looked like a mountain of flesh, and all the fat threatened to tear every seam of her blouse. She struggled to find the seat belt extension under her fat folds. With one arm, she tried to lift her tummy, and with the other she drew the seat belt under the fat masses of her tummy. Her arms were hardly long enough to bring the belt in front of the stomach. The upper part of the belt pressed deep in between her breasts.

She wondered how long she'd be able to drive a car with her immense body. Before starting the car she remembered how it all started.

Her father was a Norwegian, married to an Italian girl. He was blond and tall like many other Scandinavians. Her mother was beautiful with black hair and tanned, but with a powerful frame. Anita had an elder brother and a younger sister, Rebecca. The boy, very much like his Dad; Anita, blond as her father, but with a body frame of her mother's; the youngest sister very much like her Mom but slim. Her father was educated in the US, and during her childhood he became a successful businessman in the Norwegian oil and gas industry. They were a happy family, living in the southern part of Norway in a large house and with their own summerhouse and a sailboat. During winter they loved skiing. They were all very sporty.

In the years following her last birth, their mother slowly grew somewhat heavier. As a young girl Anita could remember looking upon her as the most beautiful person in the world - with big breasts and a bulging tummy on a full figured frame. The young Anita did not look at her mother as fat, although she was more and more. However, she followed her children and husband in all their activities.

As a teenager something happened with Anita. Her young body started to swell, initially the upper parts. Her somewhat broad and powerful frame slowly grew in all directions. Her nice and open face was the same, but her arms, back and sides became bigger. Her chest was particularly fuller, and her waist swelled out from the breasts and down to her thighs.

In the beginning she didn't bother because she still felt well proportioned and healthy. Sometimes her mother told her not to eat too much, which Anita in fact did not. Her father, loving and accepting his beautiful big wife, said nothing, neither did her brother. But Anita's younger sister was terrified and worried about her fat sister.

Although she ate normally, exercised and managed a sporty way of living, she continued to put on weight. Her mother took Anita to a medical specialist to check her weight gain. After a lot of advanced medical examinations, the doctor concluded Anita suffered from both genetic and growth hormone failures. He told there was nothing modern medicine could do for her. Most certainly, she would have weight problems all her life. The best she could do was eat normally and exercise as much as possible. Anita was upset and had many nights of crying asleep. Her mother and father helped and comforted her through long talks about her situation and how to handle and live with it, and the whole family promised to support her.

At the age of 17, she had developed full and round breasts, standing straight out. She had to use a special athletic bra during exercising and sport activities. When running, however, she could feel her breasts bouncing up and down in the big tight bra.

A year later she finished high school in spring and celebrated her exams with the other students. She was a stunning young girl of 18 with her blond hair, beautiful face and eyes, and a more than well-developed body. She had gained 20 pounds the last year, all of it going to her upper body and breasts. Her tits were now fat and swollen and still pointing straight out on top a barrel-like waist. Looking at Anita both from the side and front, she was really big. She weighed 210 pounds.

The summer and bathing season was ahead, and she had to buy a new bikini and swimming suits. She wore the new one-piece swimming outfit one day onboard their sailing boat together with some friends and her brother. She looked more than well-fed in the tight suit. The seams and sides pressed deep into her bloated skin and made rolls of fat. Her brother looked at her and thought she was beautiful. When she sat down on the deck, he saw two big sacks of fat forming her belly beneath her ponderous fat tits, floating and spilling over the upper part of the suit. They had a wonderful time onboard the boat. They did a lot of swimming and diving into the sea from the boat. At the end of the day, Anita wanted to have a shower to clean off the salt water from her skin. She did the few steps from the cockpit and into the hull of the boat. For the first time she felt the opening from the cockpit to be a little narrow with her big and broad body. In the small bathroom onboard, she took off her tight bathing suit. She felt very comfortable without it and let the warm water spill over her warm and fat skin. She played with her big tits, and in the mirror in the tiny bathroom, she saw how fat and big they were and how they protruded on top her sack-like stomach having almost the equal size in the upper part as the lower part. During the last year, she had grown familiar with her fat body and accepted her size as it was. However, she was afraid of getting any bigger.

