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The Perfect Life for Anthony
By Squurp

She looked at him sleeping. He was kind of wrapped up half in the sheets, but his soft gut was visible, and his legs stuck out part way. She had spent a lot of time thinking about things, after their conversation the other day.

"I need to tell you something very important but very secret too," he said.

"What?" she had asked softly, a bit perplexed.

"You promise you won't tell anyone?" he asked even softer than her voice.

"Of course," she whispered. "What is it?"

"Even if we break up?" he said.

"Of course. Just tell me," she was anxious to know - her curiosity was taking over.

"I want to gain weight," he said softly, almost ashamedly. - - silence - -

She was aghast....

"What do you mean? You want to be a body builder?" she asked a bit too loudly.

"SSSHHH. Yes in a way. I want to be fat. I want to be really fat," he said.

"I don't get it..." She trailed off.

"Oh, forget it. I shouldn't have told you," he said, in a more normal voice.

"Oh no you don't. Its too late for that," she said.

"You are right of course. I've already given it away. I was hoping that since we've been dating for this long now, you might be able to understand," he said pleadingly.

"Well, you haven't given a whole lot to go on. Why do you want to do this?" she asked earnestly.

"I don't know."

"You don't know!?!?" she interrupted.

"Well, it is so ingrained - it just is. It is like a carnal desire. A drive."

"I still don't understand. It doesn't make sense... " She trailed off.

"I should have known you wouldn't. Who would?" he said meekly.

She had thought about that conversation many a time. She still didn't understand the desire in her otherwise popular and well adjusted boyfriend. Why? she wondered. At the same time, when she envisioned him larger, she didn't think he would be less attractive. What it really came down to, though, is that she really loved Anthony, and she knew she would, through thin, or thick.

"Anthony, honey, wake up," she called.

"Huh? what time is it?" he said groggily.

"It is 11 am," she said sternly. "Don't you think it is about time to get moving?" she said in a mock-stern voice.

He pulled himself to a sitting position. He really was quite handsome, about 5'9 inches tall, and stocky but not fat, a little chubby here and there.

"I need to talk to you. Are you up yet?" she said.


"Too bad I am talking anyway. I've been thinking about what you said the other day. About you wanting to gain weight. I decided it is all right with me. I still don't understand it, but I want you to be happy," she rattled, not allowing him to interrupt.

"Really!?!" he said. "You mean it?"

"I do. In fact, I will even help you. Can't let my man go hungry," she said as she pinched his starter roll.

"I don't believe you.... " he trailed off.

"Well, suit yourself." She knew he did, but just couldn't believe his good fortune. Not many other girls would have been as open as her.

Anthony thought about what Laurie had told him this morning, as he, mesmerized, watched the laundry circle in the dryer. Did she really mean it? She must. It was so hard to believe. He could achieve his dreams and fantasies, if it was true. Well, he decided. He would test her resolve. He had always wanted to be huge, and he probably had the metabolism to do it, but he needed encouragement. He was a bit of a procrastinator. He needed someone to push him around, and Laurie was perfect for that. She wasn't a bad cook either, although at college, not much cooking had to be done.

"Whatcha thinking about?"' she said, startling him out of his dryer-watching.

"What you said this morning."

"Really? what's the verdict? Am I lying?" she said, a bit in jest.

"Only one way to tell."

"Really?!?" she said, cocking one eyebrow, in the way he found irresistibly cute (a trick she knew and used to her advantage)

"I had better get eating, don't you think?" he said.

"Yup." she responded.

Anthony was full. He was very full. Laurie had made good on her commitment. The last two weeks had been a food fest to beat all. He had not once been allowed to stop eating until he was completely totally full. He thought this would have made him hate food, but Laurie had a cure for that. She had instituted a rule that sex only occurred after he was so full he couldn't move. Just the thought of food now was a hard-on, and being stuffed was simply orgasmic, in a very big way. Right now, he had just eaten two pizzas, along with several 'side dishes.' His stomach was bursting.

Laurie had stepped into the bathroom to 'slip into something more comfortable'. He had unbuttoned his pants before he even started eating, since they had grown so tight over the past two weeks. He wanted to take them off, but was simply too full to be so motivated.

Laurie called from the bathroom. "Tony, come on in here."

"I am too full to move," he said weakly.

"Tony, get in here. I have a gift for you," she said sternly.

He pulled himself up slowly, trying not to bend too much at the waist, and upset his after dinner meal. When he got into the bathroom, Laurie had a box waiting for him. He opened it. It was a scale, the real nice, very accurate digital type.

