Weight Room Title Bar

By Jump2324

Ashley was the hottest girl in school her freshman year. She was 5'8", 130 pounds spread evenly between her hips and butt. Up until the summer before her 9th grade year Ashley had been a beanpole, but puberty and little Caesars pizza gave her some very nice curves. Ashley noticed all the looks she got because of her new rounded figure and really liked to show it off by wearing belly shirts and tight pants that hugged her wobbling ass.

As the year progressed Ashley didn't slow down her eating habits and 4000 calories a day were flowing into her ever expanding figure. Even so she still managed to only gain 5 pounds, most of it in her ample rear.

At the beginning of summer Ashley bought herself a new bikini to show off her big bosom and bubble butt. All summer she did nothing but lay in front of the lake tanning and eating. And boy did she eat! Some days as Ashley lay on the beach she would scarf down 3 little Caesars pizzas, 3 big extras, 2 big bags of Doritos, and a pint of Hagen Daaz ice cream to top it all off. After 2 months Ashley felt her bikini getting very tight. She decided to weigh herself and discovered that her weight was now 150 pounds. This was more than she remembered it being, but she looked at her round gelatinous butt and cantaloupe sized breasts and decided that the extra weight was an improvement. What she failed to notice was the fairly large pot belly she was sporting and the absence of a gap between her meaty thighs.

School started and some of Ashley's peers noticed that the formerly svelte beauty had had a very fulfilling summer. Ashley still didn't think too much about her ballooning weight. In fact she started taking advantage of a buy 1 get 1 free special at little Caesars. Ashley would sometimes scarf down 4 or 5 of these calorie bombs at one sitting, plus a milk shake to wash them down.
This, and her sudden affinity for calorie laden lattes and mochas made her skyrocketing weight very noticeable to the whole school. By Christmas break
the whole school was a buzz about the blimping of the school's former beauty queen. Of course the holiday season didn't help her expanding waistline either. After eating enough fudge, and cookies to feed a small country Ashley's size 12 jeans were becoming excruciatingly tight. She decided to get on a scale to see how much weight her plump body had acquired. The dial came to a stop at 173 pounds. Ashley screamed she couldn't believe that she could weigh that much. She turned and looked at herself in the mirror.

Fat oozed out the side of her overstuffed bra, and her ass which must have stuck out 5 inches was splitting the seams of her hip hugging jeans. Her stomach which had always been her smallest feature now was very flabby, with big love handles and 4 big rolls of fat.

Ashley went on a diet and actually lost 25 pounds in 3 weeks by only eating 1 piece of lettuce and 2 saltines each day. She celebrated her victory by indulging herself. She ate 7 giant pizzas, crazy bread, a whole cheesecake, and a large milkshake. After that Ashley never did get back on her diet and by June she weighed 196 pounds. Ashley decided to go to the beach in the same swimsuit she had worn the summer before. How she squeezed her flabby body into it no one will ever know. She was quite a sight, her EE breasts struggling to free themselves from the DD size top and her Mountainous ass all but engulfing the skimpy bottom. As she dug into her 11th pizza of the day both top and bottom flew off of Ashley and she ran (waddled) jiggling and wobbling to her car and was never heard from again.