Anita spent the summer holiday together with her family in their summerhouse and on the sailing boat. It was a very nice and sunny Norwegian summer. They all got very tanned. The mother, who loved to wear bikinis and miniskirts when no others visited them, was a stunning sight with her tanned skin, beautiful face and raven black hair. Each year she gained weight and now she was really big. Her whole body had grown with layers of fat. She had big fat upper arms, massive breasts with stretch marks and two immense spare tyres forming her waist. The tyres of fat made sacks along her sides and the back, and the fat went down and formed heavy hips, buttocks and thighs. She had grown to 305 pounds. When lying down sunbathing with sun lotion on her skin, it looked like her whole body was made of fat. Sitting up, her front made several tremendous rolls of fat. Sitting like that, her tits and belly looked incredible. When she walked, her whole body jiggled and bounced with fat, and she had big problems following her husband, son and youngest daughter in their activities. She didn't like the sailing boat any more because she had to squeeze through the opening into the boat and through the narrow doors inside.

Anita also slowed down her activities a bit due to her increasing weight. She didn't gain much, but what she gained went to her waist. It was no longer a somewhat big front, but she had developed a real tummy in the upper part. You could also see some layers of fat hanging on the lower part of her back.

That summer it was decided Anita should spend a year in the USA with a family which father was a business fellow of her father's. They lived in the southern part of the States. She was going to be an au pair, taking care of the youngest child in the family.

Anita hadn't been in an airplane for many years, and she started to worry about the long flight. A little anxious leaving her safe home to live for one year in a strange country, she started to eat more in the months up to the departure. She stayed at home without anything to do those months, and she packed on the pounds. Her skin was even more bloated, her upper arms and tits even fatter, and her stomach grew out in the upper part like a big fat tyre. The food also went to her hips and butt.

Part Two
One Year in the USA
It was a huge, young woman just 19 years old, weighing 290 pounds, who stood in front of the seat in the airplane. More passengers followed down the aisle, one bumping into her and pressing her bloated belly hard into the side of the seat. Damn, she said to herself, and with her strong arms raised the hand luggage into the locker over her head. She had to squeeze in behind the back of the seat in front and press herself down into the seat. She didn't want to raise the armrests due to the person next to her; instead she felt the arm rests digging into her hips and fat sides. She praised the Lord the seat belt was long enough to bring over her thighs and in front of her bulking belly.

As a test, she took down the table in front and pressed it down to her lap. It rested on the lower fat fold of her belly, while the upper and larger flesh fold rested on the table. She raised the table and was ready for take off.

At the airport, her new family met her. He was a nice looking man with the start of a hanging potbelly. She was as tall as her husband and with big boobs, a protruding fat tummy and a tremendous butt on top of trunk-like thighs and fat calves. They had three children, two of them some years younger than Anita and the youngest boy of four whom Anita should look after. They lived outside the town in a big house with a swimming pool and with three cars. They were all very nice, and Anita quickly merged into the family. The wife took her around in the neighbourhood and to town - and introduced her to their friends and their children. During the first two months she had a lot of good friends.

They had their own cars and motorbikes; they loved to go to McDonalds and Burger King, eating junk food, and in the heat they didn't do much sports activity. Anita could use one of the family cars. With her bulk and weight she was sweaty all over after a few minutes of walking; she therefore used her car wherever she went. She drank big Cokes every day in the heat.

Anita had a lazy way of living. Spending some hours each day with the young boy, mostly in and near the swimming pool, driving around with her friends, eating junk food and drinking Coca Cola, also driving to different sports arenas, watching sport games instead of exercising themselves, Anita put on weight faster than ever. Initially she didn't think much of it while wearing loose T-shirts and shorts. Some of her friends were fat, and two of the girls were bigger than her in the beginning. She didn't bring too many clothes from Norway; she'd bought what she needed and in the right sizes. Living with and seeing so many fat people as in the States, she became accustomed to large bodies and her own.

But after six months, her front figure had almost exploded. Her top-heavy stomach had developed into a marvellous sack standing straight out. Her tits had grown into big, fat boobs resting on her tummy. Her back was fat and swollen as well as her enormous hips and buttocks. She was extremely broad all way around with double chins, a fat neck and bloated upper arms hanging from her fat shoulders. She weighed 355 pounds. Her body and young soft skin struggled with her weight and all the fat. Looking at herself in the big mirror in her room, she could see fat and flesh spilling over and under her bras and panties. Wearing a bikini by the pool, it looked like she was going to explode. Sitting at the edge of the pool with her feet in the water, her tummy formed a large bulk of fat in front of her and on top vast tits floating in their own fat in the huge bikini top. You could not see her bikini shorts because the front was hidden in the sea of fat folding over her big bloated thighs.