"Wow. Thanks honey. What's the occasion?"

"Well, no big occasion, but I figured you'd need to weigh yourself in - you know, to help chart your progress," she said a bit too cheerfully.

"Ok. I think I better get weighed naked."

"I think that is a good idea," she said in a sultry tone.

He stripped down to his birthday suit and stepped on the scale, which Laurie had set on the floor, since he didn't think he could bend over. The dial eventually read 198 lbs., a gain of nearly 12 pounds over the last two weeks, but at least three of that was tonight's food. So, 195 base weight. Not bad.

"That's a good gain, honey," Laurie said. "Now it's time to work some of that off."

She grabbed him and dragged him to the bed - he was too full to resist.

Weeks turned into months. What had started in November had really gained momentum. Anthony's appetite was growing by leaps and bounds. And, with only four classes in the winter semester, he did a whole lot of sitting and eating. passing 200 lbs happened quickly, then 210 and 220. It was near the end of February, and he had weighed 238 this morning. He had stretch marks here and there, but not bad. Laurie had attended carefully to his skin with Vitamin E cream. That was a ritual he didn't mind, he thought. He suspected she didn't either. His size 46 pants were still a bit loose, but he would fill them before long. His build was very even. His legs were large and flabby, and even his arms had grown large and flabby. His gut did stick out though, soft and bouncy. As he walked back to his apartment from his Tuesday class, he realized how out of breath he was. The weight had come on so fast; it hadn't given his body time to adjust. He didn't anticipate it would slow down either. He was truly in bliss. He really did love Laurie. He hoped Laurie loved him. Only one way to find out - although it terrified him.

Laurie was nervous. Anthony was quite late coming back from his class. He was usually timely enough for his lateness to be noticeable as unusual. For that matter, after four months of constant stuffing, he had begun to crave food all the time, and it was NOT like him to miss dinner. Just then, he heard him trudge in. She was so glad he was okay. She really did love him, and worried about him every now and then. She set the table quickly and sat down. Anthony was already sitting. When she looked at him, he looked a little pale.

"Are you okay?" she asked. "You look a little pale."

"Um, yeah. Um, I need to tell you something."

"Uh oh. What is it this time. Don't tell me you want to lose weight?!?!"

"Oh, no. Not that.... "

Laurie began to cry as Tony got down on one knee in front of her.

"I was late tonight 'cause I had to pick this up at the jewelry store. Will you marry me?"


She kissed him; he kissed her. Then they ate - a lot - and afterward visited the bedroom, but not much sleep occurred. The next morning, things were mostly back to normal, except Laurie was simply glowing.

They didn't get married right away. In fact, their wedding was a ways off, since Tony had many classes left to take. They decided together to get Tony as heavy as possible before they were married, and went at putting weight on him as fast as possible. Almost immediately, 250 pounds went by. Then 260 and 270 and 280.

When he weighed around 290 pounds, Laurie was up cooking breakfast for her fiancÚ, when she thought back to when he was thin. He was so cute then. She looked at him sleeping still - on his back, and his stomach bulging on top of him. He was still cute. He was like a teddy bear. She really did love him. All soft all over. His weight was very even. He had huge thighs and a big barrel chest. His pants were size 50's now. His shirts were whatever he could find that fit. His large chest and big arms made it hard to find clothes to fit.

Tony woke up and sat up, which wasn't so easy to do anymore, at 290 or so pounds - he didn't count so close anymore. His belly bulged out in front of him, and formed one large roll, with a baby roll, right at the edge of his rib cage. His chest was very large and fat, but not droopy, and not really the man-boobs that some guys got. His arms were 22 inches in diameter and mostly flab. As he sat, his thighs and butt spread out quite far. They were very soft, and quite large. His thighs rubbed together a lot when he walked. It was definitely worth the discomfort. He loved being as large as he was. He felt powerful and alive.

Laurie watched as he sat up, and she knew from how he then examined himself, that he really did want to be fat. She knew then from how he looked at her, that he really wanted her too.

"Eat up honey. I have cooked an extra large breakfast for you today."

"OK," he said with a very full mouth.

Then 300 pounds. They had a party, with all of their friends, and Tony ate and ate and ate. Their summers were a unique experience for Tony. He dressed as he always had. He got looks he wasn't used to, especially at the beach. Laurie and Tony had fun with it. Tony learned to dress a little more conservative - in order to prevent sunburn.

Their wedding was beautiful, but with all the normal crazy things hat happen at weddings. Tony weighed 342 pounds on the morning of his wedding day. His tux was uncomfortably tight, even though it had been made with plenty of room to grow. Then 320 lbs, and 340, and 360 and 380.