The more she weighed, the more she ate; the more she sweat, the more she drank; the more she weighed, the more she had to use the car. With her genetic and hormone failures, her whole body was out of control. At the house she ate big meals with more than plenty of food on the dishes. The mother loved to cock, which you could imagine when looking at her and her husband.

After eleven months with this lifestyle, she was up to 415 pounds and looked terrible in her own eyes. Her enormous tummy stretched out even more, making an apron down her thighs. Not more than 20 years old, she was incredible. Her upper body was enormous, and one could wonder how her young legs could carry such a burden. But she was still strong after all the years of sports and exercising, although her physical strength diminished rapidly. Her legs were a heavy burden themselves - the thighs fat and tremendous, the calves thick and formless.

One day, she got trapped in a turnstile, entering the basketball arena. Together with some friends, she was the last one to get through, but it was impossible to squeeze through the gate. She heard a bursting sound down her leg in her wide trousers. She had to call the others. They returned and helped her out of the silly situation. She was very upset and embarrassed. There was a long scratch in the side of her trousers. One of the girls followed her home, whilst the other boys attended the basketball game. That night she decided to go home to Norway.

Part Three
The Flight Home

It was with mixed feelings she took farewell with her American friends and the kind family. She have had a wonderful time in the States, with lots of fun and nice people, but her extreme weight gain worried her. The last days before leaving, she had to buy a lot of new clothes to use travelling back to Norway where it was much colder. Living more or less eleven months in T-shirts and loose clothes, she had almost forgotten how it was to wear bras and heavy warm clothes. In the BBW boutique she was shocked to learn which sizes she had to buy and how big her new bras and panties were.

Back in her room she struggled to put her bra on and bring her huge soft boobs into place. After closing the vast bra in front, she had to use her hands to try to push all the flesh that spilled over inside the bra. The bra had broad strong straps over her shoulders, but she could feel how it pressed and cut into the soft fat skin. The same fight started when taking on her new blue pants. It was a little too small round her waist, so it would not fall down under her immense belly. It was hard to bring the skirt down into the trousers and simultaneously close it in front. When buttoned she could feel the waistband digging into her belly and made large rolls of fat over and beneath. At last, she put on a college sweatshirt. She didn't feel comfortable looking at herself in the mirror. She looked incredible and extremely top heavy.

Saying good-bye to the family took its time, and with the heavy traffic she arrived at the airport less than one hour before takeoff. She rushed to the check-in with all her luggage. When finished, she rushed as fast as possible to the gate. Her breasts bounced, and her big thighs rubbed each other under her bouncing belly. She got very hot and breathed heavily when sitting down by the gate. She took off the sweater and dried her face, but she could feel the sweat on her body and the shirt sticking to her skin. The chair had armrests, and she had to sit sidewise on one buttock to fit in. It was not at all comfortable, and she started to worry about the seats in the plane.

The boarding was called, and she entered the plane. Looking at her ticket, the stewardess guided her down the aisle. She went through business class with the big nice seats. With her extreme body she made her way to her seat, bouncing into people and seats in the tourist class. She had to stop several times because it was impossible for her to go further until the passengers were seated. Many of them looked at her with big eyes when she struggled down the aisle that she almost filled with her broad body. At last she got to her seat and found it was by the window with a young couple sitting next to her. They rose to let her in, but she stopped with a horrified look in her eyes.

How on earth could she fit into the seat by the window and behind the back of the seats in front? She was almost in shock and hesitated when a young stewardess on her own age arrived and looked her up and down. Of all things, she asked where her seat was and to sit down! Anita was near to start crying and was unable to say anything. It was so embarrassing, and the passengers near by watched the situation. Almost automatically, she started to squeeze behind the two first seats with her huge front bending over the seats. At her seat, she had to turn around to be seated, but she was stuck between the seats, the locker over her and the wall bending a little into the plane. Warm, sweaty, confused and humiliated, the girl of 20 tried her best to turn round and get seated. She made it halfway, but pressed against the wall it was impossible to get down between the armrests of the seat with her fat and broad buttocks and hips. With tears in her beautiful eyes, she looked desperately to the other people watching the scene. Once again she struggled to turn round. She could feel the lower part of her belly rubbing hard against the armrest, and sideways she shuffled along the seats and into the aisle.