He had stripped down to his boxers after work, getting ready for bed. He surprised himself sometimes - seeing how big he was. His gut projected and hung out far in front of him. When he sat, he was so wide that he really didn't fit comfortably into his loveseat anymore. His arms and legs were huge soft and flabby pieces of flesh, even his hands were fat. He had a double chin - a big one. Laurie loved to pinch it. She loved to pinch him in general. He loved to be pinched by her. There was so much to pinch nowadays; he had little chance of defending himself anyways. He didn't go upstairs much anymore. He did a lot of walking, but he was still out of shape. He had gained just a little faster than his body was ready to. He wasn't stopping either. He loved being fat. He guessed Laurie was learning to love him fat as well.

Sex was more of an event for the two of them now, at 380 or so pounds he couldn't possibly be on top, and his stomach and thighs got in the way sometimes. His pubic fat pad was so thick as to engulf him, but they managed. Besides, he had become so easily aroused as he gained, that a single touch sent him flying.

At 400 lbs, Laurie hosted a party. Many of their friends asked when Tony was going to lose weight, and wasn't Laurie worried. Other than that the party was a riot of a good time, and Tony ate more than he thought possible. He was so full, he had to be helped to the bedroom, by Laurie, and two of her girlfriends staying the night. The comments did get Laurie worried, so she made an appointment at the Doctor's office.

"No, I am not going," Tony said adamantly.

"Yes, you are," Laurie said sternly.

"You know he is just going to tell me to lose weight."

"Maybe. Maybe you need to."

"What are you saying?"

"Look, Tony, all I am saying is that I worry about you...." Laurie said, her single right eyebrow cocked in a puppy dog like way.

"Hmmph," Tony grunted. He was going to the Doctor. "Only one way to solve this," Tony said. "We'll just have to tell him the whole situation."

"Oh, I don't know," Laurie said, a bit nervous.

"Well, otherwise the visit will be pointless."

"I suppose," Laurie said.

The nurses at the doctor's office stared at Tony. At just over 400 lbs, he was a sight. He made his way to the examination room, and found he barely fit on the table, not to mention the height of the table. After a few minutes, the doctor came in, but Tony had already begun to sweat, and turn pale.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Thomason. So, you're just in for a check-up? Are you sure - you look a little pale."

"Well, we have something to discuss with you, and we want to remind you that it falls within the realm of patient/doctor privilege," Tony said.

"Uh oh," the doc said.

"What I need to tell you is that I am very obese."

"I had noticed," the doctor said a bit dryly.

"Well, yes, and the fact is, I like being obese. In fact, I anticipate I will continue to grow. What we need from you is some guidance - to make sure I am as healthy as possible at whatever weight I am."

"You know being obese is very bad for your health. Have you thought this out thoroughly?" the doctor said.

"Yes, we have. That decision has already been made. We just need an honest medical guidance from you."

"Well, I am no expert in this, but I suppose I can try my best. I won't stop reminding you of the dangers of your actions, however. Being this heavy is definitely a health issue."

"Perhaps you could suggest some things to insure it is as healthy as possible." "Fair enough. First step is a few tests. We'll do some today, the rest will need another appointment."


"Then I will see you every three months?"

"That often?"

"I think it will be necessary."

The doctor Laurie had picked happened to be a very good choice, and eventually, a plan was set up, which included a balanced diet (although a very full one) regular exercise, and frequent tests, often using newer techniques that their doctor had researched.

Within six months, at about 425 lbs, Tony could notice his health improving. The regular exercise had lead to him getting around better, although his weight gain slowed. He also found out that Laurie was five months pregnant. He was excited by the news, but knew it would mean more work for Laurie.

He was not very able to be self-sufficient anymore. Tying his shoes was impossible, and even dressing was a struggle. He needed Laurie's help bathing too - which he suspected she enjoyed as much as he did. Then 440 pounds. 460, 480, then 500 pounds.

They had a party at 500 pounds. It was great. His son was there, weighing in at 14 pounds and 12 ounces. Laurie was glowing. Tony was too large to do much but eat. He did dance with his wife. The next morning, after gorging himself, he tried to sit up in bed and couldn't. He was simply too heavy. He had to relieve himself quite badly as well. He called for Laurie.

She came out of the bathroom quickly - sensing the distress in his voice.

"I can't get up!"

"Oh honey, let me help you."