May I help you? a man said. She looked up and into the kind face of a steward some years older than her. He had taken in the whole desperate situation. Stand right where you are; I will try to get you some other seats, he said, giving her a warm smile while looking into her eyes. He went down the aisle, looking all over the seats. Then Anita saw two passengers changing their seats. The kind steward came back and told she could have two seats further down the aisle. He helped her with her hand luggage to the new seats and raised the armrest between them. Please sit down, he said in a warm voice, once again looking into her eyes. He took one of her arms and helped her down on the seat and walked over to another passenger.

She was still very upset and tried to calm down after the embarrassing accident. She looked down, and saw she almost filled both seats. She looked at her breasts and stomach and than to the folding table on the backside of the seat in front. It would be completely impossible to take it down. Oh no, she said to herself, am I that big and fat? Without noticing, the steward stood beside her. With a smile and without a word, he gave her a seatbelt expander and went away down the aisle again. Anita looked after him; he was so kind and also very good-looking.

After take off, they were served a hot meal. Anita had to use the table on the seat next to her. It was very difficult to eat sidewise, and she spilled some food on her blouse and down in the cleavage between her huge, bloated tits. When finishing her meal, she wanted to go to the lavatory to take away the stains on the blouse and to wash her hands. The seat in front of her was bent backwards to its lowest position that made it extremely difficult for her to get up. With her hands on the armrests and all her strength, she raised from the seat. Her huge tummy hit hard into the seat in front. She had to squeeze sideways into the aisle and then head for the lavatory where the green light was on.

She stopped at the narrow door and opened it, wondering how on earth she would be able to pass trough. It was absolutely impossible to go straight through. She tried sideways, but her tummy and boobs stretched out too far. She then tried to squeeze half sideways, pressing one breast and her huge tummy through the opening. She stopped to breathe. She breathed in deeply and hold her tummy in, but with all the flesh it was of no use. With one hand she pressed the second breast and the rest of her fat tummy through the doorway. Inside the lavatory, she filled the whole room. Her body pressed against the walls, the door and the sink. It was difficult to use her arms and to turn around. Looking into the mirror she saw that two of the buttons in the blouse were torn away and that her white flesh pressed out of the opening. With her hand, she pushed the flesh back and covered it with the blouse, but it spilled out once she took her hand away. Again she felt miserable and worried about squeezing out of the doorway. She opened the door and pressed through the doorway. It was terrible to feel all the fat pressed so hard together, and she was afraid her clothes would be torn to pieces.

Just out of the door Anita looked into the nice face of the steward. He put his hand on her shoulder: How are you? he said with a big smile. She felt he had been waiting for her, but gave him a polite answer, although she was ashamed of herself and felt a little miserable after squeezing twice through the narrow door. He followed her back to her seat and helped her down while watching her carefully. During the next hours he served her soft drinks and some food and red wine. How could he know she was hungry? After a while she asked for more food and he returned with a big hot meal and lot of red wine. She got sleepy and slept for a while.

By the end of the flight, she started thinking of her family. During her stay in the US she had several telephone calls with them every month. They also exchanged some letters and a lot of e-mails. None of them know exactly how big she had been. As the fasten seatbelt signs were turned on the steward once again stood by her side. May I help you with the seat belt? he asked with a sincere look in his face. She was very surprised, and with some uncertainty she nodded. Without hesitation he bent over her taking one end of the seat belt. The other end was hidden under her thigh, but he lifted and pressed the fat thigh up and got hold of the belt. She was sitting quit still, feeling his hands on her body. She got hot, and her face blushed.

Pardon me, he suddenly said lifting her tummy to make room for the seat belt under that incredible tummy. There you are, he said finally. Has anyone told you how beautiful you are? he whispered in her ear. She was totally confused, and without knowing what to say, she looked him into his face while he slowly turned around to help some other passengers. No one had ever treated her like that, and a lot of feelings ran through her head. Did he like her, was he a fat admirer or was he just a very polite, nice looking young man?

The plane landed and taxied to the gate. She let all the other passengers rush for their luggage and fight their way out of the plane. After all the hours of sitting, she was stiff and struggled hard to rise her 440 pounds from the seat. She had lost her pen and a book on the floor, but it was impossible for her to bend down to fetch it between the seats. When leaving the plane, she passed some of the crew. The nice steward smiled and gave her a small envelope, telling her it was from the airline company. Thank you for meeting you, he said after her. While waiting for her luggage she opened the envelope and found his personal card. On the backside he had written: You are beautiful. She saved the card in her handbag.

In the big hall of the airport, Anita looked for her family. Then she saw her dad and brother and waved to them. We didn't recognise you, her younger brother said looking at her. Her dad hugged her warmly, and she could feel he pressed hard into her fat body. Her brother did the same. What have they done to you? Without hesitation he looked up and down her voluptuous body. She did not answer but asked for her mum and sister. She was told they were back home preparing a big dinner for the family reunion. Her dad took her hand, and together they went to the car. He had a new and big car. Anita asked why he had a new car.

I think we need a big car in this family, he said and helped her into the front seat. Taking on the seat belt she recognised the seat belt extension and wondered how her dad could know she needed a long seat belt.

At home, she entered the house and went into the living room. She was almost shocked seeing her mother. Anita! her mother cried out simultaneously. She struggled to rise from her chair. Anita looked at her mum who was much heavier than eleven months ago. She looked extremely fat and bloated with enormous breasts resting on two incredible fat folds forming her tummy. She completely filled the big chair with her mountainous butt and thighs. In standing position her tummy fell deep down on her thighs. She looked at her huge daughter with tears in her eyes. They hugged and hold each other a long time. They were quite a sight, hugging each other like two fat elephants. Their arms were far too short and reached only halfway around their mountainous bodies.

Welcome home, Anita, her sister said standing in the kitchen door. Anita turned around and got another shock. Her younger and slim sister had gained a lot of pounds while Anita was away from home. She had turned into a fat, pear shaped young girl with huge legs, hips and buttocks. In front she had developed bloated boobs and two fat tyres around her waist.

They went to the dinner table and sat down. All the chairs, except her mother's, had armrests and Anita's brother had to bring in a chair without armrests to fit Anita. She placed the chair as close to the table as possible, but with her extreme tummy, her arms were hardly long enough to reach her wine glass.

During dinner, Anita told about her stay in America without touching on her weight gain. Her brother and sister especially liked to hear about how it was to live over there, what to do and the prices of different things. After a while they touched the inevitable question - how did she gain so much weight? They ended up talking about what seemed to be a family weakness - the weight gain of the ladies. They were all concerned, but couldn't reach any conclusions how to deal with it and stop the gaining.

After the dinner, Anita went up to her old room to unpack and to have a rest after the long travel with little sleeping on the plane. She was very full after the big dinner and the wine, and she breathed heavily, making the steps up to the first floor. She sat down on an antique chair without armrests to recover her breath. When leaning back the whole chair cracked with a great bang, and she fell on the floor. Her brother and sister heard the noise and came running from their rooms. At first her brother laughed when he saw what have happened, but stopped laughing, seeing his two sisters start crying. They were both concerned about themselves, their weight gaining and their future as fat girls.

When going to bed that night, Anita met her mother in the bathroom. She came dripping wet out of the shower, and Anita looked at her with disbelief. Her mother was so incredibly fat. Like the water, it looked as if her flesh floated down her body. The wet black hair lay on her fat neck and shoulders. The big arms framed the colossal and voluminous dropping breasts, each of them falling down the sides of the upper fat fold of the waist. In fact, it was no waist, only two immense fat and bloated folds spilling down in front of her and resting on the extreme fat thighs.

Her mother handed Anita a big towel, asking her to dry her back. She turned slowly around, and the fat quivered back and forth when turning. Her back was as fat as her front. Two big fat sacks ran down from her shoulders and under her arms into the fat fold under her breasts. Both her hip and buttocks were extremely big and bloated. When Anita dried her skin, she could feel how soft and bloated it was. The fat was so thick and made layers upon layers of fat when she stroke the tanned skin.

Mama, how much do you weigh? she asked.

I don't know exactly, I seldom weigh myself. With a big effort Anita bent down and took the special scale from behind the bathroom door. She got her mother's hand and helped her to balance on the scale. Because of her vast girth, her mother could not read the numbers herself. Anita looked down and read 466 pounds 211 kg. My lord, her mother said, am I that heavy?

You are 26 pounds ahead of me. Where is this going to end? Anita said with fear in her voice. They looked at each other's and once again made a big hug. They cried a little on each other's shoulders.