She pulled and pushed until he was finally sitting. He stood up quickly and trotted as best a 500 pound man could to the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet, and everything was better. He sat even when urinating now, since his gut hung over, preventing him from reaching his genitals. As he sat, his butt cheeks spread over the plywood 'wings' they had added to the side of the toilet. His gut was far enough in front of him, that he couldn't reach the end of it. It was al soft and made gentle rolls. He had a light crease where is pants sat. His waist was, well, he didn't remember. The tailor kept track, and made a pair or two each month, adding 3-4 inches each time. His arms were very large as well, which prevented him from reaching across his chest. His chest was huge. His chest was clearly separated and hung down, resting and morphing directly into his large gut. He really was amazed. He came out of the bathroom, and Laurie was sitting on the bed.

"Honey, I am worried," she choked out.

She had been crying.

"What's wrong?"

"You couldn't get out of bed without my help. What if I am not there to help you - you are so dependent - what if I can't be there?"

"I am dependent on you, I won't deny that, but worry not. I am more self sufficient than you think. Don't worry. Besides, you don't plan on leaving me, do you?"

"Oh Tony, it isn't that. You know I love you and would never leave you... " She trailed off. "Oh Tony, I am pregnant again," she started to cry.

"Honey, that's great, why are you crying?"

"I don't know if I can take care of two babies and you, honey... " she trailed off again.

"You will manage just fine. Just in case, we'll just have to hire an assistant. I am now making enough money with the firm. My drawings are quite in demand. I will just work a few extra hours."

"You think?"

"Of course."

Soon, Tony was at 520 pounds, then 540 then 560 and then 580. At 580 pounds, Tony couldn't sit up from lying down at all. Both Laurie and Monique, their assistant had to help. Getting to work was a difficult task, and the offices were uncomfortable for a 580 lb person. Tony asked the partner at the firm if he could work from home. It wasn't a popular idea. It took a lot of convincing, but he finally got his way. Laurie was glad to have Tony home all day, and the home office allowed him to work on side jobs. His architectural drawings were quite in demand, especially since he understood the needs of a larger person. It saved him time during the day, since getting dressed and showered and getting to work had become such a major production. Driving had become unsafe for him anyway. He couldn't steer well or reach the pedals easily.

Tony still had a regular exercise routine and saw his doctor religiously, but at 580 lbs, he was simply out of shape. He couldn't walk very far, although getting around the house was no problem. Having the assistant was a big help to Laurie, since her two boys were quite a handful. Both were chubby little boys too. Either way, exercise or not, not having to go into the office, meant faster weight gain.

They barely had enough to time to plan for their 600-pound party. The family at the party for 600 pounds were worried. They told Tony he should go on a diet.

He got perturbed.

"All you people listen up. You don't get to 600 lbs by accident. That's right, I weigh 600 lbs. Furthermore, I am happy this way. I know the risks involved, so please spare me. I am having this party to celebrate not to get berated." Silence.

The family finally left him alone, and he stuffed himself silly that night. He needed help getting up, as he always did. He made it to the bed, and eventually everyone left. he was fast asleep. Laurie woke him up.

"Guess what time it is?"

"Huh? Well, it is still dark, so I would guess early."

"Honey. that's not what I mean."

He knew what she meant. Sex was not easy at 600 lbs. His stomach had to be strapped out of the way, and then he would hang his legs over the bed edge. This was uncomfortable for him, but it was the only way to expose his genitals. He was horny all the time at this weight. Just looking at his huge flowing gelatinous bulk, of indeterminate shape was a turn-on. Sex was good, regardless of what others might suspect.

Laurie really loved her super sized husband. Even with his large size, he still got around very good. He treated her well, and she had learned to love him more with every pound. Sex was a lot of work for her, she didn't mind so much. She worried about his health sometimes, and the doctor continued to warn them about health risks. He was so happy though - even if he died tomorrow, she knew he would have made the right choice.

Soon 650 pounds was his weight, then 700 then 750. By 750 pounds, Tony was becoming immobile. He had moved his computer to his bed, to work, but still forced himself up at least three times a day, and showered as best he could at least once. He had an exercise routine, but at his weight it was limited. His eating was so constant now that the weight simply continued to climb. He had hygiene issues and was out of breath very often, but was in very good health for a 750 pound man. He was happy.

It wasn't easy to have a career at 745 pounds, but he managed. His family was well supported. He couldn't even reach most of his body. He had so much flesh, it was just a turn-on to look at it. His body was an instant orgasm, and since sex was less frequent, (since it was such an ordeal) he needed that. He would continue to gain if he could. The doctor advised against it, but he didn't honestly think he could stop. He didn't want to anyway. He loved being fat.