After looking into her wardrobe, finding out she could use none of her old clothes, she got to bed. The furniture of the bed creaked, and she fall deep onto the mattress. With my weight, I need a stronger mattress, she told herself before falling asleep.

Part Four
Her Life in Norway

Anita started studying at a local business school. After some months, her father helped her with a small flat furnished for her weight and girth. She dropped all types of sports activities. She spent the days at school - and together with her girl friends and her family. Her girl friends were very kindly and assisted her when she needed help because of her weight. She was not interested in boys, and boys didn't seem to have interest for her.

One weekend during the winter, she was invited to a cabin up in the mountains with some girl friends. She had to buy a new skiing outfit, but it was very hard to find the right size. Actually she didn't find the right one, so she bought the biggest skiing overcoat in men's size she could find. When she put it on, it looked like a tent. After some hours of driving, they arrived to the place to park their car. From there, they had to use their skis for about half an hour to reach the cabin. All they needed for the weekend were packed in their rucksacks.

Anita started on her skis. The snow was deep. The other girls went in front to make a track in the snow to make it easy for Anita to go. However, with her weight, the skis sank into the snow and were hard to push forward for each step. They had to go up a small hill, and Anita was quite exhausted. The other girls had to wait for her on top of the hill. She was sweating all over, and she breathed heavily. She had to stop for a while to rest. After nearly an hour they arrived at the cabin. Anita was completely exhausted and wanted to cry. The girls helped her with the rucksack and her overcoat. She almost fell down in the nearest chair in the small living room. The chair cracked under her heavy weight. The girls helped Anita to her feet and into one of the sleeping rooms.

She took off more clothes and went to the bathroom to wash herself. The door to the bathroom was very narrow, and she squeezed through. It was a very tiny room, and Anita felt she filled the whole room. It was only cold water in the sink, and she splashed some water in her face. Later on in the evening the girls sat by the fireplace to have a nice meal with lot of red wine. They all got very tired and went early to bed.

During the night it was snowing heavily. After breakfast the next morning they went out to go skiing. In the deep snow Anita had big problems, and the other girls were far in front of her when she came to a small sloop. She looked down the sloop a little worried. But with all her previous skiing experience as a younger girl, she started down the sloop. Half way down she started to lose her balance. Before knowing she fell forward. With all her 480 pounds, she fell deep into snow. She tried to rise, but it was completely impossible in the deep, soft snow. It was also impossible to take her skies off. She was completely trapped, lying in the snow. She shouted to the other girls, but they were too far ahead.

After a few minutes one of them turned around, looking for Anita. They could not see her and decided to go back to meet her. A few minutes later they heard her shouting and hurried back in the track. There she was lying in the snow without any chance to get up by herself. The girls took their skies off and sank into the snow. Anita asked them to take her skies off and to take the sticks away from her hands. But she was lying on the left arm and they could not remove the stick. She was getting cold and asked them to hurry up. Two of the girls tried to help her to rise, but in the deep snow it was impossible. All of the girls took off their skies, and with common strength, they rolled her into a better position in the snow. Now Anita managed to get up with the assistance of her friends. Standing on her feet in the snow, she trembled both by cold and the shock of not being able to rise the first time. Her dress was wet, and she felt really bad and exhausted. They helped her to put on her skies, and slowly they went back to the cabin.

Anita was miserable, and they all knew she had to rest a while to prepare for going back to the car and home. Inside the cabin, some of the girls started to make a warm meal, while Anita went into the tiny bathroom to undress and to put on some dry and warm clothes. The wet clothes stuck to her body, and she struggled to take them off. She opened the bathroom door and asked her best girlfriend Ellen to help her. This was the first time her best friend saw Anita naked. Ellen had seen her in a swimming suit, but this was different. It was absolutely amazing to see so much fat on a young woman. She now weighed 480 pounds, and she was fat all over. The last 40 pounds had gone to her tummy, butt and thighs. She was even broader than before. It was hard for her friend to believe what she saw. How was it possible to live with so much flesh and fat, how was it possible to walk around and how was it possible to do ordinary things?

Ellen took a big towel and started to rub Anita's body. The fat shivered and quivered as she rubbed her. She lifted up one breast to dry the skin where it rested on her upper tummy. The breast was extremely large, thick and heavy. The voluptuous, fat breast spilled over and completely covered her hand. It was like an extremely large balloon filled with water. Drying off the sweat under both breasts, Ellen thought it best also to rub the towel under Anita's tremendous tummy. With the towel in one hand Ellen tried to lift the tummy with the arm. She could not believe how heavy it was - it was impossible to lift it from the thigh.

I'll help you, Anita said, and lifted some parts of her tummy with both hands. The size of her tummy was larger than the length of her arms. Ellen almost fainted, looking at all the fat flesh spilling and completely hiding Anita's hands and arms. Partly lifting her tummy made several big fat folds, and her breasts were pushed upwards and alongside the upper part of her gigantic tummy. Ellen did her best to dry the sweat under her tummy. Anita let her tummy go and the bloated mass of flesh sagged down and quivered from the breasts and down to the lowest part. Ellen also rubbed the immense thighs, which were so fat that it was very hard to push the towel between the two barrel-sized thighs.

All the time Ellen helped her friend, Anita stood still and was very quiet. In fact, Anita was exhausted. Ellen had to find some new cloths for Anita and help her to take them on. Ellen fumbled with the immense bra and Anita's tremendous breasts. They were so heavy and formless and very difficult to place inside the bra. It was specially made to carry such big breasts, and Ellen had never seen anything like that before.

With only her bra on, Anita sat down on the bed. She had to spread her legs widely to make room for her immense stomach. In sitting position, her belly rested on and between her thighs and protruded in front of her like a voluminous sack. The stomach reached all the way to her knees. On top, her two breasts floated in the big bra. She bent forward as much as she could and struggled to put on socks and knickers. Ellen helped her to a standing position.

While dressing Anita worried about skiing the long way back to the car. She managed, but that winter weekend was the last time Anita went skiing - or did any sporting activity at all.

After finishing business school, she got a job in a company owned by a friend of her father. Back in Norway, her gaining slowed down. She reached, however, 500 pounds the same year she was 23 years old. As her own weight gain slowed down, her younger sister had gained a lot. She became more and more hourglass shaped with at big fat belly. The belly looked like a large tyre around the lowest part of her waist. She was extremely wide around her stomach and hips. But most of all her breasts have grown into two plump sacks resting on her belly. Still young, her body looked like a hard blown balloon with now soft fat. She was quite a sight walking with her wide hips and big belly, and she was unable to run. She was always hungry and ate a lot of food at home. She was living in her parent's house, where her mother was doing all the cooking, and also her part of the eating. Their mother was fatter than ever.

The year after Anita returned from USA her mother started on a diet program to encourage Anita to do the same. On top their mother weighed 466 pounds. During the diet program she fought her weight down to 390 pounds. Her physical condition became better, but the hard dieting disturbed her psychological condition. After nine months, she stopped dieting to live her normal life again. After this, the pounds packed on like never before. Her body expanded in its own fat. Her breasts were larger and fatter than ever. They were so thick and enormous, she had difficulty in finding bras large enough. But most of all her belly turned into huge proportions. It protruded out from under her immense breasts and formed an incredible voluminous sack of fat apron down to her knees.

This fat, round apron was a very heavy burden, and it was difficult for her to move around, pushing it in front of her. With each short step, her breasts and tummy rocked from side to side, her bottom heaved up and down, her plump thighs wobbled and her massive arms swung at her side. She weighed 535 pounds. But most of all it was difficult for her to sit down with that enormous belly. In sitting position, she had to lean back to make room for all the fat. Sitting like that, together with her enormous weight, it was impossible for her to rise from low chairs. Her husband or other persons had to give her a strong hand to help her up. Climbing stairways was barely feasible. Moving in and out of cars was extremely difficult, and most of the time their super-fat and heavy mother lived at home in the kitchen.

Part Five
The Car

One day, four years later, Anita left her parents in her car. She had been eating a Sunday dinner together with her parents and younger sister. It had been a big dinner made by their mother and the housemaid. They'd hired a housemaid to help her fat mother in the house. Anita's mother now weighed 550 pounds - with her voluminous belly and breasts it was difficult to stand by the oven to make food. It was also impossible for her to do other ordinary matters in the house. It had also been decided that the youngest sister should live with her parents because she also needed support from the maid. During the years she had turned into a mountain of fat, weighing 475 pounds. Her hourglass shaped body had reached incredible proportions around the hips and belly. Her hips, butt, thighs and belly were one mountain of flesh all around the middle part of her 25 years old body. 'Round her waist and stomach, she looked like the tyre of an airplane. Her breasts had become colossal hanging sacks of fat resting on or alongside the gigantic belly. Every movement she had to make, she suffered from her enormous and heavy breasts.

Sitting around the dinner table the Norwegian family was quite a sight. The father looked normal, but the female part of the family looked abnormal. The mother, now 50, weighed 550 pounds with an enormous belly and gigantic breasts. Anita (27) weighed 575 pounds with fat all over. Her sister (25) weighed 475 pounds. They had difficulty sitting by the table with their enormous bellies. Anita and her mother also struggled to eat with their gigantic breasts mostly floating over the table. They had especially strong chairs with no armrests. The women had to squeeze hard through some of the doors in the house.

Anita was now incredibly huge, and unless she took extra care, she'd often be knocking things over as she turned around or leaned over. As for leaning over, it was no easy task for her. Every time she tried to bend over, her huge thighs would push her rolls of belly fat upward into her breasts, making them swing and bounce uncontrolled.

Earlier that day Anita had crushed a chair in the living room. Her father had helped her up. She'd felt her clothes twisted around her fat body, grabbed her belly and breasts, trying to place some of the fat in better positions under the clothes sticking to her body. She'd felt how bloated and fleshy her gigantic body parts were and how it bounced and jiggled in all directions when she placed her hands on it or moved her body. She'd tried to stretch her enormous bra to make more room for her fat boobs, but it was impossible to press more fat down into the bra. The fat spilled over and outside the bra and made her look even fatter. Her blouse was pressed higher up on her belly after the incident with the chair. Between the blouse and the waistband of her shirt, a fat belly fold pressed its way into free air and formed a fat apron hanging over the waistband. She'd pulled the blouse down and over the fat fold and felt how it tightened around her gigantic mass of body fat.

After the dinner and a cup of coffee, Anita left the house in her car. She decided to drive to a place where she could watch the sea. She parked the car in a way it was easy to open the left side door, then she started the heavy fight to get her body out of the car. She let the seat belt go. But the belt stopped and pressed hard over her left boob, and she had to take it away from her enormous bloated breasts With her gigantic bulk of fat she was pressed hard between the seat and the steering wheel. With both hands she grabbed as much of her belly that was possible and pressed it away from the steering wheel. At the same time she tried to loosen and lift her left leg from the heavy weight of her belly. She leaned backwards as much as she could and the back of the seat cracked loudly. Her breasts and belly were so heavy, and she was completely stuck in the seat. She tried once more and managed to move the left leg a bit from under the belly. When the leg was loosened from her belly, she had to follow with the right leg. That was much harder because it had to be pressed under and away from the belly.

After some minutes she felt she could start the motion to get out of the car. Because of her bulk and weight it was completely impossible to sit sideways in the seat and put her legs out of the car. Instead she had learned to free herself in one single motion out of the seat. She had gotten extra grab handles in the door opening to help her. She grew very warm, and she saw the sweat glisten on the tremendous boobs in front of her. She pushed herself together and tried to rise from the car. Again she was stuck in the seat behind to steering wheel. She tried once more, but no. She almost gave up and tears pressed in her eyes.

Sitting there she thought of her mother and sister sitting by the dinner table. They were so extremely fat and big, and at that moment she felt they looked terrible. She felt so sorry for them. And herself - she was even larger and heavier! She looked down on herself. She looked into her tremendous and bloated boobs swimming in the sea of soft flesh in the specially designed bra. Further on she saw her own belly pressed against the steering wheel. A belly so fat it spread on both sides of the wheel and the seat, and on the right side almost hiding the gear level. The immense belly completely covered her large thighs. They were so fat and heavy and made it extremely difficult for her to walk. They were so voluminous, and together with her fat bottom made her sit high in every chair. In a last attempt and with all her strength she managed to get out of the car. Leaning upon the car, she was very sweaty; she shivered and breathed heavily. She was completely exhausted and needed some minutes before she was able to walk over to where she could see the sea.

After a short walk, she sat down on a large rock overlooking the sea and a bay with many boats. She was remembering her childhood and living up 'til now. Half an hour later, she walked back to her car and fought her way into the seat. She wondered how long she'd be able to drive a car with her immense, fat body……